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Sonos and the Spanning Tree Protocol

I wanted to post a few clarifications regarding SONOS and Spanning Tree Protocol that have been raised in this thread. SONOS ZonePlayers use 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP) for loop prevention between wir...

Music Library Missing Tracks

If you're missing tracks on Sonos that show up in your iTunes Library, Windows Media Player, or just a location on your computer or a NAS, please check the following to find why the tracks are mi...

How do I go back to the previous firmware?

After upgrading yesterday, I can no longer play podcasts from my iPhone via AirPlay on my Sonos speakers. This worked before the upgrading the firmware. How do I go back to the previous version of the...

Sonos and Devolo Powerline

Hi everyone, I live in house with 2 floors. Currently I have a Devolo powerline ( 2 pieces ) installed who cover my wifi on the first floor and on the second floor. I have cloned the signals so tha...

Playback problems with tracks pausing intermittently

Driving me mad now. Read lots of posts about wireless interference and tried setting router to each of the suggested channels via the router but none resolves the issue. Also wonder if that can be the...

Can't reconnect to correct rooms

My lounge (Playbar, sub and two play 1s) lost all sound when we updated the app. The sub and play 1s showed on the system but the playbar didn't. Reset the playbar and the route a few times and got it...

Sonos wont connect to Spotify connect

Using Play 5 with Spotify premium , i see "Spotify Connect" both on the desktop & android but when i select it nothing happens.... no message , and spotify continues playing localy

Sonos app skips to next song before the current one is not done playing.

I just got this system set up and have only noticed one issue. I have the Play 3's and they are connected with the bridge. When I'm listening to music using the Sonos app i've noticed that before a so...

Error: Unable to play xxxx - the connection to Spotify was lost.

I am receiving an error that sonos is unable to play a song (plays one song then the error comes up) and the connection to Spotify is lost. This seems to have been happening since I did the last Sonos...

Loosing connection to mixcloud

Hi, I have a problem with MixCloud on Play 1. Every ~ten minutes, the current track is stopped and next track in the queue is played. In the error log I see messages like - 20/06/2017, 20:25 Unable to...

seeking error within a track from a streaming media service

i have developed an mediaservice for SONOS and all is working perfect. Playback of an on-the-fly transcoded (FLAC -> MP3) mediafile working great, until i want to seek within this track i get this...

Hard to Understand Dialogue

I have a playbar, sub, and 2 play 1 speakers set up in 5.1 The dialogue in most movies and shows is extraordinarily hard to understand- like the playbar is mixing mid and low range sounds. I've tri...

Cannot Truplay my 5.1 system

error messages saying that one speaker not found yet sound is coming from each of them. Error messages to remove iphone case when no case is on. Any help ?

Unable to play the selected item

We are experiencing the "Unable to play Connection to Spotify was lost" error on our Sonos-1 speaker. Latest updates are installed. We have three rooms operating on the same wifi network, the other...

Play 1 constantly skip podcast

Hi, I play a podcast from my iPad and in the middle of an episode Play 1 skips and starts on another episode! How to fix this issue?

Update 7.3 and Sub is gone!!

I did the 7.3 update last night and the sub was missing. I have attempted to add it again but it won't obtain an IP address. It did connect a few times last night without one but after a few minute...

Speakers disapear

I get repeated loss of connection to my Sonos system with one or more devices dropping off the network and then taking some time to re-appear. This happened 3 time yesterday and once again this morni...

iPhone app no longer working

Since the recent 7.3 upgrade the app on my iPhone 7 no longer works. It's says it's ' Connecting....' but then it never actually gets there. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but with the same result...

Connection to spotify lost

For some reason, since a week or 2 ago it seems like I can not play a single playlist without Sonos loosing its connection to spotify. It is becoming pretty annoying since very often it also results i...

Windows 10 - Error 1002 - Unable to add music to library

Hi all, Have read many threads on this, but it has not helped. - Windows 10 - Sonos Controller for PC - Unable to add shared folder [...] to your music library (1002) - It recognises the Son...

Play 1 Distorting when playing bass

When playing one of my pair of Play 1 speakers it sounds like the bass has blown or something?? Anyone else had the same problem?

Tunein regualr dropout

My Tunein radio drops out every day at around the same time. About 10 minutes after I turn it on in the afternoon, and about 10 minutes after it comes on as my alarm in the morning, despite my alarm...

Playbar TV Sound cutting out on regular basis for past few days.

I am getting many 1/8 second cut outs of sound from Sonos speakers. This seems to have started happening at the last software update a few days ago. Lipsync is fine, this is actual cut out of the so...

IPhone sounds and notifications whilst using Sonos

Hi all, apologies if this has been asked before but what with all the other great support requests I couldn't locate what I need... In short, whenever I use the Sonos app on my iPhone, it seems to...

Troubleshooting network share

I repeatedly hit an error when setting up network share between a Sonos and a Mac with iTunes. Banging my head against the wall with this one as I try different things. Would you help? My diagnostic n...


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