Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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I have the same problem. 
It happened to me twice, for the moment, while watching a movie  on my AppleTV. 

diagnostic : 878538476

I have the same problem since a few months now. Xbox Series X; Sony XH900 with Arc + ONE SL + Sub.


my support file: 1523225932


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@Corry P THANK YOU for acknowledging the issue. That step alone make me feel a lot better. The runaround from Sonos support (go change the cable) had been disheartening.


@bromos I have the exact same model TV and my Apple TV is hooked up to one of the physical HDMI 2.0 ports (XBOX is on HDMI 2.1, Arc is on the shared HDMI 2.1/eARC port). I’m afraid I get the pops all the same.

However, I believe having the port set to “Standard” takes you all the way down to HDMI 1.4, as in you can’t even get 4K60 or HDR on “Standard”. I recommend checking into that on your Apple TV.

I’m not exactly sure what the limitations are of “Standard” but I ONLY use HDMI3 for the ARC, and from what I’ve read the worst case scenario is that I’m getting compressed Atmos instead of uncompressed when doing so.  The weird thing to me is that I would expect if you enable eARC that it would force HDMI3 to Enhanced, as they SHOULD go hand in hand, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as I have eARC enabled with HDMI3 set to “Standard”.  I wish they wouldn’t dumb this stuff down so much that we have no idea what’s going on so it could help with troubleshooting some.  Technically speaking, Atmos shouldn’t work at all unless using HDMI2.1/eARC, so maybe eARC enabled “overrides” the Standard/Enhanced setting somehow?  There are some on other forums (AVS) that have this same combo without issues and I wonder if its this setting (leaving it as standard) as the reason why?  I’m really hoping this “fixed” it for me, but I’m sure I’ll be proven wrong at some point in the next day or 2.


I have AppleTV 4K gen2 on HDMI1 set to Enhanced Format running at 4k60 DV and Xbox Series X/PS5 on a 2.1 switch on HDMI4 set to Enhanced as well (for the awesome crappy fake 4K120)

Just ordered both beam and arc to see which is best. With all this going on, should I just return the arc and keep the beam?

I only have a gen 1 Beam myself (no Atmos) but my understanding is that both the current Beam and Arc are affected. 
So I think the real question is whether you’re cool with turning off Atmos. Hopefully we’ll get a fix and then we can turn it back on. 

Oh. Is it only with particular devices? Is the new apple 4k tv that just came out affected? Ps5? TIA

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For me it did not help, unfortunately. 10 Minutes in on Xbox got the pop in the menu.

Isn’t it funny how in the past few months, more and more and more and more posts involve an Xbox? How is it that Sonos has not been able to recreate this error on their end? The answer is obvious. 

Why they have yet to issue a warning or acknowledge this issue, involves reputation and sales. Which going forward, I will endeavor to warn anyone I know who is eyeing a Sonos Arc, and if they’ve already purchased one to NEVER plug in an Xbox product to the Sonos Arc.


I don’t own an Xbox, and have never changed the hardware configuration of my TV since purchase.

Please read through this thread I have already addressed others who have this issue who do not have an Xbox.

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Hi @Abo116 

We are still looking into this situation, but I don't have an update to share with you at this time.

Hi everyone 


just wanted to give an update to my post 8 days back about the issue maybe not being a Dolby atmos issue entirely and could be due to devices / TVs pushing through a Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos signal together

I disabled the force Dolby vision option in the Xbox Series X and re-enabled Atmos and after a week of playing I have yet to encounter the “pop” that we have described on this thread.  I would usually encounter this at least once a day when quitting games and returning to the home screen

I think there could be merit to this approach, but obviously need the community to try this as well. Also not ruling out that bug fixes from the October Xbox update and Sonos 14.18 could of fixed this issue entirely from their end as they have also been released during this timeframe


Will keep everybody updated!



Just checked my XBox settings... Can't find this force Dolby vision setting... Please can you tell me where to find it?

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Do you turn Dolby Vision off from the TV, Apple TV or Sonos itself?

and once you do aren’t you loosing something? 



In this case it’s on the Xbox itself.  There aren’t many games that supports Dolby vision for gaming and the benefits so far don’t really outweigh the marginal increase in quality plus the added lag

I’ve had a similar issue since day one of owning the arc(shortly after the launch). Only on my Apple TV when watching with atmos content my audio will just drop out for a few seconds about every 20 minutes. Doesn’t happen on other devices just with the Apple TV. I have used both the original Apple TV 4K and the new one and had the same issue with atmos content. I’ve used different cables and nothing. Haven’t found a fix other than just watching it on another device to still experience atmos audio. 

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Turning off Auto HDR on series X does make the pop go away . I’m happy now at least I can play Resident evil 4 with Atmos !! :)

But doesn’t that disable HDR? If so, I have a Sony OLED and I’m not disabling HDR just because Sonos insists on avoiding the elephant in the room. 

I was playing on my Xbox when the arc suddenly made an extremely loud pop sound and then lost audio completely. The app wouldn’t let me adjust the volume and Alexa wake up didn’t emit its usual tone. I had to remove the power from the arc and reapply which resumed the audio. I’m concerned that one of the speakers in the arc may have been damaged when this happened. Has anyone had this issue?

We have had no issues with the arc since purchasing it earlier this year.

i really see the load pop(happened to me with xbox series x) as a sonos software issue around dolby Atmos. it's not Apple Tv,xbox or other devices, it is the sonos Arc.the pop only occurs if you're using sonos. I after more than a year of complaints and issues I hope sonos has a software fix.Sonos products are very expensive.Customers deserve the best from sonos customer support.

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Looks like 13.4.1 is out — we’ll see if it fixes anything I guess…

I did reach out to Sonos support with my diagnostics yesterday, and was told the following: 

Sonos CS Rep: Alright then, I've checked now with one of our senior engineers, and in your system all products are working properly. Indeed that sound which is coming up on the TV is made as we have there a switch between audio codecs used. Right now we are working to solve this matter and to remove that pop sound. 
Me: So the issue is a known bug? 
Me: Just to note, the "pop" occurs midway through content — not when transitioning codecs (between content). 

Sonos CS Rep: Our engineers are aware of that pop sound, and right now they are working to solve this issue as fast as possible. As a temporary workaround as you mentioned would be to disable the Atmos on Apple TV and will work without that "pop" sound. 

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(for the awesome crappy fake 4K120)

Lol! I feel your pain. Sony conned us good with the 900H. Advertise as 4K120, actually deliver 3840x1080p.


I misunderstood your earlier statement. I thought you had your source device port set to HDMI “standard”. I didn’t realize you were talking about your ARC port.

I have replicated your setup and can confirm that I get the Atmos symbol in the Sonos app after setting the HDMI3/ARC port to “standard” with eARC still set to “Auto” (AKA on). Of course, there’s no telling if it’s compressed from the app. I will report back if I get a bang.

I’m having my issue when using my Apple TV so turning off Dolby Vision will have an impact I think. 

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Turning off Auto HDR on series X does make the pop go away . I’m happy now at least I can play Resident evil 4 with Atmos !! :)

But doesn’t that disable HDR? If so, I have a Sony OLED and I’m not disabling HDR just because Sonos insists on avoiding the elephant in the room. 

Auto HDR is only for games that are not HDR compatible such as xbox one games . Old generation games 

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It just happened again and I managed to grab a diagnostic immediately after: 2061452815

Just in case this helps with Sonos acknowledging the problem as systemic rather than individual. 

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Ridiculous. As I’ve said before it’s time to switch. And never look back.

Switch to what? …It happens on other makes of soundbar too, by all accounts.. I would rather ditch the Xbox or Apple TV 4K, but I’m happy to use DD5.1 anyway, personally speaking, until the matter is resolved. I still think the issue lies with the Mc LPCM codec, but that’s just a guess on my part.

As I’ve already said again, please read through this thread, I’ve already mentioned twice what I would switch to. 

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Had this happen again today & scared the heck out of me, 4th time in as many months when I was turning off the series x, every-time this happens I feel as if it will be the one to break a speaker, so frustrating.

You tried the solution just above your comment? Have tried myself and hopefully has resolved the issue :) 

Will do thanks for that, will update.

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I reached out to Sonos support (by phone) as well. The tech did a lot of putting me on hold to talk to her level 2, but I never got to talk to that person myself. They seemed unaware of the issue. I mentioned this thread.

The main takeaway was that they said my diagnostics couldn’t be used because they were more than 24 hours old. I should call them immediately after the Pop happens. However, there was one useful piece of diagnostic advice. I haven’t had the pop since (yet), but perhaps one of you can try it.

After the pop, before resetting, while the Arc is still dropped out; open the Sonos app and play music from it. Does that work?

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I had the same issue last night, twice whilst mid stream on Netflix. I reported through support and was provided with a reference. I have got a new TV with Atmos/EARC capability.

I have been advised to turn off Atmos which defeats the point of paying a significant amount of money for this functionality and not being able to use it.

I was surprised reading the comments on here as to how long this had been going on for.


Curious..what tv do you have and I take it you have nothing else hooked up to your system? 

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Quick question

Is everyone using the HDMI Cable that came with their Sonos? I highly doubt this would cause the issue but just thinking outside the box. 

While I currently use the included cable, I did try using a fiber optic HDMI cable since that involves an in-cable conversion of the signal. 

Pop symptoms were unchanged, which in my opinion very much points to the problem being in the Arc. 

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I had time for a small experiment today. I bought a fiber optic HDMI cable to connect the Arc to the TV. Fiber cables contain active chips at each end that convert between electrical and optical signals. 

I got the usual pop within half an hour. I believe this eliminates the physical layer of the connection as the problem since there is no electrical connection between the TV (and Apple TV) and the Arc anymore.

Not a huge surprise. I think we are all expecting this to come down to how Sonos decodes Dolby MAT. But there you have it. 

I also tried an experiment, I set my HDMI 3 (eARC/ARC) to Enhanced format (Dolby Vision). And when playing DV DA content on my Apple TV with my Apple TV Video format setting to 4K HDR 60, disabling Dolby Vision on my Apple TV. The popping error occurred like clockwork. 

Then I changed the HDMI signal format on my HDMI 3 to Enhanced Format without Dolby Vision. With my Apple TV format setting to 4K HDR 60, disabling Dolby Vision on my Apple TV. The popping error did NOT occur, and the Sonos Arc was able to play Dolby Atmos as long as the Dolby Vision was disabled in both my Sony TV HDMI setting and my Apple TV.

Another Victim here :( (from Mexico) 

The first time I experienced the (super loud/explosive) pop was when I was navigating the menu of my XBox Series S. (It was soo scary BTW,  I almost had a heart attack). 


The first thing that crossed my mind was that my 2 days brand new Sonos Arc was dead because that pop literally sounded like something exploded inside, causing physicall damage of the speakers.

I inmediatly googled the issue and found several post here and on Reddit of people having the same issue. 


I also had the problem with my Apple TV 2022 hearing weird noises/mini-pops and cuts in Apple Music when listening songs in Dolby Atmos. 

Just a moment ago I was watching The Last Of Us (first episode) in HBO Max and having a lot of mini-pops (annoying but tolerable) but in the minute 22 (when we see the infected old lady) again an extremely LOUD and horrible pop happened (I swear my soul leaved my body).  Even my dogs went crazy or scared or both.

I ended watching the episode in the native TV App and had no pops but the Sonos App showed only Dolby Digital 5.1 and no Atmos. BTW my TV is a Hisense U8G 65) . 

As described in this post, the pop only happens whith dolby Atmos content (or in the Dobly Atmos  Mode in the case of X Box Series S).

After disable Atmos in both devices the pop is gone, but of course what is the point of spending this ridicously ammount of money for a product if  you can’t use it for what was designed and marketed. Truly shocking that the recommendation of the Sonos support was turning off Dolby Atmos (a key feature) 🫠

I am honestly very dissapointed of Sonos and now I regret of buying this thing because it’s celar that the company is aware of the problem and after all this time not even a formal statement or answer has been released (and not to mention a fix for the issue). For what I see the users are the ones who are making an effort to try to solve this or at least know the cause of the problem.
I will surely going to end returning tIhe Arc to Amazon before it Kills me of a scare. 

Second time this has happened to me. This time while watching the Witcher on Netflix with Dolby Vision


Diagnostic Info 1238124446

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Just to note I upgraded my sonos Arc to 14.18 last night and the Windows Sound test using “Dolby Atmos for home theatre” vi HDFury Arcana no longer produces the loud pops.  


I re-enabled Atmos on my Apple TV following the update. Popped in the first show that I watched.  

It makes me wonder if the issue is how both the sending source and eARC device handle atmos content.  I haven’t had another pop since the update and just tested Windows Sound test again and no issue.