Support for Apple music with Google Assistant

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Well Apple. Musics worked just fine on my old JBL speaker though the assistant so not sure what the issue is there? 
My comment would be I find it hard to imagine that Sonos wouldn’t do this if they could. I have bought two more HomePod Minis where I would have bought the Sonos if it worked with Apple Music through Google. You’d have to assume Apple are the problem in the equation!

Once there was the possibility to control Apple Music via Google Assistant/Google Home using Siri, this worked on Sonos as well. No idea, whether you can still do that or not.

Come on Sonos. This is really poor service. It can’t be a major update and we have been waiting months. I have already invested heavily in Sonos and looking at purchasing more but , this delay to update existing features holds me back at the moment and makes me look at other options. 

Bump. Just wish Sonos would at least be a little more transparent about the issue. Guess I wish they would be transparent about anything really. 

Like many others I am sure, I could not believe this functionality is not yet supported and that I must of been doing something wrong.

Trying to do a comparison of Spotify v Apple Music as the Apple One subscription seems worthwhile but not being to play direct from Google Assistant makes this a bit of anon-starter.

Please Sonos team take a look into this and push out a fix soon!

It’s really frustrating that Apple Music subscribers aren’t able to experience the same functionality as Spotify or YouTube Music subscribers. This feature is hotly in demand.

At this point I am completely regretful to have bought into the Sonia ecosystem. I can’t believe this doesn’t work and there’s no transparency about why or when to expect any change. How frustrating to be stuck in a walled garden that I paid premium to get into, when the experience is worse than alternatives.

Just got a beam yesterday and pretty bummed Google Assistant seemingly can’t play Apple Music as well, especially since this seems to be a Sonos problem vs a Google problem. 

Just got my Sonos Roam and not able to control Apple Music with Google Assistant. Piss poor this functionality isn’t available, my £24 Google Home Mini speaker has no issues with the same commands.   

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Hi, I’ve just moved from an Alexa household into a GA one and am very disappointed to encounter this problem, particularly when I can see from this thread this has been going on for over 4 months with no solution. I had a lot of trouble setting up GA on our devices as it was, but this was achieved through a long call with support. The support guy was very helpful but couldn’t understand why we couldn’t get music to play on Apple Music via the GA. It turned out he had actually only tried it himself with Spotify or via Alexa. I tried to tell him it does say on the Sonos website Apple Music isn’t supported through the GA on Sonos, but he said he would check with his supervisor. It seems even support staff aren’t aware of this issue.


I don’t care whether it’s Apple, Google or Sonos but it needs sorting. Surely Sonos you can at least provide an explanation as to what the problem is and if and when it can be fixed.

Same issue here. Apple music works fine on Google Home mini but when you ask it to play it on Sonoa it replies saying Apple music is not supported on Sonos. Waiting for the update from Sonos to sort this out. If Google speaker can support it then Sonos can

Any update Sonos? I put all my purchase plans on hold for this - been an early customer but will not make the jump to Sonos 2 app-compatible devices unless I can actually play music on these speakers. Honestly your call.

Please. Just give us something. 

Sonos, any update here? This seems like a major gap, given that Apple Music is supported by both Google Assistant and Sonos separately. 

I wonder if this is because Sonos is suing Google?  

Seems like a bad customer service tactic though for the customers.  In my industry we push new APIs and integrations weekly - this shouldn’t be that complicated and someone at Sonos must have a project timeline or roadmap they could share.   

Hey Sonos,

You can’t even give a reply to all these people asking for updates? What does that say about you as a company? Simple update is all we need, and don’t tell us you are still looking into it, this should have been already designed into your ecosystem ready to deploy when the feature was activated by Google.



Dear community managers,


Would love to hear from you guys about what is happening behind the scenes.


Agreed, at least give a corporate answer like “we are working on this and hope to have it released soon”. I would prefer a more concrete timeline but from the lack of your response so far, I doubt that will ever happen.

Hi Sonos, I recently purchased a sonos roam. I am really disappointed i can not tell the roam to play a specific song from apple music like i can on any of my other Google Assistant Devices. This missing feature makes me consider returning this item even though I really appreciate the airplay support, the main reason I purchased. Please resolve this in an update as many others have asked before me

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Just breathing some life into this thread.  This is stupid.  I have pandora, Spotify, and Apple Music.


Sonos set as default music speaker in Google Home Hub Max.


Selects “Spotify” in google home app - “hey Google play music” - “playing music” - music plays


Selects “Pandora” in Google home app - “hey Google play music” - “playing music” - music plays


Selects “Apple Music” in Google home app - “hey Google play music” - “I’m sorry but sonos doesn’t support”


Like - this is stupid.  Please fix this.

Very dissatisfied that this hasn’t been fixed in almost a year. 

I’ve just settled on this never happening, which is super disappointing. But fortunately I have all my speakers added to rooms in my Apple HomeKit, so I can tell Siri on my phone to play so and so in the such and such room. 

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I am still hopeful this will happen, I mean why is it not even possible? I just do not understand why this shouldn’t work as everything is supported??

I’d not be surprised if it’s actually a Google issue.

SONOS -  :loud_sound:  Say something, I'm giving up on you…