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Using Sonos on the mive

I want to use my play one when out and about in my caravan. What is the best way to do this please?

I hate hate hate this companies software!!!!!!

Is it possible to record the lineout from turntable to macbook? And how?

I have the Connect with a turntable and amp/preamp hooked up and I'd like to record an LP to my macbook pro, anyone have luck with this? Macbook has audio in.

Sonos update cleared my music queue for every room

I just updated my Sonos controller software (required, couldn't play music until I did) and now all the music queues for every room are cleared. This had not been the case in previous updates. Has a...

Sonos app not responding with spotify and spotify app can't send music to speakers

Since the latest update, it looks like original users have been forgotten. 1 - No more lock screen playback, well I guess this is the way now but because none of my speaker are Airplay 2 compatible I...


i have just purchased a beam soundbar and nothing works and there are no instructions.the downloaded app only shows music crevicesi can not control the sound or any other functions. I wish i had neve...

Can I watch TV while listening to Music on the Sonos Beam?

I can't find this listed anywhere. Does anyone know if the video source will remain active from the HDMI source even if the audio source changes (e.g., play spotify music, etc.)?

Sonos Boost Internet Connection

The Sonos Boost worked fine for the first day of use but then cut out my internet. Now every time I connect it to the router it cuts out my internet. How do I solve this?

How do I check my pandora account within Sonos?

I want to see which Pandora account is on my Sonos. I needed to remove explicit content from my Pandora account and want to make sure it was updated.

Playing from iPhone Sonos Playbar skips to next track early

I have an iPhone X and my home wi-fi network uses an Airport Extreme (has been undated with latest firmware). I play movies from the internet (NetFlix, Hulu, Prime) all the time via this wi-fi system...

More than one Network

i connected my sonos ( play 1 ) to a network and want to connect it to another , using Laptop Application is it possible ?!

Klipsch Rock Speakers 650-SM

I am trying to wire 2 of these speakers to a Sonos Connect Amp. The speakers come with 3ft of 4 wire already attached. My question is what speaker wire would I use to wire these speakers so that each...

Sonos Desktop Controller Won't Launch - Windows 10

I am unable to open Sonos Desktop Controller on my PC, which is running the current version of Windows 10. After displaying the Sonos logo, it hangs on the intro screen, which is just a white box. I...

segmenting speaker access

Setting up 8 Play:1s and 4 Play:5s in a 15,000 foot facility. We want it so: 1. anyone can access the Play:5s, but not the Play:1s 2. others can access all speakers, and use an intercom app, like h...

Account Required with Update

Why is it mandatory to create an account to continue to use Sonos? I have had these speakers for years. now with the lastest update I can't use the speakers without creating an account and registerin...

Beam Mic light off and Alexa set up fails

I have a new Beam. Set up worked fine until Alexa which does work. Also noticed I cannot get the mic light to turn on.

Pandora disapear

Since an update some weeks ago Pandora disapear Its not in music service either. Whats happened?

Beyond itunes

Out of interest, does anyone think that we will be able to use airplay2 to send sound from an imac to a compatible sonos speaker when using things other than itunes any time soon? My desktop mac is es...

Sonos one

How to make Sonos Alexa work out side the UK

Beam Sound Quality

Am I the only one completely underwhelmed by the Beam's sound quality when playing music. TV speech quality good, but for music I don't think it even matches a Play 1.


what are the indentations on the top of the beam for

Cord Color for White Beam

I received my white Beam yesterday, but it came with a BLACK power cord. This is the 7th white Sonos product I've purchased, but it is the first and only one that came with a black power cord. Was I...

Using Airfoil with Sonos One

Should it be possible to use Airfoil to stream audio from PC to Sonos One over AirPlay? The Airfoil application is stating the device requires a password. I am unable to find mention of a device passw...

Using Airplay with Sonos One

If I am watching Video in Youtube in my Iphone or Ipad, Can i Transfer the Youtube audio to Sonos One speakers using airplay.

Pass all remote control commands from Beam to TV?

Hi, I understand I can send volume commands from my remote control to my Sony Bravia TV via the Beam over HDMI. This works as expected. However, the Beam obstructs the iR receiver of my TV and so none...


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