Support for Apple music with Google Assistant

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Looks like Google Assistant now natively supports Apple Music. I just tried it, but it says it is not supported on the Move. Any time frame for it to be added?


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Sure wish this worked.  Seems pretty stupid that it doesn’t.  Works fine if I want to play on google speaker so why not sonos?

I think this is something Google and Apple have to agree to do - I’m sure Sonos would welcome it, so it’s worthwhile asking Google and Apple for this service too.

I just bought a Sonos Roam and learn it’s not compatible with Apple Music. I will return it to Best Buy later tonight. Pretty sorry that this issue has been known for over one year and it’s not fixed. Seems someone is not interested in fixing it for whatever reason. 

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All Sonos speakers are compatible with Apple Music. You just can’t ask Google Assistant to play music from it.