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Changed wifi

I am following the instructions to change my Sonos to my new wifi. I have connected Ethernet from sonos to router, but do not get to an 'advanced settings' on my iPad in order to change wifi on my son...


My new itunes down load songs only show title of song, and then .m4a No info on artist. How do I fix. Thanks

lost play list

Had to do a factory reset on my system and lost a sonos play list. Can it be retrieved?

How to get rid of ads on Pandora

Ive had my Sonos system about 2 years now and love it. It used to be ad free with Pandora and was part of the deal... Now the ads are getting worse and worse and is the whole reason i left main stre...

Replacing BRIDGE with BOOST

I decided to replace my BRIDGE unit with a new BOOST to improve coverage in parts of my house. The BOOST is coonected to my router via an Ethernet connection. All works fine except when I want to add...


I bought a PLAY: 1 today but I wonder if there is an antenna to buy for wifi connection so I do not need to use the cable?

frozen screen - last played in this room??

cant play anything?? There is a black screen which says last olayed in thos room. options shown are resume or end session ... notbing happens if you click on eother one. I have closed the I hav...

CR200 connecting issue

Hi, I bought a CR200 for my system but cannot connect to it. It keeps displaying ""Searching for Sonos products..." with no result. Settings button at the bottom is not responsive. Tried removing and...

Is there an easy way to have music throught the playbase whilst tv sound come out of the tv? and another related question.

I often like to listen to music when i play games, but i don't like not hearing any part of the game at all. Can I not have my music through the playbase and my game through the tv speakers without ha...

Sonos problems

First the MANAGE function on my desktop controller was greyed out. everything is updated and firewall configured. still greyed out. so i downloaded latest sons and now it won't let me access anythi...

Room dropping out

Diagnostic 7482237. Recently one of my rooms that has the 2xPlay1+Playbar+Sub (den) keeps dropping out. All other rooms will remain grouped. What has caused this recent change??

Hudl tablet suddenly refuses to connect.

My partner uses a Hudl tablet to play music on the Sonos Play 5. This has worked without problem for a year and a half. Yesterday I used a new tablet, without problems, but today the Hudl refuses to c...

"Sonos Ready" apartment

I have recently moved into an apartment described as "Sonos Ready". There are recessed speakers built into the ceiling in the living room and both bedrooms. They are not Sonos speakers. In the cupbo...

Music keeps cutting out

I have Sonos Play 5 speakers plugged into my iMac via the line in. The music occasionally cuts out intermittently and I have no idea what to do about it. I was reading in the forums to change the chan...

Sync sonos with other home theatre/smat TV

In the lounge, I have a sony home theatre with a Samsung smart TV - don't want to change that. I have Sonos play:1 speakers in other rooms - android app and that works nicely outside the lounge. Wha...

Playbar with bose cubes

Hi all, I am considering adding a pair of bose cubes with a connect amp to my playbar to achieve 5.1. The reason for not using sonos equipment is I like the look of the bose cubes better. I'll...

Detailed Spec Sheets

Does Sonos has detailed spec sheets for their products. In particular spec sheets that detail the brand and model of chipset or processor used for their products, e.g. Intel Atom E3805.

My sonus player 5 was working fine then stopped and then flashed red, tried reset, and whats been suggested can you help

My sonus player 5 was working fine then stopped and then flashed red, tried reset, and whats been suggested can you help

Playbar with optical cable has bad sound quality

I just switched out my tv (Samsung) for a newer model Samsung. I plugged it in with the same optical cable I had been using before on the old tv. But now the sound quality off of my new tv sounds te...

Best combination for £500 budget? - already own a PLAY:1

I already own a PLAY:1 and was wondering what the best combination of speakers (for a single room) would be for £500. In essence, whether it would be best to purchase another 2 PLAY:1s, or a PLAY:3 an...

Screen Damage

If I use the Music channel to listen to, does the non motion screen saver hurt my screen?

Switching from Spotify connect back to TV sound

So I love Spotify connect, but I mainly run it through my Playbar in my living room. The only problem is that when I disconnect Spotify from the Playbar I stop getting any sound at all. I have to manu...

waiting over a month for a response to a return inquiry

This is ridiculous.

Sound; movie vs. music

Hi. When we watch a movie and want to hear the surroundsound, the playbar and our 2 play 1 speakers are connected together, and we turn the sound up/down as one. But then when we want to hear music, t...

Private message sent to me. See below

Dear Sonos Team I would like to report the below, mrsest52 mrsest52 39 minutes ago My Dear. How are you today? I am Mrs. Esther Séverin , If you wouldn't mind I have something I will l...


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