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Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Can digital audio playback be improved by resolutions greater than 16/44.1?

Copied from another thread, courtesy of jgatie - full question was: "Do you believe digital audio, outside of mastering/production techniques, can be improved by playback resolutions greater than 1...


Hi guys When will full Alexa compatibility be available?

Amazon Echo Speaker Integration

Does anyone know if an Amazon Echo will be able to act as an additional speaker with a Sonos set up, in addition to providing voice control? For example, if I have two Sonos Play 1s, will my Echo be a...

How to use 5.1 with Nintendo Switch

I just got the Nintendo Switch today, but there's no optical out on the system. If I just use the optical out on my tv instead of through the system like I do for the xbone, will that output 5.1 surro...

Question about new wifi mesh routers and Sonos

I have been thinking about picking up a new router such as the Linksys Velop, Luma, Eero, Orbi, or Google Wifi. I was curious is this could potentially cause issues with my Sonos speakers? I am curr...

Sonos, Alexa and Audible

1. Sonos removed Audible because an update caused the service to be incompatible with the Sonos system. 2. Sonos is planning for compatibility with Alexa, the Amazon VI or digital assistant or whate...

Velop installed.. SONOS drops out

INTRO: I used to use the SONOS mesh setup, with boost and 2 connect's, to extend my network but due to the limited bandwidth and no ability to extend wireless I opted for the Linksys Velop to do this...

Is there something wrong with my Playbar?

Hey, I just bought a Playbar for my living room and a Play1 for my kitchen. I had no problem installing the units and I'm really impressed with the Play1 but my Playbar is a big disappointment....

SONOSNET - can't view it from my android device.

Sonosnet will simply not show up on my android device, I have switched it on, tried every channel - I presently have a boost connected to my router and then five products running on this boost set up....

Hi Res, 24bit, and DSD

As a long time Sonos user I'm disappointed to say I'll be moving on. I have started looking for a system that can handle hi res files like DSD, or at least 24 bit. How i can appreciate the value in no...

You tube

How can i stream youtube from play 1 3 & 5?

Losing connection to Spotify, Soundcloud or any music service

Hi, I am having the same problem and have been experiencing this for a few weeks now, very frustrating! I can go for a while before it cuts out, this time was around 3 hours, but i get the same error...

How do I rename a player (not a room name)?

When setting up my Sonos (first time user). I named the actual speaker what should have been the room name. When I look at my router I can see what devices are connected to my router. I now unfortunat...

Sonos Connect with Amazon Echo Integration

I don't believe this is yet possible, but wanted to confirm. Is there a way to control my Sonos Connect with my Echo? It would be nice to be able to play different play lists or artists via Sonos Co...

deezer elite or spotify?

We have paired Play 3's, a Play 5, and a Connect Amp I have a subscription to Deezer Elite [£20pm on-going]; am an Amazon Prime member anyway, and am currently trialling the three months of Spotify...

Delete a room/speaker

How do I delete a room and move the speaker to another room?

Could I move my library to a USB stick attached to my router?

Hi, I'd like to move my Sonos library to a USB drive and stick into my router. I'm unsure how to describe the path for the Sonos bridge to locate the drive. Has anyone done this, and is it even feasib...

How will Alexa work with Sonos?

I've heard about the recent videos demonstrating the Alexa/Sonos integration and so far it looks like you can use Alexa to play, pause, etc. I'm curious if anyone knows how this integration is going t...

TIDAL hifi in sonos is not hifi?

Hi, when i play TIDAL hifi in my play 5 there is no diference between spotify and TIDAL hifi, i have the router app and consume like 115kps that means there is not reproducing the hifi version of TIDA...

Subwoofer price and is it worth it ?

Hi guys I've got a sonos sound bar and thinking of adding the subwoofer ! Obviously it's expensive so would like some feedback and thoughts ! Will it change my sound a lot as the sound bar great alrea...

Playlists and Favorites

Despite my best efforts I can't locate "Add to Sonos Playlist/Favorite" under any of the "***" three dots while browsing or playing my music as per the screen instructions- on my brand new iPod touch.

Amazon echo compatability

Does anybody know when the sonos upgrade which will allow wireless compatibility with Amazon Echo will be available?

Sound cutting out - Amazon Prime

My sound keeps cutting out when watching amazon prime on my Panasonic TV. Works fine on Netflix app and works fine when watching the TV through sky box. Don't get it. All software been updated.

Problems controlling Playbar via LG TV remote control

I go through the menus to set up volume control of Playbar via LG TV remote control but when it asks to press the volume up button on the remote pointing at the Playbar it does not detect it. Batterie...


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