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Why does Sonos Connect volume have to be at 100% when connected to external amp in 'Variable' mode?

Hoping someone can help with a really annoying problem with my Sonos Connect seti-up. Must point out first I am not very tech savvy or experienced with Sonos (although am loving it despite this proble...

Changed wifi

I am following the instructions to change my Sonos to my new wifi. I have connected Ethernet from sonos to router, but do not get to an 'advanced settings' on my iPad in order to change wifi on my son...


Struggling to get decent quality sound from turntable via Sonos

Password to stop other using

I have a Sonos play 1 and a play 5, I like to have my friends over and listen to music but they have access to my wifi and can change the music which can be quite annoying. I think there needs to be a...

Windows Desktop Controller Problem

I have been using the Sonos Desktop Controller on my PC for a long time and it has always worked. Three days ago it suddenly stopped working. I have tried uninstalling the controller and re-installi...

iMac and iPhone Can't Find System

After more than a year of no problems all of a sudden my Mac and iPhone can't find my SONOS player and Play 1 speakers. Nothing has been changed and I have reset the computer, the router and my Tivo...

Music keeps cutting out

I have Sonos Play 5 speakers plugged into my iMac via the line in. The music occasionally cuts out intermittently and I have no idea what to do about it. I was reading in the forums to change the chan...

Can I use my Sonos system 24/7 ?

I would like to use my system continuously for background sound. Would this effect or damage my system?

play music direct on my iphone/ipad

why isn't possible to play music direct from my musiclibrary to my iphone, instead of e.g. the livingroom? When I'm somewhere else I cannot play my music....; not in the train, not abroad. At this mom...

Radio Paradise

Is there a way to add Radio Paradise to the Sonos menu anywhere in order to be able to have a shortcut to stream Radio Paradise?

connection speed insufficient immediately after 7.3 upgrade

I have been setting up all my Sonos kit recently, with one unit directly connected to my Ethernet system, so a BOOST setup (but no actual boost). System is 3xZP100 (+ 1 still to be deployed), 1xCo...

Unable to play/does not exist

Sonos controller on iPhone recognizes and plays music imported from iTunes on MyCloud, but won't play the imported playlist. I get error message 'unable to play/does not exist'. Please advise.

Grouped Speaker Ungroup Themselves

I set all 3 zones of my speakers to a group and then when i shut off and return later, the speakers are ungrouped. How can I reolve this?

Overheating Connect Amp

My Sonos Connect Amp has been cutting out after several hours of play. It becomes almost too hot to touch. I have to disconnect the unit, let it cool and I can reconnect and use it again. Any solut...

Radio Tunes on sonos

I have added several Radio Tunes stations manually to Sonos, since yesterday Sonos doen no longer connect to Radio Tunes - who can help?

Amazon surpassed Sonos to become leader in Wi-Fi speaker sales ahead of Apple’s HomePod

Is this a wake up call to Sonos? read the article here https://9to5mac.com/2017/06/19/amazon-echo-sonos-google-home-wifi-smart-speaker-sales-apple-homepod/

Playbar with bose cubes

Hi all, I am considering adding a pair of bose cubes with a connect amp to my playbar to achieve 5.1. The reason for not using sonos equipment is I like the look of the bose cubes better. I'll...

Sonos Connect will not connect to music services after replacing wireless router

I am a commercial integrator with a client that owns a gym. Recently his Luxul router failed and we had to replace the unit. After installing the new router we are able to communicate with the Connect...

Voltage - Using Sonos 3 speaker in Europe

Would just like to confirm that I can use my Sonos in Europe, where the voltage is 220. Thanks.

Update Android App Without Google

Hello, In the past, I've received messages on the Sonos android app that the Sonos App has an update available and I would usually ignore it, providing everything is working reasonably well. Toda...

Wireless Turntables

Wireless Turntables

Inverter for Play 5

I'd like to purchase a Play 5 for use while camping. I understand sonos does not release wattage information, however, does the community believe a 350w DC-AC inverter would be able to power the Pla...

Amazon Cloud Drive - any plans to add?

I have all my music in the Amazon Cloud. Would be great to have as a Music Service within Sonos. Any plans to support?

Sonos iPad Screen Template

Is there a way to customize the iPad screen template for the Sonos app. We use the iPort Surface Mount (wall mounted iPads) throughout our home. Some of us have a hard time with the layout of the sc...

If I buy multiple Connect's will I get multiple Line-In choices on the Sonos App?

I hope this is not and old question but I've scoured the forum and internet but not found an answer. I'm pretty sure multiple Connect's are allowed on Sonos. I just want to make sure I can use the a...


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