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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app? Then read on…

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Sonos and the Spanning Tree Protocol

I wanted to post a few clarifications regarding SONOS and Spanning Tree Protocol that have been raised in this thread. SONOS ZonePlayers use 802.1D Spanning Tree (STP) for loop prevention between wir...

Music Library Missing Tracks

If you're missing tracks on Sonos that show up in your iTunes Library, Windows Media Player, or just a location on your computer or a NAS, please check the following to find why the tracks are mi...

Unstable connection to Sonos

I constantly experience trouble connecting to my Sonos system. I can be connected and disconnected multiple times within minutes. My setup is: 2x Sonos Play:1 speakers (wireless connection) iPhone 6...

Pairing Universal TV Remote on 8.1 is Fail

The 8.0/8.1 update messed up my remote pairing. It doesn’t work now, whereas through 7.4.1 there were no problems with it ever. There were no changes to my environment between 7.4.1 and 8.1. The re...

Spotify, Amazon Music and Sirius Apps do not show up in Add Music Services

Spotify, Amazon Music and Sirius do not show up on my Add Music Services list. I have the latest version of the Sonos App. Also cannot connect to Sonos through any of those Apps. Anyone having the...

Sonos Connect to Receiver produces delayed audio / echoing

I have several Connect AMPs, a Play:5, and finally a Connect player that goes directly to my home theater receiver. The Connect Amps and the Play:5 all do simultaneous playback perfectly. When I g...

Blow Driver

I have a Playbar that is 4 years old. Recently I've been noticing distortion when movies are played at medium levels...especially in the highs. I'm a sounds engineer and it sounds very much like a b...

bad sound quality after update. sonos connect.

after the new update just finished my awesome sounding stereo now sounds bad. i am using the sonos connect and its hooked to my home stereo. the bass now sounds dead and it almost sounds like the high...

Sonos repeats tracks on its own

I'm having an issue where SONOS repeats a track. Even though its displaying the proper song on the controller it plays the previous track again. It does this with spotify, I submitted a diagnostic. .7...

Sonos 5 blowing

Hi, my sonos 5 has started blowing and it's just outside warranty. Can it be repaired?

Play 5 wont group

Diagnostic number 7964396. I have two play 3s and one play 5. All play music etc but the grouping with the 5 doesnt work anymore. Any ideas?

Can't connect to music library

Hey...sporadic, for a long time, connection to my music library on my Windows 10 desktop. Error msg 1002. Please help and thanks. Reinstalled the software and tried multiple paths. No joy...

Controller for Mac won't connect to Sonos Network

All of my connections work except for my Mac. My Samsung and iPad both work fine but not my MacBook Pro. It had been working perfectly for ages and has suddenly stopped.

Using sonos offline

I have a sonos play 3 speaker in my room and I would like to connect it to my laptop using an Ethernet cable from the speaker directly to my laptop. Could someone let me know if this is possible and i...

Popping and intermittent drop out of audio

I have an issue when watching films with 5.1 audio. Sometimes when resuming from pause the surround channels seem to drop in and out every second or so, with front left, right and rear channels poppin...

Error 1002 Adding Music to Queue from Apple Music

I am constantly getting this error code 1001 when trying to add my songs to the queue. I have tried removing my Apple Music account and re-adding it. I have tried changing my wi-fi settings. Any other...

Sonos Play 5 Gen:2 will not connect to WiFi at all

So I have owned my play 5 about a month, never had any issues, was set up to my WiFi within 15 mins after I opened it and I have never had to touch it again until today. First Sonos app cant find my s...

Sonos play:1 will not connect

Hi I have a problem being on holiday: tried connecting my sonos play:1 to wifi both wireless and with lan and after some time the light indicators only shows solid white light. Have tried unplugging...

Play 1 will not work

Hello all, I went on holiday pulled plugs out whilst away , came back and plugged the play 1 and other item in and I can't get the play 1 to work/connect anymore, I tried plugging it into router and i...

Song Not Encoded Correctly

Good evening. I've had my Sonos Play:1 for a few weeks now and just started having issues with songs skipping completely. The error log reads 'song not encoded correctly.' I'm not entirely sure what t...

Volume related issues.

I'm see two issues (maybe the same issues) regarding volume in my 5.1 setup. In the first case, while playing audio from the tv (line in to playbar) the volume will raise suddenly without prompting f...

Sonos Skipping Songs Randomly (Diagnostic Report 7978288)

Hi Folks, I've been having issues lately with my Sonos Play1 randomly skipping songs. Sometimes it's absolutely fine and plays the entire track, other times it skips half way through a song. I've tr...

Playbase Problems

Hello Need help before I return this item. I have purchased the playbase and I'm finding it an absolute nightmare to control. If I switch the tv on from overnight there is no sound so I have to un...

Audio delay on PS4/PS3

Hi, My setup is this: PS3/PS4 connected to TV via HDMI TV connected to Playbar via Optical Out Now, my issue is that whenever I play a shooter (BF4/Call of Duty) on either the PS3/PS4, the sound ha...


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