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Can digital audio playback be improved by resolutions greater than 16/44.1?

Copied from another thread, courtesy of jgatie - full question was: "Do you believe digital audio, outside of mastering/production techniques, can be improved by playback resolutions greater than 1...

SONOSNET - can't view it from my android device.

Sonosnet will simply not show up on my android device, I have switched it on, tried every channel - I presently have a boost connected to my router and then five products running on this boost set up....

Question about new wifi mesh routers and Sonos

I have been thinking about picking up a new router such as the Linksys Velop, Luma, Eero, Orbi, or Google Wifi. I was curious is this could potentially cause issues with my Sonos speakers? I am curr...

SONOS SEARCH function not working properly on the SONOS Apps

The search function on my Sonos apps (Windows PC & Android mobiles) is failing to pick up a significant proportion of Artists, Albums & Songs etc stored on my BrennanB2 NAS drive and I can't work out...

Trueplay Difference Metric?

I was playing around inside my speakers and found Trueplay info and the difference metric. What does this mean? My speakers reading are Play 5 - 7.7 Play 1 kitchen - 10.9 Play one bedroom -...

Bit Perfect ZP90

I have a ZP90 bought in 2009.The main reason (initially) was it gave bit perfect sound and I found it is easily better than CD provided you rip with EAC. I now want a second one. However, looking on...


Hi guys When will full Alexa compatibility be available?

Vertical vs Horizontal stereo pair

I want to place a pair of play 1's in the corner of our kitchen. With limited space of approx 3-4 feet between speakers, either way. My preference is vertical, however I'm not sure what the cons wou...

Sonos account

I have bought 10K $ worth of equipment and have Sonos account problems

Sonos Max out in party mode???

I have 7 Play5 gen2 and 2 SUBs. when i play in party mode the speakers goes on and off randomly for the first 20 to 30s then it kind of stabilized. very annoying. i have a ASUS AC5300 which is Tri-ban...


Can I set up a sub on its own so I can group it with other speakers? When i try to set up my sub the menu always forces me to choose an existing room thereby pairing the sub with a speaker and defeati...

Play 3's and Soundbar

When I play music from my tv through my playbar and my two play 3's the music plays intermittently through my play 3's. Does anyone know why this would happen ? Thanks in advance.

Add Play5 or Play1-which better for this situation?

Music only. Current set-up 2 paired play1's + sub. Big room & thinking of adding another play1 or a play5 at opposite end of room. Maybe play5 better because of extra bass. Any thoughts please?

How do I rename a player (not a room name)?

When setting up my Sonos (first time user). I named the actual speaker what should have been the room name. When I look at my router I can see what devices are connected to my router. I now unfortunat...

Play 5 pair with sub

Have a gen 1 play 5 and am looking at a pair of gen 2 5's to run in stereo in onother room. Question, can you run a sub with a stereo pair?

Subwoofer price and is it worth it ?

Hi guys I've got a sonos sound bar and thinking of adding the subwoofer ! Obviously it's expensive so would like some feedback and thoughts ! Will it change my sound a lot as the sound bar great alrea...

Recent update has total messed up speaker control

After recently updating my sonos, i am unable to find spotify under 'add services' let alone log in to in. The list of my speakers is very glitchy and sometimes won't even find some of them. Am not ha...

Sonos Boost dropping out

Hey! I bought a Sonos Boost a couple of weeks ago and I am not very impressed... I thought it would solve all issues regarding drop outs from a live audio feed from my Sonos Connect to my pair of P...

Sonos and Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Hi all - Not if someone can help me with that. I have a Project Carbon Debut turntable which have connected to the Sonos connect amp through a pre amp (Project Phono Box) via a RCA cable. Unfortunatel...

Hi Res, 24bit, and DSD

As a long time Sonos user I'm disappointed to say I'll be moving on. I have started looking for a system that can handle hi res files like DSD, or at least 24 bit. How i can appreciate the value in no...

Where is the crossfade on sonos controller on new iPad?

I have downloaded the sonos controller to my new iPad and the is no crossfade option. I have sonos on my PC and android phone and the crossfade is there. I am using Apple Music.

Velop installed.. SONOS drops out

INTRO: I used to use the SONOS mesh setup, with boost and 2 connect's, to extend my network but due to the limited bandwidth and no ability to extend wireless I opted for the Linksys Velop to do this...

Can I connect multiple Input devices to play music on different speaker?

Hey!! Can I connect multiple mobile phones, TV audio, DVD player etc. to single system to play different music on the different speakers? Also just wanted to confirm if I can play music stored in my...

Artists names incorrectly listed.

I have noticed recently that any artist that has a The, as the first part of their name, are now listed with it missing. Eg The Corrs, are now listed as Corrs, which is completely different to all...

Delete a room/speaker

How do I delete a room and move the speaker to another room?


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