Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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I’m seeing what seems to be similar issues on the Q90T and I posted here: 

Other Samsung TV owners are saying the same thing. Hard to believe, given Samsung TVs are very widely used, that this is purely a Samsung issue.  How do we get more eyes on this? Until I see Ryan S responds, not sure if Sonos is noticing this.

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Hi Ivan,


I have exactly the same set up and the same problem. I think it’s a Sonos issue personally. 

There’s too many 2020 Samsung’s not getting the eARC to work with this soundbar. 

I just hope Sonos engineers are looking into this issue. 

Just to update you on my fix in previous post on this thread.  Setting up a Kasa smart plug to power cycle the Sonos arc (every night at 2am) has worked faultlessly since.  No unplugging cables or switching settings.  

User impact = 0 which is what we are all after.  I’ve got the TV set to auto update its firmware so hopefully when a new release is pushed out we can use the plug elsewhere….

good luck!

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According to this thread on the Samsung site, a fix is in progress but no ETA.  Recommend you voice your urgency there as well:


I am wondering if there is any update in this? I have 55” Samsung The Frame (purchased from Costco in 2022) with my Sonos Arc connected to the eARC HDMI port on the TV’s control box. Periodically, and regularly, it no longer recognizes the arc as an audio output device. Sometimes power cycling and disconnecting/reconnecting fixes this, but just as often it does not.

It has only started doing this recently, like in the last month. Prior to that it worked flawlessly.


I have a fix that has eliminated the “cut out” Its simple and easy available on Amazon $24 Here it is HDMI F/M CEC LESS ADAPTER Just plug it into the cable box or source and plug the HDMI cable into the adapter, that easy.

Good luck.

To summarise, Samsung 2020 models with the One Connect Box will not send any sound when eArc is enabled. Samsung 2020 models without the One Connect Box do. In Europe, only two models have the One Connect Box: The Frame and Q 95. Which models have the One Connect Box can differ between regions. To the best of my knowledge, however, one thing stays true all over the world, Samsung 2020 models with the One Connect box will not send any sound when eArc is enabled.

I was in contact with the Samsung support (again). The polite lady informed me that they had tried to get eArc working with several sound bars but failed. They had therefore escalated the support issue all the way to the top, which in their case meant to Korea. They were still waiting for an answer. They had no information on when an answer could be expected and were not in a position to find out either. They could simply wait. And wait. She suggested calling again in a week, not that it would make any difference.

Since the problem lies with the One Connect box, there is not much Sonos can do. Samsung needs to acknowledge the problem and explain to their customers what they are doing to resolve the problem and what the expected time frame is. Instead, so far, Samsung has said more or less nothing.

I would assume that the best way to get Samsung to speed up their process would be complaining publicly and, may I say, quite boisterously. Any suggestions?

Yes, here is a suggestion for you Imagination, keep bringing this issue up everywhere, I know I will. Point it out to HT forums, comment on YouTube videos and Influencers, whatever else you can think of. The more people that know about this, the less sales Samsung and Sonos may get. Then they will have to fix the problem promptly because it hurts their bottom line. 

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I have spoken to Sonos support. They have confirmed that there was an issue recorded in each diagnostic report. The issue occurs when the TV switches to Dolby Digital Plus. At this point, I think it’s important that other consumers realise that the Sonos Arc is not compatible with Samsung TVs. I have left a 1 star review on the Arc product page, I have also dropped a note to rtings and what hi-fi to highlight the issue so that they might add it to their review pages. Other consumers should know what they’re buying. I will remove the 1 star rating when the issue is finally remedied. (9 more reviews to drop it below 4 stars). If you’re reading this then I suggest you do the same so that they start prioritising this issue. 

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Hi All….just wanted to close this out and say that I too was given the patch via support.  An engineer emailed me and installed it.  Everything seems to be working great over 5 days.  Very pleased at Sonos for taking care of this even though its “Samsungs fault” of course.  

Will miss you all.  



Does Dolby Atmos works on The Frame TV? I’m about to purchase a 2020 Frame TV together with a Sonos Arc, but I want to be 100% certain it will output Dolby Atmos.

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Transparency with software development is hard. For most of the public, the states of an issue are:

  • None
  • We have a problem
  • We are working on a problem
  • Here is the fix to the problem

(For developers there are more states of course and more transparency is possible).

Different companies have different ways of handling these (and it varies by product as well). The eARC issue is at state “we are working on a problem” right now, and the only possible update to that state is “here is the fix”. Giving timelines is mostly impossible, as non-trivial bug fixes are really hard to schedule (harder than most features IMHO). When you have millions of customers, whose expensive devices you could brick if you get it wrong, a lot of testing and verification is required even after you think you have a fix to make sure not only that it works, but that it doesn’t break the other 3,500 features of your product.

I have the same problem with the 75 inch Frame and sonos arc. Have reported this to Samsung too


Not clear to me that this is the TVs problem as it thinks it is emitting earc but there is no sound, could be either side


75" The Frame

Model Code: QN75LS03TAFXZA

Software Version: T-NKMAKUC-1115 


Sonos arc,sub+2 ones




Does anyone have the firmware for the Samsung frame that would work in australia ? The us version does not seem to take for aus model

I’m in Aus too. 

Software update available this afternoon. version 1402. 

eARC now working with Sonos Arc. 
I have Q95T 75” with oneconnect box (which seemed to be the catalyst of the problems). 

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I am getting confused here. Has the problem been resolved with the latest firmware update?

I have a 75” The Frame 2020, and have ordered the Sonos Arc, and would really like to know if I can expect it to work correctly when I recieve it.

Hi Snygadk.

It has not be solved 100 % with eARC on (Auto). I still lose sound from time to time on some shows if several episodes is seen in a row with eARC enabled. When it happens, the only way ( I know of) to get eARC working again, is to power cycle the Tv - however turning off eARC in the sound option will also get the sound back.

I have turned off eARC on the Samsung Frame myself as a work around and still gets Dolby Atmos (compressed) on shows that supports it on The built-in apps on the Tizen platform - but if you use a external media streamer/box of some sort, TrueHD is not a option when eARC is off but I think you will be fine with other Dolby audio formats including Atmos metadata on DD+.


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Just called the customer care dept - they have no idea what is going on (as if that’s any surprise).

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I have the Sonos Arc and the Samsung Frame 2020. I live in Sweden and got the patch installed yesterday. So far, it has worked since the patch.


To get the patch, I ringed support, described the problem and that there was a patch for the problem but that this patch had to manually installed (remotely) by support. It took the staff member, who had heard neither of the problem  nor the solution before, about an hour to get information about the the patch from second line of support. They installed it remotely and I was then asked to restart (unplug and then plug in) all Sonos speakers (that seemed silly so I only restarted the Sonos Arc and the speakers connect to it in the same room).


I was informed that the patch disables Sonos Arc’s screen saver, which is a work around.


It has worked since then, although I have not done any extensive testing yet.


My recommendation to my fellow community members would therefore be to not post a request for assistance here, but rather allocate an hour of your time to speak to the Support centre, describe the problem and solution as above and be patient. Very patient. In the end, it will hopefully be worth it.



I meant to hop on a few days ago and provide an update, so good timing.

I can confirm that it is a Samsung issue and not a problem with the Sonos. I confirmed via the following methods: 

  1. I plugged the Sonos Arc into an older Samsung TV (believe it was a 2018)  and everything worked flawlessly
  2. A Samsung tech came to the house and plugged in a different sound bar - issues were still present

Next steps:

  1. The Samsung tech has ordered a replacement part (believe it is the module which handles sound output) 
  2. If this doesn’t remedy the issue, I suppose I will attempt to get the TV replaced

I maintain that the Sonos support was lacklustre (attempted to convince me that the issue was due to wireless interference), but I have nothing negative to say about product quality.

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I’m also experiencing what I believe to be connection issues between the Sonos Arc and a 2020 model Samsung Frame 55”.

I’ve spent considerable time speaking to both Sonos and Samsung support and neither have been particularly helpful. The Samsung support in particular has been a criminal waste of time, as the only thing they know how to suggest is that you turn off/on or “factory reset” your TV.

After much trial and error the only way I found I could get the TV/Arc to “connect” was by power cycling both the TV and Arc.

However I’ve recently noticed that if I have the TV on, then switch to play music on the Arc, I am unable to toggle the Arc back to playing the TV sound again unless I again power cycle both the TV & Arc.

I never had this problem in the past with an older model Sony TV, optical connection and the Sonos Playbar.

I’m not sure if this is an eArc issue, a Samsung issue, a Sonos issue or a V2 App issue, but it is a huge functionality regression.

**Edit** - Now I’m struggling to replicate this, I experienced it organically a couple of times over the weekend but in typical fashion I couldn’t replicate when I called support. I’ll keep an eye on it.

This post stands at 128 replies and 11951 views as of today (1 Sept).  There are a few other forums discussing the issue. 

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There’s a new firmware upgrade on the Samsung support page for the q90t/q95t series...1302.4..dated 14.07.

dont know if it solves any problems, didn’t find the time to update yet..

That will be interesting to see if it’s a fix for one connect and the sound cut out probs. Fingers crossed! 

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Hi all,

A quick note from our dev team:

We are aware and monitoring an issue when connecting Sonos Arc to late model Samsung TVs via eARC. We are working closely with Samsung to resolve this and will share more as available.

All the best,


Dear Ditte,


A few people are reporting improvments due to recent firmware updates from Samsung and Sonos. This is great news. However, the Samsung update seems only to have been made available in the USA so far. Would you share information about when this Samsung update is expected to come to other regions please? 


All the best,

Hi all,

A quick note from our dev team:

We are aware and monitoring an issue when connecting Sonos Arc to late model Samsung TVs via eARC. We are working closely with Samsung to resolve this and will share more as available.

All the best,


Thanks Ditte.

I’m experiencing all the issues others have described in this thread.

I have an Arc, Sub (G3) and One SL x2 that I connected to a 2020 Samsung 65” Frame a couple of months ago.

Is there an estimated time frame for getting this issue resolved?

You need to update via USB as these are not available yet over the year. The process is extremely easy. Below is a link for my tv. It includes the firmware to download and instructions on how to do so. All you need to do is get the firmware on your USB, plug it into the TV. Go to settings, support, software update. The TV will automatically recognize that the USB is plugged in.





- Model : Q950T, Q900T, Q850T, Q800T, Q90T, Q80T, Q8DT, Q70T, Q7DT, LS03T, LS01T
- Version : 1403.1
- Improved usability 1. Improved picture quality 2. Improved browser performance 3. Improved app performance 4. Improved stability 5. Improved usability of input devices


Has anyone heard any indication that this release will be pushed to the general public anytime soon?  I’m tired of having to turn my Sonos off all the time but I also don’t have three hours to spend on the phone with tech support.

This patch obviously works and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been released.

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Perhaps it would concentrate the minds of both Sonos and Samsung if customers started demanded their money back!

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I can’t believe Sonos has allowed these issues to continue for so long without offering a fix to the community. I am also experiencing dropped audio with my setup (Samsung Frame TV 2021, Sonos Arc/sub/ikea bookshelf speakers) and have spent hours on the phone with Sonos support - no luck.

I bought these products because I assumed they were of a certain quality but it appears not. Super disappointed.

Have you opdated your tv with the firmware version available on Samsungs support website?

This solved all issues for me.