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Google Assistant on Beam

I know it is not ready yet but if I buy a Beam now will this work with Google or will new Beams be shipped. In other words will Google Assistent be a hardware or software upgrade?

Sonos Google Assistant Workaround?

So I got this idea to make google assistant easily work with sonos (kinda). Tell me if this should work (I didn't buy the sons beam yet): 1. Get a Sonos Beam and a Chromecast 2. Install (Connect the B...

Sonos with Google Home

So I've seen quite a lot of posts about this topic, but haven't seen this one specific question: I realize that google home isnt officially supported by sonos yet. But is it possible to simply use the...

Dear Sonos, please allow automation of groups, as well as persistent virtual groups.

Dear Sonos, thank you for the music. Speaking of please allow automation of groups, as well as persistent virtual groups, for Sonos Speakers. This appears to be a reoccurring theme from reading the...

Sonos in boost format, Logitech Pop cannot find Sonos.

Just purchased a Logitech Pop and Bridge. Support of Sonos is claimed, and the Pop sees other devices like the Hue Lights. My configuration is as follows. I have a NetGear Orbi ( V2.2.1.210 firmwar...

Sonos too cheap? And exploiting customers?

Now that the Sonos One has arrived in Gen 2 only to sport more RAM and CPU I cannot help to think they pushed the original with undermined specs to earn more money and be greedy. Maybe that's why th...

What up with Google Assistant!

Been waiting for Google Assistant for over a year. Bought my Sonos system because of the promise from Sonos that Google Assistsnt would be available in late 2018. Very disappointed.

Logitech Harmony + Sonos

I know that Logitech Harmony supports and works with Sonos but does it also allow you to select Sonos (+ specific rooms) as a TV audio output? TV being connected via 3.5 / Optical --> Play 5?

Laser light show synced with Sonos music

Is there a product where I can turn my apartment into a rave where the lights are synced to the music playing on the Sonos system?

Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot

Which product/system works best with SONOS, Google Home vs Amazon Echo Dot?

Alexa via Sonos One: can’t find individual hue lights

Recently purchased 2 x Ones to replace my Echos. So Alexa is already setup and configured to work with my Hue lights. The new One’s work well with the Hue Scenes, whole rooms go on and off easily. Ho...

Migrate from Iris to SmartThings

I'm migrating from Iris to SmartThings (WiFi router & smart home hub all in one), but Sonos One/Alexa still thinks it's connected to Iris. As a result, I can't connect it to my new SmartThings. Sono...

Ring doorbell with Sonos one

Hi I’ve been trying to connect my ring doorbell 1 with my sonos but not getting anywhere. I’ve tried the IFTTT applets but that’s not working either. Any ideas anyone?

HomePod and a future Play:5

Hey folks. I have two HomePods and am looking to get a vinyl turntable soon. Of course there are no line ins on these speakers but I do like the sound quality. My question is, if I were to get a Play:...

Google Assistant

We have been hearing for over a year now regarding the Google Assistant integration. When is this going to happen? The Alexa assistance is horrible.

IFTTT - Stop all music in case of a Nest Protect smoke alarm emergency

I'm confused by this IFTTT applet. I want to stop all music on ALL Sonos devices if ANY Nest Protect detects smoke. I'd assume this is what most people want to happen in an emergency, however the appl...

Sonos Integration with Samsung Smartthings

I finally got my Smartthings and Sonos working together - I figured out much of it the hard way - lots of trial and error and internet research, Hope my posting below helps guide others who might be s...

*from* Sonos to HomePod?

Hi and thanks in advance: I have 2 Sonos Ones, a Play 5, a Playbar and a Playbase. I just got a HomePod. Partially because I was curious and particularly because I am the 1 person who prefers Siri to...

Multiple zones, Multiple connects, one Onkyo reciever

I have three zones, 5.1, and 2 2.0. I want to use a single Onkyo reciever (RZ830) with three Sonos connects to play three different streams at the same time. Is this possible? Has anyone connected t...

IFTTT Sonos Volume Control

I see at IFTTT.com that there is a Recipe to play a Favorite on certain days, certain time in a certain room at a certain volume. It works but I cannot change the Title of it so I’ve got several ALL w...

Connect Google Home Mini to Sonos Play:5

I can see some old posts re connecting a Google Home Mini to Sonos speakers but nothing recent. I would simply like to be able to walk into home and say "OK Google play music from Spotify on Sonos". I...

Yonomi controls Sonos through Cloud API

Just got an email with this announcement. https://www.yonomi.co/blog/2019/1/17/control-your-sonos-system-from-anywhere-with-our-latest-update I haven't used Yonomi in a while, but this warrants anot...

Announcement: Update to "My Speaker" Alexa skill for Sonos

I am pleased to announce a huge update to my Alexa skill for Sonos, "My Speaker". It allows you to do many things that the standard Sonos skill does not, such as playing your local Library, or Favorit...

Homekit volume and power

So after growing tired of waiting for a software update from Bose to use Airplay 2 on their SoundTouch series I finally decided to initiate a move to Sonos (it always bugged me that Sonos doesn't offe...

Beam + Harmony Hub + Alexa

I have been having some difficulty getting all of these to work together. I initially wanted to ditch the harmony hub and remote and control everything through the beam + alexa using the HDMI ARC port...


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