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Which NAS do you use?

UPDATE JANUARY 2012: This thread is quite old and contains potentially inaccurate and outdated information. If you are curious what users are currently using, please check out the new thread - http:/...

Outdoor Speaker

I would love to see Sonos come out with an outdoor speaker. It would be great to have music on my deck. I live in Minnesota, but, of course, would take it in during the winter months.

SONOS ALEXA Integration?

Been waiting to hear news about when this will happen and am starting to think it never will. I have Sonos and Alexa in every room. I did this with the assurance that Sonos and Alexa are going to work...

Sonos vs Cisco

By now everyone has probably heard of Cisco's announcement of a wireless music system that will compete with Sonos. It was already shown at C-Scape, Cisco's confab. Apparently it also has a wireless c...

Sonos announces new ZP S5. (Boombox)

http://www.sonos.com/landing/generic/default_updated.aspx?acbid=6548&mcbid=6572&dcbid=6604&rcfcid=104&bcbid=6590&rdr=true&LangType=1033 The link says it all really, it looks kinda like a boombox with...

playbar and comittment for DTS playback firmware upgrade

I have just added the Sonos Playbar to my samsung smart TV and have discovered the lack of DTS functionality through reading this forum. I find it disappointing that the best we can get is a stereo ef...

Where are you Sonos?

Seriously frustrated right now. I love my Sonos system (5 play 5s, 2 play 1s, 2 connects, 1 playbar, 1 sub) but it seems like Sonos is resting on their laurels and not being innovative anymore. Hard...

Sonos with In Ceiling Speakers

I have been reading about and interested in a Sonos system for quite some time, but never made the leap. I easily see the benefits of the Sonos system when connected to either a stereo or powered spea...

Play:1 at FCC

Thought it might be worth a new thread for speculation or news on this new device now that it actually exists. It does appear that it will operate on 2.4 and 5 Ghz and can be used for Playbar surroun...

System skips songs during playback

My system keeps skipping to the next song before the end of the current song. It plays a song from a playlist or queue for about 30 seconds and then just skips. I have a Play 1 and Bridge. Please h...

Play:1 stereo pair with Sonos One

Will it be possible to pair a ‘One’ with a Play:1 to create a stereo pair?

Trueplay Bass Distortion on Play:1

I recently set up Trueplay on a couple of Play:1s that I own. When testing out the post-Trueplay calibration sound I discovered bass distortion once I dialed up the speaker to about half-way on the v...

Truly wireless - Battery Powered PLAY unit

I'd like to see Sonos develop: 1. a truly wireless Play:4, with docking station for charging the unit. 2. an add-on battery-pack for Play:3 and Play:5.

Sonos volume sensitivity

I love using my SONOS as my main radio when I go to sleep on the timer! However the volume control is so sensitive, please make it easier to get nice low volumes!

Connection to Deezer lost - only on some albums.

My Sonos with Deezer premium account plays all of the songs I have queued up, but on a couple of selected albums it skips and says that the connection to Deezer was lost. It has been like this for a f...

Sonos 3.6 made my S5 sound weird

Hi, Just updated to 3.6 and now my S5 sounds weird. It's as if some sort of "sound enhancement" is being applied. The stereo field sounds unusually wide. It sounds really annoying to me. There are no...

Worst most complicated piece you'll ever buy. Avoid at ALL costs

Don't Buy. Never been able to get it working properly. You can't even make it useful by plugging in your iPhone into it with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm lead. Its not plug and play which is basic for most system...

S5 Just arrived - initial thoughts

Well, my Sonos S5 has just arrived! (From SimplySonos in the UK) Set up and install was a breeze, with the S5 connecting to my existing Sonos network with no problems or issues. (Although the S5 di...

Intermittent bass from S5

Occasionally one of my S5's loses all bass reponse - it sounds like an old tinny transistor radio! It's not the equalization settings (according to my contraller at least) - bass is still showing set...

Reduce idle consumption energy level (currently around 5W)

Sonos devices on average consume about 5 watts each if idle. Having 5 sonos devices around this means 25 watts on average idle consumption. Over a year this is about (25x24hx365) 219 kwh. In Germany...

Full stereo option when watching TV audio ... please?

Ya know how we have the option for full stereo or ambient when listening to music in a full 5.1 sonos stet-up?  Can we get that with TV output as well, please?  There is still plenty of...

Why I'm returning / selling my brand new Sonos Play 1

Just bought a Sonos Play 1 today. I'm not happy with it to say the least. I was expecting by it's description and it's reviews to produce really high quality sound. I have to say I like the tone of...

Simple Audio - Some competition for Sonos?

An interesting prospect from some ex-Linn employees in Glasgow, UK. Looks to be aimed at the higher end of the market with 24-bit support. Built-in Powerline technology is an interesting choice. http...

Sonos "Play" S3 Device on the way?

Hi All Whilst hunting for a good deal for my next zone I came across several tech sites suggesting there is a new, possibly three-speaker, sonos player on the way. Photos and little bits of info: ht...

Will Sonos work with google home?

I am thinking about purchasing the new Google home voice recognition product, I understand that Sonos will work with Amazons echo in the near future. Does Sonos have any information regarding google h...


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