I can't play music from YouTube Music

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I am a premium member of YouTube Music and I have successfully added the service to my Sonos app in Android.

However, when I try to play music from YouTube Music it is showing a message that access is denied. Please help. Thank you.


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Hi Craggyite, thanks for sharing that message from Derek. He is correct, there’s currently an issue with playing YouTube Music with some accounts, but not all accounts are affected. We’re working on the issue with YouTube Music but don’t have any specific details on a timeline to share just yet.

We’ll update everyone as soon as it’s been resolved or we have more news to share.

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I put some proof of the issue up on YouTube.  



This morning it was working again for me. 

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Hi everyone, there’s an update that went out today that should make some big improvements here. Please test out YouTube music and let us know if you’re still having this encoding error come up.

I have the same problem. Spotify is working perfect , but with youtube Premium I get an error message when I start a track ‚Access denied‘. I made the authorization for the sonos-app and reinstalled everything again and again, not working. I have an Iphone XR. 
Very disappointing.


I'm having the exact same problem. I've removed and reinstated my account and re authorized it but still persists.


Hey. I contact both Sonos and Google about Youtube music service. Unable to play ‚track name’ access is denied. This seems to be Google and Youtube Music issue. They got all info about issue also gave them link to this forum and Google team promise to contact me back whitin 24-48 hours. Other services like Spotify Amazon Tidal work without problems.

If the problem is related to what you’re describing here, then why does YTM work flawlessly from a browser? Why would it only impact Sonos?


Often different devices/access methods are routed to different servers.  Something affecting a hardware streaming device may be taking a completely different path than a browser based streamer.


YouTube music has not worked for three weeks now... When will this be fixed???


YouTube Music is working again for me too.

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I’ve got a hunch this is a Google problem as the errors coincided with the release of a ton of new Google Hardware, but hopefully this will spur Google and Sonos to work together on the issue. 


I’ve got a hunch this is a Google problem

I totally agree! But only Sonos reacted to my tweets. So hat’s off to them for doing that.

Thanks for the diagnostic number!

I can see that your Sonos system is experiencing considerable WiFi latency.

This condition may cause the audio to “buffer” and thus, could explain cutouts that you have been experiencing. 

Additionally, I can see that the Netgear Orbi unit we are connected to is showing different information than the main Orbi. 

Would it be possible to hardwire the Sonos player into the Main Orbi that’s connected to the modem and test Sonos playback  to see if the problem continues?

Still getting access denied problem with YouTube Music on my Sonos.  Has anyone figured out a fix for this? Thanks.

Sonos is a scam. They charge a premium and impose a proprietary network. It's a speaker folks, not an ecosystem. So disenchanted. I contacted our State Attorney General and found out I'm not alone. They're actively considering action.


Sure they are.  :rofl:

Same issues here, started maybe 3 days ago. Some songs will play, but most won't. 

CJ66 - I also started with GPM. YTM thrown in for free, started using it when learned that GPM is going away. I also have GSuite account, but it is my work account. YTM/GPM uses my personal account, so probably unrelated to GSuite. 

I've seen this behavior a couple of times in the past, many months or a year ago, but it seemed to resolve itself within a day or so.


No resolution yet, but after spending most of the evening to Twitter support they have collected some extra diag / debug data from my speakers and logged an engineering call. I should hear from them within 24hrs... I linked to this thread so hopefully Sonos will appear...

I have the same issue, is it related to the update to the app and speakers that happened earlier today?

Same issue here.  Started last night.  Tried two different devices (one Andriod one Apple) with the Sonos app installed and both had the access denied issue.  Removed YouTube music from within Sonos and re-added/authorised but still access denied.

Moments ago my speakers updated and the problem persists.

Have no problem with the other streaming services in the Sonos App.

Okay I had this issue as well just now. I was about to send a support ticket but I decided to test a few more things to ensure the issue can be recreated. Here is what I found:

My YouTube account consists of a YouTube channel that has all of my activity, including (music) playlists, subscriptions etc.; and my Google account’s profile with its name and picture, and no recommendations, subscriptions and playlists.

Since I have music playlists already, obviously I was selecting my channel when I linked the streaming service. This resulted in my YouTube Premium Family membership not being detected by Sonos. As soon as I use my Google profile on the same account which *should* have the same membership status (as I use this on the YouTube website and have no ads), it works right away. So anyone still having issues, keep this in mind.

Same issue here.

Been working fine for a while.

Using YT Premium via Family plan.

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I have this problem too.when adding the service the email address on YouTube matches that of Sonos. Annoying 


I also had the problem with YTM in connection with Sonos, I investigated and solved the problem as follows.

My Google account with YT Premium membership was linked to 2 accounts at YT. The original Google account and the brand account, which also referred to the original Google account. There is now the option of merging this brand account with the original account so that there is only one YT account (see link). Then just remove the music service in the Sonos app, add it again and the playlists will work and the message “Access denied” will no longer appear.

PS. //



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@Jonos1 don't think there is anything you can do to fix it at your end. Sonos and the music streaming service has to come up with an update/fix. Wait until then. 

Not all services give that error. Start using some other. In my case error was only on YouTube music, so I started using Amazon music. 

Same issue. Beginning to get frustrated with these bugs. Wasted 15 minutes of my morning checking subscription and reinstalling the apps.