New app Sucks!!

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This new app is one of the worst apps I have ever used! I have been a high end integrator for 30 years! I love Sonos but will now have to find a new music system to sell if they don’t fix this!

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New app SUCKS. Please let me go back to the old app. It was perfect the way it was ☹️😡

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The new APP is an absolute shambles! No alarm function, incredibly difficult to navigate to simple functions, the artist radio feature on tidal only lets you play one song and not skip to the next, who knows what other Easter Eggs will be found. As an ex employee of Sonos I used to be proud to share my experience, now I’d like to find a new fill your house with music system. Customer Experience used to be everything - this is a significant pivot away from that. C’mon Sonos you can do better than this. Recognize the mess and revert back to the old app while you figure out the way forward. 

I agree. This app is horrible.  In order to shut off speakers or change stations I need to delete app and then download again.  

Music shouldn’t be so hard.  Sonos will lose all of its customers and revenue.  Very frustrating.  Technology has come so far why not just get some good JBL speakers and connect directly on blue tooth.  

Cannot agree more. I sold my BOSE equipment and was VERY satisfied with the previous SONOS interface. It worked, speakers did not drop off the network randomly etc. Spent ALOT of money setting up new system and now this. SONOS you MUST dump this horrible interface, or at least fix it. I feel like I am back with BOSE

The latest app update is absolutely terrible.  I am a long time sonos user and unfortunately, I have to say this seems like the death knell for sonos. Each iteration of the service has gotten progressively worse.  The latest is not only ugly, it’s barely functional.

New app is  the worst think gonna switch systems at this point 

Like everyone else here I was devastated when I downloaded the new app and everything essentially stopped working. Songs went in and out. I couldn't control everything. Essentially my system became useless. Following advice from some folks on this feed, here is what I did


Uninstalled the new version

Went to

Loomed up sonos 

Found the 16.1 version from March

Downloaded it to my android (needed to update settingston the phone)

* be careful navigating all the ads and fake download buttons

Opened the spp

Restarted all the hardware (important - I turned off and back on again)

I haven't tried it fully but on the one set of speakers I tried it worked and am once again listening to my music at dinner


Hope this helps everyone



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This is beyond frustration.   Customers purchase Sonos equipment and then Sonos has you by the balls.  Not being able to play mp3 music on my phone was bad enough, but now this!!  Thanks for your suggestion.  I went to and found the 16.1 version.   The problem is before you can download it they want a credit card to "verify " who you are.   Not going there.   

I’ve been a SONOS user since the beginning and loved everything about the system and the app controller, BUT this new version is HORRIBLE! it’s confusing, you can’t add music to your queue anymore, your not able to search an artist from the now playing screen, or download! it’s slow and awkward. Unless someone can tell me I’m doing something wrong 🤔…I’m very disappointed! 

I agree 100%  Sonos has taken two steps back on this latest update.  It makes me think that they aren’t interested in its customers experience.  Very frustrating!!!






Two is not enough, it is completely useless.

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Sonos user for 10 years first comment now just to say this app update is terrible! 

rooms won’t group, app freezes, everything seems hidden  and, don’t know if this is related, my roam disconnected itself entirely from the system, now when I try to add it back it’s stuck in flashing green “getting roam ready mode”


this is just a bad experience altogether and I can’t believe they thought this app was ready to release. If I knew how to roll it back on an iPhone I would. 

The attraction of Sonos was the ease of the system. Now I just find myself not using it cause I don’t want to go through the hassle. So disappointing.

New Sonos app needs to go. 
nice try, but there should be a revert option. 
I’ve had Sonos 15 years and this is a terrible interface.  

not even a random feature when sorting my songs???? 

Since the Android update, I’m planning on returning my Sonos products since the new updated app is almost un-usable. WORST update, does not detect any Sonos products or takes multiple tries to ever find the products. I have the surround sounds package but can only use the Arc to connect. Looking into returning these useless products and see if I can get my money back. WORST Adroind update. Sonos should make an app the works or NOT FORCE YOU TO UPDATE.

Agree! This new app does not work well at all. Fix it!!  Please for the love of…!!! Fix it.  Or don’t roll out until better testing is done.  

Unfortunately, I have to wholly agree with everyone’s comments about the new app. Its clumsy and what was once a smooth clickstream for selecting music and services has now become a confused mess.  The new UI is crowded and frustrating to navigate. This is a typical behavior when the developers assume we know what their thinking. I would be tolerant of a new UI as long as the actual features worked. With both being sub-par its driving me away from using a product that I have loved using since 2014.  

This new app is one of the worst apps I have ever used! I have been a high end integrator for 30 years! I love Sonos but will now have to find a new music system to sell if they don’t fix this!

Totaly agree! I use my computer to turn on Sonos/Spotify now. My app defaults to my bathroom and I have to remove it out from any group in order to play music. 

Worst tested app ever!

Can someone from Sonos HQ answer us why they did the app this bad 😡

WTH are they thinking???

reminds me of the Geniuses over at Coke....The New SONOS COKE  !  Blah🤢🤮


the absolute worse App UpDate in History!!!!

not to mention the new 50-70 minute wait times for support??????

absolute Corperate Suicide.…

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App updated today… still NO timer… Hire more developers, this is not hard to implement.  You had it on last app, are you only going to allow it to work on newer hardware only and leave your older devices to suffer and try to force upgrades? Sonos please explain what is going on, how long will this take?

How do I replace new garbage app w old one on iPhone?   New app doesn’t have mute function by room not entire system WTF!!  

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I AGREE!!!!! Im an AV systems integrator and sell Sonos frequently. Im very hesitant to sell this product anymore. Find the update to be unusable, not intuitive at all. Its important for my business reputation to have a system that is easy for everyone to use. Its terrible, WTF, why did they change what was working so well?!!!!

I looked like an idiot the other day after setting up a new system and just seeing the new app for the first time. I looked like I didn’t know what I was doing! If I cant intuitively figure out this app then there is a serious problem as I’ve been in this business for 25 years!!!

Agree with OP 100%.


I gradually grew my Sonos system after falling in love with the speakers and ease of use some 5 or so years ago but with every app update in the last few years, they have left a worsening taste in my mouth each time. With this new update, along with their regular removal of support for older speakers, Sonos has now reached the end of its life for me. It’s time to move to HomePods or something that is easy to just set up and use, which Sonos is leagues away from right now. The new app is absolutely dreadful and complicates virtually everything from the most basic of things; even playing an Apple Music song is now hard work. I also hate how my speakers all now suddenly sound different, despite retuning them and putting the EQ the same as before. Absolute crap.



I’ve been a long time Sonos user and have 7 speakers in my house, so disappointed in this new update.


I can no longer control the volume slider for all rooms at the same time (it only seems to want to bring up and down the ‘Sonos One’s’ and leave the ‘Move’ to itself. The search is no faster than it was previously, the homepage is awful and confusing on what’s a ‘back button’ and what’s a ‘slide down’, sometimes it’s both? I want to be able to tap my volume button again and all of the individual speakers come up (with the master volume at the bottom). This was probably what I used the most!

I opened the SONOS app yesterday to play music from my music libary only to discover the app updated! I no longer have the option to stream my music library throughout my house!!  The new app stinks!  Why this push to get everyone streaming all the time?  Some of us true music fans still buy music to own and want to listen to it on our systems.  Epic fail on SONOS’ part!  If ain’t broke, don’t fix it!!

This new app is one of the worst apps I have ever used! I have been a high end integrator for 30 years! I love Sonos but will now have to find a new music system to sell if they don’t fix this!

This new app is one of the worst apps I have ever used! I have been a high end integrator for 30 years! I love Sonos but will now have to find a new music system to sell if they don’t fix this!

Agreed, it is pretty much unusable! I can't even turn it off once it is on.