Why does my sonos system turn itself on, playing a random song!?

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I was sleeping during that time..... .I have been known to press all sorts of buttons while dozing off.....
Same issue for me. Super loud music at 2am. I told Alexa to turn it off, which worked for a second then it came back on.

Diagnostic 119473295
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Hi there, smun. Thanks for sharing your diagnostic report. It seems this diagnostic report came back incomplete. This usually points to network problems, but before we jump to any conclusions lets see if we can try one more time to catch a full diagnostic report.

Next time this happens, submit another diagnostic report and reply with your new report number. I'll be happy to have another closer look. Thanks!
My sonos system (playbase and two play:1) just started playing on its own. A song I know and play somewhat routinely through Apple Music. But my phone was laying 30 feet from me, charging , in Do Not Disturb mode.

Diagnostic number: 554270108.
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Hi, dr slaw. Thanks for the diagnostics. They showed heavy WiFi interference. This is often the cause of audio playback issues, though this would not account for unwanted playback. Much the opposite, usually it would disrupt playback that you do want. I think it might be best that you get in touch with our support team via telephone. They will be able to help you further. Many thanks, we look forward to hearing from you.
Just experienced the Sonos playing on it own. 12:40am ? - indigo girl, closer to fine.

Woke me up. Any info in the data?

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This has happened to mine twice overnight, please could someone check 1854147491
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@laurileincecini the most recent command on that diagnostic to play music came in around 13:46 UTC on the 7th. And that command came from your Android phone. Other than that, I don't see any other play commands in the log for the last day or so. If you can get a diagnostic right after it starts playing, that's best.

If you have something else in your Queue, does it still load and play that same Spotify playlist? If so, I wonder if this could be some smart home integration acting up. Do you happen to have IFTTT or something along that front connected with your system?

Also, as jgatie said, this could be Spotify direct control acting up, so I'd recommend playing a radio station and then stopping it before you wander off. That'll disconnect any Spotify direct control sessions.
Happened to me . My wife was screaming. Like horror music. Any answer sonos?
Since this has never been exposed as an actual Sonos software problem, but a variety of external inputs, from Spotify Connect (is that the name?), to TV's turning on for firmware updates, to alarms not cleared properly, it would be hard for Sonos to answer, without a diagnostic from your system. If they have that, they can see what prompted your Sonos to start playing.
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Also cats and small children have been identified as causes too, but its most commonly Spotify as Bruce says.
Same problem. More info please.

diagnostic #: 1587053013
HI, we have the same issue with our system. Seems to be routinely starting at same time most days 8:23 am.
2-3 users with Spotify linked accounts. No alarms are activated although ee have used them in the past.
Is it a Spotify alarm setting?
Aalthough when it is playing it shows Deezer logo above the track name. (We sometimes use Deezer within the Sonos app). Diagnostic 2111556366
Ryan, Thanks for the awesomely fast feedback. That sounds like it could be a cause. But the Samsung S10 is my phone and I was not leaving the property in any of those occasions - I do have a car that auto starts playback (on Deezer) as it is turned on and there is (spotty) wi-fi coverage where the car is parked. But again on the 3 occasions I have witnessed the issue that car has not been started/on at that time.

But its a good lead. I'll keep an eye on the different issues and see if I can find the root cause. Presumably the Sonos app needs to be running for this to occur - (the Deezer app has no ability to cast to Sonos - right?)
Cheers Stuart
I ended up purchasing a cat bed that was heated, so my cat, who loved any heat he could sit on, had a place other than the top of my speakers. 🙂 Then Sonos came out with the ability to turn off the buttons, but by then, my cat was too old to get up on top of the speakers, and liked his heated bed too much.
My Beam also starts playing by itself. It happens about half an hour to an hour after we turn of the tv. Not always but more than sometimes.

I never play Spotfiy. I always play songs right of my phone or my NAS. The songs that start playing by themselves are the songs I played the last through my android app.

The two last times:
30/05/2019 round 17u-18u: diagnostics rapport: 956711032
30/05/2019 22u45 diagnostics rapport 1786817551
I've uninstalled Sonos app. The only fix that works for this problem.