Pairing Sonos Play 1 and Play 3 with Alexa or Smartthings

  • 28 January 2024
  • 2 replies


GRRR. I had an issue with controlling my Play 1 and Play 3 with Smartthings and Alexa. My iPhone normally is paired with Smartthings and will pause my three Sonos devices when I leave the house and play them when I return. Recently, I noted that they were not responding to routines set in Smartthings, both scheduled events and proximity events generated when I leave or return. One of the solutions I read was to delete and then reinstall with Smartthings. Well..that was a bust because now I can’t reinstall them. Smartthings says that I must have a hub. Well, I have a Sonos Bridge. I noted that none of them are now “discovered” by Alexa even though I have the skill enabled. Any ideas?

2 replies

Admittedly, I’ve always believed that you need a smartthings hub to execute their routines - so I’m not sure how you have had them working in the past? A Sonos bridge has nothing to do whatsoever with a smartthings hub, that’s just a SonosNet root bridge to link an ‘S1 SonosNet-linked system’ to the local router subnet.

If you have an Alexa device you maybe able to setup Amazon Alexa routines in the Amazon Alexa App perhaps, but it’s not something I’ve personally explored, or you maybe able to achieve the desired outcome with IFTTT triggers & actions, perhaps?


I got to wondering if my switch back to Sonos 1 app might have screwed things up. Hmmmm. I’ve got an Orbi router and satellite in my condo and I have superb WiFi coverage all over the condo. I put the two Play 1s on directly to the router and the Play 3 has to be wireless. They all work fine under the Sonos umbrella but I’ve lost control via Alexa and/or Smartthings. I wish I could connect them to Apple’s HomeKit as it works great.