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Google Assistant Support

When does Sonos expect to have support for Google Assistant?

IFTTT - If This Then That integration with Sonos

If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) integration could be cool. You could expose playlists to IFTTT as either triggers and/or actions. Use cases could be when a certain playlist is started trigger lights (via We...

Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam

Google Assistant is finally coming to the Sonos One and Sonos Beam It's a CES miracle. A lot of announcements have already come out of CES 2019, but without a doubt, this is one of the most exciting...

Sonos doorbell

Hi all. Tom B an excellent support guy from Sonos suggested I post this here as he knows the tech guys keep an eye on the forums for ideas and problems. I suggested to him that as I live in a townhou...

Google Assistant

We have been hearing for over a year now regarding the Google Assistant integration. When is this going to happen? The Alexa assistance is horrible.

Finally!!!: Home Automation -> Auto lights ON and (sonos) music ON when you het home

Do you want when you get home (location aware), a specific music (list/radio) automatically play + a light scenario on? Of course you want... Great news: 0 costs and it can be done easily. Maybe a lo...

Apple itunes AirPlay stopped working with Sonos One

AirPlay suddenly can't connect to my two Sonos One anymore. Music via Sonos library works fine, so does radio via TuneIn. Restarted both iPhone and speakers to no effect.

Future Google assistant capabilities

When Google Assistant eventually makes it onto the Sonos One, will it be possible to integrate with existing chromecast audio groups?

Gen 1 Sonos 1 paired with new Sonos 1 - still get airplay and Alexa?

Hi there, I have a house full of gen 1 Sonos speakers. One set is two play 1s with a sub. I'm considering getting two new Play 1s, mostly because of the Alexa and Airplay technology built in. Howev...

Web App to Control Sonos Speakers (not required to be on your home wifi)

Speaker scenes (https://speakerscenes.com) lets you play, pause, etc your Sonos speakers via a web app and while you're not connected to your home wifi. (You can also setup 'scenes' ie. set groups of...

HomeKit & Sonos One - unable to add

Hi all, I just bought Sonos One and it works perfectly. Did add Apple Music service, works with Air Play, ... So far, so good. Then I tried to add it to my Home via ... Add Accessory Don't Have a...

Easiest way to get robust IFTTT support!

Hi, I have been spending a lot of time trying to create a simple and easy way to get IFTTT integration working. I know a few people would really like to have an easy way to get that, so here is one so...

UPnP vs New API

I control my theater room with Demopad and it includes a Connect feeding into the system. After a lot of reading and learning and much trial and error, I've been able to build a Sonos page within Dem...

iPort Xpress battery Life and iPort Support

Am I alone with the iPort Xpress? I've rubbish battery life and there is no visible support! Using the voucher for my CR100's I got one of these to try. I've never had anything like the suggested 3...

Group ID changed after reboot

I want to start playing playlist via Sonos API (https://developer.sonos.com/reference/control-api/playlists/loadplaylist/). For start playing I need group ID, which changed every time after I reboot m...

Sonos Beam homekit automation

Hi Sonos Community, Does anyone know how to use apple home kit's automation feature for a Sonos Beam. I'd like to be to create an automation that play music at a certain time, or turn off the Apple T...

Alarm ID ?

Dear all Earlier, hvem setting up alarm automations in Home assistant, I was querying http://:1400/support/review for the various alarm ID's, that I need for the purpose. It doesnt seem to be listed...

What up with Google Assistant!

Been waiting for Google Assistant for over a year. Bought my Sonos system because of the promise from Sonos that Google Assistsnt would be available in late 2018. Very disappointed.

Google assistant Denmark

I wonder when the update for, the support of Google Assistant, the Danish version is up to go, at the date.

Sonos/Smartthings Integration

Glad to see the new sub-forum. My Sonos speakers are an integral part of my Smart Home, which has been built around SmartThings (and webCore) but also utilizes IFTTT, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Jus...

Sonos too cheap? And exploiting customers?

Now that the Sonos One has arrived in Gen 2 only to sport more RAM and CPU I cannot help to think they pushed the original with undermined specs to earn more money and be greedy. Maybe that's why th...

How to automate "play just this speaker" unless other speakers are playing in which case "join group"

I have 7 Sonos dotted around my house. I enjoy the music filling the house so generally have "Play Everywhere" set, have all speakers in the same group and simple adjust the volumne as required (incl...

How to revoke access given to an App that uses the new API?

Hi there, the new API that was just announced is great! External apps/services (e.g. IFTTT) can be given access to my Sonos system: "This gives XXXX permission to: See what your Sonos is playing Ch...

How do we automatically play music when arriving home?

I’ve got a Sonos one, and both Alexa and Siri up and running. I’ve got my Hue lights coming on automatically when I get home. All good. Except I’d really like a selected playlist (or anything for t...


Great sounding product and managing your library and music is easy. Now why not make a complete interface for Crestron and other home control systems so that you can actually expand your market? The i...


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