Sonos Arc Samsung Frame TV eARC not working

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I had a problem with the sonos arc not working after turning off the TV. The sound would flicker on /off and I had to unplug arc to reset it to have it work.

I turned off "instant on" under the hidden menu of the TV to cure another issue where the wifi drops after turning off TV. Turns out, it fixed both issues!

Enter the hidden menu with old Samsung remote(look online for instructions) or ask the Samsung help line to turn off "instant on"

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I’ve also had the patch installed for around 2 weeks - not one hiccup since…..


Downloading and installing v1460.9 now to see if this solves the issue on my 55 and 75” Samsung Frames with Arcs. I really do hope so as my wife has disconnected both of the Arcs until it’s resolved. If this doesn’t do it, I’m going to send the damn Arcs back and get the B&O Atmos bar.

Hi All,

I got it to work and it’s been working the last few hours.  I unplugged the soundbar from the Frame and then switched to eARC Auto.  Once switched to Auto, I then plugged the Arc back into the OneConnect box and it’s been working for a whole movie.  Only time will tell if it continues to work..

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I think you need to email the CEO of Samsung, not Sonos. You’ll probably need to brush up on your Korean.

At this point nobody’s sure where the problem lies. There have been report with other TV model as well: Sony, LG, etc.

Other threads have been describing similar issue:


Oh for sure, most TV makers failed miserably in their HDMI 2.1 support out-of-the-box, and eARC support (as well as Xbox Series / PS5 devices with their HDMI 2.1 features) showed many flaws in multiple TV firmware versions. Slowly the TV makers are fixing their stuff, but I am unaware of any fixes required on the Sonos side to date. It is unfortunate that Sonos did not get the TV makers more involved before the release of the Arc though, as they surely knew of the most common issues. However Sonos support has been severely downgraded this year, and perhaps this is another side-effect of that.

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Recieved my SONOS Arc earlier this week, and connected it to my 75” The Frame 2020. 
No problems yet. Everything is working perfectly.

The Frame is running firmware 1497 and SONOS is running 13.0.2.

Fingers crossed that it will keep up the good performance.

Have you reported the issue to Samsung? They shouldn’t be disconnecting CEC (ARC) in that kind of situation. 

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Version 1497.0 is out now in EMEA. I’ll get it installed and will give feedback later on.
Anyone else tried this update ?

The critical question is if anyone with the patch tried the update. I have the patch, the Arc works like a charm...I’m not willing to update and risk losing the patch’s solution. 

I don’t have the patch installed. I wanted to wait for the Samsung Fix and used the HDMI-to-Optical cable meanwhile. I always felt that the Sonos patch would be a compromise to some other things.

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Hello. I have a Sonos Arc and Q90T. I had 65Q90T December-February. That broke so I got a 75Q90T today. (Loved the TV before it broke. Decided I was just unlucky).

Like others, the sound cuts out every now and then. For example, I just watched Infinity War and it cut out 3 times for about 2-3 seconds each. Not great when I’m trying to show off my new big fancy TV. The old 65Q90T had a similar sound problem but not at that frequency.

I have just updated my Samsung to 1497 (after watching Infinity War). Sonos is updated. I’m interested to see if this works. I will update if it cuts out again.

Sounds settings - e-arc set to auto and output=pass through. I use a Firestick to watch TV. 



Did it work? 😊

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Today I’ve taken delivery of a Samsung Q95T to get full Atmos, specifically to replace my Q9FN which doesn’t have eARC.

Excitedly I get it all set up and sounded amazing.

10 minutes later no sound through Sonos Arc, changed eARC from auto to off and Arc works.

Don’t know if this is a Samsung or Sonos issue but it’s VERY annoying, You don’t expect this when you outlay £2700 for brand new TV and £800 on a soundbar. I have 28 to return both items if no fix in this period they will be returned.

Ok. I may have had a breakthrough. Fingers crossed. I have only tested for 1 day so needs longer to test but I have not had the sound in and out issues when I leave the TV off for a few hours. 

  1. I have updated to the latest firmware 1460.9. There are different versions for different Frame TVs so the links we have posted above don’t work for all Frame TVs as I learned so simply going to Samsung Support for your country and enter your model number.
  2. After updating I still had the issue. However, I then reset the TV. Settings->General->Reset
  3. Then I did not turn on HDMI-eARC Mode in Expert Settings.

The TV Dolby Atmos was on by default and it picks up the Sonos Arc and states that Atmos was detected.

The Sound Output still lists the Receiver (HDMI-eARC) connected not Receiver (HDMI) which suggests eARC is on despite the toggle being off in settings.

I hope this continues to work and hope it helps others.


Hey all, 

One more case to add to the books... Just purchased a 65-inch Samsung Frame TV (2020 model) and Sonos Arc. My TV was able to grab the 1402.1 update automatically, and my Sonos app/firmware is up-to-date.


I am experiencing the sound loss issues after the TV has been off/stand-by mode. When the TV powers back on I start experiencing the intermittent sound loss, as well as the Sound Output constantly switching between HDMI-eARC to HDMI. The issue goes away after simply unplugging/plugging back in the power cord for the Sonos Arc.


I just checked my Sub-micom Version and I am on 1005T. Marlina, please update us if the TV has been stable on Sub-micom Version 1006T. If so, could you possibly get a step-by-step instruction on updating to this version and upload the BIN file somewhere we can download it? 


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So I’m on Software Version:

T-NKMAKUC-1402.1, BT-S

Its almost been 6 days with zero drops. I do think the its the Sub-Micom 1006T that has the effect for me. Whats odd is yours is 1001-T ? Are you still experiencing Drops?

Question, When you experience a drop, go into:


  1. Settings
  2. Sound option, and look to the right of that. - Look under Sound, under Sound Output. Where is says “Receiver (HDMI-eARC)” See if it automatically switches itself to (HDMI) when the sound starts dropping. 

Here is a visual of where it used to switch between HDMI to HDMI-eARC by itself. It is Definitely a Samsung software issue. 








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Any updates on this?  Sound is cutting out from the Arc every time I turn on the TV. 

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Just bought my 2020 65” Samsung the Frame yesterday. Hooked up to my Sonos arc via the e-arc port. Sound only works when ‘HDMI-eArc Mode’ is set to ‘off’. That said, when watching via Netflix app or other, Dolby atmos is an option, and when I open the Sonos app on my phone, it says playing Atmos?


So which is it? Why does the TV not work when HDMI eArc mode is set to auto? I am confused? Am I getting atmos with it set to off or not? 

CAN someone please answer this. 

Does this mean that ATMOS is working compressed but not Uncompressed?

Bumping comments in solidarity with everyone having these sound issues. Former Geek Squad installer and I’ve tried everything to fix the sound issues to no avail. 

Do better Sonos. Do better Samsung. 

I have the same issue, with The Frame 2020 and Sonos Arc. No sound when eArc setting is set to Auto. Samsung customer support could not help me. They did a HDMI reset and a factory reset, but nothing changed.

Same issue here. I used the optical adapter that came with the Arc to fix the issue temporarily.

I’m experiencing all of the same issues with audio coming in and out and eARC not working at all. 

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alright, just ordered the q90t, q95t will be returned...will let you know if that led to a solution

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Cross my fingers for you! :-)

I have just been on the phone with Sonos and on chat with Samsung at the same time. Sonos believe the issue is the way Samsung has implemented the eARC in the TV is not to HDMI standard. They are still actively working on a solution with Samsung,

Samsung and sonos have advised to turn off eARC for the time being until a fix is issued… (fix might be returning this tv...) D̶o̶l̶b̶y̶ ̶A̶t̶m̶o̶s̶


Sad. Went away for a couple of days and when I came back sound was cutting in and out on 55” frame (newest firmware) and Sonos Arc. Hadn’t done this type of constant cut-outs during my two weeks of initial testing. Tried setting Earc to off and sound still didn’t come back to normal. Unplugged the Arc and kept everything on the Samsung on Auto. Had sound when it was plugged back in. Guess I’ll be getting a smart plug. If this is indeed an HDMI EArc implementation issue on the 2020 Frame, Samsung should make this right. I have doubts though as I have read people having the same issues with some LG tvs. In my case, the Sonos Arc will go back before the Frame TV. 

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I can’t believe Sonos has allowed these issues to continue for so long without offering a fix to the community. I am also experiencing dropped audio with my setup (Samsung Frame TV 2021, Sonos Arc/sub/ikea bookshelf speakers) and have spent hours on the phone with Sonos support - no luck.

I bought these products because I assumed they were of a certain quality but it appears not. Super disappointed.

Have you opdated your tv with the firmware version available on Samsungs support website?

This solved all issues for me.


Yep - just did that this morning, no luck. I don’t think I have come across such a glitchy system in a very long time. I have power cycled 5 times, run Ethernet through the attic and down to the Arc, changed every imaginable setting…..and nothing. I cannot get the system to function consistently. I am dumbfounded as to why Sonos has such a strong reputation. 

Then it might be an CEC issue. If any of your devices connected to your TV is using CEC, try to turn it off.

Yep - just did that this morning, no luck. I don’t think I have come across such a glitchy system in a very long time. I have power cycled 5 times, run Ethernet through the attic and down to the Arc, changed every imaginable setting…..and nothing. I cannot get the system to function consistently. I am dumbfounded as to why Sonos has such a strong reputation.

Probably because it works on all other TV’s🤔? - Samsung issued firmware updates to fix their issues at their end on some models, including the Frame TV. I would first ensure the updates are installed, try powering everything off for 3 minutes to drain the power from all circuits and then setup the HDMI handshake again - if it still doesn’t work, then I would think there’s possibly either a problem with the Arc, Frame TV hardware, or more-likely something else connected to the TV via HDMI that is stealing the CEC protocol ‘focus’ away from the Arc connection, which is something Samsung will need to identify/fix, or you could take the easier step and switch off CEC on any other HDMI connected devices or as a last resort insert a CEC-Less adapter, like the one shown in this link between the ‘culprit’ and the  Frame TV:

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Ditte. I think Sonos customers are due an update on this, before Sonos ends up with a lawsuit for selling goods not fit for purpose . WHAT IS HAPPENING . SONOS ARE SELLING A PRODUCT THAT DOES NOT WORK AS DESCRIBED UNTIL THIS ISSUE IS FIXED

I have the Samsung Frame 50inch 2020 QE50LS03TAUXXU with the Sonos Arc and I am having the same issues as everyone else. I have just installed ver 1460.9 from the Samsung UK site released today 08/12/2020:

This update has not resolved the issue. The Sonos connect to HDMI3 still flicks between HDMI-Receiver and HDMI-EARC-Receiver so the audio flick on and off all the time. This is ridiculous. We invested in 2 top line products. Does anyone know if this issue transfers to other EARC products with the Samsung Frame TV or only with the Sonos? I only ask as I cannot figure out who is to blame and who to chase with this issue?