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Save me from Alexa

I've got an 8500 Sq foot house, entirely powered by Sonos - the only product I don't own is the playbase. My wife recently picked up an Amazon Echo and put it in the kitchen - she loves it and never...

Estate set up

Hi all, I am trying to set up a small estate 4 acres with about 5-9 connects. I was hoping I could leap frog or daisy chain these wirelessly but I'm not having any luck does anybody have experience ho...

Stuttering/pausing/skipping audio on Ethernet connected Connect

Every night when I go to bed, I play music from my NAS (Western Digital MyCloud) to one of my two Connects. Both are in "Party Mode" with one in another room and connected via WiFi. The other one is h...

Sonos playing in the middle of the night...

Help - does anyone else have their Sonos blasting in the middle of the night? Random timing, sometimes 1am sometimes 4ish. I've checked and there are no alarms set. Have had the system for about 5...

LG OLED TV and magic wand remote

I have diligently followed the instructions to enable my TV remote to control my playbase surround sound system and it fails every time. Any one out there with a similar experience and more importantl...

External Storage Device

What external Storage Device works best. Historically i had a tower computer which held all my record collections on. I left this switched on constantly so my SONOS linked to and I could play my colle...

Want Sonos to keep playing while gone

I used to leave the radio on to keep the dog company. Our Sonos system turns off while we're gone, and I can't find a way to tell it to keep playing. (I know this because it's quiet when I get home,...

TruePlay - Cheapest option to get compatible controller?

I'd like to try out the TruePlay settings for my Play systems but I don't have any Apple gear to do it with. Worse I know nothing about Apple products. I found the list of compatible Apple hardware...

2017 - Best way to access Apple Lossless format files (NAS or cloud streaming?)

Just had entire CD collection ripped into Apple Lossless for Sonos. Was thinking (based on many years ago "the way things worked then", would upload to NAS and index. Still best approach? Or, would...

Support for SMB v2 or v3

With all the recent reports and issues with the WannaCry ransomware I wanted to restrict use of SMB v1 on my home network. My NAS blocks this to the outside world but I wanted to secure things interna...

not connecting, ongoing issue

i changed router a few months ago and was having a nightmare getting my sonos to work. It eventually worked and has behaved itself until today. So, i try and reconnect my system first with my bridge -...


Why is the connection so bad between spotify and sonos, the last 6 months it has been very poor and maybe only works once a week and plays maybe 2 songs.

bbc iplayer radio

Is it possible to open BBC radio iplayer from within the sonos controller?

Connect Amp issue?

Not sure if this is a Beta issue or not but this season so far (I live in NY and only just started using the outdoor zone) I've noticed something strange with my Connect Amp hooked up with Polk Audio...

3 Sonos systems broken

Hi Everyone, I'm hoping you can help as no-one has been able to so far. I have a personal training studio with two sonos systems set up at opposite corners of the room. In one corner the sonos has sta...

Sonos ZP90 and Sonos Connect

I have a ZP90 that I bought in 2009. Can anyone verify that this is basically the same as the Sonos Connect unit and that it will work with the Sonos streaming speakers? (assuming the firmware is up...

Connect amp

Recently I have bought the connect amp can I connect my play 5 speakers to it

Pre-purchase questions about Dolby Digital, Audio Drop Outs, Odd Sounds, and Other stuff...

I am considering a Sonos soundbar and have some concerns/questions: Does Optical cabling provide Dolby Digital 5.1? I have an LG OLED B6 55 Inch. Will I have problems with audio drop out when wat...

Ethernet FAQ?

Although I have two access points and reasonably strong and reliable WiFi throughout my home, I still prefer to use Ethernet wherever possible. As a result, several of my Sonos devices are in location...

Play 5 keeps disconnecting

Hi Sonos I am having problems with one of my Sono's products on my home network. I have a wireless router setup with a SONOS BRIDGE and to this a Play 3 and Play 5 (1. gen) connected. The play 5 ke...

Loving The Beatles Channel, But...

Why no track and artists info on The Beatles Channel? It's not showing up on my iPhone or Mac. Thanks

Sonos Connect Power Cable 'type'

I'm looking to buy a power cable with a UK-head for a Sonos Connect that is coming from the USA. Yes, I could go to a store I guess but would like to purchase one online. Could anyone in the kno...

Blinking white lights

First of all im not very tech-y so my apologies if this is obvious and ridiculous - I've been searching and not finding an answer. My Sonos system has been functioning fine since October - all of...

Xbox One, Playstation 3 with LG 55EC9300 - how do I get surround?

I am a total audio idiot so I need some help. I initially set up my Sonos Playbase to the TV. All video games (PlayStation and Xbox One) are connected to the TV. The sound was OK but not this "vir...

Playbase Lip-Sync Problem

I have a new LG OLED tv and the new Sonos Playbase and I can't get the lip-sync adjusted to be in sync. I have the TV speakers off, but still no go. Driving me crazy! Any ideas?


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