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How to connect play 3 to smart tv

I have a 55" Samsung smart tv and would like to know how to play my sonos play 3 as like a sound bar . Thanks!

Sonos V Bluesound?

Why should I get Sonos over Bluesound? Never heard of them before now whilst searching the web.

7.4 update and Netflix

Prior to doing 7.4 update, I was watching 4k netflix through the sony tv app and audio was fine. After I updated it stopped working and said it was unsupported audio. I switched the netflix audio to s...

So..it's been almost a year since the announcement. Alexa integration guys?

I'm totally cool with you taking time to get it right. But it was August of last year you announced Alexa integration. I've had an Echo for a while and honestly it is easier to tell it to play somet...

No tv sound

Recently my soundbar and sub will not play audio in from the tv via my optical cable. I have tried a power reset and also checkijg the optical lead for the read light but to no avail. Diagnostics numb...

Cast to Device and Sonos

Hi, hope spmeone can help. I'm on latest Windows 10, and one of the great new features was to be able to Cast To my Sonos devices. However, since I've had a new Homehub 6, the Cast To feature now sh...

App not optimized for iPhone X

I would like to have a new update fix for iPhone X asap.

Best Way to Connect Play:5 to TV?

I have just purchased a Play:5 for my new apartment. In addition to listening to music, I would also like to connect it to the TV in our living room. What is the best method for doing this? Also, once...

15 Years For Us, 15% Off For You Claim

Hi, I recently bought a Soundbar and the company I bought it off of said that it qualifies fro the "15 Years For Us, 15% Off For You" promotion I received an e-mail for. They said there is a facility...

Playbar Support for LG OLED TVs

Does the Playbar support LG OLED55C7V?

Integrate Playbase with Google Home

Hi, Just received my Playbase and I have it hooked with my two Play 1 speakers for surround sound. I bought Chromecast Audio so I could integrate Playbase with my Google Home, but there doesn't seem t...

Sonos / worst software developers ever

Having purchased a multi room set up. Following the instructions... the connectivity issues just never stop. 'Unable to connect' is a better name for sonos. Waste of money. Speakers drop out. Rooms dr...

What if Sonos disappeared?

There has been a bit of conjecture recently that Sonos could cease trading due to competition, and not catering for the latest and greatest audio formats. If this happened, where would that leave all...

Unsupported Tv audio

Hi there. New to this forum!. I love my sonos gear but lately its driving me crazy. Sound simply stops while watching tv netflix or movies. I have to turn tv off and back on again for soind to come ba...

Playbar gen 1 vs gen 2

I recently bought one of the refurbished soundbars from sonos and was under the impression it would be the newer playbar that comes in the colorful orange boxes but when it arrived it was in the older...

Will the echo dot and Alexa work with my existing Sonos speakers?

I've read conflicting stories, and evidently Sonos is going to offer a "smart speaker" Oct. 4th. And I read other reports that current speakers will work with Alexa. Will my current Sonos speakers w...

Selecting a radio station with Alexa integration

Anybody have thoughts on how you will be able to select radio stations using the Alexa integration? In the US all stations have a unique 4 letter call sign so you can say exactly what station you want...

An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)

I can't play all my songs an error says "An error occurred while adding songs to the queue (701)" How do i fix it?

Sonos use with Bluetooth headphones.

Is there any known work around to enable listening to a Sonos speaker via Bluetooth headphones? Thanks

Play music stored on cloud-storage (f.e. DropBox)

I have ripped all my CD's an put them on my dropbox so I can access them any-where any-time. But I can't find how to play them on my sonos.

Play 1 with bluetooth

When will it be possible to use Play 1 Wireless with battery and bluetooth connection ?

Apple TV remote has no mute button

How to finish setup an Apple TV remote with sonos if in has no mute button?

Sonos with Multiple Wired Speakers

Would love to get some help/advice. Just moved into a new house with pre-existing wired speakers. 1) 5 in-ceiling speakers in family room (part of home theater set-up) 2) 2 in-ceiling speakers in ki...

Google Mini on a PLAY:1 or Playbar?

I'm purchasing a PLAY:1 and a Playbar and I know the Playbar only has an optical input. Can I plug my Amazon Dot or Google Mini (with aux/auxiliary stereo jack) into the PLAY:1? If so, will it also...


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