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Sonos and the Spanning Tree Protocol

I wanted to post a few clarifications regarding SONOS and Spanning Tree Protocol that have been raised in this thread. SONOS ZonePlayers use 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP) for loop prevention between wir...

Music Library Missing Tracks

If you're missing tracks on Sonos that show up in your iTunes Library, Windows Media Player, or just a location on your computer or a NAS, please check the following to find why the tracks are mi...

My sonos drops out every minute and changes song.

Hi I have had a sonos system set up for years and all of a sudden the songs play for a minute at most and skip to the next song. I haven't changed the set up or location of anything. Thanks

Playbar TV Sound cutting out on regular basis for past few days.

I am getting many 1/8 second cut outs of sound from Sonos speakers. This seems to have started happening at the last software update a few days ago. Lipsync is fine, this is actual cut out of the so...

Problem with line in switchin on Connect AMP

There is a problem with Sonos Connect AMP with audio input. As a source of sound we used TV and CD player. In the AMP settings, the Autoplay option is turned on, when a sound appears in the input, Son...

Can't connect

Get a message saying we can't connect to sonos. Tried turning everything off but still won't work. Any ideas.

Playbar no Power

I accidentally turned the volume on my playbar up too high and the unit quit working. No power coming on? Is there a reset or is the unit done? I need help.

Sound delay on Connect Amp after update to 7.2

After I made the update to the version 7.2 from version 7.1 or 7.0 (I don't know exactly) the the Connect Amp becomes unusable watching movies, because it has a second delay. The Connect Amp have th...

Podcast Playback Stops Every 5 Mins or So Since iOS 10.3 update

Hello, I updated my iPhone to iOS 10.3 yesterday afternoon, and ever since then I have an issue where podcasts (played from "On This iPhone") stop playing after about ten minutes. There's no error...

Echoing sound

I have my system connected to my receiver via analog cables and connected to the wireless network via a boost. My system has worked great up until last week when it began echoing sound from the wired...

Loss fin power to playbase

We were watching a movie and the playbase suddenly stopped working. It has no power light illuminated. The sun still has its light in though. Any ideas why this might be? Both are plugged into t...

Sonos not working on extra router hooked up as "bridge". help pls?

I'm going crazy here. I have always loved sonos products until now. I have always had 1 network at my house, until now. Now I have wired up my shop with internet by using an extra Cisco modem I ha...

Can't scroll / skip / scrub during podcasts in iOS app

I have the latest version of the iOS app. When playing podcasts to my Play 1 I quite frequently cannot move through the podcast, I can only leave it playing. The scrubbing bar does not turn red as the...

Failing to index some tracks on NAS drive

My iTunes music library contains 27,411 tracks. I have an exact copy of my iTunes media folder on a NAS drive, which is what I use for Sonos as I don’t want to keep my computer on all the time. I re...

Choppy Audio Cutting Out - 5.1 Sonos + Airport Express

Hey everyone! Dove head first into Sonos a few months ago using my fantasy football winnings :-) First post after searching through the forums. Unlike most here (from what I read), I know what m...

Sonos not connecting to Deezer??

I'm not able to play my Deezer music services through Sonos this morning - help!

Cannot add songs to the queue and error 1002

I cannot play songs from My Music on Apple Music via my Sonos Play 1's. I either get a message saying cannot add songs to the queue or error message 1002. This happens if I select shuffle, if I select...

Sonos: Could not play - could not connect

Hi, When I use Sonos on my Windows 10 PC I often get the message shown in the picture attached to this post. In some cases Sonos skips to the next track when the message pops up. What is the probl...

Spotify stops playing and jumps to other tracks

Hey, Since a few weeks i have some problems with my Play:1. Whenever I play music from Spotify the music keeps pausing and then jumps to other tracks. This problem started out of nowhere. I looked...

Unable to connect to Deezer

Hi. After responding to the prompt to update my Sonos system, all went well until I tried to restart a Deezer playlist. Every device using Sonos was then unable to connect to Deezer. Any advice?

Connect:amp stops playing

I bought a connection:amp from best buy and have hooked up two new Polk 8 ohm speakers. The unit started to play but then the volume dropped off and it stopped playing - even thought the app implied...

Sonos stereo pair not listed in Spotify app most of the time

I have a stereo pair of two Play5 among other Sonos devices. But the stereo pair is the one that never really shows up in the Spotify app. All other Sonos players seem to work fine except the pair. Wh...

Android - Sonos app cannot connect to home system, need to reboot my Sky Router each time

At home I have Sky Hub Boost wired directly to that On my Android Samsung S7 running Android 7, Sonos cannot find any existing or new systems. If I reboot the Sky Hub I can find it. I have no...

Lost Connection

my music keeps stopping. this is recent. Three calls to sonos support and the issue still not resolved. I even bought a sonos booster. i use iphone and ipad. please help advise me

Play 1 dropped out and now I can't add it even after a factory reset

I have 2x play1 and 1x play3 ... One of my play1 dropped off my controller. The other two are there and play fine. I have tried to re add the missing play1 and also I've done a factory reset, now all...


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