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Sonos / worst software developers ever

Having purchased a multi room set up. Following the instructions... the connectivity issues just never stop. 'Unable to connect' is a better name for sonos. Waste of money. Speakers drop out. Rooms dr...

So..it's been almost a year since the announcement. Alexa integration guys?

I'm totally cool with you taking time to get it right. But it was August of last year you announced Alexa integration. I've had an Echo for a while and honestly it is easier to tell it to play somet...

No tv sound

Recently my soundbar and sub will not play audio in from the tv via my optical cable. I have tried a power reset and also checkijg the optical lead for the read light but to no avail. Diagnostics numb...

Surround Speakers Dropping

I have a Bar, Sub and 2 Play 3s configured together. I've tried using the Sonos network ("WM:0") as well as my wi-fi network. I've tried changing the wireless channel. All to no avail, so at this poin...

Cast to Device and Sonos

Hi, hope spmeone can help. I'm on latest Windows 10, and one of the great new features was to be able to Cast To my Sonos devices. However, since I've had a new Homehub 6, the Cast To feature now sh...

What if Sonos disappeared?

There has been a bit of conjecture recently that Sonos could cease trading due to competition, and not catering for the latest and greatest audio formats. If this happened, where would that leave all...

Looking for a good turntable

Hi, Could someone recommend a good turntable to use with Sonos please

TIDAL direct does not work

I received an e-mail from Sonos today telling med that now I can connect TIDAL directly to Sonos without going through the Sonos app. But it does not work. I have a 4-5 year old Sonos equipment with t...

cat5 connection for my boost?

I recently moved into a house that is wired for cat5. My Wi-Fi coverage is spotty with Comcast, so I have made all of the cat5 jacks hot to take anything that can be hardwired off the Wi-Fi. My brid...

Why can't I push *any* audio from phone/device to Sonos?

I've had sonos for years and I know how to play music and other services and music from my phone or other device via line in. But my question is: Why can't I direct any audio stream from my phone to S...

MLB Audio

When I click on MLB Audio and select a feed, they're all greyed out. I updated Sonos and verifiied that I paid my MLB audio subscription. Any suggestions for what to do next?

SONOS Upgrade

I am a plug and play type of person, certainly no audiotechnophile (technoauddiophile?), but would like to think that I know what sounds good to my ear. I listen to many different genres, from Gregor...

Sonos controller app on iPhone running on IOS 11.2 beta

The volume buttons on my iPhone and iPad don't have any effect in the Sonos controller app after installing iOS 11.2 beta. Am I the only one experiencing this issue?

Music playback but no sound from CONNECT

I have a CONNECT that is wired to my stereo. Music was played from a NAS connected to my router using a BOOST setup. To increase the Sonos signal strength in my house (playback was sometimes intermitt...

Serving my own music to Playbar, NAS?.

Hello all, I have boxes full of CD's and would like to make these available to my Playbar/ Sub. I have Playbar and Virgin Superhub 2 wifi router with good coverage. Can someone possibly talk me thro...

After Update 8.0 my system crashed

The app want to update the speaker and failure everytime. And I cant play without update. I have rebooted everything. Im frustrated!! Enyone have the same issue or an solution?

One sonos speaker has no sound

Hi, My Living Room has no sound, while the main speaker in the kitchen is playing just fine. I tried resetting the speaker, unplugging/replugging, etc. I also tried both Spotify and Pandora, and all...

Surround Sound with Connect:Amp no longer working

I currently have a SONOS Playbar hooked up to my tv and have two built in ceiling speakers that are connected to my SONOS Connect:Amp which is hardwired into my router. I recently noticed that the two...

Using Sonos without NAS?

I have had a Sonos system for many years, having copied my entire CD collection to a Buffalo Linkstation. However, I now have a Spotify subscription, and I find that it is easier to use than accessing...

Sonos Connect purest signal question

Hi, I've got a sonos connect connected directly to an integrated amplifier via optical connection. The amplifier has an I build DAC as well. Because if this, I'd like to ensure that I'm bypassing the...


i am buying a turntable to add to play 5s and subwoofer. Will the turntable allow me to play a stereo pair left and right with the play 5s? also will the sub woofer work in unisen?


SOME TIME compare this in my iPHONE : unable to play song ...........because iphone (3) is unavailable . Launch the Sonos controller on iPhone (3) to enable playback .. HELP!!!!

Can you stream to individual speakers once they are grouped?

If I group a Play:1 speaker that is in my family room and living room, it creates a group. Can then play music to ONLY the Play:1 in the family room? I know I can ungroup them, which is what I belie...

Connect gets pretty warm on top

Has anyone took their Connect apart to drill some vent holes for better ventilation on the top? Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

Best 8 port network switch?

I have an older Sonos system that is all connected in an Ethernet daisy chain. Tech support recommended that I install a network switch to eliminate the loop problem by connecting each (7) to a switch...


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