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Removing room in app

For some reason I have 2 rooms showing in the Room Settings. How do I delete one within the app? When we have to reconnect our :one units because they get disconnected in the app, it's creating a new...

Sonos 9.3 update for Mac- now Spotify not working

Just upgraded to Sonos 9.3 now it won't connect with Spotify. Anyone else? What to do?

Telephone support is Unacceptable

What happened to the wonderful tech support Sonos USED to have? Third time I've tried to speak with someone with a hold time over 1.5 HOURS!

Connecting Mac-Mini to Sonos to play media from the Mac

My Sonos Playbar and Sub is connected to my TV. My Mac-Mini is also connected to my TV. Can I play media such as stored movies, itunes, and general media through the Sonos. My Sonos has replaced my am...

Beam setup

Hi. I'm trying to set-up my Sonos Beam with my LG OLED55C8. I have connected the beam to the HDMI 2 (ARC) socket on the TV and turned on the HDMI ARC in the settings. The Sonos app say's that the Bam...

Speakers won’t re register to Sonos account after factory reset

Hi, any help gratefully received. I recently factory reset my 2 Sonos Ones due to problems with the Alexa functionality. Have just set them back up again, but the app is now telling me that it can’t f...

Repeating music and ads

My music, whether from Pandora or Amazon Music, is repeating. Not every song, but every few songs, and even ads, are repeating 2-3 times before it moves on to the next song. Help!!

Virgin V6 and Sonos Playbar - no surround sound

Hi everyone, New member here in need of some help. I've spent the last week trawling through the forums here and on the Virgin website, but can't seem to find a solution for my issue. My suspicion is...

Podcasts on Sonos - can I return to where I left off?

When I listen to any saved Apple Podcast on my iPad via Sonos, if I return to it later or have listened to another one, I find that the original podcast starts playing from the beginning again which i...

Connect Amp to a Audio Techica Sound Dropping in and out

Hi I have just connected my Connect Amp to a Audio Technica (AT-LP60-BT), when playing through my two Play:1's the sound drops in and out on both. I have followed previous community advice and restart...

Loading 10.0 onto iPhone

I have tried 20 or more times to load 10.0 onto my iPhone 7 but it always fails. I get error message 1013. The advice page tells me to move closer to my router, but that doesn't seem to make any diffe...

Downgraded Customer Service?

I am a Sonos user for a few years, even it is not officially launched in Hong Kong at that moment, I bought my first SONOS from Amazon US. In the past, the support service was quite good, I can get a...

Sky q no surround sound

Hi all I have the bar, woofer and 2 sonus 1’s at the rear of the room. Works great until I put sky q on then the sounds normal ie no bass and the back speakers don’t work. Any advice would be appreci...

Multiple speakers with Sonos Amp

Hopefully a simple novice question but one I can't see an answer to. The new Sonos Amp allows 2 stereo sets of speakers to be connected to it, so 4 speakers in total. Will this result in lower volume...

Can't log out

For some reason the account listed on the app on my phone is for my husband. I have no idea how this happened and neither does he. He doesn't know his password. I need to switch to my account on th...

Sourround not working

Just set up beam sub and two ones for sourround. No sound from the sourrounds... how do i fix this?

Intercom for Sonos

The 3rd party "Intercom for Sonos" App appears to no longer work. Has Sonos disabled this/plans to do it's own soon?

Google wifi added to our broadband and Sonos wont connect....any ideas?

We have added google wifi to our broadband and the Sonos just wont connect. Keeps saying its now created its own wifi 'SONOS' and to find it but its not visible. Also tried connecting it via the Sonos...

Circular update

The system keeps asking to update, but latest version is installed on my iPhone. Tried deleting and reopening app.

Sonos beam

Sonos beam wired direct to EE brightbox router, once sonos is working my WiFi drops terribly when I turn sonos off WiFi works again. WiFi is set to channel 1 and sonos net is on channel 11 it’s to the...

Sonos stopped working with Amazon music

My sonos connects ok to my tv and to internet radio but today has simply stopped working with amazon music, though I can listen to amazon music from my pc or phone. Any ideas what has gone wrong?

SONOS drops songs

Hi, my Sonos system keeps stopping songs while they are still playing and then not starting the next song until I go into the app, then the song will start part way through before stopping early. I h...

Beam+Play 1's - regain multi-room setup when not watching movies?

Hi! I just recently bought the Beam (and I love it!), and paired it with my 2 Play 1's. It works great and theres alot more sound from the rear speakers than i expected..! However, when we're just l...

No sound from speakers

I just bought a pair of PLAY1 speakers, and there is no sound. They appear to be connected to the playbar because I can adjust the volume coming from the playbar from either speaker. What can i do no...

Skips to next song

Sonos plays 1-2 minutes of a song and then skips to the next in the cue. If no song is next it plays the same song from the beginning. I stream from Apple Music.


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