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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Diagnostic Reports - How do they work?

Are you curious about our diagnostic reports and how they work? This topic is meant to help paint a little more detail around what happens when you submit a diagnostic report and when it's a good idea...

Tips for common Sonos problems

Running into challenges with your Sonos system? Here you'll find solutions to some of the most common problems. Check the status of the most popular music streaming services Streaming music to Sonos...

Itunes playlists not importing

I am using iTunes on a macbook. In iTunes prefs 'share iTunes library xml with other applications' checked. Sonos goes through the updating process and all the music is there under songs,...

Apple Music Beats 1 On Demand - Access is Denied

Over the last few days the Host On Demand shows won't play and after 10 seconds or so a dialog appears saying 'Access is Denied'. I can play any show before 1/29/19. Any show newer has this problem. I...

Sonos Connect makes a repeating popping sound for a few minutes

I have a Sonos Connect connected to an Architect Model 110 amplifier which drives 4 ceiling speakers. It has worked great for 6 months. Last week, while streaming music from an Amazon station, ther...

New Sonos Amp continuously rebooting

I have had the new Sonos Amp for a month now, worked fine until the last day or two, when it started rebooting continuously. It never stays on long enough to connect to my Sonos Controller app. I'm...

Harmony Elite / Sonos / Streaming Music Services Issue

I'm having an issue with Sonos not playing nice with my Harmony Elite when I listen to music on Spotify / Tidal through either their apps directly or through the Sonos app. My setup is: Sonos Playba...

Help me decipher my Sonos Matrix

I’ve been having trouble with drop-outs, skipping tracks and silent speakers of late, so I’ve been keeping an eye on the Sonos network matrix. I have a few questions though, that I was hoping someone...

Play 5 stopped working over WiFi

Hi there, I’ve got a issue with my Play5 that’s it is not connecting to my WiFi router. When I plug in via the Ethernet cable it works as normal. I’ve gone through all the standard troubleshooting...

Queue after Library update

Are new songs added to the current queue after an library update or do I have to start a new shuffle?

Play:1 Cuts Out

I just added a new Play:1 to my PlayBase environment to extend sound into my kitchen from my main TV. If briefly cuts out every 5-10 seconds. Very annoying. Diagnostics # 568644943

Second device won’t find existing system

My iPhone and iPad connect to my Sonos system perfectly. However when trying to set up the Sonos app on my partners phone it is “unable to locate the existing system” It’s super weird, we’re all on th...

Spotify and hundreds of DNS requests per second

Spotify stopped working last night for me. Then I was looking at my DNS server logs (for an unrelated matter) and noticed that multiple Sonos devices are sending many hundreds of DNS requests per seco...

Sonos cutting out

Why does my sonos keep cutting out / dropping devices? 2055058721 Diagnostic nimber

Network connection speed insufficient -- Spectrum 400mbs

To give a little background on my Sonos setup, I have 3 Play 1's in different rooms, 2 play 5's paired with a sub, playbar + 2 play 1 surround speakers and a Sonos:AMP connected to a turntable. The P...

Playbase No Longer Connecting to Wifi

I've had my Sonos Playbase for about a year and have never had any issues with it. However, it now won't connect to the wifi. I have not changed my wireless settings and all other devices in the house...

static pop when starting audio on playbase

Search didn't turn up anything for me, so hoping someone can help me out here... Am running optical out from an LG OLED65B7P to a PlayBase. TV is set to output on optical, digital sound out setting...

Beam issue

I’m having issues with my Samsung TV and Beam. Just started recently. The audio randomly switches between the Beam and TV speakers. Very annoying. I ran a diagnostic. My confirmation number 1395944125...

Sonos Play 5 Volume Extremely Low

Hello I have an approx 2 y/o Play 5 (gen 1). The volume recently became EXTREMELY low, even when the volume control is turned up all the way. I have verified with the volume turned up in the iOS app...

very high pitched sound from beam

I've only noticed this twice now, but in both cases, the sonos beam was not in use, and out of the blue it produced a loud very high pitched sound for about 10 seconds and then stopped. Not sure if th...

Is there a fix for the "connection to Apple Music was lost" issue ?

Intermittantly the Sonos system loses connection to Apple Music, a message appears on the Sonos Controller indicating "that the connection to Apple music was lost". When this occurs the active song st...

music services disappeared

All my music services disappeared and are unavailable to add back in. I followed the troubleshooting steps, restarted my router, bridge, searched for updates, made sure my account was set to my count...

Can't turn on or off the TV with remote

I just set up a Playbar with my LG OLED55 TV. Now neither the Verizon remote or the LG remote will turn the TV on or off (though I can turn on or off the cable set top box). I have to press power butt...

Does playing vinyl records through Connect actually work? Or should I return my Connect

Got a Connect with the purpose of being able to play my vinyl records through Sonos. I have several speakers across two rooms. The sound is great but it keeps cutting out / breaking up all the time,...


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