Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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As someone with an Arc + Sub + 2x Era 300 I refuse to disable Atmos as that’s the whole reasoning for my setup. 

Sonos support has been useless here. I am not giving up on my Xbox or Apple TV. This issue needs a fix today. Screw their “performance and stability updates” that fix things I’ve never noticed. I need it to fix the biggest issues plaguing them. 

I should have bought Bose


Edit: I called Sonos and they’re adamant that their engineers are looking into it and she took my information. I don’t expect much but she did call me back 20 minutes later to ask me what model TV I have (Sony A80J) and if I’m using eARC which I am. They also took my address because they may want to send me a replacement which I’m okay with even though I doubt that’s the issue. 

Can I ask how long you’ve had your Arc? I was a very early adopter. When I’ve called and asked for replacement, they tell me it’s out of warranty. 


Unfortunately I spoke too soon. We had dropouts last night. The weird thing with our Beam is that it keeps dropping the dialogue track but you can still hear the environmental sounds, traffic, birds, rain etc. Sometimes it will drop the dialogue track permanently until you switch Dolby Atmos off.

Arc + surrounds + sub + Apple TV 4K + LG C2 - I’ve had the popping off and on once a month or so, but have the dialogue audio dropouts even more frequently. Most often with Hulu. Super annoying but it never dawned on me that it could be SONOS related as well.


Update. I swapped both HDMI cables from XBOX to TV and Arc to TV with brand new 4K versions. At first I thought it had cured iit, but alas no - about 45 mins in and crack/pop sound gone. However it did come back without having to change source input. So I went to XBOX settings and changed audio output form Atmos to DTS and hey presto it’s stopped. However the Atmos sound is far superior and, I agree unacceptable it is an issue



That’s certainly an interesting tidbit about it being the TV manufacturers fault and not Sonos.  If I had to read between the lines it’s either a problem with the eARC ports technical standards, the passthrough mechanism or the CEC which we have discussed at length on this forum

Certainly is tough to understand how all the TV manufacturers get this wrong the same way if there isn’t a deep rooted problem with one of the specs the TV uses

I totally agree. This has been happening to my arc and it’s just ridiculous they are still selling these pieces. I just got one and it’s been pretty aweful in every way. Lol. Pretty sure the arcs are all  flawed by certain software that is unpatchable or will not respond to some of the percentage or the  firmware updates. I’m an audio engineer and these speakers suck. Lol. But everyone thinks they are the are this flagship? The reality will eventually catch up with the advertising and i think Sonos will not be around in 10 yr. Lol. 

Does this damage the speaker at all? I believe the Sonos rep has said they haven’t seen any indications that it does, but Rios said that it does?


I have an Arc, with Sub (3rd Gen) and two One SL setup hooked up to an LG G2 77 via eARC and use the latest 4K AppleTV for all streaming. The system is brand new, so its been in use for just a week.

I experienced the very loud electrical sounding bang yesterday night although at first it didn’t lost the sound as I was able to continue watching the movie till the end but once I finished I switched to watch another app using the Apple TV 4K and that’s when I bumped into the loss of audio that was only restored with a reboot and several changes on the HDMI configurations till I got the sound bar back to normal.

Before attempting to reboot I checked that the soundbar was functioning perfectly ok with Airplay music from my iPhone, so apparently nothing was “broken” still I struggled to get it back to work with the sound from the TV.

I started to look into this issue and as soon as I discovered this thread, I have decided to put everything back in the boxes (which I still have) an return the whole SONOS Sound System back to the dealer as this definitely NOT acceptable and it looks like there is no feasible solution available in the short period of time.


PS5, have the same issue.  Have Arc, 2 Subs, 2 Fives, 2 Ones, 2 OneSL and a move, all within the 45 day window, probably get my 4k+ back, this is so bad and makes using the system not enjoyable.  

This is do find surprising — as the PS5 isn’t Atmos enabled.  It does support bitmapped Atmos from Blu-Rays, but this is normally encoded as TrueHD, not MAT so shouldn’t be an issue…

Really weird, happened last night playing a game, (NHL23) would come on when I wasn’t actually in a hockey game, when character was in locker room or not in the actual game, sound came back on, as soon as the game went to an actual game…happened, every time. 

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Quick question

Is everyone using the HDMI Cable that came with their Sonos? I highly doubt this would cause the issue but just thinking outside the box. 

Just throwing my hat in the ring. Haven’t had this loud pop in a few months, but tonight when pulling up the info during a movie I got a loud pop and loss of audio. This is on the Xbox Series S.  Clearly this is still an issue years later. 

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I only made the connection because I couldn’t execute the usual process… which flows right into Trueplay as part of initial setup. In this case, I had to bail on Trueplay until some noise beyond my control was silenced. So I experienced what might be called an audio quality sandwich:

  • Great Sonos sound via Arc & twin 300s for a few hours until I could run Trueplay
  • Then pop-a-rama from Arc from the same sources that had just sounded fine starting immediately AFTER running trueplay... until I reset to factory
  • Then great Sonos sound again because I haven’t re-run Trueplay. A full 8 days in now and all sounds as good as any of us expect from Sonos.

My instincts tell me that is it MORE likely the problem is with Sonos than all this third party redirection. For example, the source never changed here, so the “Dolby MAT” redirection claim should have yielded the same negatives heard in the middle part of the sandwich. It sounded great (perfect?) before & after. Only after running Trueplay was it pop-pop-pop unusable from the very same sources through the very same HDMI cable, with the very same settings set. 

The “don’t use CEC” and “turn off ATMOS” redirect makes no sense either. Else everyone would have the problem vs. only “a small subset” and aren’t both of those just about the point of buying Arc? Why buy an ATMOS soundbar to not use ATMOS? Does anyone want to separately control volume on soundbar instead of using the TV remote?

Blaming AppleTV and Xbox, etc would mean the problem is unsolvable because it seems unlikely those other players will ever modify their audio output to fix this problem affecting “a small number of Sonos users.” 

I have another Arc + Move paired in a room. Both have had Trueplay run several times. No pops at all… but I only use them for music in that room.

The new one paired with twin 300s popped on ALL sources, including Sonos’ own radio channels… and even popped with button presses on the Sonos Arc itself. I’m doubting that Sonos would code their own music and UI sounds wrong to trigger the pops.

So I continue to see the ONE unique variable as having some potential for resolving the “pop” issues described in this thread. Anyone interested in testing, reset to factory, set up again and bail at the Trueplay step. Then see if your reset speaker will pop on anything that made it pop before (same video, same music, whatever caused pops). If you can find a few things that makes it reliably pop every time, test with those same things (same video or audio) after NOT running Trueplay on a reset Arc setup. 

Maybe the audio dropout problem is separate from this? Maybe this is only a discovery for certain pairings of Sonos things like Arc + 300s? Or maybe there’s nothing to this but curious coincidence: sounded fine for a few hours, pop-fest for a few hours- sounded fine for the last 8 days now? For me, all variables are identical except for one: no trueplay run = fantastic sound with no pops in both buns of that sandwich.  

Maybe a simple test can help others too? If a few more will test this and find that it works, Sonos would have something to immediately work on (presumably a bug(s) in Trueplay) to potentially solve this for many with a software update and (fixed) Trueplay re-run. 

Certainly possible, although most of the posts I’ve seen have been from XBoxes, not from Apple TV’s. I’ve got two Arcs connected to Apple TV’s and haven’t experienced this issue.

At the end of the day. the Arc is a relatively “dumb” device, at the end of a chain. 

But I surely would love to see more folks presenting Sonos with data about this via diagnostics, so that there could be an official announcement one way or the other. 

Right now, it’s 80% in my mind that it’s an issue upstream from Sonos. But that does leave 20% that it’s a Sonos issue. The proof would be in the diagnostics (hopefully) and a statement from Sonos that they’ve been able to track it down and are working on it.

My experience in working with software engineers is they don’t really react all that well to “me too” posts, and are much more interested in having hard data from a diagnostic, so that they have something to look at. 

Note that I’m absolutely not saying this isn’t an issue, clearly it is. The question is, at least in my mind, as to where the issue is.  

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I had the same issue last night, twice whilst mid stream on Netflix. I reported through support and was provided with a reference. I have got a new TV with Atmos/EARC capability.

I have been advised to turn off Atmos which defeats the point of paying a significant amount of money for this functionality and not being able to use it.

I was surprised reading the comments on here as to how long this had been going on for.


What are the specifics of your setup? Which TV model are you using, and was it the native app within the TV or an external device, if so, which?

The TV was a Samsung 65QN90B and it was a native app on the TV

Thanks — could you humour me, if you play some Atmos content in the same way, and open the Sonos App and navigate to Settings > System > About my System, what do you get for “Audio In”? Atmos (DD+), Atmos (TrueHD), or just “Atmos”.  I’m guessing it’s the latter?

Yes it just says Dolby Atmos

So another device pushing out the MAT container.  Interestingly, this is a direct TV to Sonos Arc connection via the native app, so the TV isn’t acting as the passthrough middle man or anything. 🤔 That would also, potentially, remove some theories about bandwidth being an issue, as surelyonly the audio would be routed to the Arc?

@Dirtynes — if your TV has the option to change the audio output format from Linear PCM to Dolby Digital Plus or TrueHD, that should alleviate the issue for yourself.

I have done that already. Just a shame I cannot use the Atmos function until they fix the cause of the issue.


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Does this damage the speaker at all? I believe the Sonos rep has said they haven’t seen any indications that it does, but Rios said that it does?

Having been experiencing pops for over a year, and having replaced the Arc as of last week, truthfully, I can’t tell if there is any difference.


Just throwing my hat in the ring. Haven’t had this loud pop in a few months, but tonight when pulling up the info during a movie I got a loud pop and loss of audio. This is on the Xbox Series S.  Clearly this is still an issue years later. 

Are your XBOX audio settings set to Atmos? 

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Quick question

Is everyone using the HDMI Cable that came with their Sonos? I highly doubt this would cause the issue but just thinking outside the box. 

No I don’t. All my devices are connected with the following HDMI cable:

4m 8K HDMI Kabel 2.1-8K@60Hz 4K @...


Your account seems more repeatable than others that I’ve read. Submit some before and after diagnostics, keep a log and contact Support. They might want to enable a special diagnostic on your system.

Xbox series X


sub gen 3

One SL x 2


Playing my Xbox series one x - loud bang from sub, lost sound output -

reset and is now working 

Diagnostic submitted: 94361675

please advise 


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I currently have my Apple TV Dolby Atmos disabled and my settings set to 4K SDR (60Hz), Chroma 4:4:4 and Match Content Range & Frame Rates set to on. The Dolby Vision is not enabled. However, it is my understanding that with these settings the Apple TV will match whatever video format that is thrown at it. Wouldn’t that mean that it would match content that was in Dolby Vision?

That is exactly the case—if you have your Apple TV set to SDR, it will change to HDR or Dolby Vision depending on the content, and if supported by the TV (or vice versa, if you’re using HDR and the content is SDR).
I’m curious, now that you have it on Port 4 as “Enhanced”, do you still get the options for setting the Apple TV to Dolby Vision, or is it purely HDR and SDR options that are listed? This is more for my understanding of what the different options of “Enhanced” do on Port 3 and Port 4.


@Rios are you saying this would not be the case? That Dolby Vision would not engage with these settings? Thanks for all your work and input on this crazy issue. So many of you in this community have gone above and beyond to help us and Sonos. I hope they appreciate it too.

If you disable “Match Dynamic Range” — you’ll be locked at whatever you pick as the default format, in your case, 4K60 SDR.

This is the link where I saw the Sonos Staff comment about the issue too…


Reading that reply only solidifies my decision not to buy Sonos products going forward. Anyone remember Cambridge Soundworks? 

It’s entirely your prerogative not to buy, but to be honest that’s neither here, nor there, to me. I’m just another Sonos user. You might switch away to another brand, just to find you have a similar, or even a worse/different issue anyway with your chosen new product… c’est la vie.🤷‍♂️

I was merely trying to highlight that Sonos Staff had spoken about the matter, other brands seemed to be affected by the ‘popping’ sound too and I was trying to suggest a ‘potential’ solution to perhaps try - which is disabling MC LPCM (Atmos) until a fix is (perhaps) forthcoming …and to see if using the mentioned alternative codecs will work instead.

It’s a matter for you what you decide to do, going forward. I was just trying to help, nothing more than that, until the matter is reportedly resolved.

Although not affected by the ‘popping’ sound, I too hope it gets fixed for everyone concerned.🤞

I have had this Pop happen probably a dozen times in the past 6 months. I have the arc connected directly to my LG OLED65 CXAUA. The sound completely drops. I then have to unplug from TV and just use thebuilt in speaker. This occurs when streaming movies or shows through Netflix and Apple TV. I have to disconnect my Arc speaker from the TV and now.

I am disappointed to see this as a recurring issue for people. I have sent diagnostics. This does not seem to happen when streaming music over Wi-Fi.

This is a community website, if you want to talk directly to Sonos support, you need to call them. 

updated my Apple TV 4K to tvOS 17… so far no popping… let us pray 🙏 

I would be happy for you, but I don't think tvOS17 will change anything. I think Sonos needs to do something here. It really just seems to be about Dolby Atmos MAT and they should find the bug. Because Dolby Atmos (DD+) works perfectly.

You're right cause my PS5 plays DD+ blurays with no issue.

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I was able to make the POP go away by unplugging the TV , XBOX and ARC for 60 secs then plug everything back in . CEC also disabled . This is a guarantee fix for me but it’s annoying every time I have to do that when I turn on my TV and XBOX 

How frequently it happens ?

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Can reproduce this at will flicking between an atmos title on xbox series x and home - vid here:!At6Mgf3ymchZhJBUhmqLsqwM54sik. Fifth time to support today, they said to switch to Dolby 5.1!

“I have checked this and we are aware of this behavior and are investigating it, but we do not have any additional information to share at this time.

Workaround: Disable Dolby Atmos and use Dolby Digital 5.1 instead.”


Beyond a joke, this is a company knowingly selling a product that has issues performing what it’s advertised to do to consumers without warning them. After the whole S1 to S2 forced obsolescence debacle, I should have learnt my lesson.



Ridiculous. As I’ve said before it’s time to switch. And never look back.

updated my Apple TV 4K to tvOS 17… so far no popping… let us pray 🙏