Cannot group Sonos system with Google Home devices

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I found a workaround that works almost perfectly. If you have a Chromecast you can add that to a homegroup and have your Sonos devices play through that. Oddly it doesn't work with the Shield or the cast enabled tv, just the Chromecast. The only issue is volume. I want the Chromecast at 100% always and control the volume on Sonos devices manually. Hopefully, with the new group controls, they're rolling out I'll be able to lock individual devices at a specific volume soon

Indeed, Sonos has been doing very well, but thats because they havent had any real competition in the smart speaker market, but that has also changed with more brands making their own. And once the big three start making their own line of decent speakers that can match or even out perform the sonos speakers it wont be easy for Sonos to keep up, mainly as they dont have a smart home system with voice assistance.

And even if Sonos were to try building their own smart home system, like so many others (yes Im looking at you Samsung), I feel that train left a long time ago and I just dont see them ever compete with the big three.

And as you say, the integration between the systems are very complex and will cost too much time and money to develop and relies heavily on a sold long term relationship that rarely last. (Sony Ericsson is a good example)


It is just my opinion but for the long term future as we see it develop today I just dont see Sonos maintaining its position as just a solid smart speaker for very long.


One idea for sonos would be to drop their own software, put that money into R&D to build even better speakers and beg the big three to help develop a true integration software using their platforms, paying them a royalty.. And maybe, just maybe they are lucky one of the three will say yes, but I doubt it as the they are already on their way to out perform them in hardware anyway..

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Wow doom and gloom.  Sonos are doing very well with year on year growth and I can see them maintaining a healthy market share.  Can’t see Apple buying them as there is no technology Sonos has that Apple would want for their core products, which is the normal reason they buy companies.

Being able to group and play a common source across different speaker manufacturers with different software and communications protocols is a headache I can’t see any of the players in the market trying to resolve.

I could see apple buying sonos like they did beats, for several reasons.

One could be that Apple fails with their own line of smart speakers and see sonos speaker technology being a possible addition that will help develop their own ecosystem (like google did with nest). It would be a smart move in my opinion as it would get rid of competition, increase their line of products and acquire all sonos users into the apple world, potentially new users for other apple products. It would also put them as a serious contender agains the big guys Amazon and Google.

The reason whey they would NOT make this move could be that they perhaps actually have some better products coming up that would challenge the sonos speakers or even be a better option. This along with that Sonos doesnt have the same smart home integration and only focus on being a sound system rather than smart home system, a closed network which really isnt optimal for integration with any third party. That would limit sonos future or even diminishing it eventually becoming obsolete like old analog stereos.


The future will definitely be the big three, Google, Amazon & Apple.. Where in all this sonos will end up is still uncertain, but my bet is they wont survive on their own..


If in fact it was Sonos move to ask google for the integration only show they are not prepared for the future, and as Google has already announced they are preparing a new smart nest speakers that will compete with the sonos one only shows that they see sonos as weak and will probably NOT move towards a full integration rather ditch them all together.


I think Sonos will have to make a decision pretty soon rather than later if they want to survive, my best bet is to sell now before no one wants/need them anymore.

The Google lawsuit could actually result in improved integration between the two.  Google did not originally want to do an integration at all, but were persuaded to by Sonos stating they would look the other way about other potential lawsuit issues.  Integration was the better choice for Google.  The same could occur here as well, but I honestly don’t think either company wants customers to be able to buy the competitors product instead of their own.

“Strong rumors”?  LOL.  I’ve heard that “rumor” a half dozen times over the last decade.  Nothing but obscure websites looking for clicks.

Ok, so I think the fact that there are strong rumours that Apple is about to aquire Sonos for themselves will kill any idea of integrating it with anything BUT apple home, so keep dreaming boys and girls.

Im returning my sonos today that I just bought as I just heard and I wont be locking myself in apples world.

Also, sonos and google are apparently in a lawsuit, cant see that helping much either.


Google is planning on releasing some new speakers so I will hope they are up to standards and can replace my sonos devices.


In all honesty, what is the point of adding Google assistant to Sonos if you can’t even use Sonos speakers with Google Speakers together in a group? It’s pretty useless.

I saved my money for months and months to buy my playbar and I am disappointed 😞 

If you already have lots of Google speakers then there probably isn't any point. Sonos is a fully integrated multiroom system in itself - the original and best - to which voice control has now been added. For lots of customers and potential customers there's a lot of point in that.


In all honesty, what is the point of adding Google assistant to Sonos if you can’t even use Sonos speakers with Google Speakers together in a group? It’s pretty useless.

I saved my money for months and months to buy my playbar and I am disappointed 😞 

Come on already. Fix that problem Sonos!!!!!

Well I think this may explain a lot of the seemingly-inexplicable missing features within the GA-Sonos ‘integration’. As I suspected it’s nothing to do with any technical limitations.

Thank you for this article. I only wish I had seen it before I dumped my hard-earned cash into a Sonos speaker.

I have no problem at all in settling for a JBL speaker, if they have full GA integration. Thank you for letting me kick the tires Sonos… But I think I’m going to trade in your Fiat, for a Lamborghini!

Like others I am extremely disappointed that Sonos and/or Google hasn’t resolved this issue with grouping speakers (Sonos One’s and Beam’s with Google/Nest speakers). This clearly is a feature that everyone has expected and want with the Google assistant integration.

It has been some months now, since the original post was created and we as the customers still have no insight to whether this feature is being worked on or not, it would be great if Sonos could at least comment on whether it was in development and/or something that is never going to happen. From there it will give us the ability to decide if we should invest in a fully integrated OR part integration with Sonos and Google Assistant environment.

It can be done with Alexa so I don’t see why this can’t be done with Google Assistant.

I love my Sonos speaker… But I am afraid my next purchase will not be Sonos because of their inability to bring us

In all honesty, what is the point of adding Google assistant to Sonos if you can’t even use Sonos speakers with Google Speakers together in a group? It’s pretty useless for me to be in living room, have to get up and walk to my kitchen to say “hey google, play x in my Living Room” and then walk back.


Perhaps I'm not understanding your scenario properly, but I don't know see why you would ever have to do any walking to another room as you describe, unless you don't have an GA compatible speakers in the living room at all.

If you have a Sonos One or a Beam in your living room, you can enable it for GA and then say "hey google, play x" to that device.. If you have have Google home speaker in your living room, then you say hey google, play x in my Living Room” to that device. If you don't have any GA device in your living around, there is no feature that would prevent you from having to walk to another room to give a voice command.


The ability to group Google assistant speakers means you can play the same audio source synchronized in Multiple rooms at the same time. 

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Anyone got this working ? I can now see my Sonos speakers and set them as a default (I couldn’t before), but music still plays through my Google Home device.

I am immensely disappointed in the lack of ability to group my Sonos One with my google home speakers.  This is unacceptable and makes my Sonos essentially useless in parties.  I’d rather pick 5 decent speakers over 1 sorta good overpriced one.

Well I think this may explain a lot of the seemingly-inexplicable missing features within the GA-Sonos ‘integration’. As I suspected it’s nothing to do with any technical limitations.


I don’t think the recent news really changes much of what I said above.  Although Google may have used some of Sonos tech to do their multiroom audio, they are still not the exact same protocols.  I don’t think the lawsuit is really going to change much as far as this goes.


As far as other missing features, it’s hard to say whether Google didn’t want to give those features, Sonos didn’t want to implement and maintain them, or the Sonos hardware just couldn’t do the required processing.

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Well I think this may explain a lot of the seemingly-inexplicable missing features within the GA-Sonos ‘integration’. As I suspected it’s nothing to do with any technical limitations.

I was looking into buying a Sonos 5.1 system and integrate it with my smarthome and google with the intent of adding the speakers into my various groups. Seeming this cannot be done, I won’t be buying. Glad I found this tread. Made an account just to post this and follow it in case down the road it does become possible.

I too was disappointed about lack of grouped speakers integration with GA. However, I was not particularly surprised. Sonos’ business model is similar to Apple’s. They want you to buy into an ecosystem, not just a single product. The Sonos One is the gateway drug, the good value for money speaker to tempt you in, with the hope you’ll add one to each room, then a pricey sound bar to your TV, followed by more Ones to add as surround speakers. 

If they provide full (speaker groups) integration with Google Assistant, we can all then choose to buy a Google Home Max instead, or a Google Nest Mini for the rooms where the extra volume isn’t required. I’m not sure this is what Sonos want. 

I hope I’m wrong.

Sadly, it looks like the Google Assistant integration in Sonos is pretty weak.   Hard to say who’s to blame, Google or Sonos.   No matter, you can’t group Sonos speaker in a Google Home Group, and, you can’t even shuffle a Spotify playlist with the Sonos Google Assistant.   And, no ETA for fixing.   The Sonos speakers sound nice, but if I can’t use the Google Assistant to control, I’ll return and replace with speakers that have better GA control.  

Beati3, Thanks for confirming!  It sounds like using chromecast audio is a viable work around in my case or for anyone with a Sonos device in the room with a aux input.  It’s too bad I just discovered that Google discontinued chromecast audio so there’s no guaranteed method for integrating going forward.  Due to this I’m still planning to return the Sonos and stick to Google for now.

Bambooya, I can confirm that any speaker you can fit a chromecast to will have 100% integration with Google speakers and can be grouped. This means through the Home app, not the Sonos app. Unfortunately you can't integrate Sonos One this way as they don't have AUX inputs.

I recently purchased a Sonos playbar, sub and two surrounds only to find that they cannot seamlessly integrate with my google home devices.  I really do like the Sonos speakers, but the failed google integration is a real deal breaker so I’ll be returning the Sonos setup sometime this week if I can’t find a work around.

I saw one person mentioned using a chromecast to the aux in of a sonos speaker as a potential work around.  Can anyone confirm if this works and the level of integration that can be achieved, such as does this allow me to group the Sonos speakers in one room with google home speakers in another room to play music in both rooms concurrently?

Unfortunately, buying only Sonos is not a realistic option for me because I don’t want to spend $500 bucks a pop for speakers in every room of the house, but would like to have a nice quality sound system in the tv/entertainment room that can integrate with the more affordable, but lesser quality speakers in the rest of the house.  True Google integration is obviously not a priority for Sonos if they won’t even venture to release an official statement on whether or not support for this functionality is planned or in the works.  I’m a very disappointed new customer and will likely not be buying Sonos again due to their false advertising on the level of Google integration (or lack thereof in this case).

So I just bought a One for the living room with probably the overall goal of completing a 5.1 setup.

In terms of Google products, I have a regular Hub in my bedroom and a Home Mini in the kitchen, with a Shield TV and come Christmas Day, a Chromecast Ultra in the living room.

So not as entwined within the Google ecosystem as many here.

I guess my point and what I’m thinking for me is that should I just stop my Google purchases from this point onwards and merely buy the Sonos stuff to get the whole house audio set up?

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I have 3 JBLs and a Chromecast all grouped together on the Google Home app so I’m not having the same issue the people are within the link you’ve provided.