Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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I’m of the apparently minority opinion that the ‘pop’ is being generated upstream from the Sonos device, and the Sonos device is merely playing what it is handed. That being said, I’ve seen no compelling evidence in particular, other than it appears to be associated with Apple TV and Microsoft XBoxes. 


Happens with my Roku Ultra as well.  It has now happened to me 3 or four times in the last few weeks.  Very annoying and I hope Sonos fixes the issue soon.


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Come on Sonos !!!! This problem existed for years since ARC came out . Fix the damn thing already . I want to enjoy my Resident evil 4 remake with 4k120hz VRR ATMOS without worrying when the loud pop going to occur! 

I haven’t even picked up Resident Evil 4 yet. I do have a set of SteelSeries headphones that likely work better for a game such as Resident Evil though. Either way, I ordered a pair of ERA 300s as I wanted some sort of surrounds but this issue needs to be fixed. It shouldn’t take this long to do so.