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2 ZP90 Zone Players with Different Sonos Playlists

Can I have 2 separate ZP90 zone players on the same physical network (wired ethernet) with: (a) each assigned a different IP address (b) more importantly, can each have it's OWN UNIQUE Sonos playlists...

More than one Network

i connected my sonos ( play 1 ) to a network and want to connect it to another , using Laptop Application is it possible ?!

Playing from iPhone Sonos Playbar skips to next track early

I have an iPhone X and my home wi-fi network uses an Airport Extreme (has been undated with latest firmware). I play movies from the internet (NetFlix, Hulu, Prime) all the time via this wi-fi system...

How do I check my pandora account within Sonos?

I want to see which Pandora account is on my Sonos. I needed to remove explicit content from my Pandora account and want to make sure it was updated.

sonos 9 bug

since upgrading to sonos 9 the app becomes unresponsive on the iphone if you switch to another app and back again , or even just press the home button , the music continues to play without a problem...

Sonos Boost Internet Connection

The Sonos Boost worked fine for the first day of use but then cut out my internet. Now every time I connect it to the router it cuts out my internet. How do I solve this?

After new update 9.0, Sonos doesn't work with Apple or Amazon Music

Hello all, I've owned Sonos products since 2003 and currently have 12 zones. The current issue has to be the most frustrating as the new update has shut down are system with Apple Music and amazon mu...

Sonos 5 low volume

My sonos 5 only plays very faintly. Can it be repaired?

Sonos One tone control with airplay2

How can I adjust tone control while using Apple Music through Airplay2?

BEAM set up with existing Connect Amp and two speakers and sub woofer

I have a master bedroom zone incorporating a Sonos connect amp currently connected to two speakers and a sub woofer. I want to connect my new beam (I will receive on Tuesday) to my TV and my Sonos con...

Mixcloud no search results at all?

Why no search results at all from mixcloud? I get spotify, apple music and soundcloud.. but no mixcloud? if soundcloud results had a way to discern a mix from a song, that would be great.. but that i...

moving music from microsoft groove

i have got all my own music stored in microsoft groove, i have just got a new ipad / i installed the sonos app and i can not play my music from the groove. do i need to transfer for my music to the i...

Using Sonos on the mive

I want to use my play one when out and about in my caravan. What is the best way to do this please?

Play 5 will not conect wirelessly?

Play 5 will not connect wireless. All others in the system work fine. play will connect with ethernet.

Playing on cellphone?

I've got a greenhouse where I can relax in the evening. No power is avaiable. I want sonos 1 battery run but for some strange reason it's not developed yet. A compromise could be playing Sonos on m...

Sonos update cleared my music queue for every room

I just updated my Sonos controller software (required, couldn't play music until I did) and now all the music queues for every room are cleared. This had not been the case in previous updates. Has a...

iPhone X locked screen controller

Why does the Sonos controller not show up on locked screen like it did previously (same phone and iPhone 7+)

m4a files not playing, or only partially playing and then skipping to next track

I have a suddenly occurring issue - when Sonos plays an m4a file, it will either not play the track or only partially play the track and then skip to the next track. This has only started happening to...

.net 4.7

Controller issues

Is it possible to record the lineout from turntable to macbook? And how?

I have the Connect with a turntable and amp/preamp hooked up and I'd like to record an LP to my macbook pro, anyone have luck with this? Macbook has audio in.

How the 'ask a question' forum works

If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answered by the community or by us, we'll go ah...


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