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Update. I have retained the set up through optical I describe above and used the hdmi optical adapter that comes with the beam to go from the switcher to the beam.

So in summary Dolby digital with no sync issues on a LG TV acheived by
Running optical from sky Q to optical switcher
Running optical from x box to optical switcher
Running optical from the LG TV to optical switcher

Running optical to hdmi optical adapter that came with the beam and then connected to the beam.

It all works except Alexa will now not control the tv.

Hope this is useful. Regards

I solved all lip-sync problems on my 65B7D with the use of a HDMI switch:

For me it's the perfect device for a Playbar surround setup in combination with a LG OLED TV and it gets even better by using also an AppleTV (4K) and a Logitech Harmony. The switch has four HDMI inputs, one HDMI output as well as an optical SPDIF output.

As a result:
- 100% lip-sync out of the box on all devices (set top box, PS4, etc.)
- HDMI ARC is working for the LG TV connected on the output of the switch
- supports 4K @60Hz, HDR, CEC, Dolby Vision
- remote control included, works also with Logitech Harmony (Hub)
- with an Apple TV (4/4K) it adds AirPlay2 without the need to turn on the TV
- with an Apple TV (4/4K) it's possible to convert every audio signal to AC3 5.1 on the fly to get multichannel on the playbar

I'm really surprised that it works so smooth with the help of an affordable device. Most of the HDMI switches don't support HDMI 2.0 (HDCP 2.2), 4K at 60Hz etc. but this one does. It solves all my lip-sync issues which by the way is a prove that this is nothing more but a silly bug on the LG TV, it's not because of some picture optimization thing. It's possible to connect up to four devices plus the TV thanks to HDMI ARC. The sound of apps from the TV are also 100% in sync by using ARC. Make sure to connect it to the HDMI-2 port and activate ARC in the sound settings of the LG TV. For me it's the perfect device for the LG TV. So now I'm using my LG OLED TV basically only as a HDMI display (not Smart but Dumb-TV so to say). :D

By the way, since there are no lip sync issues when using the HDMI-2 ARC output on the LG, I would also expect that there is no lip-sync issue when using a Sonos Beam. The audio delay is only there when using the optical output on the LG TV.

So I am experiencing the same lip sync symptoms as described here and have been playing around with both Sonos and LG settings to try to resolve this to no avail. Minor improvements but still not perfect

I have an LG OLED55B7T and Playbase connected via Optical Audio directly from the TV as well as following devices connected:
- ATV (3rd gen) via HDMI
- Laptop via HDMI

I have no problems with lip sync from LG inbuilt TV tuner and inbuilt apps (YouTube, Netflix, various Catch Up TV apps here in Aus). However there is typically lip sync issues from ATV content and the extent of that depends on the type of audio and which app, with Dolby 5.1 audio source typically having the worst lip sync and PCM generally being fine. Again this is consistent with what is outlined in this thread.
When I tried a friend's Chromecast HD, same lip sync issues occurred as as with ATV.

(As a note I had no lip sync issues using a previous 10 yr old Sony LCD TV with Optical audio out connected to the Playbase with the same setup)

So if the problem is the Optical Audio Out from the LG TV, rather than going the full HDMI 4-1 Switcher Option outlined above would it be simpler to connect the Playbase to the LG TV via an HDMI Audio Extractor as such:

LG OLED --> via HDMI ARC --> HDMI Audio Extractor --> via Optical Audio Cable --> Playbase

Eg. HDMI Audio Extractor

Would this setup essentially solve the lip sync problem, while maintaining the LG TV to carry out as being the HDMI source switch since the Audio coming out of LG TV would be coming out through HDMI ARC not Optical Audio Out?

Or is the issue to completely bypass Audio Processing by the LG TV for any external HDMI sources?
Just finished reading through the whole thread. Same lip sync issues here on a Panasonic VIERA TX-58DX902.

Sky in DD, Xbox one X both have issues, however the Apple TV 4k is the closest with hardly any lip sync sometimes? Will play ok with itune purchases, but can vary dramatically when using infuse.

Have opted to order the https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076XV1LVS/ref=pe_3187911_185740111_TE_item as advised by NeilAngels above. Will let you know how I get on with it.
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I had the same severe sound delay/ lip sync issues. No firmware and no settings fixed it. Just had an LG engineer out who replaced the whole motherboard. All my picture settings were gone but also no more sound delays issues when passing through DD 5.1! Not with my Sonos Beam via arc or other devices via optical and PS4 pro!!

Appears LG has an up to date motherboard and I suggest to contact customer services who were quite good in arranging a swift replacement.

Please don’t bother with firmware etc if you have issues as it will most likely be the motherboard. I purchased my C7 55 in October 2017 if someone needs it.
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I explained that all my external sound sources (hdmi arc/ optical) including Sonos devices would have severe audio delay when DD 5.1 is passing through the tv to the devices. You have to mention all the buzz words I guess like AV adjustment not working, bypass not working, firmware fully up to date etc. Or just tell them you are aware that motherboards are being switched as a result of the fault and you want that to happen with yours too. Clearly no firmware update will fix this and it’s a hardware fault. The newer c7s might have the up to date board installed hence some people do not suffer with the delay.
Hi everyone,

I'm having some audio sync issues with my current setup and am looking for any advice you may have to resolve them.

My current setup:
Sonos Playbase + Sub + 2 Sonos Ones
Apple TV 4K

When playing Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO content through Apple TV, sometimes I notice audio sync issues ranging from slight to fairly severe audio delays. The issues seem to be content-specific. When I use the LG built-in Netflix and Hulu apps, there are no audio sync issues. Unfortunately, there is no LG HBO GO app, so I am not able to test that content.

Switching to PCM audio when using the Apple TV resolves the sync issues. The LG Audio Sync feature has no impact on the sync issues (since the audio is delayed and not ahead of the video source).

I have read a few comments about a splitter of some kind. Would someone be able to provide me with a little more detail on that and if it would resolve my issues? I'd really like to continue using the Apple TV if I can.

If others have any additional advice, I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.
You can find optical/HDMI splitters of many types on Amazon, just requires a search. And certainly, that would remove the TV from potential issue list. But before I would go that far (since I would consider it a pain to have yet another box that I need to have a remote for to change inputs), I'd suggest looking at the audio settings for the TV set. Make sure that all of the settings are basically turned off. Anything that changes the audio output would add delay. I'm not particularly familiar with the C8, although I'd admit to admiring it, but it's worth double checking that anything in the settings that changes the sound in any way would be a potential issue. And frankly, it's also worth touching base with LG, to see if they have something, like a new beta version of the firmware, etc, that alters the current setup. This issue seems to crop up frequently with both Samsung and LG, and one of the two actually is replacing boards in their TVs due to this issue, although I don't remember which one. I've got a Vizio that's a couple of years old that has zero issue with this kind of thing, but then I've turned off all extra sound processing as well.

I'm 95% confident it's the TV that's causing this issue. Purchasing a splitter might prove that point, albeit as I recall they're somewhere in the $100 area and up. And honestly, I could be wrong....but if so, I'd expect a lot more complaints from other people who purchased TVs from other manufacturers, and I just don't see that at this point. Mostly from LG and Samsung. That might be a reflection of how popular those TVs are, which is why I went with my 95% comment, but still.....

I'm not terribly familiar with the LG, most of what I know has been gleaned from folks posting here.

While their suggestion to connect the Apple TV directly is a good one, you're right in that there's no simple way to do that. That's where the splitter comes in, though 🙂

I've never heard of an MHL converter, either. A quick look on Amazon suggests it's a device to swap from micro-USB to HDMI, so I'm not sure how that applies here.

What you're looking for is something like this:


I'm a fan of Flexson, every piece of kit I've purchased from them has been solidly built, although I've not purchased any of their electronic gear. The simple fact is that there are a multitude of similar devices available, pick one that matches your needs.

The audio splitter device should not have any impact on the quality of the audio. It's digital. There's only the potential of lag that you'd be dealing with, in all other respects a zero is a zero, a one is a one. And I've read hundreds of posts in this forum from people who have said that it resolved their issues. I can only assume that the rep that you spoke with was misinformed.

Bruce - thanks for all your help and suggestions so far. I looked back in this thread and saw that some folks recommended "forcing" Dolby 5.1 on the Apple TV as a solution to the lip sync issue.

Doing this has resolved my problem for most of the content I watch. I noticed a slight delay in the audio on an episode of Black Mirror on Netflix, but even that is much improved.

Thanks everyone!
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After purchasing Sonos Playbar and some Sonos One's this summer I have experienced the same lipsync issue with LG OLED 65'' B7V. Connecting the Playbar to Xbox One X optical out and chromecast to the Xbox HDMI input solved the sound issue, however, it introduced the no 4K from Chromecast and completely renders webos useless issue. After beeing in contact with LG now for around 3-4 weeks without getting closer to any solution than when I first reached out to them I have now contacted the sales channel for the TV in paralell to my contact with LG and asked for a resolution on guarantee. I want the issue resolved or exhange the TV to one that works correctly with Dolby Digital 5.1 over toslink. My cheap-o Sony office tv works like a charm with the soundbar and has no issues with DD 5.1 over toslink. It's strange how such a good tv can exist with non-functioning dd 5.1. Current status of this issue is completely unacceptable to me. I could just as well have kept my very old FullHD Panasonic plasma for the same experience with great black levels.
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Having lived with the issue since I bought a Sony XE9005 in January (now an XF9005, swapped by Sony) I can report that the recent Sony firmware update (Sept 18) does appear to solve this if you connect via optical out from the TV to the Playbar.

Previously, if I switched Audio Sync ON, it synced the sound but produced a brightness flash on camera changes, but the update has solved this (although it's not directly addressed in the list of issues from Sony).

For the first time in 9 months I have been able to remove the optical switch I've been using to get my Sky Q box audio and video to sync up.
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I had the same severe sound delay/ lip sync issues. No firmware and no settings fixed it. Just had an LG engineer out who replaced the whole motherboard. All my picture settings were gone but also no more sound delays issues when passing through DD 5.1! Not with my Sonos Beam via arc or other devices via optical and PS4 pro!!

Appears LG has an up to date motherboard and I suggest to contact customer services who were quite good in arranging a swift replacement.

Please don’t bother with firmware etc if you have issues as it will most likely be the motherboard. I purchased my C7 55 in October 2017 if someone needs it.

I had the motherboard now changed for over a week. In that time I tried other devices I previously had delays with: Sonos bars, Xbox one x, PS4 pro, Astro mixamp etc. No more delays over optical or hdmi arc.

I can only repeat myself. If you experience delays with your LG tv it’s most likely the motherboard and you have to be persistent with the LG customers team for a replacement. It took the engineer 10 mins to swap it and all problems are solved. Please don’t waste your time with settings and splitters etc.

I am having a nightmare of time trying to get this issue straightened out. I recently purchased a new Sony Master Series XBR TV and I used it for the first time last night attempting to watch Frozen 2 with my daughter. The audio delay was atrocious. Mind you, I have multiple Playbars set up around my home and this has never been an issue so I was quite surprised when I had this happened to me last night. Any help any of you could provide to get this straightened out would be greatly appreciated. 

The Sonos HT device and its surrounds will only play the audio asap, when the TV has sent it to that receiver… so my suggestion would be to look at perhaps why the TV might be delaying the audio output through its port.

Perhaps switch off any TV audio enhancement features, check the interconnecting cable and ensure the TV firmware is running on the latest version. I’m assuming you are using a Sony TV in-built App for movie playback, rather than a connected peripheral, like a cable box or entertainment device, (Apple TV, Roku or Firestick etc.) If you cannot solve the matter it may pay to speak to Sony Support to see if they can suggest a way to deliver the audio output in a more timely manner.

Hope that assists.

In that case, assuming your Firestick is outputting DD 5.1 and not DD+ try to discover if your TV has ‘pass-through’ on its ports .. so that the Sony TV does not check, or try to transcode, the audio steam from your Firestick Apps. I use the Firestick 4K too with the LG C9 OLED TV and I can say that device is working okay here, albeit I’m using the Sonos Beam over HDMI-ARC, and the TV ports are set to pass-through. 

You may find a pass-through option in your TV Settings too, or by speaking to Sony Support, but if they don’t support that feature on your TV and it’s in-built processor is not quick enough to handle the Firestick surround audio, then you may have to look at by-passing the Sony TV altogether, with an audio splitter/extractor, like the examples shown in the links below…

I don't understand that. From my perspective, if the Sonos is working fine in one configuration, then it should be fine in all. So if it's fine in Netflix, from the Sonos perspective there's no change from their side on using your Telenet box. The data comes through the TV. If there's an added delay, it's occurring before the signal gets to the Sonos, not after. Unless in some fashion you're changing the setting on the Sonos using your controller when you switch from Netflix to Telenet?

For all practical purposes, the Sonos is a "dumb" unit. It takes the data presented to it, does a minimum of decoding, and spits it out. It can't tell the difference between the Dolby Digital on Netflix versus the Dolby Digital from Telenet. There has to be something upstream of the Sonos device that's causing the issue. I don't know about your Philips, but several folks with LG models have gotten hardware replaced that has fixed the path of the data that goes through the TV and eliminated the issue. Some LG folks have gotten new firmware / software updates that has rectified the problem. Those two data points lead me to believe that the fault isn't on Sonos, but instead somewhere else. It could be your TV, it could be the Telenet box. And I'd think it would be fairly easy to test where the problem is, assuming there's an optical output on your Telenet box. Just connect the PLAYBAR to that, and see if there's still a lipsync problem. If there is, then I'd bet the problem is with the Telenet box (since the Apple TV is playing fine), but if the lipsync issue goes away, then it is the path through the TV set that is the problem. and you might want to contact Philips to see if there is a software update that you could apply, or if they're aware of an issue.

Frankly, I'd also try a different port to connect the Telenet box to your TV, on the offhand chance there's an issue with one of the HDMI ports, but that's not terribly likely.

At the end of the day, if it were indeed a Sonos issue, we'd see posts from every single TV manufacturer here, on a daily basis. We don't. It's normally Samsung, LG, and now your report on a Philips. And each one of those who have purchased an HDMI splitter with an optical output have reported that the problem goes away, which certainly leads me to believe the issue remains with the TV set's processing of the Digital Optical output.

Sorry to be so argumentative. This certainly isn't your fault. I just don't happen to share your opinion that this is a Sonos issue.

Yeah I’m using the Playbar via optical and I’ve tried everything. I don’t want to downgrade the audio to pcm because it nullifies spending this much money to have only stereo output. So maybe a switch with optical as well? 

A switch, with an optical output, certainly would remove the delay that is being caused by the TV’s internal electronics. 

No, that's not really true. In both cases, the TV is doing processing, it's just the type of processing the TV is doing. In the case of PCM, it's almost none, since the signal is stereo. In the case of Dolby Digital, it's trying to do lots of other things, including processing the signal so it can be used on the TV's speakers. One thing you should do with your TV is to turn off any audio options that look like they're going to modify the audio in any way. The less "messing" with the signal that happens in the TV's circuitry, the better for lipsync issues.

Many of the people have ended up getting an HDMI switch, which is external to the TV, in order to strip out the audio before it actually reaches the TV. They're relatively inexpensive, depending on what features you want. You can check out local prices for you on Amazon, although that's not the only place to purchase them. But it is certainly a good way to do research.
As an update to my post. I finally got a hold of an LG Service technician and he came out to my house. He played with the remote for about 2 hours trying to fix it to no avail. Finally he recommend that we replace the mainboard. I declined the service because the TV is brand new and I am fairly certain this will not fix the problem as others have not had success.

If you own an OLEDC8 there was a firmware update(4.10.06) release a couple of days ago.This update is being pushed to a lot of OLED TVs but there is nothing in the change log about fixing an audio lip synch delay. Have not yet tested to see if this is fixed with the latest update but I HIGHLY doubt it is not.

The only SONOS solution to fix this problem is to switch to PCM. Who wants to listen to PCM on a surround sound system ? No one!

As stated before the only true solution to fix this problem is to buy and optical splitter. While not ideal, it does work flawlessy now with the splitter and you are getting 5.1 straight from the source.

My advice is if you have multiple sources connected to the playbar/beam, just buy the splitter. Do not call LG or SONOS about the problem. You will only waste your time on an hour long hold time for low level techs giving politicians answers.
ITS BEEN A YEAR AND ITS STILL NOT FIXED, let that sink into your head before you pick up the phone to call.

Another bone to pick with SONOS staff..I have actually called several times and spoken to several different "technicians" and have been told misinformation/lies. The information below is what i was told by different "technicians"

1. You must have cheap cables, try replacing your cables.
2. We have never heard of this problem before
3. Yes we are "working" with LG to get this resolved as quickly as possible
4. Just turn it to PCM there is really no difference between that and 5.1

Seems to me like there is a disconnect at SONOS. Please train your "technicians" to all be on the same page. We know there is an issue, but your technicians seems to think otherwise.

Previous post below....
LGOLED65C8PUA owner here with PlayBar and an ATT Uverse.

I can confirm that the lip sync delay is still there. The only way the lip sync delay is not there is if i use the built in smart apps or if I directly connect the optical cable to the the source(ps4,uverse box, etc.)

I have called Sonos and they kind of hinted to me its an LG Problem but they wouldn't come out and say it. Kind of gave me the typical run around..maybe its your HDMI cable, maybe its your optical cable, basically low level technical advice.

I have called LG and was supposed to get a call today from LG VIP OLED Tech Team, as you can imagine I never got the phone call...

This is not going to get fixed guys from LG or Sonos!!

Bottom line: If you want this to work you are going to have to buy aftermarket equipment to split the connection.

I'll keep this updated if anything changes after the call with LG.
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As an update to my post: The motherboard was replaced on my B7V, however, it did not solve the issue with lipsync 😕 maximum of -5 was closest though still not in sync. I will now wait for feedback from LG on next steps.

Another update. I was told I will have another mainboard replacement next week after five calls to LG since the first replacement (four this week!). I'm sad to say my patience with LGs customer support is worn thin at this point due to lack of following up as promised (and the unresolved issue). I can understand that they aren't magicians, but calling a customer back as promised does not require witchcraft, only a phone. Hope they can cook up a mainboard that resolves the issue so I can focus on enjoying content instead of this s....

I had the motherboard now changed for over a week. In that time I tried other devices I previously had delays with: Sonos bars, Xbox one x, PS4 pro, Astro mixamp etc. No more delays over optical or hdmi arc.

I can only repeat myself. If you experience delays with your LG tv it’s most likely the motherboard and you have to be persistent with the LG customers team for a replacement. It took the engineer 10 mins to swap it and all problems are solved. Please don’t waste your time with settings and splitters etc.

Thank you so much for your advice! My problems are solved too with the new motherboard!

Do you have another source you can test with other than the firestick? I don’t have much experience with one, and would prefer a more traditional device such as a DVD player.

Have you checked the audio settings on the Firestick? For instance, a quick google search brought up this:

To make sure the audio settings on your FireTV stick are correct, go to the Home Screen (Pressing the Home button on the Remote), enter into Settings, select the Dolby Digital Output option and make sure that Dolby Digital Plus is set to off.

Having Dolby Digital Plus turned off would be important. 

Just came to put my own hat in the ring, 2018 LG TV with PS4 pro and Sonos surround system, exact same issue. I won’t be reading the entire 17 page thread but if they’re not going to properly fix the issue I’d even appreciate finer tuned audio delay settings...

Your rather lucky, if your talking about lip-sync issues here, I think LG TV’s can easily resolve such issues with this lip-sync feature available on their newer TV’s…



Some of their models also support HDMI/Optical port pass-through too in the TV Settings

…. and that’s without waiting for Sonos to fix anything at all here.👍


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Hi everyone.

Like most people, i wish i had read this thread prior to purchasing my Beam.

I have an LG OLED B8, it's about a month old, and i find that when i connect my Beam through ARC, all external devices are generating about 250ms of audio lag behind the video when those devices send Dolby Digital 5.1. I've tested a PS3, AppleTV (2nd gen), and Xbox One X. I'm getting a PS4 Pro next week so i could test that too, but honestly they all have exactly the same amount of lag, so i think there is no point.

I've also changed the audio settings on all of those devices to send a Stereo signal instead of Dolby, and watched as lag improved to near perfect on all 3 devices. However, I don't think it sounds as good. I'm not looking for perfection here (although it would be nice), but 250ms is just too much IMO. If it were sub-100ms, then i'd probably not be writing this post.

All internal apps on the TV, such as Netflix, Youtube, etc. output to the Beam via ARC with no delay.

I'm inclined to believe that it is an LG problem... but if that's true, wouldn't ALL soundbars and receivers experience the same delay over ARC? wouldn't that render OLED ARC basically borked??? Yes, I could get an optical splitter, but the main draw of this Sonos Beam was it's ease of use and the ability to use ARC seamlessly. That has not been the case.

I'm driven mostly out of curiosity at this point to find out what the heck is going on. Sadly, the Beam is going to have to go back. I like the sound, but for $400, I don't think that amount of lag over ARC is acceptable. My preference is to buy a new device that will not have any lag over ARC, but does such a device exist???? I'll do some research, but please let me know if you have found a solution that works.

If anyone else has had issues with ExternalDeviceSendingDolbyDigital5.1->OLED->ARC->Sonos Beam, and found that another device didn't cause any audio delay, I would love to know. Also, I'll report back with any new info i'm able to gather.

If you want to investigate further try audio directly from source. The beam has optical and HDMI? Send the picture to the TV and run audio directly from source to Sonos. I had the same lipsync issue with Amazon PrimeVideo internal app for 5.1 content on the TV as source as well. First episode of Man in the high castle confirmed the issue for me.

For my B7V the TV is the source of the problem. A Sony FullHD 40" model does not show any of the issues with the same setup. Best of luck!

Thank you so much for all of your help. I have a switch here at home I am going to try first prior to making a purchase to see if that helps solve the problem. Thank you all that responded and answered my questions. Stay safe out there! 

Ok so I connected everything to the hdmi switch. Ran the optical cable from the switch to the play at and one hdmi to the television since the switch has all other cables running into it and I still have a bit of a delay. Do I need to turn off any audio processing on the tv or is that now pointless? 

It is rare to still have lip-sync delays when using a switch/extractor, I’m wondering if it’s one of the interconnecting cables that is causing the issue here and if you are able to perhaps swap them for another?.. most unusual. 🤔

For what it’s worth - I was very nervous about purchasing a new LG OLED display since I own a Sonos Playbar system (based on the problems some of you are experiencing) - but I did go ahead with the purchase - and I have no audio delay issues with my LG C9 at all. It’s perfectly in sync (and I am a professional film editor - I cannot stand even the slightest sync delay).

This is my (admittedly) very simple and straight-forward setup - as I only use the LG C9 as a (stunningly brilliant) monitor for my Apple TV 4K. I do not use any of its internal smart features. No cable TV box or other external connections.

LG C9 55” (2019) - I was told it has the fasted internal processor (maybe that plays a role since the LG needs to pass on the audio to the Sonos universe), latest Apple TV 4K. PLAYBAR, SUB, BOOST, 2 Play:3’s (surround).

The Apple TV 4K is connected to the LG using its DOLBY VISION option, which also seems to automatically (and magically) configure some settings of the LG through the port it’s connected to. The Playbar is connected via optical audio cable to the C9.

When I set up my new system, I got all new cables (including a new high-end Optical audio cable).

I don’t know what did the trick here, but I was ready to use a (4K capable) external HDMI/optical audio switcher to fix any audio delay problems. Luckily I didn’t have to, as this is a much more elegant and simple solution (when it works).