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Is your music cutting out? Or are your players disappearing from the app?

Hi all, If you’re experiencing any of the above, or your app is sluggish, then your Sonos set up may be suffering from “wireless interference”. In the video, you will see how to fix this annoying iss...

Playbar out-of-sync with surround speakers

Recently my TV Room (1 Playbar with 2 Play:3 surround speakers, Playbar is wired, rest of speaker through SonosNet) is starting to play music out-of-sync. When I watch TV nothing seems wrong (TV and m...

Setting up Beam with Windows 10 with Android Phone as Hotspot

So my problem is, i'm setting up my new Beam with my computer. I'm using my android phone as a hotspot device. I've done everything the set up wizard asks me to, but i've been iced with a part that t...

The Sonos app does not show what the system is playing anymore

Very similar to this issue: https://en.community.sonos.com/troubleshooting-228999/sonos-controller-does-not-show-what-s-playing-6804590 The Living Room with the Playbar does not show the usual options...

Sonos App shows "No music selected" when music is playing

Hi, when music is playing the Sonos App or Desktop application is showing No music selected so we are not able to start , stop or forward a song. Already tried to restart internetmodem (Ziggo) and all...


I love 98% of the Sonos culture and experience. The fact that not one track will play all the way through makes it really embarrassing when I try to promote your products to my friends. I am trying to...

Delay using connect on analog amplifier

I have a mix between both connect and play series. For my kitchen and living room I have two connects which are connected to a 6-channel amplifier. When theese are used at the same time as eg. the pl...

Sonos and AT&T U-Verse

I am having problems with my Sonos system. Everything was working fine until I switched my TV/Internet provider to AT&T U-Verse. Now I can get everything to work for a few hours, but then everything g...

Room names changing overnight

For the past 2 nights all my room settings and names have been changing from my defined names, such as LivingRoom Sonos etc..., to Sonos. It started when I upgraded to IOS 12 yesterday. I am using Am...

Music cutting out using CD or Record Deck connected via a connect

I have 3 rooms Room 1 : 2 x play 5s, 1 sub, 1 playbar, 2 x connects (one connected to a CD player other via pre-amp to a record deck) Room 2 : 1 x play 5 Room 3 : 2 x play 3s Hallway is Router wit...

Faulty Play 3? No wireless connectivity.

Hi Guys, I have a play 3, which was working fine via wireless since we bought it, until recently. It just wont appear as a room when on wireless, it will when connected via ethernet. I have factory re...

Very Frustrated with Sonos and Google Wifi (connect and connect:AMP

I've recently upgraded my system. I have recently purchased a house and it came with rooms that are wired and niles wall switches. We just installed a vanguard 8050 and it's connected to a sonos con...

Sonos and HomePod latency issue with AirPlay 2

I was extremely excited to update my Sonos system today after I read that the new 9.0 update was bringing AirPlay to Sonos finally! I currently own two Ones, two Play:1s, a Playbar, a Sub, and three...

One Problematic Play:1

I have a stereo pair of Play:1s in my office and one of them constantly goes missing from the system or just stops playing - usually I end up having to reboot that one device and/or separate the stere...

How to stop crackle/ static on sound bar

Can someone tell me how to stop the crackle/ static noise on my sound bar hooked up optically in front of LG C7P? Seems like a lot of people having this problem and theres no fix. diagnostic #8262397...

Unsupported Audio Signal from TV

I just set up a brand new playbar and sub with my 78" Samsung 4k TV. The app says its receiving a signal that is not supported yet I have full audio. I ran through all the setting on the TV and nothin...

Unsupported TV Audio on playbar

got the dreaded unsupported tv audio issue on playbar, although only reporting it now this is at least the 4th time since the 8 version of software went public, never had this issue on beta. my diag...

HELP! Playbase not connecting to WIFI

My playbase stopped connecting to WIFI after a software update. I can only use it connected to an ethernet line now to my WIFI router. In addition, none of my other speakers now connect (sub, one, P...

Flexson Vertical Play 5 Stands

Hi, I have just purchased a pair of Flexson Vertical Play 5 stands and I find them to be quite wobbly. Is this something that I should be concerned about? I know that traditional speaker stands are me...

Sonos 9.0: Error 30

Just submitted diagnostics: 1871011050 I have tried updating to Sonos 9.0 and keep getting error 30. I’ve tried restarting all the players and the router, and tried updating from different devices -...

Playbar freezes after using DirecTV IR remote control.

The Playbar is 3 months old, hardwired to router. While using the Sonos app everything works perfect, no issues, you can group and ungroup with any of the other 3 Sonos Amps. The moment you press Vol...

Remote Control Volume up/Down issues on Playbase

I recently swapped out a Playbar for a Playbase and am having volume control issues using an Xfinity remote. On the playbar you could just press and hold the volume up/Down volume to raise or lower t...

Missing speaker after update

Did the sonos update and my speaker in the kitchen just disappeared off my iOS list of rooms. I’ve been through reconnecting the speaker again through the app but nothing working to get it reconnected...

Why is the bass & treble conrols so limited?

I would like for the bass and treble controls to have more range of control.Can hardly hear the difference when at max control.

How to continue PC playlist/queue without reshuffle

I have a large number of songs on my PC (music library) that are in a Sonos playlist and also in a queue. How do I switch back from TuneIn and return to the last song? Mainly I don't want to reshuffle...


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