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New WiFi router

I've watched the video telling me how to reconnect my wifi to my new router, however it told me to go on my app and onto settings, then advanced settings. I do not have an advanced settings option! Wh...

I can't add my iTunes to my music library

I was having issues with my music disappearing from music folder, the iTunes would stay on the system but my other folder would disappear and I had to keep reinstalling. I found out through this comm...

Play 3 feet

This is my first time using any sort of forum. Hopefully I'm in the right place. I would like to buy some spare runner feet got my with Play 3. Can anyone tell me where I might be able to get them? T...

Play 3

Rubber feet

How can I play (a Netflix show) from my computer and hear it on a Sonos?

Do I need to have a line-in model, like the Play:5 ?

Samsung Smart Control TM1680A

I have a Samsung un65ks800d TV that uses a Samsung Smart Control TM1680A. The Sonos Playbar does not recognize the signals from the remote. Has anybody had success with this remote?

How can I get QQ Music service

Hi Team, I am mainly listening to music via QQ music on my iPhone. Question: it is possible I buy the device in Australia locally, but register this device back to China to get QQ Music service sho...

4 Speakers one Connect AMP

I have a room where i have 4- 8ohm speakers and i want to connect them to a sonos connect amp. What will be the best method to connect them. Thanks

Add addnl set wired speakers to Connect-Amp

I have two separate rooms each with a pair of wired in ceiling speakers and I want to be able to control each room individually, i.e. when I want sound in one room vrs the other and what is played in...

Unable to add ITunes music folder

I have my music in ITunes on a Mac Mini. This used to work ok until 12 months ago when Sonos coul not find the music library. I have tried adding the music folder again but get the same message "Unab...

How do I play audio only from DVD player without turning tv on with playbar?

I'd like to play audio only from my dvd player without turning the tv on with the playbar? How do I do this?

Too wide ?

Want to update to the Playbase but my 31kg 65in curved SamsungTV n stand will overlap by 50mm. Doable ??

two networks one sonos system

Hi ok we have a large house, it was easier to have a different broadband and telephone system in the gym rataher than running a lan cable as it was too far. So I want my sonos in the gym as well with...

True Play Issue

Anybody else having issues with true play and their speakers making a popping noise when playing music? I've tuned my 3 x play1s (1 mono, 2xstereo) and 1 x play3 and when I play music on them they mak...

Changing Speaker Location

I have a Play 5 in my home office. I want to move it to the game room and move a Play 1 and a Play 3 into the office and then use Tureplay to tune the speakers in the office. I also want the softwar...

Will the Playbase work with Shield TV?

We have an all Streaming household, read some limitations with play base, would like some clarification before the investment. We are building a home, and I've been interested in the SONOS system f...

Playbar Mount to WALL or to TV?

Is there a functional difference between mounting the playbar to the wall vs. mounting it to the bottom of the TV? I am about to wall mount my TV for the first time and I will be on a full articulatin...

Sonos on a wired layer 3 network

If I want to connect my Sonos components with a wire, can Sonos communicate via a layer 3 network or must it be layer 2 (same subnet)

Playbase dropped out, now nothing connects

I was watching TV with the Playbase, and then the sound dropped out completely. The App still seemed okay, and then that also dropped out, and it said it was unable to connect to the SONOS. I am now u...

Apple Music

I created a playlist on AppleMusic with songs. I've downloaded all of them to my phone. When I go to play the playlist in my Sonos App it only shows one third of the songs. I've powered the phone down...

Connect amp + sonos sub

How many sonos sub could you connect a 1 connect amp?

Pandora ads on Sonos

At the shop where I work, we use pandora on sonos speakers. We pay for a pandora account so there are no ads, but a couple of weeks ago, ads started popping up. We renewed our Pandora subscription and...

How do I set up my Oled55e6* Magic remote with my Sonos playbar

My LG magic remote for my Oled55e6* TV is not recognised by my Sonos playbar for sound control. Can this be done as I have to use my sky remote for sound control at present which is a bit of a pain 😞

Im a nube but im not stupid

Help me please, just make me put the gun down. I've recently purchased a Connect and a Play3, all eager I go home and start the setup process only after watching the very helpful video on connecting t...

New Product idea

Smaller stereo box, Hi folks at Sonos, love your products but I find the Sonos Play 1 is too big for the shower/bathroom ensuite - It would be great to have a "Sonos Micro" that's optimised for a bat...


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