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Complaint: Controller (ver 8.2.2) for android

I find the new interface to be very user unfriendly. The are multiple weaknesses compared to the previous version. -The fact that one has to "go back" to see the menu for rooms, search, brows, etc -Th...

Old Wireless to New Wireless

I have a set of old wireless speakers in my dinette and kitchen that are 25 feet and 35 feet respectively from a 55" TV in the family room. I use these to listen to the TV so I don't blow the people i...

Playbar TV Input disconnects after a while

Hello; If I pause my TV for a while my Playbar stops playing the input. Before the last update it would go to 0 volume and then slowy fade up. Now it just doesn’t play at all. I have to go to the Son...

5Ghz or bust!!! Please Sonos!

Living in a crowded area with 20 different 2.4GHz wireless networks around is really frustrating with Sonos. I've invested in many speakers and I'm constantly getting queues of podcasts either skipped...

Boost did not resolve my problem

I started with a single Sonos One 2 months ago. I liked it so much that I kept buying them and now have a total of 6, and along the way I've recommended Sonos to lots of other people. I am beginning t...

BBC iPlayer Radio

Any idea when or if there will be intergration with BBC iPlayer radio app?

Sonos One and Google AI availability? WHEN !?!?!?!?

One of the main reasons we bought the Sonos One was because it was advertised to run on both Alexa and (coming soon) Google Assistant. We bought it before Christmas and are still waiting. At this po...

Sonos Connect will not work with Mcintosh MC 50 pre amp

I have tried what i think is all of the other suggestions on here. When I hook up the Sonos to Mciintosh the sound is very faint even at almost full level on the system. I know multiple people have...

Hidden wifi network for Sonos

Which wifi network is preferable to connect sonos - a hidden or regular?

Sonos with HomePod

Will I be able to ask an Apple HomePod to play music from Apple Music? I am considering changing from Apple Music to Spotify so I can use Alexa to play music on my Sonos system but would like to know...

Playbar surround sound - Play 5 Gen 1

Hello, For what I’ve read due to he P5 Gen 1 having 2.5Ghz wireless they are unable to support surround sound with a Playbar for the TV/Movies. Can you advise if it’s possible to connect the P5 Gen...

Songs Skips -

Songs skip before reaching end. I've about had enough of this, and would have thought Sonos could amend this issue by now. Or if they have would have clearly communicated this by now. Yes... I know ho...

Watts and Ohms

So currently I have play 5s and just gotthe soundbar as well. looking to pick up a sub and another play 5 what are the watts of these speakers? looking for watts and Ohms for Sub and play 5's I ask...

2x Play:5s versus Connect+AVR+Good quality stereo speakers

Couldn't find any answer to my following question in the community so far. Has anyone ever compared the sound quality of 2x Play:5s versus 2x good quality stereo speakers connected to a receiver, co...

Sonos and Google WiFi

Having an issue with google and Sonos. First on the network I have several devices connected (hardwired) to the router. I have 2 Play 1's and a Connect hooked up. The Connect is hardwired to the route...

Why does everything involve a purchase?

I bought a Sonos thinking I would just be able to play stuff from my phone. Turns out everything I want to play involves a subscription! I feel cheated. It's a great speaker, but really, do I have t...

Server cannot be found

When I try to play a song, I get the following message: “Unable to play ‘[song]’ - cannot connect because the server cannot be found.” Any suggestions on a fix? Thanks in advance.

Why would I need to purchase a Boost?

I just purchased my first Sonos products, a pair of Ones. When I went through the setup process, the app told me that I cannot run the speakers standalone on my wireless network without a Sonos Boost...

Wait...so the line in source (CD Player) to my Connect doesnt show any metadata at all? No control functions save for volume?!

?? Seriously??

Recycling Options

I got a Sonos speaker for Christmas and despite hours of effort I haven’t been able to make it work. I’m not hugely technical but not totally useless, but I think the setup probably requires a level o...

TuneIn Radio

My sonos system works fine apart from one particular Radio Station that I use frequently (Buddha Hits which is in Sydney Australia). When I select this station, it goes through the 'connecting' phase...

Tune in radio

Good Morning, I am trying to play one of "my radio stations" (CJAD 800am) on tunedin I get an error message "unable to play radio station", but my other stations work just fine.


Why does the sound on my Play 5 keep dropping out? I purchased a Playbar to send my TV sound over to my Play 5. This has not been a good experience, since the sound keeps dropping out on the Play 5.

Sonos "AP" in INFRA mode

I run our Sonos speakers in infra mode, connected to our Ubiquiti Wi-Fi network, which covers the whole house really well. Using Ubiquiti airTime I see what looks like a WLAN access point that's utili...

Playbar Advanced Audio Setting

Hi there i`m new here but never needed any help with sonos until now. I have had my playbar a few days and finding sound (speech) harder to hear than the background music or noise. I have a pair of pl...


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