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SONOSNET - can't view it from my android device.

Sonosnet will simply not show up on my android device, I have switched it on, tried every channel - I presently have a boost connected to my router and then five products running on this boost set up....


Hi guys When will full Alexa compatibility be available?

Voice activated

When will I be able to tell Siri or google or Alexa to play on sonos ?


Can I set up a sub on its own so I can group it with other speakers? When i try to set up my sub the menu always forces me to choose an existing room thereby pairing the sub with a speaker and defeati...

Search for Music quickly with A to Z

Why does Sonos not offer a simple A to Z index at the side of lists, as Apple and others do. If you have a large collection and you want to get to an artist starting with P or worse W it is an awful l...

Play 3's and Soundbar

When I play music from my tv through my playbar and my two play 3's the music plays intermittently through my play 3's. Does anyone know why this would happen ? Thanks in advance.

How do I rename a player (not a room name)?

When setting up my Sonos (first time user). I named the actual speaker what should have been the room name. When I look at my router I can see what devices are connected to my router. I now unfortunat...

Playbar & Sub With Sky HD Setup

I have a Playbar & Sub with Samsung Tv (it doesn't pass through digital audio) connected to the Playbar optical input. Sky HD, Bluray DVD and Apple TV all connected to the TV by HDMI's. All Audio I...

Subwoofer price and is it worth it ?

Hi guys I've got a sonos sound bar and thinking of adding the subwoofer ! Obviously it's expensive so would like some feedback and thoughts ! Will it change my sound a lot as the sound bar great alrea...

Google Play won't cast

Google Play won't cast to Sonos, It says nearby device, is this a limitation of Sonos or Google Play?

Hi Res, 24bit, and DSD

As a long time Sonos user I'm disappointed to say I'll be moving on. I have started looking for a system that can handle hi res files like DSD, or at least 24 bit. How i can appreciate the value in no...

Can I connect multiple Input devices to play music on different speaker?

Hey!! Can I connect multiple mobile phones, TV audio, DVD player etc. to single system to play different music on the different speakers? Also just wanted to confirm if I can play music stored in my...

Delete a room/speaker

How do I delete a room and move the speaker to another room?

Sonos commercial

Did anyone see the Sonos commercial last night in between the Grammys? I was pleasantly surprised when I saw it. I have never seen any of their ads before. I thought it was a great spot for it. - Kris...

Need expert advice on placing my iTunes library onto my Seagate personal cloud

I recently purchased 2 play 5's, a sub and a play bar for my new home and to be able to listen to all of my iTunes songs. First off, I absolutely love the sound. Completely blown away!!! However, I...

Existing Sonos speakers were never added to client's house setup: How do I do this?

A previous employee left a set of Sonos ceiling speakers in the client's room unconnected to his Sonos setup. Every other room is connected but this one. How do I get these speakers integrated into th...

TIDAL hifi in sonos is not hifi?

Hi, when i play TIDAL hifi in my play 5 there is no diference between spotify and TIDAL hifi, i have the router app and consume like 115kps that means there is not reproducing the hifi version of TIDA...

Surround problems

Had my playbar and 2 play1's working as surround, but then moved them to my other tv. Now the 2 play 1's dont work while watching tv. They do work when watching blu ray. Is my problem because this tv...

Trueplay and Android

I have nearly $2000 of Sonos equipment. I love Sonos. Now comes Trueplay for tuning my Sonos speakers. What? Only iOS? Does anyone else here have an Android phone? I have used a Yamaha 4000 sound bar...

Artists names incorrectly listed.

I have noticed recently that any artist that has a The, as the first part of their name, are now listed with it missing. Eg The Corrs, are now listed as Corrs, which is completely different to all...

Feature Development

Creat a functionality

You tube

How can i stream youtube from play 1 3 & 5?

Move a Play 5 temporarily to a new WiFi Network

I have a home Sonos System with 2 Play 5's and a Play 3. The Play 3 is wired to my router. The controller is on a windows laptop. Our music sources are Spotify and Amazon. I want to enjoy our Play...

Add music library to Sonos

I am unable to add my itunes library to Sonos. I am receiving Error code 1002

BBC On Demand Radio Player

Can Sonos play On demand Radio from the Radio Player


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