Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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I’m seeing what seems to be similar issues on the Q90T and I posted here: 

Other Samsung TV owners are saying the same thing. Hard to believe, given Samsung TVs are very widely used, that this is purely a Samsung issue.  How do we get more eyes on this? Until I see Ryan S responds, not sure if Sonos is noticing this.

Happy to help as well.  Same issue with 2020 75” frame and Sonos arc.  I too have a WiFi controlled power bar to cycle power to the Sonos arc.   Power bar brand is Gosund. Allows the power cycles to be scheduled or recycled manually from iPhone app.  

Any update here on a permanent fix? 

Same issue here. Upgraded our Samsung The Frame 2019 model to the Samsung QLED 4K Frame 55LS03T (2020) model mostly due to the eARC support for our new bought Sonos ARC.

It is really disappointing that both Sonos and Samsung are not able to fix the addressed issue in this forum on time, while the first entry in this forum is already from 2 months ago. How complicated can a proper OTA firmware upgrade be for both the Sonos ARC and Samsung The Frame (model 2020) devices sold? From premium A brands like Sonos and Samsung, you would expect way better customer service and more importantly, much quicker fixes to software compatibility issues like this. Especially when you advertise with eARC support as main/key USP feature for both products...

@Samsung / @Sonos Management: please take appropriate action in order not to loose your first mover customers all over the world. Thanks!


Hello again,

i have read that the hd fury Can solved this issus sounds Cut off please let me know????


Try unplugging the power to the Arc and plugging it back in. Leave all the settings on auto including EARC. Worked for me for now, and better than spending $300 on another piece of tech.  

I ordered an HDFury Arcana and it arrived today.  It worked right out of the box, plug and play with my 2020 Frame TV and Sonos Arc, without any special configuration needed.   For me, it was an easy decision to spend $200 to fix this issue instead of spending countless hours reading forums and stressing about possible updates, etc.  I would have gladly spent even more than that to buy a Sonos Arc or Frame TV that just works.  I totally understand the frustration about it being expensive though.

The Arcana seems to have resolved the sound cutting in and out, at least for now, and I will keep an eye on it over the coming days.  Best of all, it also resolved the lip sync issues I was having, where the video was before the sound.  I only need one HDMI input, for my cable box, so I’m not concerned about being limited to only the single HDMI input.

Also, the Samsung built-in TV apps like Disney+, etc., still work perfectly fine.  Somehow the Arcana knows when you’re using these and automatically switches the input to the TV through HDMI ARC.  Pretty impressive.

Now I’m just hoping this works as a long term solution.

A quick update on using the the Arcana with my Samsung Frame and Sonos Arc.  After a day, it’s still working well.  There are a few quirks though:

It takes several seconds or so after turning on the TV for the sound to work.  The will skip once or twice, then start working.  Also, some technical words and settings from the Arcana show at the bottom of the TV screen after turning on, for a second or so.  Presumably there are a lot of commands going back and forth between the devices when first turned on.  Then it works fine after that. 

When turning the TV off (into Art Mode), the sound continues playing for a few seconds after the TV turns off, then, the sound turns off on its own.  It’s a little strange but not really a problem.

I’m also pretty sure I’m not able to receive Dolby Atmos sound through the built-in TV apps, when using the Arcana, although I’m not entirely sure and will try a better HDMI cable.

Overall it’s working fine and it’s great to avoid the lip sync issues and intermittent sound cutoff issues.  Hopefully Samsung and Sonos work out a real fix soon though.  It’s just incredibly frustrating and unbelievable that there isn’t a fix for this.

I have a 2022 75” Samsung Frame.  Whenever the TV either exits art mode, or goes to sleep and turns back on, it no longer sees the ARC until I power cycle the One Connect box.

But then something must happen to break that. It seems time is a factor.... Could it be some memory buffer that is getting filled but not flushed properly and over time this manifests to the point where the balance is tipped and it overflows? I bet it's something really small and insignificant anyway; it must be the accumulation of a small error rather than the error itself as the units can play happily together for some time. 


TV: The Frame 2020 65” (1460.9)

  Sound Output: Receiver HDMI - Earc

  EArc Mode: Auto

  Digital Sound Output:  Auto

  Atmos: Enabled

ARC: HW Version (

Sonos OS: S2 (12.2.2)

Xfinity X1GV4 (HDMI 1) and Fire Cube Gen2 (HDMI 2) 

All networking through wifi

I have to ask my question again: What are the chances this is a hardware issue that cannot be corrected by a firmware update? I have only actually lost sound once in 15 plus days of testing. Toggling Earc settings fixed it. I don’t have skips and the sound comes on as expected when I switch the tv on next day. Watched about 3 hours of Netflix, Amazon each night (alternating between Fire Cube, Tv, and Xfinity apps).  

I did have the tv sound switch from Earc to internal speakers when going from Spotify with the tv off to watching tv today (tv sound and Arc Spotify played simultaneously) , but was fixed by re-enabling Earc on tv.

So while there are issues with my setup, they are not as prevalent as others are reporting. Still, I have the feeling it is only a matter of time before the handshake between the two starts to degrade. Anybody seen any reports of the Arc SL sold at Costco having any issues? Interesting that a new model has been manufactured.

Sonos please explain if you have pinpointed the issue. Almost 6 months now. 


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It looks like you  have to call Sonos to get the patch, though.

I’m experiencing the same problems. When turning off eArc, I do get a good quality surround sound, but not Dolby Atmos. Which is part of the reason I bought the whole setup. 
I’m considering returning the Sonos Arc, because beside this issue, I also have an issue with loss of sound after being turned off for the night (sound shutting off in 3 second intervals, which can only be fixed by temporarily taking out both the power cord and the HDMI cable). I’m so disappointed!

Received the arc today bought a Q95t for the arc and earc last week. I got the same problem no sound only when turning earc off I also wonder who’s fault this is. 

So I just set up the Sonos Arc soundbar that supports eARC. It works with my 2020 65" Frame TV until I change the eARC setting on the Frame TV to Auto. The sound mutes and I can't get it to play until I turn eARC off. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve messed around with this for a few hours to no avail. 

Now 4 months later, issue still exists. Sonos Dev team — do you have an update? There is a very long list of loyal customers continue to be impacted by this issue!

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I was finally able to get through to level 2 of jumangi myself.... Took just over an hour while level 1 gathered my info and sent me up the chain. They applied the update (in my case build 61185070) and so far so good. 

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Q90T all set up and confirm the same as Rudi that all working as it should be.

Can now select eARC to auto and have full DA on Netflix (to start with)

I have an Arc and a 2020 Samsung The Frame 65” TV.  Have had same issue since I purchased both in September.  I am pleased to say today it is finally resolved.

I used Sonos Support Chat and asked for the patch referenced in this thread.  Build #61183220

The support agent made me run through some questions and diagnostics.  She then sent a patch to my Sonos different from the one above.  I loaded it and so far (very early hours so far since receiving patch) things are working.  Interestingly enough my patch build # is different and it is build #61185271.

I am based in North Carolina, USA.

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Yesterday I experienced a problem for the first time.

I was watching a movie with Dolby Atmos on Netflix, paused the movie to answer a phone call, and when I started the movie again, there was no sound.

I unpluged the tv, waited 15 seconds, and started it up again. This fixed the problem, I now have sound again.

I watch Netflix via Apple TV 4K connected to my Samsung 75’ The Frame 2020.

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Small update.

I have been having this problem for quite some time, and have tried pretty much any possible fixes, I could find. But with no luck.

Finally, Sonos support pointed me in the direction, of a possible CEC conflict being the cause of the problem.

About a week ago, I disabled CEC on my settop box from my tv provider. 
And, since then I have not been having any problems.

Fingers crossed, that I was finally able to get rid of the issue.

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Samsung have some eARC fixes in the pipeline, they know they have issues. Software is hard, and software+hardware is harder still.

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Note to Samsung users: firmware updates are pushed to their web site BEFORE they are signalled for automatic update. This lets them roll out firmware updates slowly (by users doing a manual update), just in case something is broken (cf. Sony in November), and when they are confident they turn on automatic updates.

This is not uncommon for firmware updates generally, and is sometimes known as a “scream test” - if no-one screams, its good.

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Hello. I have a Sonos Arc and Q90T. I had 65Q90T December-February. That broke so I got a 75Q90T today. (Loved the TV before it broke. Decided I was just unlucky).

Like others, the sound cuts out every now and then. For example, I just watched Infinity War and it cut out 3 times for about 2-3 seconds each. Not great when I’m trying to show off my new big fancy TV. The old 65Q90T had a similar sound problem but not at that frequency.

I have just updated my Samsung to 1497 (after watching Infinity War). Sonos is updated. I’m interested to see if this works. I will update if it cuts out again.

Sounds settings - e-arc set to auto and output=pass through. I use a Firestick to watch TV. 



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Quick follow-up:  it has been more than two weeks since the patch was installed by Sonos support.  Zero problems since.  Prior to the patch it was unwatchable unlistenable.

I wish Sonos would make the patch generally available.

Same here. No problems since the patch was deployed. I’m sure SONOS will make it available generally. They absolutely should.

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DUDES - Can someone try this new manual firmware update for The FRAME.


New Firmware came out today Dec 7, 2020.  V. 1460.9.  It is not available through the TV yet but is available via the support website above.  


Fixes include a generic list: Model : Q950T, Q900T, Q850T, Q800T, Q90T, Q80T, Q8DT, Q70T, Q7DT, LS03T, LS01T 
- Version : 1460.9 
- Improved usability 1. Improved picture quality 2. Improved browser performance 3. Improved app performance 4. Improved stability 5. Improved usability of input devices


On a SAMSUNG forum a guy says: “partial UI update to clean up app response times and menu performance. Also cleaned up the connections for eARC support and looks like theyve prepped the code for Google Assistant to roll out by the end of December.”


I would do it but ya know...the Bills game is on and the sound happens to be working.  

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Just bought my 2020 65” Samsung the Frame yesterday. Hooked up to my Sonos arc via the e-arc port. Sound only works when ‘HDMI-eArc Mode’ is set to ‘off’. That said, when watching via Netflix app or other, Dolby atmos is an option, and when I open the Sonos app on my phone, it says playing Atmos?


So which is it? Why does the TV not work when HDMI eArc mode is set to auto? I am confused? Am I getting atmos with it set to off or not? 

I have the same problem with the 75 inch Frame and sonos arc. Have reported this to Samsung too


Not clear to me that this is the TVs problem as it thinks it is emitting earc but there is no sound, could be either side


75" The Frame

Model Code: QN75LS03TAFXZA

Software Version: T-NKMAKUC-1115 


Sonos arc,sub+2 ones




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Update from Sonos

Hi Mike,   Thanks for the information.

The behavior you have reported and have experienced has already been notified directly to Samsung developers for further investigation. 

Sonos and Samsung engineers are working together to get this issue resolved as soon as possible.

- Once there is an update, we will make sure to notify the affected customers.

Thanks again.   With best regards,    Olivier H. Sonos | Customer Care | Contact Us
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Hi guys, 

I'm hoping to get the Samsung Q95t to go with my Arc set up. From the messages above, it looks like Sonos has sorted this issue out. Before I buy, I really want to be sure so any advise welcome. 



So far so good. Believe SONOS have it sorted. But if you want to be really sure, maybe wait ‘til it’s released to the public.