Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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So I just set up the Sonos Arc soundbar that supports eARC. It works with my 2020 65" Frame TV until I change the eARC setting on the Frame TV to Auto. The sound mutes and I can't get it to play until I turn eARC off. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve messed around with this for a few hours to no avail. 


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Hi all, yet another note from the dev team:

We have been working on the ongoing audio problem between the Sonos Arc and several 2020 Samsung TV models. These models support the new eARC connectivity. Samsung TVs prior to and from 2019 do not support eARC and are not seeing this particular problem. Customers will randomly experience a complete loss of audio which requires either the rebooting of the Sonos Arc and/or the rebooting of the Samsung TV. 

If you are experiencing this problem and you are willing to assist with some short term testing, please contact our customer care department at your earliest convenience.



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Hi all,

A quick note from our dev team:

We are aware and monitoring an issue when connecting Sonos Arc to late model Samsung TVs via eARC. We are working closely with Samsung to resolve this and will share more as available.

All the best,


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So I actually got into contact with a State Side Engineer. He Knows what the problem is, Works for Samsung only with 1 Connect Tv’s, and WE may have figured something out. All of the updates are find and dandy. But they Do not cover, or at least in my case, something. 


I have the most current Updates from Samsung, but I needed to go into About TV, under the settings. There is a something called “Sub-micom Version”. This was not changed in my case, don’t know about others, in the most recent updates. There is a part the number in the “Sub-micom Version”, and towards of the sequence of numbers it was -1005t-. He sent me a Bin file (because im using a Macbook) and he had to from his end log into my TV, and upgrade it to -1006t- . 


This can only be done from the inside with an Actual Samsung Application Engineer it seems. My system seems to be Stable now. I don’t get anymore Signal loss (sound dropouts) or changes from HDMI to HDMI(Earc). BUT I will be trying this for the next few days , and its 100% not guaranteed to work. I am definitely a lab rat at this point. 


Also, Ive been told that Korea is working on this, as well is SONOS. they are STILL TRYING to figure this out. but Like the world we live in. Both sides are blaming each other. 

This took weeks for me to get ahold of this gentleman from SAMSUNG, and he is pretty competent. But like. he said. IF this doe not work, then it will be going to KOREA. I’ll keep you folks updated on what is happening on my end. 

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I have the same issue with the exact tv and Sonos Arc. I posted the issue on the Samsung site and several people have indicated they are having the same problem.

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I suspect the problem is with the Sonos Arc.  I had my Samsung Frame TV connected to a Sonos Beam for two weeks before the Sonos Arc was delivered last week. Four times since receiving the Arc, the first time I turn the TV on in the morning, the sound goes in and out. I hear the sound for about 3 seconds, out for 1 second, and that repeats continuously. Unplugging the HDMI cable from the ARC and plugging it back in solves the problem. This is, of course, a different issue than the eARC issue described in this thread which I am also experiencing as I noted above, but it does make me suspect the eARC issue may be on the Sonos Arc side. The Sonos Beam worked flawlessly with this TV and the audio “In / Out” issue never happened with the Beam.

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Today’s Real Conversation:

Wife: “Honey - I don’t get it - the kids are losing it and i need to put Leaning Songs on Netflix asap.  I turn it on and the sound is cutting in and out.  WTF! Why does this constantly happen every damn morning.  When you go back to work, I am not dealing with this every day. ”

Me: “Oh you just need to reach behind the arc - yeah the giant white bar, rip out the wire on the left, no not the middle one, the one on the left...yeah….” just pull that out - wait 5 seconds and plug it back in.”

Wife: “I can’t pull it out.  can you please help me with this?”

Me: “I am on a zoom call honey, just really yank on it”

Wife “Ok I got the damn thing out….and now the sound works fine come out of the tv - why do we even plug this back in.  I am not plugging it back in.  the sound from the TV is fine.  F this thing.”

Me: “Well because for like $800 we have way better sound and you can get dolby atmos”

Wife: “The kids don’t care whether learning songs has atmos or whatever, they just want to hear the songs”

Me: “Well learning songs doesn’t have atmos anyway - you need to watch like really loud, stuff like superhero shows, or movies with guns and then its awesome.  Like we could test it with Altered Carbon or something”

Wife: “That show sucks.  Its not like I have enjoyed The Home Edit more with this new sound thing.  What a joke this is,  I don’t get any of this shit.  This whole set up is new, can we just put the old bar back up here so I don’t need to deal with this crap when the kids are crying.  I would rather have a TV that shows pictures when it is off and sound that works.”

Me: “Well we could, but I trust that mega companies like Samsung and Sonos will get together and figure this shit out, so lets just keep arguing about it every day.  I am sure a fix is coming”

That was a real conversation today - except for the part about where I am “sure a fix is coming”. I didn’t say that because SONOS DOESN”T PLAN ON FIXING THIS.


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As I understand it eArc is needed for full uncompressed Dolby Atmos and that there isn’t a lot of content apart from the odd Blu-ray. Also eArc as I understand it, is really best suited to a full on HT set-up. TV Arc is just fine for a Soundbar where you are unlikely to discern any real difference between uncompressed ( even if you have a source of uncompressed DA that is )

So is eArc really such a big deal?

I need eARC on my TV as Samsung only allow the audio pass through option with an eARC device, as my Sonos Arc only shows as a HDMI Receiver I can't enable audio pass through which is causing at least a one second audio delay on my Xbox One X rendering the soundbar unusable.

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To summarise, Samsung 2020 models with the One Connect Box will not send any sound when eArc is enabled. Samsung 2020 models without the One Connect Box do. In Europe, only two models have the One Connect Box: The Frame and Q 95. Which models have the One Connect Box can differ between regions. To the best of my knowledge, however, one thing stays true all over the world, Samsung 2020 models with the One Connect box will not send any sound when eArc is enabled.

I was in contact with the Samsung support (again). The polite lady informed me that they had tried to get eArc working with several sound bars but failed. They had therefore escalated the support issue all the way to the top, which in their case meant to Korea. They were still waiting for an answer. They had no information on when an answer could be expected and were not in a position to find out either. They could simply wait. And wait. She suggested calling again in a week, not that it would make any difference.

Since the problem lies with the One Connect box, there is not much Sonos can do. Samsung needs to acknowledge the problem and explain to their customers what they are doing to resolve the problem and what the expected time frame is. Instead, so far, Samsung has said more or less nothing.

I would assume that the best way to get Samsung to speed up their process would be complaining publicly and, may I say, quite boisterously. Any suggestions?

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Follow-up sounds keeps dropping even after switching off eArc… I am returning it back to store tomorrow and buying Samsung.

i am very disappointed.

So its been close to 5 days. No drops and No issues with the Arc. I have taken it a step further and installed a New Google ChromeCast Sabrina, and within the Sabrina I have Activated the ATMOS option on the Chromecast. The Engineer with Samnsung has been monitoring the Data Between the SONOS and the One connect and there have Been ZERO drops. Nothing. 

Initially it had been an Issue also, that Any other outside devices with attached to the HDMI’s have been an issue. So Devices needed to be unplugged.  That seems to no. longer be an issue. 


So things We have done as so far in order:

-Updated the software to 1401.2 (Problem Persisted) 

-Replaced the One Connect box. (Problem still persisted) 

-Unplugged all the devices from One box, Not the Arc (Problems Persisted)

-Samsung Eng Installed Sub-micom Version 1006T to the System. (Problems Persisted)

-Samsung Reset One Connect and problems stopped. 


From what I understand the Sub-micom Version 1006T was not updated with the 1402 update. Don’t know why But I have installed the Arc via Earc to a 2020 Lg Gallery, and it has worked perfectly. Just did that today. This seem this a Samsung issue. The Engineer is a SUPER nice guy and wants to help. But I totally understand that he doesn’t and CAN’T say this is a SAMSUNG issue.. But it is. This in my Opinion is not an ARC issue. On top of this. SONOS is sending me a NEW ARC on Monday. Guess Im Test Rat from Both SONOS and SAMSUNG. 

I’ll keep you updated.   

@Marlina - how did you get to this Wizzard  engineer, by calling some number? Or writing to some support email?

So many thanks for all your help!!!!

Warm regards

Nik (Prague, EU)



Hey Nik. 

Honestly it took weeks of me dealing with Samsung’s BS. As much as I like this competent Engineer, I actually despise Samsung as a a company. They have a ton of lackeys, and unhelpful people on their phones. I had to have two people come to my home on behalf of Samsung to try to repair my television. Which is horrible because I am trying to stay away from Covid,. And then I had to use three supervisors to lie to me, to actually try to fix my problem. When none of them actually knew what the hell they were doing. 

Finally after all the supervisors, and the lackeys with Samsung support got tired of lying to me they sent me to the RRRR Department. Then within that department, they had to send me to an engineer because they couldn't figure it out. It's this guy who is actually doing his job.

Honestly if you're within the time period of being able to return your Samsung television I would. Because they lied to me so much, and pushed off my opportunity to return it within 30 days now I am past my 30 days return. (Even when I was ONLY 4 days past the 30 days they REFUSED to take my return)


Sonos on the other hand, sent me a new cable, and now they're sending me a new Arc, Facilitate a fix. Sonos has been nothing but great, Samsung on the other hand has been complete crap. Obviously other than the engineer who is just as frustrated as I am.

I personally feel that Samsung has put out a product, that doesn't work how it was advertised to work. The reason I say this as I have tried my Sonos arc, and other televisions and they have worked as specified. 

My personal belief, is that Samsung has given up on this frame because they are not putting their resources into the 2021 models and not having to fix the mistake that they made in the first place. But, that's just my opinion.

But I will definitely update this form with how it's going with the fix on mine. Hopefully it can help because I can't return this POS. 


(SORRY, My tirade is over.)

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Today someone from Samsung Holland told on the forum that the issue is still pending at Korea. No news when they pick it up. Totally unacceptable! When you buy a new car with electronic windows, you expect that it's working and all, because you paid for it. When it turns out that it doesn't. What would you do? Go back ofcourse and demand they'll fix it. Not so different with the EARC situation. FIX IT!

Installed the new updates to both Samsung Frame firmware 1403 and Sonos 12.2 yesterday and so far 24 hours and eArc is working .  Prior I was lucky to make it more than a few hours .


Samsung Frame 75 + Sonos Arc 



Same here. Really want to know if this can and will be solved. I bought the Arc for the eArc functionality

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Still not working. When will it be fixed!!!!!

Samsung The Frame 2020 with Sonos Arc is now a bad combination. I WANT EARC!!!

Same setup here. Couldn’t belive this can be a problem until i found this topic.

Unbelivable a standard is not implemented properly on one of the manufactures.
Spent 1000 of dollars to read this.
Solve it. NOW!

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Just spoke to Sonos support

Confirmed known issue, said they worked with Samsung.

Sonos patch being rolled out tomorrow publicly.

Also said I should update my Samsung Firmware at the same time.

Will do that now, via USB (I'm in the UK) and then check for update on my Sonos tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!

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I agree with this comment 

At this point, I would be willing to give up Atmos and eArc entirely if it would stop the sound from cutting out all the time.  It’s all so frustrating and such a waste.  At this rate, Samsung and/or Sonos are going to end up with a class action lawsuit against them soon.


I will be contacting trading standards and the press if this is not sorted. 

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Samsung has sent out a repair, to replace the Connect One box, the repairman replaced it. And nothing. Sound cuts off from the Arc still. Its off more than on. For me, its got to be a software issue with Samsung. Because when I go into the the Sound input the Samsung Switches off, between Receiver HDMI and Receiver (HDMI-eArc) then the sound comes on when the system system goes back to “HDMI-eArc. The sound is ONLY a problem when attached to the Samsung One Connect. When streaming music through the Arc there is Zero problems.

As for Samsung, this has been an ongoing issue since day one. Samsung pushed and pushed me to “repair” this issue now Im 4 days PAST MY return date. And now im stuck with this TV. Samsung did elevate this issue with their RRRR division, they were supposed to call me today but didnt. Honestly this is my last Samsung product. 

Very frustrating. 



sonos arc Samsung frame 55


frustrated and eager for update. 

Same problem here.  Sonos Arc not playing sound with eArc in Auto in my Samsung The Frame 65” (2020).  When pressing the select button during the Audio Output settings of the TV the sound will briefly turn on for a millisecond and then turns off. I have reset the TV and tried different HDMI cables as well. Problem persists.

I have the same problem with Frame 55 (2020) and Sonos Arc.

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Hi @PitchDoug,

From your explanation it doesn’t sound like you’re experiencing the same thing others have posted about in this thread. I’d encourage you to reach out to our customer care team who can help you in getting your Beam hooked up to your new TV :slight_smile:

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Q90t arrived. EARC possible now without any problems, Arc is shown as HDMI EARC Receiver. Interestingly the sonos app now shows Input: Dolby Atmos instead of DD+ (Dolby Atmos), when watching a show on Netflix in Atmos.

so i think it’s really a one connect box issue.

i have the tv on its stand anyway, don’t care about the one visible connection, the arc in front hides all just saved 200€ and now have the full capability...

If it can’t be fixed can we get a refund?


I just received the arc today and I too have the issue when the e-Arc is on with the frame 2020 55 inch. So far I have not play enough with it but the issue is there. When earc is off everything works fine including Dolby Atmos (DD+) but I the whole purpose of using the earc is to get uncompressed sound but I guess we will have to wait for a fix?


Would like to know if Sonos/Samsung are aware of this.

I’ve found using smart plugs to automatically reset the Arcs in a schedule every day in the morning seems to have “fixed” the issue. It’s been about a week now and both Arcs connected to my 55” and 75” frames are working as expected.

i got a two pack of Teckin smart plugs off Amazon for £20.

whilst not ideal, this approach should be a decent option whilst waiting for a firmware update that actually addresses it properly.