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Play music stored on cloud-storage (f.e. DropBox)

I have ripped all my CD's an put them on my dropbox so I can access them any-where any-time. But I can't find how to play them on my sonos.

Sonos on Apple homekit

Hey will it ever be possible to control sonos with Apple Home kit ???

How to Set up Samsung QLED Q7 Remote with Sonos Play bar?

Hello, I have Samsung QLED TV with smart remote control. Does any body knows how to set up TV remote control with Sonos Play bar? Thank you Babak

No music alarms on Alexa UK

I tried setting a music alarm on Sonos One with the command “Alexa, wake me up to X at 6:30am.” Alexa responded that music alarms are not currently supported in my region (i.e., UK). Is this true? Is...

Which do you prefer? Spotify or Apple Music and why?

Just curious which service works better with Sonos? I've been using Spotify for a year or so and decided to try Apple Music and compare the two. No real complaints about Spotify and how it works with...

Best recommended router for SONOS

What router (brand, model) to you recommend for optimal use with regard to SONOS?

Why won't Alexa stream different songs to different rooms simultaneously from Amazon Music?

Hi, I have a multi room Sonos system and recently bought an Echo Dot which I have been using to play music on Sonos, streaming from Amazon Music. With the Sonos app I can stream different songs from...

Amazon households and family sharing

My wife and I each have an Apple iPad with the Sonos Controller App installed on them and connected to the same Sonos system around the house. We each however have separate Amazon accounts for shopp...

Alexa in Canada

I understand that Sonos will release the ability to access Alexa in Canada in the near future. However, I just want to make sure that it is an app update and that I don’t have to purchase a new Sonos...

Rechargeable / outdoor speakers

I have invested in sonos over the last couple of years and have been really happy with the products - but i'm disappointed that Sonos haven't produced a rechargeable speaker that can be used Outdoors...

Sonos with HomePod

Will I be able to ask an Apple HomePod to play music from Apple Music? I am considering changing from Apple Music to Spotify so I can use Alexa to play music on my Sonos system but would like to know...

5Ghz or bust!!! Please Sonos!

Living in a crowded area with 20 different 2.4GHz wireless networks around is really frustrating with Sonos. I've invested in many speakers and I'm constantly getting queues of podcasts either skipped...

Error Adding Music. Sonos was unable to add the music folder / Reason: The computer "XXXXXX" is not responding

I've been a Sonos user almost since it came out and have throughout the years recommended Sonos to my friends, some of whom have bought into the system. Apart from the odd small glitch I've never had...

Sonos One and Echo Spot

Have a Sonos One and want to buy Echo Spot,Both should integrate right?

#Overdrive app

I am considering returning my Sonos, as I can't play my library audio-books from my Overdrive app (this is a free audio book service via any library in the USA/Canada where you sign out an e-book/audi...

Sonos and Google WiFi

Having an issue with google and Sonos. First on the network I have several devices connected (hardwired) to the router. I have 2 Play 1's and a Connect hooked up. The Connect is hardwired to the route...

Sonos Play:1 and Alexa

Just received (2) Alexa enabled Play:1 speakers and have them set up through sonos and can play all my music through the Sonos app which suggests I have my iPhone and speaker on the same WiFi. However...

Playbar Advanced Audio Setting

Hi there i`m new here but never needed any help with sonos until now. I have had my playbar a few days and finding sound (speech) harder to hear than the background music or noise. I have a pair of pl...

Pandora stopped working

Pandora has been working fine until today. I opened the Sonos iOS app and tried to start pandora but got an error saying the service was not available. I REMOVED the service and tried to ADD Pandora b...

Google home, which Sonos?

I know that sonos havent officially released that the Sonos will work with Google home wirelessly yet but on the assumption that the update will be released in 2018 will all the sonos speakers be able...

Samsung Gear S3 app

Hi, Are any plans afoot to develop an app for the Samsung S3 Gear models? I'd love to be able to operate the sonos network in my house from my wrist. Cheers, Andy

Switch back to TV input after listening to music through Playbar

How do I switch back to TV input after listening to music. Currently I,m having to turn the TV off and back on to resume TV input.

Tune in radio

Good Morning, I am trying to play one of "my radio stations" (CJAD 800am) on tunedin I get an error message "unable to play radio station", but my other stations work just fine.

Sonos Playbase not working with Samsung Smart TV REMOTE

Hi there, I bought a new playbase today and really like it and am a long term sonos user and fan. It all works fine but I cannot get my remote to work. I read some things on here and also followed the...

Heos for Sonos

I currently have the Denon Heos system (Bar, 2x heos 1 Surrounds, and a heos 3 for the bedroom). I'm looking to get into the Sonos setup, but need a way to unload all my Heos items. Does anyone know...


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