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Telephone support is Unacceptable

What happened to the wonderful tech support Sonos USED to have? Third time I've tried to speak with someone with a hold time over 1.5 HOURS!

Connecting Mac-Mini to Sonos to play media from the Mac

My Sonos Playbar and Sub is connected to my TV. My Mac-Mini is also connected to my TV. Can I play media such as stored movies, itunes, and general media through the Sonos. My Sonos has replaced my am...

Downgraded Customer Service?

I am a Sonos user for a few years, even it is not officially launched in Hong Kong at that moment, I bought my first SONOS from Amazon US. In the past, the support service was quite good, I can get a...

Beam+Play 1's - regain multi-room setup when not watching movies?

Hi! I just recently bought the Beam (and I love it!), and paired it with my 2 Play 1's. It works great and theres alot more sound from the rear speakers than i expected..! However, when we're just l...

SONOS drops songs

Hi, my Sonos system keeps stopping songs while they are still playing and then not starting the next song until I go into the app, then the song will start part way through before stopping early. I h...

Automated Spam filters - Boon or Bane

Ryan sent me a message yesterday clarifying that some recent moderation I had complained about was an aggressive automatic filter at work, and not a moderator action. As I have written to him, I am p...

Generic Router Settings

Just wanted to know what most people router settings is. I recently opened advanced wireless settings on my router and most items were set to automatic. Request you guys to post a screenshot of your a...

Wired speaker regularly cuts out

I have one wired speaker and a few wireless ones. At approximately one quarter past the hour, every hour, the wired speaker cuts out for about 30 seconds. The wirelss speakers have no interruption. Th...

wifi network

cant connect to sonos. app says your are on x network and sonos is on another network. there is only 1 network with 4 waps

sonos system is crippled

My whole system has been glitchy and non responsive the last two days. I've tried resetting my entire wireless network, changing channels, etc. Fails to stream from Amazon. Fails to stream from Apple....

Unexpected delay in wired setup

I'm using an up-to-date Sonos One as speaker for my Macbook Air (also up to latest Mac OS X version "Mojave"), connected only via GbE cables with a 1000Mbps switch in between. The first odd thing is...

Play 5 Orientation-Tweeters Disabled

Everywhere I read, it says that when placed in horizontal orientation, the inside tweeters are disabled to maintain stereo separation. My two stereo paired play 5s disable the outside and keep playin...

I used to love my Sonos - Privacy complaint

I have advanced multiple sclerosis and depend on a wheelchair to get around. When I bought several pieces of Sonos kit a few years ago, they freed me from having to put on records or cds and gave me f...

Unable to setup new system on iMAC / MacBook

First off, I am not a luddite. I was just informed that I cannot setup my new Sonos One on my computers, but rather must use a mobile device. Unfortunately, my eyesight makes that quite difficult....

ZP90 stoped working after system update

Hi, Yesterday I did a system update (I've two son0s:1 speaker and one zp90). The system update reported a failure and afterward the two sonos:1 devices continue to work as normal but the ZP90 has a br...

Can't log out

For some reason the account listed on the app on my phone is for my husband. I have no idea how this happened and neither does he. He doesn't know his password. I need to switch to my account on th...

Iplayer on Sonos

I am looking for a way to play music downloaded from BBC Iplayer radio through Sonos. I can play this directly from Iplayer on my phone (Android) or laptop but not through Sonos, as far as I can work...

Help wiring speakers

I just moved to a house that has speakercraft speakers in the ceiling and I know it was previously hooked up to sonos. The seller left me one of the amps and it is used to power the kitchen and livin...

Multiple instances of the same Sonos device in Alexa app

I found something exploring through the Alexa app that looks odd. I show 2 instances of the same device name but with different serial numbers in the Alexa app as shown in the pic. Is this normal? it...

9.2 Update Question - Manage options greyed out

Updated to 9.2 but now the "manage" options are greyed out. I can't find any of my imported playlists. I am running a iMac OS X 10.10.5. I can't find any related resolutions so looking for help. Submi...

Using Sonos when the internet is down

I have Spotify on my iPad & iPhone. I have downloaded my music on these devices. Is it possible to play this downloaded music if the internet is down?

Register Your Speakers

My Sonos account says it can’t find any speakers registered to my account. It has locked up my controller on my iPhone and iPad. I only have amps, with hard wired non Sonos speakers. I was using th...

sonos stopped playing

Sonos Play 5 (gen1) set up as pair, one of the stops playing but comand still work

Play 5 Gen 2

Play 5 Will only now connect with Ethernet. Used to connect wirelessly. Have 1 other Play 5 +, 2 play 1s, 1 connect amp & 1 boost all of which are connecting wirelessly except for the boost which is...

Speakers won’t re register to Sonos account after factory reset

Hi, any help gratefully received. I recently factory reset my 2 Sonos Ones due to problems with the Alexa functionality. Have just set them back up again, but the app is now telling me that it can’t f...


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