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Unsupported tv audio

Sound is not coming from the tv through the optical output to the play bar all of the sudden. The bars are moving up and down in the “Rooms” tab like it knows there should be sound. I sent diagnostic...

Sonos widgets

My Sonos widgets on my Android phones stop working after the latest update. Once you've drag them onto the screen they work fine but the next day or after the phone is turned off then back on they sho...

Using Connect:Amp as a regular Connect????

Hello, Am I able to hook up the connect:Amp in the same way I would a regular connect and use it to play speakers that are already connected to a powered amplifier? Hope my question makes sense. I...

How do I play different music in different rooms?

Hi Could someone help me with how to play different songs in different rooms. I have play ones in three rooms and I want to play kids music in one while I listen to music in another. Thanks

Unable to change Alexa language to English (uk) or save setting on a Sonos One device

Recently bought two Sonos Ones and set them up fine with Alexa working. One of them has now changed to English (US) and the other has remained as UK. Both are set as wake up word as English (UK) but O...

Connect 2 Play 5 in Stereo to a video projector

Hello, I'd like to know if it is possible to use 2 Play 5 in stereo with a video projector to watch movies. Will I need a cable ? From my experience using the apple air play generates a timing differe...

Bass Issue on Single Speaker

Having trouble with the Bass on my sonos. At times the Bass would cut out. NOT THE SUB. When playing all of the speakers the Bass IN OF THE SPEAKERS WILL CUT OUT But comes back on.


How can you stop tunein on Sonos app as Alexa can now not play other music through the Sonos speaker withough reactivating the last thing heard via tunein

Connecting to Sonos Play at the Office

Hello, I have sonos at my house, so my account is associated with sonos system already. We have a sonos Play 5 in our office connected to Wifi and i can not seem to connect to it. Any guidance is a...

What to Do With In-Ceiling Speakers

Hi There - I recently bought a new home, and there are about 8 brand new speakers pre-wired throughout the ceilings in each room. These all lead to a plate in my closet which houses all of the unconne...

converting older sonos wired speaker system to wireless system

We bought a house with a full house wired sonos speaker system. We want to convert it to a wireless system. how do we do this?

Sonos One and Samsung Smart Televisions

Why am i seeing my two "One" speakers in the list of connected devices on my samsung Smart TV. they are both referred to as "Media Server"s andI did not initiate thes connection, it appears to have ha...

Sub not working

Setting up new sub and is not working but is connected


Lyckades till slut installera min Playbase. Fick även igång ljudet på mins två play 5:or samt Sub. Kollade på Netflix via Appel-tv och ljudet var till belåtenhet. När jag sedan skulle kolla på musikvi...

Playbar loosing sound intermittently

We have our Sonos soundbar connected to our Panasonic smart TV and all of a sudden the sound keeps cutting out when we change channels. It's frustrating. Any thoughts?

Anyone make wireless remote control for volume?

I run some Devialet Phantoms and the Devialet wireless remote control is just wonderful - silky smooth, artistic object on the desk. Granted those are in a different price class and I don't expect So...

Sonos Playlists - Play length

I have created a Playlist for a party. I have been adding songs. Is there any way to get information on the duration or play time of the list? e.g. The list takes 1 hour 20 minutes to play. Thanks...

Unable to add music to new Sonos setup

I have a new Sonos setup & I am unable to add music local to my network. The setup looks like this: Sonos One Sonos Boost Sonos Controller Software on PC (8.2.1) PC is Windows 10 (1709) PC is on an...

difficulties with iphone 7

I recently upgraded my iPhone to an iPhone 7. Prior to this my sonos was fully compatible with my iPhone 6. With the 7 unfortunately it was different. Firstly it could not find my music library which...

SONOS Controller (Android and PC) Loses Connection To Sonos System

Greetings, I have a Sonos Connect Amp, hooked up to a couple of bookshelf speakers. It is currently hardwired via ethernet to my router. I am finding that sometimes the system stops responding to t...

I can't control my Sonos sound via the TV

I purchased an nVidia Shield Pro 2017, this one does not have IR transmitter on the controller.. I have connected my console to the TV via HDMI, and I have connected my Sonos to my TV via optical cabl...

Connection Issues and Spotify Issues

Hi All. (android and Windows 10 PC user) I can see that others are now also experiencing issues with connections and Spotify, hence I needed to report this to see if they would actually try to help. M...

Will I be able to use Sonos from Apple Music app

Will I be able to assign music playback to my Sonos speakers from within the Apple Music app the way Spotify users are already able to now?

Spade connectors for Connect:Amp

I have read that the connect:amp is able to accommodate a speaker wire with a spade connector. I tried to see how it you could connect it to the connect:amp, but was unsure since I couldn’t screw it...

Trouble controlling speakers in different rooms with app

I'm a new Sonos owner with a pair of Play 1's in the kitchen and a Play 3 in the home office. All connected to my Wifi with no problems. However, I am having problems with room selection. Both room...


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