Broken sound appears when connecting Macbook Air M2 with Sonos Era 300

  • 28 February 2024
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I used iPhone and MacBook air (M2) to play apple music and Spotify, and the sound is perfect from Sonos Era 300 when using airplay in the app of these. 

But when I used the sound output from my MacBook sound setting, the sound turned to be broken and jerky.
How could I fix this problem.
I had update MacBook to the latest version, and when airplay the sound to bose portable home speaker. It works well at that device…….


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Hi @TC Wong 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

It sounds like you might be using AirPlay v1 instead of AirPlay v2. When you initiate AirPlay from within an app, you will be using v2. When, however, you initiate AirPlay from the Mac’s system settings, you will be using unbuffered AirPlay v1, which is the cause of the issue you hear.

If you can, I recommend you always initiate AirPlay from within an application rather than from system settings. If this isn’t an option, perhaps Bluetooth will serve better?

If your Era 300 and MacBook are quite close, you can also try separating them a bit - as they are both WiFi devices, they will interfere with each other if too close, just like any other WiFi devices.

I hope this helps.