Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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Same issue on my 55 frame tv 

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Follow-up sounds keeps dropping even after switching off eArc… I am returning it back to store tomorrow and buying Samsung.

i am very disappointed.

So its been close to 5 days. No drops and No issues with the Arc. I have taken it a step further and installed a New Google ChromeCast Sabrina, and within the Sabrina I have Activated the ATMOS option on the Chromecast. The Engineer with Samnsung has been monitoring the Data Between the SONOS and the One connect and there have Been ZERO drops. Nothing. 

Initially it had been an Issue also, that Any other outside devices with attached to the HDMI’s have been an issue. So Devices needed to be unplugged.  That seems to no. longer be an issue. 


So things We have done as so far in order:

-Updated the software to 1401.2 (Problem Persisted) 

-Replaced the One Connect box. (Problem still persisted) 

-Unplugged all the devices from One box, Not the Arc (Problems Persisted)

-Samsung Eng Installed Sub-micom Version 1006T to the System. (Problems Persisted)

-Samsung Reset One Connect and problems stopped. 


From what I understand the Sub-micom Version 1006T was not updated with the 1402 update. Don’t know why But I have installed the Arc via Earc to a 2020 Lg Gallery, and it has worked perfectly. Just did that today. This seem this a Samsung issue. The Engineer is a SUPER nice guy and wants to help. But I totally understand that he doesn’t and CAN’T say this is a SAMSUNG issue.. But it is. This in my Opinion is not an ARC issue. On top of this. SONOS is sending me a NEW ARC on Monday. Guess Im Test Rat from Both SONOS and SAMSUNG. 

I’ll keep you updated.   

I’m having the exact same issue on my 75” Q8DT (Q80T). Everything works great for 30 minutes and then the sound will drop for 1-2 seconds. I recently updated my tv to Version 1402.1 which did not seem to help. 


HDMI-eARC is set to AUTO

Digital Output is set to Pass-Through

Atmost Compatability is enabled


Software Version is T-NKMAKUC-1402.1, B1052200/B60101. BT-S

Sub-micom Version: T-NMINTV-1007


@Marlina - Do you have the contact information for the engineer you are working with at Samsung. I would love to contact them to help troubleshoot. 

Does anyone have the firmware for the Samsung frame that would work in australia ? The us version does not seem to take for aus model

just came here to say that after a week or two with the new firmware, I can finally say the problem has been fixed. i had to restart the sonos arc every time I turned on the tv to watch something because if I didn’t, the sound would stop and skip every 2 seconds or so. its all gone now!!! take care everyone in forum post, its been a long ride haha

I see the firmware update is now available in the US.

I'm interested to see if this resolves the sync issues as I'm about to purchase a Q80T and Sonos ARC to go with my existing SKY Q UHD and Apple TV 4K setup (PS5 also pre-ordered).

Good luck and look forward to the results!


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Hello. I watched a movie this evening. It cut out twice. I had the TV set to pass through - Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. Then I changed the TV to PCM. It cut out under both settings. It seems odd that the Sonos can’t even handle PCM without it cutting out. 

I use a Firestick 4K plugged directly into the TV  Surround sound settings are set to ‘Best Available’. Are people finding the issue with built in apps? 


Same issue here with Frame 2020 and Sonos arc. I get Dolby atmos but only when earc setting is OFF on TV. 

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a week old Sonos Arc + Sub


New hdmi cable → from Arc to Samsung Q80R

Sound Output: Samsung Settings

TV Speaker
Receiver (HDMI) 

So … selected #2

EXCEPT NO SOUND until I select TV Speaker

And if I select TV Speaker, it immediately changed to Receiver with no sound. 

For now, the only thing I could do was return to original cable. With it, I can get constant sound from TV Speakers

I don’t care whose fault it is. Sonos & Sumsung knock heads and SOLVE IT. 

Sonos blames Samsung and they blame you. 

A brand new $2000 system useless

I don’t give a damn who is guilty. 



Here’s another link:

After three phone calls I finally got an agent who would escalate to “engineering”. The engineering rep was extremely helpful, patch applied yesterday, and so far no issues. I'm very optimistic. I was having to reboot every single day. So far so good! Build 61185070.

Hi all, yet another note from the dev team:

We have been working on the ongoing audio problem between the Sonos Arc and several 2020 Samsung TV models. These models support the new eARC connectivity. Samsung TVs prior to and from 2019 do not support eARC and are not seeing this particular problem. Customers will randomly experience a complete loss of audio which requires either the rebooting of the Sonos Arc and/or the rebooting of the Samsung TV. 

If you are experiencing this problem and you are willing to assist with some short term testing, please contact our customer care department at your earliest convenience.



Is there any update here?

Same problem here.  Sonos Arc not playing sound with eArc in Auto in my Samsung The Frame 65” (2020).  When pressing the select button during the Audio Output settings of the TV the sound will briefly turn on for a millisecond and then turns off. I have reset the TV and tried different HDMI cables as well. Problem persists.

Installed the new updates to both Samsung Frame firmware 1403 and Sonos 12.2 yesterday and so far 24 hours and eArc is working .  Prior I was lucky to make it more than a few hours .


Samsung Frame 75 + Sonos Arc 



Same here, Frame 55 2020 and Sonos Arc. Day 3 now and no issues 

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Q90t will be delivered next Tuesday… will report back when I have news...

You wouldn’t believe what worked for me!
*** Try a different HDMI cable ***

I had the exact same issue on my new 75’’ Samsung QN90A. 
Nothing worked. I was frustrated just as most commenters here. 

Then I tried the HDMI cable that came with the Sonos Arc, instead of the other I had connected. Poof! Everything worked instantly. The TV notified me it detected a Dolby Atmos device, and everything was in sync. 

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Another frustrated customer! Seems like the issue is definitely on the Samsung side and I imagine Sonos are just as in the dark as the rest of us!? Does mean the Sonos has to be returned as well as the TV though, while I look for a setup that actually works as advertised. @Ditte - I know it wasn’t that long ago that you posted an update, but do you have any idea at all whether this can be fixed in software at the Samsung end and whether they intend to do this? I will follow up with them of course direct, but they are much harder to engage than you guys! :)

I’m experiencing the same problems. When turning off eArc, I do get a good quality surround sound, but not Dolby Atmos. Which is part of the reason I bought the whole setup. 
I’m considering returning the Sonos Arc, because beside this issue, I also have an issue with loss of sound after being turned off for the night (sound shutting off in 3 second intervals, which can only be fixed by temporarily taking out both the power cord and the HDMI cable). I’m so disappointed!


Exactly the same issue (no Dolby Atmos as well as shutting down in 3 second intervals) happens to me :-(

Exact same with my Arc. No Atmos and power cut in out after being on standby overnight. 
What a disappointment. Sonos customer care - any update on a patch (Sonos or Samsung) for the eARC issue?

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Well...Ive STILL been working with Samsung Engineers in North America, and Korea has been trying to find a fix...and Im Sad to say there is NO fix to this. 

Not one update has done a thing to fix this unfortunately. For a brief time the fix that Samsung USA worked, was working. But it no longer is. They have been studying my TV in real time as well as recording it on a USB that is attached h to my Connect One. 

I believe that Samsung USA, DID in fact try to resolve this issue, but Korea has now shifted its resources to the 2021 Samsung Models. 

As Well, unfortunately, I think Samsung has been half-assed throwing Updates to see what “Can Stick”. Its been 4 ridiculous months, with Hundreds of wasted hours Spent on this Frame TV. Working with the “Highest” levels of Samsung’s Engineers and Business folks. And they have Zero clue whats going on. 

Im most likely going to take a 2k hit on this. Samsung refuses to refund me, my credit card company denied me a credit card request for my money back. So, it is either my Frame or my SONOS Atmos 5.1 System. 

Shame on Samsung. 


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Common problems (sounds dropping every 2 seconds, or no sound at all in built in Netflix app) with Sonos Arc and pair of Sonos One SLs as surrounds and the Frame 55 2020…

I emailed Sonos’ CEO a week ago stating that I know about the patch discussed in this thread, Emily from Support replied to my email (she was absolutely helpful and understanding), we exchanged a couple of emails where she asked me to submit diagnostics etc. and finally she sent me the patch today.

So far so good! Fingers crossed the problem is solved.

I think you’ll be fine. Believe they’ve resolved the issue with this patch. 

Curious conclusion. If this was the case, wouldn’t we be seeing the same behavior across all eARC connections, no matter which manufacturer or model?

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For what it’s worth, I’ve been running the new patch for ~ 5 days now, turned off the nightly power cycles for the Sonos and so far so good.  Really hope that is the end of it!

I’m experiencing the same problems. When turning off eArc, I do get a good quality surround sound, but not Dolby Atmos. Which is part of the reason I bought the whole setup. 
I’m considering returning the Sonos Arc, because beside this issue, I also have an issue with loss of sound after being turned off for the night (sound shutting off in 3 second intervals, which can only be fixed by temporarily taking out both the power cord and the HDMI cable). I’m so disappointed!


Exactly the same issue (no Dolby Atmos as well as shutting down in 3 second intervals) happens to me :-(

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Where will be the patch exactly applied? To be Sonos App or to the Arc? And build contains the patch? Thanks

You kick it off from your app, but it’s applied to your SONOS Arc. 

Alright team. Just updated both the Sonos and TV and works great so far. 

Plugged in with eARC off. Once connected, turned eARC on and switched digital audio format to Pass-Through. It has been 20m with no skips and stable connection. 

the skipping happens for me when i come back to watch tv like.. the next day or something. then i have to restart my arc. the skipping doesn’t happen for me when its freshly restarted, that's when its working as expected.

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I noticed there still is some sound issue with the frame 2020 and soundbar combo when eARC turned on (Auto mode). For example, when my daughter watch Peppa Pig on HBO Nordic, the sound disappears after seeing some episodes in a row and on the start of a new one. When eARC is off there is no issues.

Samsung Frame running on SW 1460.9 and SONOS Arc on SW 13.0 build 62186220. HBO app is the built in Tizen smart platform.

Hi Brian, 

can you and update The Frame to the latest 1497.0 firmware and test again with feedback? The firmware can be found on Samsung’s website and needs to be installed by putting it on a USB stick.

Hi hi-tone.

Updated to 1497.0 on the Samsung Frame and made some testing with multiple episodes in a row again and across seasons as well. No sound loss yet, so everything seems to be working perfectly 😊.