IFTTT down?

  • 5 January 2024
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Hi,Since yesterday, all IFTTT Sonos applets (used for about 2 years) no longer work. I have now “reconnected” the Sonos service in IFTTT several times. Connection fine. When creating a new applet I get the following error message:“The operation could not be completed (IFTTT.NetworkError.Error 1)”Is IFTTT out of service from Sonos end? Does it work for others.Thanks for feedback.

14 replies

I only occasionally use the ‘free’ version of IFTTT and so just created a ‘do button’ to action my Sonos living room TV/Arc to mute its volume and that widget linked to my Sonos account is working okay here in just a quick/simple test, that I tried a few seconds ago.

So it seems everything is working okay from a Sonos perspective.

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Thanks for checking! I have a IFTTT Pro Account for about 2 years. 

When I do the same, I keep getting this message: 

“The operation could not be completed (IFTTT.NetworkError.Error 1)”

I will try and contact Sonos support here in Germany. No response from IFTTT support yet. 


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Identified the problem:

when Sonos speakers are unplugged they disappear from IFTTT. When they are replugged, it takes several hours up to several days, before they pop up in IFTTT again.


This has not been an issue until a few days ago. They have been back on IFTTT right after power on. 


Also, I have 2 homes/sonos systems linked with my account. When nobody’s home for several days or weeks, the system remains unplugged. Which now causes also the other system to disappear from IFTTT. Not good.

I have the exact same problem as described. All my IFTTT applets linked to SONOS cannot be run after a single SONOS speaker was accidentally unplugged and plugged back in. 

I have been using IFTTT connection to SONOS for over a year, and it’s been rock solid until today. 


It maybe best to reproduce the issue and then immediately submit a Sonos system diagnostic report from within the Sonos App together with your IFTTT screenshot(s), note the diagnostic reference and then contact/chat with Sonos Support Staff via this LINK and see what the Staff can perhaps suggest to resolve the matter.

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HI @metakalle

exactly! I power off all my Sonos speakers witth Wifi-Plugs. (High energy consumption in standby).When powered on, IFTTT applets are supposed to set volume, group the speakers and play a favorite. (with a 2 min delay for booting). Used to work well for about 2 years.

Interestingly, it has been back working, for a couple of attempts. But refused working again. Problem is on/off.

I have reached out to IFTTT support. Took them a few days, but they responded, asked for a few details. They now told me, they got more such complaints. Seems it’s a SONOS issue they are in contact with SONOS people to investigate further. Told me, they will keep me posted. When I hear back, I’ll post it here.


Side topic: I power off my speakers due to high energy consumption in standby. I have two sites, with a total of 24 speakers now. Sums up to ~€ 250/year just for keeping them in standby. Big downside for SONOS, no deep-standby availabe. Given the rising energy costs, I wonder why complains are not more massive at SONOS.


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thanks for the hint with diagnostics report. I wasn’t aware of that. If I don’t hear back from IFTTT the next days with more info, I’ll do that and contact SONOS support directly.


I solved this for me using the soco Python library running on a local server. Not as elegant as ifttt, but I can use it to load a Sonos speaker with music.

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@WilJoh, thanks. If these problems persist with IFTTT, I consider that. Someone gave me the hint with a Raspberry and Home Automation app. Sounds pretty easy to do. Annoying though, that this is necessary at all. Why don’t they provide some Deep-Standby mode. (0.5 W power consumption my Wifi-Plugs) Wake up with some delay, memorizing the last power-on state - lots of use cases.



any news on this issue? 

I have also problems with IFTTT and Sonos, using a Aqara Switch to start Sonos Favs and set the volume. 

The applets stopped working some months ago. 

Today I investigated a bit further and found out that setting and controlling Sonos volume via IFTTT still works but not start play a fav, skip track oder stop. 

Totally strange! 

I’m a IFTTT pro customer if that’s important. Will talk to their support, too.

If you have more info to share, please do! 


Best, Nils 

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Hi @Nilzen. The problem has been on/off since my last post. The last 3-4 days or so, it seems to work  stable again. IFTTT support asked me a few questions by e-mail, I did not hear back from them since then.

However, I got an e-mail just today, that they force me to upgrade from my legacy Pro plan to Pro+ for € 3,99. Not a good time for that suggestion, given the annoying glitches recently. I consider to quit IFTTT and look for a different solution.

Thanks for the info! 

I approached them, too, let’s see if they can help.

I also have a legacy pro account for 2€ per months but the only thing I need it for is controlling Sonos and that’s down (start a radio station with one button with a specific volume in one room, e.g. radio in the kitchen in the morning - also unbelievable that in 2024 Sonos still has no better was as to do this all manually every time). 

If they can’t fix it I might switch to Home Assistent - had HA running on a RP4 before but a bit too powerful for my use case, IFTTT was more simpel.

Let’s see where this goes.  

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If you hear back from IFTTT, please let us know.

All I use it for, is power on/off my SONOS to save energy - lots of speakers. And group/set volume/play after starup automatically. Similar to your case. But this is not worth a ~50 € per year pro+ plan.

I would be looking for more useful things I may do with Home Assistant and Raspberry PI.

Hi, got the following message 10 days ago from IFTTT support - no update yet:


Hi there,
Thanks for following up.
We've now received similar reports from several other users and our engineering team is investigating.
We'll keep you updated here as we learn more.

Daniel from IFTTT