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Sonos dropping out repeatedly - unable to play any streaming services

Hi, I have been having trouble with my sonos system ever since I got it. At first, the issue was constantly being unable to connect via iPhone or other apps. Sometimes I could connect via my mac whic...

iTunes playlists not appearing in Sonos app

After updating to version 7.3, my Apple Music playlists no longer appears in the sonos app.

Update Android App Without Google

Hello, In the past, I've received messages on the Sonos android app that the Sonos App has an update available and I would usually ignore it, providing everything is working reasonably well. Toda...

Voltage - Using Sonos 3 speaker in Europe

Would just like to confirm that I can use my Sonos in Europe, where the voltage is 220. Thanks.

connection speed insufficient immediately after 7.3 upgrade

I have been setting up all my Sonos kit recently, with one unit directly connected to my Ethernet system, so a BOOST setup (but no actual boost). System is 3xZP100 (+ 1 still to be deployed), 1xCo...

The Sonos controller failed to install

I'm currently running version 7.2 but when the new update for 7.3 arrived I try to update only to receive a notice saying "Update Failed. The Sonos controller failed to install. The rest of the update...

Radio Paradise

Is there a way to add Radio Paradise to the Sonos menu anywhere in order to be able to have a shortcut to stream Radio Paradise?

playing Spotify and Tidal content in offline mode

Does anyone know if its possible to play your downloaded Spotify or Tidal content while in 'offline' mode mover Sonos? If not, any idea why not?

Play Line In Audio to Other SONOS

I have a PLAY:5 connected to my computer via Line In. Wondering if it's possible to play that Line In source to stereo-paired PLAY:1's but not output sound to the PLAY:5 (i.e. PLAY:5 is muted). In oth...

Running latest software but keeps wanting me to update

I am running latest 7.3 software but every time I open sonos app on my iPhone it sends me to app store to check for updates where the only option I'm given is to then open the app .. It's time consumi...

Play 5s, does this make Connect redundant?

I have a Sonos Connect, connected to my hi-if amp and then connected to a pair of passive speakers. From what I've read am I correct in thinking that if I pyurchase a pair of Play 5s to replace my ex...

Radio Tunes on sonos

I have added several Radio Tunes stations manually to Sonos, since yesterday Sonos doen no longer connect to Radio Tunes - who can help?

Playbar stops working....

... Im using a windows desktop controller (sometimes), the entire setup runs through a PC connected to a smart TV with direct input to the Sonos playbar, when i group the speakers invariably the playb...

Update Issue

Recently updated to 7.3 and none of the Amps/rooms where the amps are used are recognized on my network.

If I buy multiple Connect's will I get multiple Line-In choices on the Sonos App?

I hope this is not and old question but I've scoured the forum and internet but not found an answer. I'm pretty sure multiple Connect's are allowed on Sonos. I just want to make sure I can use the a...

Using Subsonic with Sonos -user account permission denied

I have a sonos system and use subsonic with it. I've had subsonic linked to sonos for 2 years and never had any problems. Suddenly this past Saturday (June 17) sonos stopped playing music that was on...

Why does Sonos Connect volume have to be at 100% when connected to external amp in 'Variable' mode?

Hoping someone can help with a really annoying problem with my Sonos Connect seti-up. Must point out first I am not very tech savvy or experienced with Sonos (although am loving it despite this proble...


Getting ready to purchase a Roku media streamer and was wanting to get one of the sideclick remotes. Does anyone have one or know if it is compatible with Sonos Playbase?

Password to stop other using

I have a Sonos play 1 and a play 5, I like to have my friends over and listen to music but they have access to my wifi and can change the music which can be quite annoying. I think there needs to be a...

SiriusXM Audio Streaming

Just purchased 2 Sonos PLAY:1 speakers and BOOST. I can play one SiriusXM channel on both speakers; however, when I attempt to play one SiriusXM channel on one speaker and a different channel on the o...

Amazon surpassed Sonos to become leader in Wi-Fi speaker sales ahead of Apple’s HomePod

Is this a wake up call to Sonos? read the article here https://9to5mac.com/2017/06/19/amazon-echo-sonos-google-home-wifi-smart-speaker-sales-apple-homepod/

Adding a CD player to my play5 (gen1)

Suggestions for a CD player brand and turntable for best results

IR control of sound on Connect or Connect:AMP from TV remote

Im ready to replace all of my Sonos if it not is possible to control the volume fra a TV remote! Just connected my Connect to a Samsung TV and the only way to control the volune are by using the Ap...

Updating Imported Playlists

I have added songs to iTunes and an iTunes playlist. After I Update Music Library in Sonos the new songs show up in the Music Library but not in the Imported Playlists. What am I doing wrong?

Play 5 and 2 x play 1

Hi, if I connect a play 5 via the line in to my tv and then connect the play 1s would this work?


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