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Sonos Portable Speaker Solution

I know this has been mentioned before, but thought I'd chime in as another user who would appreciate a Sonos portable speaker solution. I'll quickly summarize my use case, some workaround/aftermarket...

Today's Players have 32 times as much memory as the first Players!

I did a little analysis of the Sonos device range and the graph makes it clear that the newer devices, that support Alexa and AirPlay, need a lot more memory/storage (32x more in fact) than the early...

SONOS WIRELESS SPEAKERS CUTTING OUT diagnostic number 2135193668

I have two sonos one wireless speakers and the playback is constantly interrupted. It can barely get through one song before cutting out. It has been doing this for a whole year please fix this. Diagn...

Sonos Speakers keep cutting out

I work for an IT Support company one of our customers has a SONOS ZP Speaker System. Very intermittently does the system tend to cut in and out and eventually cut out all together. The system is on a...

Sonos One and sonos bridge

Hi! In documentation on sonos I read that to use One over WIFI I need Sonos bridge. And in some revues on Sonos Controller App people wrote that in actual version thay can't connect One to the existin...

Qualcomm new AI, smart speaker processor

Will Sonos use this new hardware or do you guys make your own? QCS400 SoC series. And if so, which product will you implement it in? You probably won't answer that Cuz that would spoil future announc...

Audio cutting out

Whenever I play ps4 and play a first person shooter game, and fire a automatic gun, the audio cuts out when I shoot and the audio comes back 1 second later when I stop shooting. And that same thing ha...

My sonos keeps droppin gout

My speakers have recently started cutting out the sound or stopping.

One plus 5t connection issues

Solved an issue in which would make it impossible to connect to my play 5 whenever I would leave the wifi network. In which I would then have to fresh install Sonos app to re connect. Resolution - i...

Play one . Sounds busted

There is a rattling in my play one that just came from out of no where. How do I get it repaired? Or do I just buy a new one?and what do I do with this busted one

Play:5 orientation

I'm planning to pair 2 Play:5s for stereo playback. The document "Selecting a location for your Sonos speakers" includes this about vertical vs. horizontal orientation: "While positioning the speaker...

Using Beam in the Bedroom

I was thinking of getting a One for the bedroom but the thought that it might actually be worth getting a Beam and attaching to the bedroom Tv. That way we could listen to radio/music and use it on t...

Sanus or flexon wall mount for play 1

Hi all, want the get my play 1s mounted on the wall and have come to these 2 makes. The flexon and sanus. Any recommendations for which ones to get. Tia

Surrounds Dropped

Is there a problem with the Sonos Network. My surround speakers have dropped off my system which I cannot reconnect and the left surround in my bedroom has dropped off and also refuses to be added. An...

Order Trouble.

I placed an order on Saturday, 3/9. I have been checking up on my order status the past few days and am unable to get any information as its saying my order doesn't exist. I got an email confirmation...

Sonos to Samsung soundbar

How do I connect my samsung sound bar to my Sonos play 1? I don’t see a spot to plug in the optical cord on my play1.


Does this speaker have stereo sound and can you use a pair as left/right channels?


Exist some list with of Generation of each Sonos 1, 3, 5 ???

Youtube Premium background play does not work while airplaying to the Sonos one

The title says it all. The music stops as soon as I close the Youtube app. This only happens while airplaying to the Sonos one. If I play the music trough the iPhone speakers, the music continues when...

Sonos 20% off code - anyone get one?

Desperate to get one over here. Please share with me if you received one :-) :-)

Play 5 - Line-in question

Hi, I have a Play5 stereo set-up with sub (plus a Connect). I want to be able to use all my sources through this system. Spotify TV LP-Player Can I use the following: Loewe TV coaxial output to DA...

Enhancement suggestion - link hardware volume control to a group

I'd like to see an option added to link the volume control on a single speaker to the entire group. Presently if I change the volume of an individual speaker, it only changed that single speaker. Th...

Replacement for the play 3

Hi there i have a sub and 2 x play 5s and wanted play 3s but found out they had been discontinued but im looking for a couple of decent sounding speakers for the kitchen and the bedroom as i like my...

Sonos Connect dropouts line-in signal every 15 minutes

I've set up my Sonos Connect to autoplay line-in signal. I've notived that every 15 minutes audio dropouts for several seconds. Sometimes interval between dropouts is smaller than 15 minutes. My diag...

Beam Autoplay Issues

I have a Beam connected to my Sony Bravissimo TV. The Autoplay is enabled but sporadically disconnects from the TV. I can't tie down why and when it does it but at times it happens when I stream Spoti...


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