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Play 5 Gen 2 Connect to Boost

My Sonos 5 Gen 2 connects when connected by ethernet cable to my Boost device, but will not connect in wireless mode. Note that it used to be fine, but disconnected for some reason. Note that I have...

Sonos Playbar and mute behavior

There seems to be an issue with the way that mute works when controlling the Sonos from the Sonos app or from a remote control (like my Harmony Ultimate). When the speaker has been muted and then t...

Spotify Family Problems

I have Spotify Family and every time I'm listening to music on Sonos and my daughter begins using her Spotify account the music on my Sonos system stops. I'm using Spotify under my account and she ha...

Changing from UK/Ireland plug to Canadian plug

Hello community. I've brought my sonos system to Canada. I was thinking of cutting into the cable and wiring a standard Canadian plug onto it, rather than having adapters. Is this acceptable? It's a m...

Cannot connect to Sono

Unable to connect to Sonos using the iOS beta app. Tried deleting and downloading and it says connected to my system, but when I click on existing system, it says "Sorry, we can't connect to Sonos". T...

It's not connectin

Idk whats going on with my device

Prviacy statement concern

Am I the only one that finds the new privacy statement disturbing? I cannot recall ever being told when I bought my seven products over a period of time that Sonos had the right to threaten disabling...

Spotify supporting Sonos without premium account?

I see Google Home now supports free Spotify accounts.... anyone heard any news about a similar arrangement with Sonos?

Connecting a PLAY:5 to a proxy network.

I recently purchased a PLAY:5. I live in Fort Campbell, and the only internet available to me is through proxy networks (like Boingo) hardwired in the barracks. Is there any way for me to use my P...

6 speakers, 2 connect amps

Whats up. I have six in ceiling speakers and two connect amps. My question is, how do I wire three speakers into one connect amp?

Outdoor subwoofer

Hi, have a sonso connect amp and KEF Ventura 6. Need a outdoor sub. I cant find any good outdoor sub, but maybe a car sub would be ok? But then i need a litle amp to that. Anybody that have a outdoor...

Sonos play 1 Black edition

Where I can find play 1 black limited edition?

Encoded incorrectly

I'm trying to play my podcast trough pocket casts and i keep getting this error: encoded incorrectly. Playing my podcast on the site of pocket casts works perfectly, when i play it on sonos it self I...

Can the LED on the play 1 (or others) be set via the API ?

I would like to swith on the LED if the alarm is set, otherwise I would like to switch it off. Is there any way to do so via the API ? I could not find this.

Sonos Play5 (Gen2) Wifi connection werkt niet

Mijn sonos play 5 (gen 2) van 6 maanden oud is gestopt via de Wifi te werken, heb vervolgens mijn netwerk opnieuw ingesteld en hij deed het weer echter na 2 dagen is hij er weer mee gestopt en werkt n...

Intermittent cut out

I have aPlay bass and 2 Sonos 3 speakers hooked up in our playroom. The sound it intermittently cut out every minute or so for a second. It's like a blip. I've already run the diagnostic and the numb...

Playbar Sound Coverage Angle

Hi, I own a Bose Soundtouch 30 and have been using it for some time now. But there are a few things I don't like about the system, first of the wireless streaming from Spotify is very unresponsive...

Play 5 sounds funny

Ok, so I played some music on my pkay 5 today and it sounded like a chipmunk. Tried playing different songs, switched it off, reset equaliser settings but nothing changed. I have not moved my speaker,...

Adds for Sonos on youtube,

Is there a way or workaround that i can use to listen to Sonos´ own adds promoting Sonos on youtube using my play 3?

An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) and google play music keeps dropping out

I'm struggling with getting any song to play through and especially more than one at a time. For music on my laptop, I get An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002) and google play mu...

Play 5 grill

Just quick, how do I safely remove this? It's proper stuck in. A drink was spilled next to it, and I just want to make sure the spillage hasn't done anything too serious...

How do I improve system reliability with 8 zones?

My system worked fine when I had six zones, but since I added two more zones (8 total), Sonos goes down semi-regularly and I have to re-start Sonos or re-boot my home wifi to get it working again. My...

samsung 9 year old blu ray

no sound from playbar on my samsung blu ray player

Changed Wifi Network Name

I have a Sonos Boost setup. I recently added Google repeaters throughout the house to strengthen the wifi. In the course of that, I changed the network name, but otherwise left my wifi system untouc...

Tunein BBC Streams

Forgive me if this info is available but I cannot find an up to date post about it. What bitrates are the current tunein BBC channels ? I want the best quality, so If they are not I believe I'll nee...


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