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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app? Then read on…

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Problems with Music Library Sync

I'm having problems synchronising my music library and playlists with my Windows and Apple devices. If I add new songs to my music library and update the library, the changes are reflected properly i...

'Unable to play the Radio station' on Sonos Favorites

Hi, I used to enjoy listening to RFM Reunion (French radio station) and Sky Radio 101 FM (Dutch radio station) but now I'm unable to do so and receive the message 'Unable to play the Radio station'. D...

Streaming on my phone stops sonos stream and vice versa

When I am happily streaming on my Sonos and decide watch a video on my phone, Sonos will stop. If I am watching a video on my phone and start Sonos, the video will stop. Why are the two interacting?

Keep Speakers Grouped Permanently

I use a PLAYBAR and two PLAY:1s as a stereo pair (not surrounds) for TV. Not typically for music. They should remain permanently grouped together. Occasionally (every two weeks on average), they get u...

TuneIn - unable to play the radio station

Since about a week i'm unable to play any radiostations with TuneIn. I've tried removing my favrorites, selecting some other stations and reinstalling the app, but nothing works. Both my Android phone...

PlayBase Wi-Fi not connecting

Hi, I've had my Playbase attached to my TV for a while, using a couple of Play 1's as a stereo pair for rear speakers. A few weeks back, I noticed no sound coming from the Play 1's when watching TV. I...

Play:3 / Bridge don't connect anymore after update to 8.4

After updating my iPhone 6+, ipad Mini and MacBook Pro to Sonos 8.4 - nothing connects anymore. There's a solid white light on the Connect, the Play:3 flashes amber, but does not emit the chime and...

Surround sounds and Sub cutting out

I have tried multiple fix actions with the SONOS engineers to fix my issues. Randomly all but the playbar cut out. I have tried different wireless channels, resetting everything, new router, new audio...

Radio Alarm - no stations showing

Hello, I’m trying to set up my alarm to play radio rather than Spotify. I have several stations under my sonos favourites (see screenshot attached), but when I try to choose one from the alarm settin...

Address setting in Amazon Alexa App cannot be saved

I reached out to Amazon as to why I am unable to save my address in the setting (device location) and was told I have to talk to Sonos since it has something to do with their recent software rollout....

Authorization failed when adding music folder

Hi, I'm trying to add my "my music" folder to sonos. After entering my password I get the error "Sonos was unable to add the music folder. Authorization failed." I'm using a mac OS10.12. I checked...

Missing speaker after update

Did the sonos update and my speaker in the kitchen just disappeared off my iOS list of rooms. I’ve been through reconnecting the speaker again through the app but nothing working to get it reconnected...

Apple TV 4K Volume brings up error box

Hi all, I just got an Apple TV 4K and set it up on my older Samsung TV that has my playbar and sub hooked up to it. My old Apple TV (4th gen) had no issues with using the Siri remote for the volume....

Playbase not getting TV Signal from Vizio E600i-B3

Hi all, I've tried searching, but so far I'm at a bit of a loss. I have a Vizio e600i-B3 (from late 2014/early 2015) and I just got a PLAYBASE to hook up to it. Connections all seem fine, but it's...

No power to playbar

My playbar was working and then the power cut it, have tried various Sonos power cables, have tried different plug sockets and checked optical cable but still no power?

Drop outs and lost connection when using Spotify through the Sonos App

Spotify keeps dropping out when playing through the Sonos App. I keep getting the error message "the connection to Spotify was lost". I've been using this set up (2 play 1's stereo) for a few months...

Drop Outs when playing music of my PC

Hello, last night I started to get drop out using my 2 Sonos 5's which really worried me as I upgraded from another simpler streaming device (and airplay) in the hope that in addition to the quality a...

Playbar stuck on white solid light, not showing up in the app

My playbar has a white solid led but its not showing up in the sonos controller app. I tried disconnecting it from power already but goes back to solid white when it turned on again

Sonos Connect keeps cutting out for a second and then keeps playing.

Just bought a Sonos Connect to hook up my Pro-ject Turntable to use with my existing Sonos Bridge and Play 5. Hooked into wifi right now through a small pre-amp. Right now my download speed is 10mbps...

No sound from RCA out on connect

Hi All, Have not been on here for a while despite my sonos collection growing nicely. ( 3 play 1's, play 5 gen 2, play 3, playbar and sonos boost ) Need some help! Have been using my connect with a...

Sub Cutting Out

My sub keeps cutting out for 10 seconds or so at a time, roughly every 20 minutes or so. I reset my router and it didn't seem to have any positive affect. I've had the sub for roughly 2 weeks but have...

speakers out of sync

I've had Sonos for years. Just recently, the speakers get out of sync from each other. I've ungrouped and regrouped the speakers. I've powered down all internet and electronic devices. I can get them...

Sonos not working with Google wifi

Been having wifi connection and stability issues for many years at my home with different devices but never with my Sonos system. Bought 5 different routers over the last 3 years to try and solve my p...

Solid white light and no sound on sonos 3

White light no sound after factory reset. Happened all of a sudden after playing all day. No support in weekend any suggestions ?


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