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Can I use my Sonos system 24/7 ?

I would like to use my system continuously for background sound. Would this effect or damage my system?

Why does Sonos Connect volume have to be at 100% when connected to external amp in 'Variable' mode?

Hoping someone can help with a really annoying problem with my Sonos Connect seti-up. Must point out first I am not very tech savvy or experienced with Sonos (although am loving it despite this proble...

Password to stop other using

I have a Sonos play 1 and a play 5, I like to have my friends over and listen to music but they have access to my wifi and can change the music which can be quite annoying. I think there needs to be a...

Changed wifi

I am following the instructions to change my Sonos to my new wifi. I have connected Ethernet from sonos to router, but do not get to an 'advanced settings' on my iPad in order to change wifi on my son...

Windows Desktop Controller Problem

I have been using the Sonos Desktop Controller on my PC for a long time and it has always worked. Three days ago it suddenly stopped working. I have tried uninstalling the controller and re-installi...

Amazon surpassed Sonos to become leader in Wi-Fi speaker sales ahead of Apple’s HomePod

Is this a wake up call to Sonos? read the article here https://9to5mac.com/2017/06/19/amazon-echo-sonos-google-home-wifi-smart-speaker-sales-apple-homepod/

Apple Pod

Will Sonos be compatible with Apple Pod?

Music keeps cutting out

I have Sonos Play 5 speakers plugged into my iMac via the line in. The music occasionally cuts out intermittently and I have no idea what to do about it. I was reading in the forums to change the chan...

play music direct on my iphone/ipad

why isn't possible to play music direct from my musiclibrary to my iphone, instead of e.g. the livingroom? When I'm somewhere else I cannot play my music....; not in the train, not abroad. At this mom...

If I buy multiple Connect's will I get multiple Line-In choices on the Sonos App?

I hope this is not and old question but I've scoured the forum and internet but not found an answer. I'm pretty sure multiple Connect's are allowed on Sonos. I just want to make sure I can use the a...

Unable to play/does not exist

Sonos controller on iPhone recognizes and plays music imported from iTunes on MyCloud, but won't play the imported playlist. I get error message 'unable to play/does not exist'. Please advise.


Struggling to get decent quality sound from turntable via Sonos

iMac and iPhone Can't Find System

After more than a year of no problems all of a sudden my Mac and iPhone can't find my SONOS player and Play 1 speakers. Nothing has been changed and I have reset the computer, the router and my Tivo...

Playbar with bose cubes

Hi all, I am considering adding a pair of bose cubes with a connect amp to my playbar to achieve 5.1. The reason for not using sonos equipment is I like the look of the bose cubes better. I'll...

Radio Paradise

Is there a way to add Radio Paradise to the Sonos menu anywhere in order to be able to have a shortcut to stream Radio Paradise?

connection speed insufficient immediately after 7.3 upgrade

I have been setting up all my Sonos kit recently, with one unit directly connected to my Ethernet system, so a BOOST setup (but no actual boost). System is 3xZP100 (+ 1 still to be deployed), 1xCo...

Radio Tunes on sonos

I have added several Radio Tunes stations manually to Sonos, since yesterday Sonos doen no longer connect to Radio Tunes - who can help?

Play 1s only used as surround L and R channel speakers in home theater set up?

Hi - I just set up my Sonos home theater (playbar, sub, and two play 1s) - I want to know if the play 1s, w/in the home theater set up, can be set up as anything other than left and right channel surr...

Newly download songs not showing up in parts of Music Library

I purchased a handful of songs on iTunes last night, as well as a few over the past month. The songs and metadata downloaded to the iTunes folder on my Mac. I went to Sonos and had it update the mus...

Optical splitter for Playbar

I am using the optical output on my Sony TV for you Playbar. It is the only optical output. Before I bought the Playbar, I was using this output for a device called a Phonak TVLink basestation which...

Amazon Cloud Drive - any plans to add?

I have all my music in the Amazon Cloud. Would be great to have as a Music Service within Sonos. Any plans to support?

Grouped Speaker Ungroup Themselves

I set all 3 zones of my speakers to a group and then when i shut off and return later, the speakers are ungrouped. How can I reolve this?

Private message sent to me. See below

Dear Sonos Team I would like to report the below, mrsest52 mrsest52 39 minutes ago My Dear. How are you today? I am Mrs. Esther Séverin , If you wouldn't mind I have something I will l...

Sonos iPad Screen Template

Is there a way to customize the iPad screen template for the Sonos app. We use the iPort Surface Mount (wall mounted iPads) throughout our home. Some of us have a hard time with the layout of the sc...


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