Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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So I just set up the Sonos Arc soundbar that supports eARC. It works with my 2020 65" Frame TV until I change the eARC setting on the Frame TV to Auto. The sound mutes and I can't get it to play until I turn eARC off. Anyone else have this issue? I’ve messed around with this for a few hours to no avail. 


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I have the same issue with the exact tv and Sonos Arc. I posted the issue on the Samsung site and several people have indicated they are having the same problem.

I have the same issue, with The Frame 2020 and Sonos Arc. No sound when eArc setting is set to Auto. Samsung customer support could not help me. They did a HDMI reset and a factory reset, but nothing changed.

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This is lack of my knowledge, but are we still getting Dolby Atmos sound when HDMI eARC is off? Because I played a Atmos compatible movie and on the Sonos app the Dolby Atmos symbol came up 


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Atmos can be uncompressed, which need eARC, and compressed, within a DD+ container - no eARC needed. You probably heard the latter. For uncompressed Atmos you’d probably also need a Blu-ray player - most streaming is on DD+ Atmos.

Same here. Really want to know if this can and will be solved. I bought the Arc for the eArc functionality

Does Dolby Atmos works on The Frame TV? I’m about to purchase a 2020 Frame TV together with a Sonos Arc, but I want to be 100% certain it will output Dolby Atmos.

Same issue here - 55” 2020 frame tv. No sound at all when hdmi e-arc mode set to auto. When set to off, I can hear sound but it keeps jumping in and out / out and on.

Have you communicated with Samsung? I’m not sure there is much Sonos can do about issues upon the TV itself. 

I have the same problem with the 75 inch Frame and sonos arc. Have reported this to Samsung too


Not clear to me that this is the TVs problem as it thinks it is emitting earc but there is no sound, could be either side


75" The Frame

Model Code: QN75LS03TAFXZA

Software Version: T-NKMAKUC-1115 


Sonos arc,sub+2 ones




Same problem here.  Sonos Arc not playing sound with eArc in Auto in my Samsung The Frame 65” (2020).  When pressing the select button during the Audio Output settings of the TV the sound will briefly turn on for a millisecond and then turns off. I have reset the TV and tried different HDMI cables as well. Problem persists.

I have the same problem with Frame 55 (2020) and Sonos Arc.

I have the same problem with a 2020 Samsung Q95. Potentially silly question, but is the included HDMI cable e-Arc compatible? I couldn’t find the specs of the bundled cable and I don’t have an Ultra High Speed cable to check if this is the problem.

Yes, it is. 

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I suspect the problem is with the Sonos Arc.  I had my Samsung Frame TV connected to a Sonos Beam for two weeks before the Sonos Arc was delivered last week. Four times since receiving the Arc, the first time I turn the TV on in the morning, the sound goes in and out. I hear the sound for about 3 seconds, out for 1 second, and that repeats continuously. Unplugging the HDMI cable from the ARC and plugging it back in solves the problem. This is, of course, a different issue than the eARC issue described in this thread which I am also experiencing as I noted above, but it does make me suspect the eARC issue may be on the Sonos Arc side. The Sonos Beam worked flawlessly with this TV and the audio “In / Out” issue never happened with the Beam.

Curious conclusion. If this was the case, wouldn’t we be seeing the same behavior across all eARC connections, no matter which manufacturer or model?

I have also issues with my Samsung Q70 2020.

sometimes it is working with the eArc mode on.

Maybe Sonos needs to fix this with a software update?

Exact same issue. Spent a few days trying different cables. 75 inch and 65 inch Frame 2020 with two Sonos Arc.  eArc does not function and now sound drops in and out.  I'm guessing this is a Samsung issue do we know if it's impacting people with AV equipment that isn't Sonos needing eArc

I would like to know whether eARC worked with any other sound device attached to the 2020 Frame first (or vice versa: Can someone point to a successful Sonos Arc eARC connection with another TV make/model?). This might help determine if it is a Sonos issue, or a Frame issue. In some respects I am not surprised, both are pretty new pieces of hardware with firmware updates coming regularly. The Sonos ARC being the most recent and likely shipping with MVP firmware.

I have the same issues with The Arc connected To the 2020 Samsung Frame 65in and the eARC (Auto) no sound.

I have to power cycle the tv to get it to work.

seems Sonos doesnt wake when tv comes out of sleep mode (picture).

SBS On demand is also problematic, sound pulses on and off, sound drops out after several seconds then returns, unwatchable. I disconnected the Arc and no sound probs thru normal tv speakers.  
This is very frustrating considering the layout in $$ for the theatre speaker setup, sort it out Sonos please?

Same issue here. I used the optical adapter that came with the Arc to fix the issue temporarily.

I’m experiencing all of the same issues with audio coming in and out and eARC not working at all. 

Hi All,

I got it to work and it’s been working the last few hours.  I unplugged the soundbar from the Frame and then switched to eARC Auto.  Once switched to Auto, I then plugged the Arc back into the OneConnect box and it’s been working for a whole movie.  Only time will tell if it continues to work..

I have the same issue with Arc connected to Samsung Frame 2020 and eArc (Auto) -> no sound.

But having switched Samsung eArc to off - format to auto - dolby-atmos to on -

i get dolby atmos sound (also dolby atmos logo on S2 app) while playing e.g Jack Ryan UHD/dolby atmos via amazon prime app.


Same issue here with Frame 2020 and Sonos arc. I get Dolby atmos but only when earc setting is OFF on TV. 

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I’m seeing what seems to be similar issues on the Q90T and I posted here: 

Other Samsung TV owners are saying the same thing. Hard to believe, given Samsung TVs are very widely used, that this is purely a Samsung issue.  How do we get more eyes on this? Until I see Ryan S responds, not sure if Sonos is noticing this.

Given that it’s only on Samsung, and not any other brand TV’s , it’s hard to conceive of it not being a Samsung issue.