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Sonos Echo/Alexa beta

How can I join this beta please?

How the 'ask a question' forum works

Joining a new community can be daunting. If you have a question and are not sure where to start, ask it here. We'll keep an eye on everything that gets posted here, and once something has been answe...

Alexa integration for SONOS

Does anyone know if/when Alexa will be supported by SONOS? I've seen a lot of conversations about a public trial in 2017 but nothing specific about dates and official release. Can anyone confirm if...

Connecting Amazon Echo Dot with Sonos Connect and playing back via Playbar TV setup

Hi there can anyone help me please? My whole house is full of Sonos speakers 🙂. In my playroom I have Sonos playbar, subwoofer and a couple of play ones so the full setup. I am getting an Amazon ec...

So..it's been almost a year since the announcement. Alexa integration guys?

I'm totally cool with you taking time to get it right. But it was August of last year you announced Alexa integration. I've had an Echo for a while and honestly it is easier to tell it to play somet...

Sonos / worst software developers ever

Having purchased a multi room set up. Following the instructions... the connectivity issues just never stop. 'Unable to connect' is a better name for sonos. Waste of money. Speakers drop out. Rooms dr...

What if Sonos disappeared?

There has been a bit of conjecture recently that Sonos could cease trading due to competition, and not catering for the latest and greatest audio formats. If this happened, where would that leave all...

Cast to Device and Sonos

Hi, hope spmeone can help. I'm on latest Windows 10, and one of the great new features was to be able to Cast To my Sonos devices. However, since I've had a new Homehub 6, the Cast To feature now sh...

No tv sound

Recently my soundbar and sub will not play audio in from the tv via my optical cable. I have tried a power reset and also checkijg the optical lead for the read light but to no avail. Diagnostics numb...

Looking for a good turntable

Hi, Could someone recommend a good turntable to use with Sonos please

SONOS Upgrade

I am a plug and play type of person, certainly no audiotechnophile (technoauddiophile?), but would like to think that I know what sounds good to my ear. I listen to many different genres, from Gregor...

Windows Desktop Controller Problem

I have been using the Sonos Desktop Controller on my PC for a long time and it has always worked. Three days ago it suddenly stopped working. I have tried uninstalling the controller and re-installi...

Sonos App

Is any one else sick to death of the stupid updates this App receives. I would like the chance to carry on using the existing working app with a choice to update or not. But the powers that be think t...

connection speed insufficient immediately after 7.3 upgrade

I have been setting up all my Sonos kit recently, with one unit directly connected to my Ethernet system, so a BOOST setup (but no actual boost). System is 3xZP100 (+ 1 still to be deployed), 1xCo...

Surround Speakers Dropping

I have a Bar, Sub and 2 Play 3s configured together. I've tried using the Sonos network ("WM:0") as well as my wi-fi network. I've tried changing the wireless channel. All to no avail, so at this poin...

Sonos V Bluesound?

Why should I get Sonos over Bluesound? Never heard of them before now whilst searching the web.

Why does Sonos Connect volume have to be at 100% when connected to external amp in 'Variable' mode?

Hoping someone can help with a really annoying problem with my Sonos Connect seti-up. Must point out first I am not very tech savvy or experienced with Sonos (although am loving it despite this proble...

Selecting a radio station with Alexa integration

Anybody have thoughts on how you will be able to select radio stations using the Alexa integration? In the US all stations have a unique 4 letter call sign so you can say exactly what station you want...

5Ghz or bust!!! Please Sonos!

Living in a crowded area with 20 different 2.4GHz wireless networks around is really frustrating with Sonos. I've invested in many speakers and I'm constantly getting queues of podcasts either skipped...

Connect gets pretty warm on top

Has anyone took their Connect apart to drill some vent holes for better ventilation on the top? Any ideas and suggestions would be appreciated. TIA

New Router has frustrated by Sonos world

I've been a sonos customer for a few years now. Started with a wired bridge and Play 1. Grew that to a complete living room surround (Playbar, sub, 2 play 1s), another playbar in a different room, a...

Can I use the SUB in 2 different configurations?

So here's the deal. I have 2 PLAY:5 (Gen 2) and have set it up in my living room in vertical orientation for listening to music, and have also connected the TV to one of the speaker using LINE-IN. The...

MLB Audio

When I click on MLB Audio and select a feed, they're all greyed out. I updated Sonos and verifiied that I paid my MLB audio subscription. Any suggestions for what to do next?

Play 1 vs Play 5

Do the play 5's (second gen) offer a higher quality surround sound experience than the play 1,s? I currently have the play 1's in a fairly large room and they're ....eh, ok but I was curious nonethele...

Amazon surpassed Sonos to become leader in Wi-Fi speaker sales ahead of Apple’s HomePod

Is this a wake up call to Sonos? read the article here https://9to5mac.com/2017/06/19/amazon-echo-sonos-google-home-wifi-smart-speaker-sales-apple-homepod/


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