Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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So I just set up the Sonos Arc soundbar that supports eARC. It works with my 2020 65" Frame TV until I change the eARC setting on the Frame TV to Auto. The sound mutes and I can't get it to play until I turn eARC off. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve messed around with this for a few hours to no avail. 


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I had the same problem with my Samsung Q90T. Probably caused by plugging in a Nvidia Shield TV Pro and some kind of HDMI-CEC conflict happened. What fixed the problem for me was to unplug the Shield, disable Anynet+ on Samsung TV and then enable it again. Everything went back to normal. 

I have the same problem with the 75 inch Frame and sonos arc. Have reported this to Samsung too


Not clear to me that this is the TVs problem as it thinks it is emitting earc but there is no sound, could be either side


75" The Frame

Model Code: QN75LS03TAFXZA

Software Version: T-NKMAKUC-1115 


Sonos arc,sub+2 ones




I have the QN75Q70AA and Sonos Arc , Samsung said it’s a Sonos issue and Sonos says it’s a Samsung issue. All tvs 2019 and older do not have this problem I also have  Bose 900 with no problems 

So I just set up the Sonos Arc soundbar that supports eARC. It works with my 2020 65" Frame TV until I change the eARC setting on the Frame TV to Auto. The sound mutes and I can't get it to play until I turn eARC off. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve messed around with this for a few hours to no avail. 

I had the same problem the only other thing I had hooked up to the tv was a blue ray player once I diconecter the blueray everything worked fine no more cutting out. When my audio was cutting in and out the tv kept switching between tv speakers and Sonos arc

I had very few issues for the last year with the Arc sound bar and Samsung frame. Now I have this issue also when the setting is on eARC. If I turn it off, I get sound. With eARC on it used to be that we would have a loss of audio about once every couple months and restarting would resolve the issue. Just in the last day the loss of audio has been persistent and requires me to turn eARC off. 

Same issue here, sound bar works to play music, but not on my Samsung Frame TV. What is odd is I was able to get it to work using an 6 foot optical cord, but I needed 10 ft and now it doesn’t play any audio at all for tv. This is super frustrating because I bought both high end products so I could enjoy a theater experience. This is such a bummer! Is there anyone from Sonos monitoring this community? Good customer service departments have a dedicated resource to add input and help customers. You already have us here trying to self help saving you tons of labor hours on calls and chats. Step it up and tell us what you know… even if you don’t know. 

No, this is not a website in which Sonos Support frequents, this is a community site. There are a very few moderators from Sonos, who generally have come from Support, and certainly have access to any diagnostics you submit, although their main function is moderation. If you want to speak directly to a Sonos support person, you should call Sonos Support directly. 

This site is for fellow customers to give aid and advice where they can. 

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@Bijou Since you’re using optical your problem is different. This thread seems to be about eARC, so HDMI, not optical. At least that’s what it starts with - I’ve not reread al 27 pages. This might not be the right thread for your question.


Hello, has this issue been solved since then? I have a Samsung Frame 2021, and considering to buy a Sonos Arc, so I’d like to make sure I won’t have any issue. Thanks for your answer. 


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Hello benji89.  I can’t definitively say if this issue has been resolved but I can chime in on my own recent experience.  I have a 75” 2022 Frame TV purchased this past November, and Apple TV 4K (I also have an Xbox X for gaming).  I had 2 HomePods paired with the Apple TV until just this past week I decided to purchase an Arc and Sub G3.

I was concerned about issues with the frame from what I’ve read but figured I’d take the chance and return them if there were any issues.  In my experience so far they have been excellent. They sound far better than I expected and work perfectly with my Xbox.  Of which previously with my Xbox/HomePods/AppleTV/Frame set up I had to turn off Atmos on the Xbox because it created a major lag while gaming.  Apple TV in that set up did work perfectly though.

Only issue that has crept up so far with the Arc is that I’ve had a few times what I would call a slight “freeze” or stutter in the picture (Probably a half second or less). Audio plays perfectly as this happens. The picture just freezes for a half second and then “skips” to the correct spot in sync with the audio again.  It is very slight but noticeable none the less.  Happened while watching Black Mirror on Netflix on the Apple TV as well as a movie rented from the Apple iTunes Store on Apple TV.  Not sure if it is relevant but both were 4K Atmos content.  I would estimate it happened about 4 times during the course of a 2 hour movie.  I am in the process of further testing/troubleshooting of other formats as well.

Here is a link to another thread that I posted regarding the issue.

With that being said I have trouble believing the Arc is causing issues with video.  But I also can’t deny the fact that this crept up once I brought the Arc into the mix either.  Might be a lot of different things such as network etc… and further testing is required.

All in all I do think I will be keeping the Sonos speakers as I love how they sound.  The spatial audio with music is excellent as well as the audio for movies etc…  I can actually turn off subtitles now while watching tv.  I needed subtitles on 90% of the time for the past several years and wish I would have gotten the arc/sub long ago for this reason alone.

I hope this experience helps.

If anyone has some insight into the Stutter issue it’d be most welcome.

I have a pre-2020 model and it doesn’t work via ARC. Funny thing is it used to work. I wonder if a software update to the tv caused it to stop working? Auto update is on so it could have updated without my knowledge.


So I connected via optical which worked for a while. My Sub disconnected somehow and I was forced to  reset my Arc and Sub and setup from scratch. This includes a software update and now it won’t connect via either connection method…

I have a Sonos Beam Gen 2 + TV Samsung q70t, and when I play Atmos sound, I experience audio cuts every 15 minutes, which is annoying. I've tried everything, but nothing seems to work. Is there a patch for this?


I’m experiencing a similar issue with my 2023 Samsung S95C and Arc. I also have the sub gen 3 and a pair of Era 100s for surrounds.

When switching between apps or even certain channels (like nextgen OTA and standard digital OTA) the audio will drop out completely. I then have to go into sound settings within the TV and change the audio format from Auto to PCM or vice versa, depending on what it was previously. I have also experimented with just changing it back to auto (auto → PCM → auto) and that works most of the time. It is very annoying and I am not sure how to stop it. I’ve tried doing the choreographed reboots detailed elsewhere but that didn’t work for me. 

Also, last night we were watching a Dolby Atmos movie on the built in Disney+ app and around 1.5hrs into the movie there was an extremely loud pop and no audio. I had to reboot the TV to restore audio.