Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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Honestly, I don’t think it’s a Sonos issue at all, i think it has to do with the device sending to the TV set, or the TV set sending to the Sonos, which just plays what it’s been told to play. Seems to be tied to MAT devices, such as Apple TVs and XBoxs more than anything else, but I’ve not been paying attention to TV sets in use, it could be there. CEC does make things much more complicated. 

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So an update. Had to completely factory reset the Apple TV to fix the lip sync issue. 

so it’s back to the way it was. Wondering if it was just a coincidence both things happened at once. 

After a power cycle the atmos is now working on the ps5 with no pops. Might just power the arc on and off regularly and see if that helps. 

as I said was playing all week with atmos on Jedi survivor with zero issues. 

If you want to interact with Sonos, this community website is not the best for that. You’d be much better off if you were to contact Sonos Support directly to discuss it.


I did just go back to the earlier mentioned Sonos link here, just to check…

.. and Sonos are not exactly pushing support for "McPCM Atmos” codec in their literature. It (Dolby MAT) is not in that list of codecs, other than perhaps it forms part of the term ‘Dolby Atmos’, but in fairness, I haven’t checked every aspect of their ‘official’ marketing material. 

Has anyone reported this loud popping issue when using a Sonos Beam Gen 2 which also supports Atmos? I can find any documented issue on here. Wouldn't that help show that it’s an Arc issue or is that a too simplistic look at things? 

I see there is a comment earlier in the thread here from Sonos Staff re: the ‘popping’ issue. See this link:

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updated my Apple TV 4K to tvOS 17… so far no popping… let us pray 🙏 

Nevermind.. its back with a vengeance… back to 4k Firestick I go 😩

Im actually a bit relieved as Xbox also acts up and if it’s on their end I’d say there’s zero hope of a fix. 

Well, time for Sonos to step it up. 

Engineers are paid the big bucks. Time to earn it. 


Are posts being removed? It would be nice to know why. Is it because of a NDA-issue regarding a beta (and possible fix for this issue) or is it because the post about a beta that fixed the issue was not true?


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It's just frustrating that nothing is happening here. @Corry P: How long should we customers wait to get an opinion? We all paid a lot of money for our setup.

Noticed this from the new Apple TV announced this week. 

New Apple TV 4K features A15 Bionic chip and HDR10+ support

Will this help address the pop issue? 

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The question is not if you will be sued, but when!


Especially if it is not a Sonos issue, but something upstream sending a ‘pop’ signal to Sonos, which is just playing it as instructed to by the CEC system / decoder in the TV set, or the MAT encoder in the device itself. 

Come on, Sonos, you have control over all the other companies in the world that are part of the CEC alliance, and control their engineering time, right?

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Really starting to get frustrated by this problem, and based on the other users here it seems to be a little more widespread then just random individuals.  Would really appreciate a statement from Sonos on what they are doing for this problem


Reason why i say this is because i have experienced this issue a few times over the last couple of weeks and have submitted diagnostics for each of them

Most recent ones are: 1118141455 and 1729108796

Each time i call in the only suggestions that i get are things like power cycling and software reset….none of these obviously have solved the problem


For a high end audio product, i would expect a little more than silence on the support side


Rant over

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Sonos are definitely aware of the issue — perhaps not at a customer support level, who for the most part (I’m assuming are scripted).

I emailed “the CEO” a few months back, which was forwarded onto an internal engineer who was definitely aware of the issue.  I’ve been trying to provide feedback where possible, including diagnostics, and at least in the case of the Apple TV, they confirm that this is something that was introduced as part of tvOS 15.

The new build of Sonos sounds positive, so fingers crossed.  I’m also running the tvOS 16 beta in case we seen any improvement there too…

Thanks and I really appreciate the feedback. I haven’t re-engaged the Atmos on my Apple TV4K yet as Mateo said there may be an additional Sonos update next week. The popping I was experiencing was so loud I thought it was hurting the Arc. 

We all get it, you are a huge fan boy, but this exact issue does NOT happen with another manufacturer and lies solely with Sonos.  We are all happy you are happy to cripple your expensive soundbar by removing atmos but the rest of us are wanting our product to function as advertised, and that's why we are working with Sonos to get this issue fixed.  If everything works perfect for you then great!  This topic isn't for you.  For everyone else on the now 24 pages of this thread amongst many others, we are looking for a solution to this common defect that will allow us to use our product as designed without issue.

I only asked @Rios what product they would switch to - fanboy or not, I’m (still) not convinced it’s a Sonos issue, as there are other soundbar links in this thread (and others) that do appear to have the same issue and it’s almost always where an Xbox or an Apple TV is being used with the multichannel LInear PCM codec and involves Atmos metadata - that’s all I see when I read about these things.

So no, I’m not convinced to switch by your thoughts or others here, but I would happily concede it was a Sonos issue if that indeed was the case.. I just see some evidence to the contrary in threads here and other online links. Sonos may eventually come up with a counter-measure to hopefully somehow resolve the issue, but I still think the ‘actual’ core issue may lie outside of their control.

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I was able to make the POP go away by unplugging the TV , XBOX and ARC for 60 secs then plug everything back in . CEC also disabled . This is a guarantee fix for me but it’s annoying every time I have to do that when I turn on my TV and XBOX 

Is it really a guaranteed fix if it happens again? 

I have been using my system without Atmos because I don’t want to hear those loud bangs. I’m not happy about this and Sonos needs a fix soon because I didn’t buy an Atmos system to not use it. Otherwise, I want a refund on my equipment so I can find something that works as advertised. 

Yup I have been testing it for couple of days and it works. Give it a try and let me know



I’m asking if it’s really a fix it it would happen again. I wouldn’t say it is. 

For the record I’ve tried this in the past and the bang always came back quickly. That’s what I’m basing my experience off of. If it helps solve your bang I’m happy for you. 😎

hey im new to this thread. Sort of nice to know other people have this issue and it isnt isolated to me. i own a series x, series s, apple tv, lg c9 with arc sub and ones connected. Have not had any issues with the apple tv but only the series x. Im not bothering with support as it seems sonos doesnt even know whats going on at this point. Only thing i am concerned with is speaker damage. Has anyone else noticed any damage to the arc or other accessories?

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Hello there, beautiful people of this nefarious and long thread. Life´s too short and SONOS customer care, engineers and everyone involved at least for the matter that gets us here, are a bunch of AH that couldn´t care less of us and our “new problem that just developed and OMG our engineers just heard about and OMG we have them in our dungeons with no food and little to drink until they solve this ultra new and rare issue for you, our beloved customers”, so I took a very nice offer that SENNHEISER recently had on their website and now I can happily say I can actually hear whatever I like without any popping, banging, ringing or whatever. Super rare that the APPLE TV and the PS5 no longer have any issues and work as they´re supposed to...super super rare. I still don´t know what to do with the POS soundbar that now lies quiet and still in the cold hard floor of the guest room, I can´t resell it without any guilt. I took the legal action but I know it´s gonna take a looooooooong for that to even start with the first hearings. I wish you all well and hopefully someone at SONOS has a sudden attack of conscience and guilt and actually does something or at least comes clean and says “you´re right, this thing will not work on...”. I´ll keep you posted on the legal action. Have a good one.


I experienced this same issue last night.

Loud “POP” and sudden loss of sound from Arc. Sub and rear speakers functioned normally. 

After unplugging the power, and replugging, the Arc function normally again.

Was watching Netflix on the Xbox Series X with Dolby Atmos. Arc + Sub + SR + SL.

Diagnostic reference number #67513007.

This seems to be a disturbingly common problem with this configuration.


This nightmare is reoccurring. It has happened several times since my previous post and has again this morning while watching The Westside Story on Disney+ via the XBox Series X (reference #1102089801). It scared the sh*t out of my wife.

The original post is from a year ago, is there any resolution in sight? Most disappointing.

Just throwing my hat in the ring. Haven’t had this loud pop in a few months, but tonight when pulling up the info during a movie I got a loud pop and loss of audio. This is on the Xbox Series S.  Clearly this is still an issue years later. 

Are your XBOX audio settings set to Atmos? 

Yes it is.

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@DC92 Hi, Be great to know any of the feedback you get via email in the end if that’s possible please, would certainly help with any next steps.👍

Hey, Not heard from Sonos just yet, saw my local currys had one in stock (where I bought it from) So I took it in for a replacement and the new one sounds miles better :) 

I’ll see what SONOS return with anyway and pop it in here when they eventually reply. I’ll ask them what they would’ve done had I not replaced it already too just so other people with this issue know how to proceed.



That’s brilliant cheers mate. Good that currys swapped it usually they make things a bit hard sometimes and the fact you noticed a difference is really interesting! Thanks again for the update.

Hey, Sonos got back to me and asked me to do the following in order to test for damage to the speakers:


“As simple test to confirm, Trueplay. Please attempt to Trueplay the Arc in a 5.0 surround set up as well as while a stand along player. Please capture a diagnostic after each tune and let me know the outcome”


As I can’t do this now I’ve replaced the arc I’ve shifted the question to whether Sonos are looking into this issue we’ve all started experiencing recently. Whether it’s something they’re aware of and how we can avoid this pop sound. If it caused damage to my ARC then I’d imagine some other will follow. I’ll update again when they return with answer 



Brilliant update, thanks for taking the time to do that much appreciated!!

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@Cavecanem just to clarify for slower folks like myself: all you changed was Sonos Arc to Sennheiser Ambeo and the pop is gone?

Wow, that’s amazing! Who would have thunk?!

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Has there been any updates I’ve missed, this thread has died lately. 

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@Cavecanem just to clarify for slower folks like myself: all you changed was Sonos Arc to Sennheiser Ambeo and the pop is gone?

Correct. Since the AMBEO has 4 HDMI ins I played a little to se if it changed anything or something happened. First all connected to the TV and TV to soundbar…nothing, all ok. Then I did it the other way around…nothing, all ok. I left all connected to the soundbar and works like a charm, all CEC enabled and working smooth like mountain fresh snow.

Same issue reoccurring since few months ago and it seems more frequent recently.


Sonos Arc / Sub (Gen3) / One SL’s (Gen 2 x2)

TV is Sony X900H

Source is Apple TV 4K

Diagnostic number 2051423738

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@Cavecanem just to clarify for slower folks like myself: all you changed was Sonos Arc to Sennheiser Ambeo and the pop is gone?

Wow, that’s amazing! Who would have thunk?!

Xmas miracle in June.