Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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Hi all, yet another note from the dev team:

We have been working on the ongoing audio problem between the Sonos Arc and several 2020 Samsung TV models. These models support the new eARC connectivity. Samsung TVs prior to and from 2019 do not support eARC and are not seeing this particular problem. Customers will randomly experience a complete loss of audio which requires either the rebooting of the Sonos Arc and/or the rebooting of the Samsung TV. 

If you are experiencing this problem and you are willing to assist with some short term testing, please contact our customer care department at your earliest convenience.



I would like to assist.

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just a quick update. I was still having issues with sound dropping out for a second every 45 minutes or so, but after I have opdated The Frame’s software to version 2102.2, it seems like the problem is finally solved.

Will make an update if the problem comes back.

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Hey everyone..thought I’d chime in on this topic after reading several posts. First of all, I do not have a Samsung tv, but a new Sony 65” with Arc Sub and One SL’s. After setting my system up a few months ago ( June to be exact) I started to have the audio drop issues like so many others. I’d reset the tv and it fixed it...till it happened again. It was getting old. I was blaming Sonos , then Sony.  After emailing the Sonos CEO, Sonos actually sent a replacement Arc and day two the audio issue was back. I boxed up the replacement Arc and sent it back. Pretty upsetting to say the least. And you really don’t communicate with the CEO,  but customer service that sets up a date and time to call you on the phone to discuss the issues.

Then boom!!! Sony came out with a firmware update and no more issues. It’s been 4 weeks now and couldn’t be happier. So my point is that it’s not a Sonos issue, but the tv manufacturers. The updates do not go out to everyone at the same time. I’ve  read that some have done the latest Samsung firmware 1460.9 and still not resolved the issue which means that Samsung has to tweak it. 

A quick update: I had a phone call with a Sonos support agent.

They confirmed that:

  • It is a known issue and they are very well aware of it. Right now it has a quite high priority (but not sure to what extend).
  • They are in contact with Samsung. Sonos engineers is saying that the issue is on Samsung side: they haven’t implemented the eARC specification in compliance
  • Sonos engineering team is working on a workaround/hotfix. No timeline yet, but the agent told me that he would have some updates soon. I’ll reach back to him in 1-2 weeks and see the progress.

Please take some time to create a support ticket on Samsung side so that our issue is raised and prioritized properly.


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I contacted Sonos via the online chat and it took all of 5 minutes to have the patch applied, stated I had a frame and an arc and that I was aware the engineers had a patch available, they applied the patch straight away without any further questions. So now the problem has gone, however I have noticed that if I stream at is content the atmos logo doesn’t appear in the Sonos app. Has anyone else with the patch experienced this, is it possible that the patch disables atmos and that’s the temporary fix?

That’s the first time anyone has mentioned this.  I certainly hope this isn’t the case.  I only purchased the Arc because it DOES support Atmos.  Have you looked at the detailed screen of the app when playing Atmos content to see what’s listed there?

So doesn’t appear to be a fix for the problem at all. I hope it’s not downgrading the ability to view Atmos content. That would really be an issue for me and consumers generally. 


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Sounds like you tested it pretty comprehensively. Likewise, agree, huge improvement. Side-question: how are you connecting both your Apple TV 4K and TV to the soundbar—HDMI switch?

A switch wont work for HDMI-ARC. There is only one way to do this: ATV → TV via HDMI, TV->Arc via HDMI-ARC connection.


Question: Can this issue be solved with an Xbox, Play Station, or receiver? Like the Sonos is actually connected to a third-party device (with eARC) and the Samsung Frame (or other model with issues) is connected to that third-party device--so Sonos and Samsung are never directly interfacing/handshaking? Anyone done this? Or is this nonsensical? I don’t know a lot about AV stuff, so this might be an impossibility.

That might work, but you’d be stuck switching around HDMI cables manually when you switch between cable and Xbox, etc.  Also that wouldn’t let you use the built-in apps on the Samsung TV which require sound output. 

At this point, I would be willing to give up Atmos and eArc entirely if it would stop the sound from cutting out all the time.  It’s all so frustrating and such a waste.  At this rate, Samsung and/or Sonos are going to end up with a class action lawsuit against them soon.

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I really think it’s a problem of the one connect box...i have the q90t now and there a no problems whatsoever anymore...highly recommend that combination 

Just called the customer care dept - they have no idea what is going on (as if that’s any surprise).

I figured that would be the case, hence my request above to give us a way into the organisation - if you just call support we will surely start troubleshooting from scratch.  They should organise this out from support or give us a reference or something.  I do hope it isn’t just to give the appearance of something being done.

Received the patch this morning.  Very interesting technical issues being resolved with this patch but it does appear to work.  Of course, I am using an Apple TV 4k which can handle STREAMING Atmos, but nothing else . . . but I tested playing an “atmos” file, then switching to Apple TV+ (which did report Atmos in the app), then to a Blue Ray video, then Airplay from my iPhone, then back to TV.  There was a LITTLE stuttering during the Airplay switch, but resolved immediately.  

So far this is a HUGE improvement and I expect I won’t need to reboot the Arc daily.  This “patch” does disable the Sonos screen saver component, but I think that’s a fair trade off.  Should Samsung actually fix something on their end then perhaps this will longer be needed.

Sounds like you tested it pretty comprehensively. Likewise, agree, huge improvement. Side-question: how are you connecting both your Apple TV 4K and TV to the soundbar—HDMI switch?

As controlav stated, to use this soundbar correctly, you can’t use a switch.  My Apple TV 4k goes directly to the first HDMI port of the OneConnect box and the Arc is plugged into HDMI 3, which is the eArc port for the OneConnect.

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Hi folks. Here's an update for all users using Samsung 2020 QLED (LS03T) Range in the US.
Samsung released a firmware update version 1402.1 that may assist in mitigating the issue.
Currently, the update appears to only be available for US models and via a manual USB update.
Reach out to Samsung for further assistance and hope this helps.
We and the community are always here to help.

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Brilliant - here’s my chat….  @Ditte  (can you help?)   -They have no idea what is going on….


Sonos Assistant (1/22/2021, 2:35:54 PM): Thanks, I'm transferring you to a live rep now.
Hugo G (1/22/2021, 2:38:41 PM): Hi , How are you doing? I hope everything is good. Please allow me a few minutes to catch up on the details you provided

null (1/22/2021, 2:38:52 PM): Absolutely
null (1/22/2021, 2:39:10 PM): My exact issue (and apparently a fix) is below:
null (1/22/2021, 2:39:27 PM):

Hugo G (1/22/2021, 2:43:16 PM): Thank you for the information.
For now we haven't got any updates from un engineers about the issue.
But Since you are part of the beta program with new updates released Software.
Hoping that one of these new updates from the program will get the issue fix.

null (1/22/2021, 2:44:33 PM): did you look at my link? YOUR community manager said to reach out if we want to help test the fix
null (1/22/2021, 2:45:01 PM): posted by Ditte

Hugo G (1/22/2021, 2:46:18 PM): Quoting: If you are experiencing this problem and you are willing to assist with some short term testing, please contact our customer care department at your earliest convenience.
From the link you send.

null (1/22/2021, 2:46:46 PM): Yes -and I am willing to test and I'd like the hotfix applied

Hugo G (1/22/2021, 2:47:35 PM): This would be to join the beta program, which has software updates not realized.
To join the  beta program, please follow this article:

null (1/22/2021, 2:48:12 PM): She says nothing about the beta program (I AM a part of your beta program)
null (1/22/2021, 2:49:11 PM): ...and your beta program hasn't sent out anything regarding this

Hugo G (1/22/2021, 2:50:11 PM): In that case, if the update from the beta program hasn't released the update regarding your issue unfortunately we will have to wait until it's released, and then tested by you guys.

null (1/22/2021, 2:51:29 PM): Then why on earth is Ditte, your community manager, posting on the open/public forum and inviting any1 experiencing the issue to test it?
null (1/22/2021, 2:52:23 PM): telling us to reach out to YOU

Hugo G (1/22/2021, 2:53:29 PM): I don't know the reason.
But I guess he was/is hoping the patch referring to the issue you are going through would be released soon enough so you guys would have it fixed.
But for now, we haven't got any updates from our engineers.

null (1/22/2021, 2:53:56 PM): Very helpful . thank you. Have a nice day.


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There’s a new firmware upgrade on the Samsung support page for the q90t/q95t series...1302.4..dated 14.07.

dont know if it solves any problems, didn’t find the time to update yet..

Thats good news! However the update for the Frame 2020 TV does not seem to be out yet!


I hope this will be released bloody soon :) thanks 

Yet another +1 on this topic.  I was running an older Samsung TV and an older Sonos setup.  I decided to treat myself over the holidays and upgraded both - Samsung Frame TV and Sonos Arc + 2 surrounds.  I installed the Arc and the surrounds a few weeks ago and everything worked perfect with the older Samsung TV (using eArc as well, oddly).  Then yesterday finally got around to upgrading the TV and everything went to hell.  The sound cuts out every few seconds and I’ve tried changing all the settings to no avail.  Now that I see what a widespread problem this is, it’s nuts.  I’m going to try what Nzd31155 just suggested and see if that works.

Thanks for the update Ditte - lets hope people continue to use this thread to track the progress of this issue.

Hi Luke, yes this side… keeping a very keen eye otherwise I need to return 2 x Sonos Arc and Sub 3 and/or my Samsung TV’s. It has been 2 months already.  :fearful:

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Hey Nik, 

Good Question. 

This is how you do it (Sub-note, I also had to be told where to go):


  1. Press the Home Button on your Samsung. 
  2. Go to Settings. 
  3. Once in Settings to to the “Support” Icon. 
  4. Once in Support go to “About TV”
  5. Once in About Tv, Scroll down to, (It should be one scroll/Space, underneath Status Code, to  “-Sub-micom Version : T-NMFRTV-1006T-NMFRJP-6116

Pic below on what I see, Or maybe what you should see. 




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Out of curiosity, where are you returning the Q95T from and getting the Q90T from? Trying to figure out which retailers will be most helpful for this.

Having a similar issue with Samsung Frame (2020) - while using an appropriate HDMI cable.

Get Atmos on native apps and from ATV (with some lip sync issues)  … until I turn on eARC and it all mutes.

I know both Samsung and Sonos are aware of this issue.

Sounds the same as everyone here I’m afraid, I still think it’s down to the one connect on these TV’s, I’ve got bored of waiting for Samsung/Sonos - I’m very inpatient.

Purchased both mine through Samsung directly (online) They have 28 days no quibble return. Although I’m yet to hear from them about returning the Q95T but only submitted request last Friday)

*Samsung Fixed Mine for Now*

I have the Samsung Q80T with the Arc, (2) Ones, and a sub. I have a similar setup upstairs, but with an older TV that is Arc and not eARC. 

Everything was working perfect until yesterday. I lost the connection with the TV (Xfinity cable provider), and the Sonos. All of the settings reverted to TV speakers. The weird thing was every so often the Samsung TV would pick up the Sonos and play for two seconds and then right back to TV Speakers. I spent hours to make sure all the settings were correct, and trouble shooting every cable and different way to play out of the Sonos. Including taking the entire system upstairs where it worked perfectly. 

The Sonos would still give me the 5.1 if I used Airplay from my MacBook, Sonos music, Netflix, etc. Sonos could not figure it out. Everything worked on their end up until the point where Samsung TV became involved. I could physically see the “Receiver HDMI eARC” pop up in the sound output and then disappear. It was almost like there was a loose cable, but that was not the case. 

Then all of a sudden the TV became stuck on HDMI Port 3 not detected or something along those lines. It showed the Arc, but nothing would appear on the TV except that notification about HDMI Port 3. 

Out of options, I gave Samsung remote access to my system. I have no clue what he did on his end, but everything is working perfectly “for now.” I asked him what he did and all he could tell me was he sees it differently on his end and made sure the cable source went into HDMI 4 (where my cable box is plugged in), and it has worked seamlessly since. So I now have the same setup as before, Arc into Port 3 eARC, cable box into HDMI Port 4, and somehow it is working. But this definitely sounds like some type of Samsung issue. 

Anyone have any other updates on this?

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I don’t think it’s necessarliy a bad thing - 

Found this on the Sony site 

‘Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) and the Dolby Digital® technology refer to different types of digital audio recordings. PCM is the conventional method for converting analog audio into digital audio. The PCM audio recorded on DVD is a two-channel digital, stereo audio track.’

Its all far too complicated :rolling_eyes:  



what is the auto play function and where can i find it in the app? tia

In Sonos app, settings > system > ( your device in our case Arc ) > Home theater ( I'm guessing, translate form my app in French) and the first settings is playback tv automatically, disable it. 

I do it when the arc works fine. One things I have to tell, when I power up the TV of course there's no sound, so I juste hit volume up with the TV remote, and magically sound cames back. 

Other things, on my TV e-arc mode and atmos settings are on. 

Hope it helps. 

I had a problem with the sonos arc not working after turning off the TV. The sound would flicker on /off and I had to unplug arc to reset it to have it work.

I turned off "instant on" under the hidden menu of the TV to cure another issue where the wifi drops after turning off TV. Turns out, it fixed both issues!

Enter the hidden menu with old Samsung remote(look online for instructions) or ask the Samsung help line to turn off "instant on"

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I’ve also had the patch installed for around 2 weeks - not one hiccup since…..


Downloading and installing v1460.9 now to see if this solves the issue on my 55 and 75” Samsung Frames with Arcs. I really do hope so as my wife has disconnected both of the Arcs until it’s resolved. If this doesn’t do it, I’m going to send the damn Arcs back and get the B&O Atmos bar.