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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Play 3 issue

Play3 now has horrible tinny sound like it is underwater when playing music, speech is fine and some tunes but majority is affected!

Intermittent noise coming from Playbar

I have a Playbar hooked up to our UHD LG TV. Occasionally, we hear a sound coming out of the Playbar. It's hard to describe but it sounds like a hum that increases in a repeating rhythmic pattern. I'm...

Sonos Playbar

Connecting to a Rotating TV on a Ceiling Mounted Pole

Sort music by folders?

Hi all, I just got a new Play5 and the app for Android. Is there any possible way to sort music by folders? If not, this thing is worthless to me. Are there any alternative apps that can sort my musi...

Play One not connecting

My sonos one is not connecting to my network. I have tried connecting it directly to my router as well to fix the issue, without success. I have two other play one's and a playbase, which are connec...

Grouped speaker cuts in and out

Here's my setup: 3 play:1s 1 soundbar 1 sub 1 bridge All speakers connected to the router through the bridge (I assume?). Lately, my soundbar has been cutting in and out while playing it in grouped...

Google Mesh wifi compatibility issues?

I added Google mesh wifi because I was unable to connect to patio unit while outside on patio. Now cannot connect Sonos to the wifi. I have 1 connect Amp and two connect units. Have tried both boost...

Sonos Controller for Mac will not find system

I have the controller installed on my mac book with High Sierra installed however it will not find my existing system nor will it find the speakers when following the guide to press the 2 buttons! HEL...

Bt WholeHome Wifi and bridged system

I have purhcased BT wholehome in order to get a stronger wifi.I currently run my sonos with a bridge.I note that advice on this forum is to put the sonos into boost mode and connect the boost to one o...

Connect amp not outputting anything and not showing up on my Sonos

I have a Sonos system around my house and a Connect amp into which I have a CD player and wired speakers connected directly. It used to work but now no longer outputs anything. The Connect does not sh...


My system volume just went wacky and all of our controller units are within our sight. Can my system be hacked? Is there any other reason the volume would self-adjust?

Playbase WiFi connection permanently(?) lost

Hi, I have a TV surround setup with Playbase, 2 x Play:1 and a Sub which has been working perfectly fine for 3 weeks. A couple of days ago the Playbase lost the WiFi-connection; TV sound through optic...

System can't be found

I woke up yesterday morning and my sonos system could not work. I am having issues with my wi-fi extender in the house (reads no internet connection--reset). However, when I go to the org wi-fi conn...

Playbase won't reconnect

Hello For some reason my Playbase has dropped off my app connection. I have tried: - reconnecting via the app and adding the speaker. But no chime sound is made when presing the sync button. - runnin...

PLAY 5 Not connecting over wireless

Hey folks, Pretty sure I've tried everything here but thought I'd give it a whirl. I've owned a Play 5 and Playbar (both in separate rooms) for about 6 weeks. They've worked perfectly wirelessly and...

Unable to connect to Apple Music error

I have a queue with a number of songs and the next track fails with the “unable to play (name of song) connection to Apple Music has been lost”. I’ve deleted and re-added my Apple Music account and it...

Auto Pause

Is there a way to stop the automatic pause of the system? I use it to play audio for my Playstation and when the audio gets too quiet it automatically stops and there is no audio.

Connect Amp issue

Hi, I purchased a Sonos:Connect Amp for my outside speakers. They wire back to my office in the house I just bought. I placed the AMP in there, but when I go outside I am unable to adjust anything...

Sonos stops and causes wired network to loose internet connection

Hi, I've been having this issue for about a month or more now. Sonos stops working, cannot connect to anything, cannot play anything and my PC which is connected via ethernet to the same router as my...

frozen screen - last played in this room??

cant play anything?? There is a black screen which says last olayed in thos room. options shown are resume or end session ... notbing happens if you click on eother one. I have closed the I have in...

Spotify skips to next song or stops playing, other sources work just fine meanwhile

The past couple of months when playing music from Spotify on any of the sonos speakers the music skips to the next song or stops playing at random points. It can be after 2 songs or half a day. The co...

Trueplay adapting speaker sound step not working

When using Trueplay tuning for my Sonos One, the app gets to the screen that says Adapting Speaker Sound...and then never completes. It is stuck. I have tried multiple times. The only way to get ba...

New issue with Sonos App on Android

In the last couple of days something has changed so that my Sonos Android App will not see music on the WDMyCloud NAS attached to the network. It used to see it and the PC and iOS versions of the App...

Apple Music - How to Shuffle with Recently Added songs?

Hi All, I love my Sonos speakers but I'm having a bit of a frustrating time making it work well with my Apple Music Library. Plain and simple, I'd love to play my "recently added" songs in Shuffle -...


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