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Unable to play/connect

I have just started receiving an error message from my Sonos system. unable to play XXXXX.mp3 unable to connect to //DESKTOP-PMCDGC1/MusicLibrary I have checked the firewall settings, network connect...

Apple music playlist : cannot retrieve it

I’ve just started the 3 months free trial period with Apple Music the problem is that while I can listen through the Sonos App the musisc I downloaded on my iPhone previously, I cannot see the playl...


Is it possible to play all units with alexa? For example if I tell alexa to play a song on all units does it includes play 1:s or playbase even though it dosen't support alexa?

Amazon Alexa echo plus & Sonus Beam

I now have both of these products ,will both play the same music when called upon ,even if in separate rooms.

Play 3 can no longer connect to Sirius XM acct?

I have been playing Spotify, Sirius XM, Soundcloud with no problems for 6 months on my Play 3. Now it says Sirius XM acct is temperarily unable to connect?? My Sirius is still working thru the app and...

Slow general wifi with Sonos

I have had Sonos for a few years. However I have noticed very slow WiFi with all devices lately. I have Sonos play 5 plugged into a apple time capsule via Ethernet and the time capsule is plugged into...

Unable to set up play 1

Hi, So I cannot connect my play 1. I already have a 5 in another room which is connected and works fine. When trying to connect my play 1 I get as far as the ‘listen for the chimes’ msg and then no f...

AppleTV 4K and Connect

My AppleTV 4K shows all of my Sonos devices available for use as an audio device EXCEPT for my Connect. Does anyone know if there is something different about the Connect in terms of network discovery...

"We can't connect to Sonos" error after adding sub with Ethernet

I have 2 Play 1, Play 5, Soundbar, Sub, 2 Connect AMP, and 1 Connect on my home system. Everything except the sub has worked great. I've been reading in the forums about how to get my sub to connect a...

Help! Turntable to Pre-Amp to Sonos Connect

I purchased and am attempting to install a Pro-Ject Record Box E to connect my Pro-Ject Essential III turntable to my Sonos Connect. I have the cables from the turntable going into the “in” ports of...

Connectivity issues with my Sonos Play:3

Hi, Have a couple of issues i need help with. Firstly, have recently setup my Sonos Play:3 and having connectivity issues. The music stops and jumps and the app is very unresponsive and seems at tim...

Sonos play 3 dead

What to do with dead speaker. NO lamps when connecting power.

Glitchy Sound

I have a Sonos playbar set up with a 65” curved Samsung and occasionally the sound is glitchy. If I change the channel then come back to the original channel it resolves, but I’d like it just work. An...

Sonos Connect AMP - with receiver (NAD)

Hi! I searched on the community but the answers are not very clear to me. So I've the following case; I already owned a Sonos Connect AMP but today I bought a new receiver - NAD T 758V3. In the attach...

Sonos app asks to be updated. Even though it’s version 9.2

I open the Sonos app It asks me to add a speaker I press the plus icon to add speaker I see a screen asking me to update the app I press update (despite my app being 9.2 - latest version) It opens the...

I can not find the manage menu

I have a new iMac and have installed the sonos app but I can not see the gear icon to index the library


Sorry, this is probably going to seem like an incredibly naive question but what is a tag? At the end of setting up a question or creating a topic there's an option for "Add Your Tags"; what is that s...

Satellite and buffering

I have satellite (Hughes) internet (only choice in a rural area) which also provides the router and wifi signal for the home. I installed my Sonos One and started playing downloaded (not streaming) m...

Wrong android app accout

Hi all, I'm trying to log into the android controller app but for some reason it's hooked onto my sons account name and I cant seem to log him out, or delete his account name so I can enter my account...

unable to sign in

I have been using Sonos for many years. I have the basic system on a PC I have been using new Sonos speakers. My old controller is no longer supported. After house alterations I want to bring some o...

Speaker Keeps Turning Off

My Sonos 5 keeps turning off (meaning no LED). Then, later it will become available and works. What's going on?

Router connection to Connect amp

I am not that computer literate so I am probably asking a couple of very dumb questions about reInstalling my Sonos kit. We are moving into a new flat and the router is located in one corner of the...

Beam audio delay

Hi I recently bought a beam, and am experiencing the well documented lip sync issues when passing Sky Dolby digital feed through my Phillips TV. Switching to "normal" solves the issue of course. So Im...

Radiox disappeared from Tunein

RadioX has disappeared from my Sonos from Tunein. Is this a license issue from RadioX or is there a software problem?

Error 1002 music won’t play

Error 1002 keeps appearing, whether I try to play a playlist or just one song.


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