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Powered speakers and connect


Mac - iTunes Music Library - Cannot be added by SONOS after upgrade

Recently upgraded to: MAC OS 10.13 High Sierra// followed by SONOS Controller 8.1 SONOS now unable to add my two iTunes music libraries that it has been accessing fine for the last several years. (Th...

E-Books on Sonos

Can you listen to Kindle ebooks on Sonos? I cannot find a way to do this. I have a blind relative who would find the very helpful.

Podcasts won't stop erratically skipping episodes

Is there any way to play a podcast through Sonos without having it randomly skip to a new episode every 5 mins? I have my Sonos receiver right next to my wireless router, and this still happens even...

How do I remove 2 Sonos devices from my account

I have 5 Sonos devices on my account. My ex took 2. How do I remove them from the account. I don't want to have them linked.

My Playbase won’t connect

My PLAYBASE has stopped working. It was playing through the TV ok with the optical cable but wouldn’t group with speakers in other rooms for music. I’ve checked and done a WiFi reboot and that’s all o...

Plans to support Cortana?

Given that Google Assistant is coming, I was wondering if supporting Cortana on the One is on the books?

Mini Toslinki

My Samsung monitor has a mini Toslink jack. Can I connect it to the Playbase with a mini Toslink to Toslink cable?

Connecting one of two speakers to a Wifi booster

I have two Play:5 speakers and want to connect one to the main wifi router and one to the Netgear Wifi booster in another part of the house - is this possible while still using the same controller?

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Feedback on new app

I would like to issue my feedback: Oh my gosh the new app, sonos website + forum are very complex! I could easily list a number of fundamental user interface rules that are broken, and many interfac...

Auto Update

Hey Sonos Team! We really need an auto-update feature! I work with 300+ rental properties in Park City, UT, and whenever you push out an update, it automatically updates on everyones phones (iOS & An...

Switching music services-playlist migration?

I currently am a subscriber to both google play and Spotify. I have most of my playlists as google play files but I plan on dropping google play and only Using Spotify going forward. Rather then remak...

iTunes Music in the cloud

Hi everyone. Since the last update of Sonos, I’m missing the songs I uploaded on ITunes in the Cloud (linked to iTunes Match subscription). Before the update I was able to play them, but by now I stil...

Issue with line in on play 5 and grouping 2 play 1s

First time user so apologies if my question has any details missing but... I have a play5 connected by line in to my LG tv - all works well. When I group together with my 2 play1s, I get intermittent...

Reset Sonos Controller when trying to set up on new WIFI network HELP

So I plugged my SONOS Play:1 in to the ethernet in my wall and tried to follow the usual set up procedures. However, it wasn't allowing me to do it so I reset my iPhone (sonos controller) to see if it...

play 5 + apple tv + videoprojecteur

bonjour, comment faire pour associer play 5 + apple tv + videoprojecteur

Help me finish my set up on campus wifi

Ok I have gotten one speaker working on my schools network but I can't get the rest of them to connect to it.. I can wire them and run them with my computer but I really want them on my phone app. Ple...

Getting 5.1 surround + Zone 2 ceiling speakers

I've googled this plenty, so I think this is right but I wanted to hear from the experts. I don't currently own Sonos, so I'm not entirely sure how some aspects would work. I'm trying to get 5.1 surr...

Can you configure Playbar to be on a wireless network?

Hi. I've just purchased a Playbar and sub and it is all connected up and working whilst connected via ethernet. However, I am trying to connect the Playbar on a wireless network for Spotify use from...

Slacker Station not showing in Now Playing in new app

When I expand the Now Playing in the new iOS app I can't tell which Slacker Station is playing. I can see the song, artist and album (including album art) but the station name is not listed. When I pl...


Are we able to listen to iBooks on Sonos? I can’t find it as an option.

Alexa volume control

Hi.volume control seems to be playing up a bit on my play 3s.Anybody else have alexa say that command is not available.Ten mins later it works

Alexa echo dot

Anyone have a UK code that they're not going to use please ?

Sonos Playbase not working with Samsung Smart TV REMOTE

Hi there, I bought a new playbase today and really like it and am a long term sonos user and fan. It all works fine but I cannot get my remote to work. I read some things on here and also followed the...


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