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Sonos 5 and my Optoma X600 projector

Hello all, How do I connect my 5 to my Optoma projector? I have tried a ethernet from speaker to projector and an audio cable.. no sound... thanks! Carrie

Sonos one

Could anyone answer this, if you have the Sonos one can you ask it to play music on a play 5 for example, I have set up the Sonos skill in Alexa , I suppose my question does Alexa on Sonos one control...

Sonos Playbar Not Working

Had my Sonos Playbar almost three years and it decides to not work, no power at all when sitting down to work Strictly on a Saturday evening!! I have tried switching the plug over from the Sub, but s...

High pitch whine Sonos Playbar

Our Sonos Playbar has started emitting a high pitch whine at all times. Though not loud it is particualrly irritating. Have power cycled numerous times but problem has not been resolved. Playbar is l...

Panasonic TXP50ST60Y /Disabling internal speakers

Hi I have just bought a Sonos Playbar, and I need to disable the internal speakers. The playbar recognize the remote control but each time I turn the sound up it happens both on the tv and playbar,...

Woke up to Play 5 no longer connected

This is the second time this has happened. I went to bed last night and everything was fine. I woke up today to find my Play 5 speakers are no longer connected to the Sonos App but my PlayBar is. My...

Cannot update to the latest App

I am unable to update to the latest android app on an HTC Desire 510 cell phone. Opening the app requires you to "check for updates". When checking for updates the page requires acknowledgement of the...

Songs cutting out or stopping playing on Sonos

Hi, Our songs when played on Sonos have been cutting out and I have watched your video about changing the channel and removing any other device that can cause interference. I have done this and the so...

Lost Sub

After every update my sub is never connected to my playbar anymore. This last update that I did last night again lost my sub. I reconnected it and it’s showing up that I have it but no sound is co...

Missing music after recent update

After updating to the new software on all my devices to accommodate Alexa, I now find that a variety of Artists and Albums are missing from SONOS and I can no longer play them. Any Ideas?

Happy and sad - JVC setup

A happy day! I set up my Sonos network I bought a JVC LT-43C862 After 60mins on the phone to a helpline they tell me that to turn off the speakers I must “press the mute button” So no connection via T...

playbar storing naar stroom storing

De playbar komt niet meer voor in de app naar een stroom storing

Remove a room

Ive added a room and synced a speaker by mistake to it, how do i remove the rouge room ?

Short Playbar power cable?

In order to wall mount my playbar (and meet fire code) I need to buy a very short power bar that will fit between the playbar and the recessed wall outlet. The total length would ideally be 1ft or at...

Delete imported playlist entry in the Sonos software

Does anyone know how to delete an imported playlist from MS Media Player. I have multiple entries of historical playlist entries in the Sonos right hand window that are generated over time when the p...

Seagate Personal Cloud??

Hi all I currently have a seagate personal cloud with 2tb of music on it. I can see the personal cloud in services as it is detected on the network as a windows media server but I cant play any music...

Nuvo no working after 7.4 sonos update

Nuvo not working after I updated my sonos iphone app to version 7.4, I also changed the email from the old owner to myself. My receiver plays the sonos but none of my rooms play any music.

Voices are to high its annoying. Espicialy the letter s its realy so loud that I need to turn down. this is since the last update

Speech in movies tv are so anoying loud its sounds like broken tweeters you hear the word s like ssss. I have retuned true play few times this dont help.changed treble and speach and clear voice no d...

(Wirelss) Connection Between Mobile Pico video Projector & Sonos:PLAY1

Hello All, I want to wirelessly connect my Mobile Pico video projector to Sonos: PLay1. I want to project my laptop input (Netflix, videos etc. to the wall screen and want to user Sonos speakers for...

Deezer HIFI signup

I signed up for the Premium+ 30 day offer for Deezer a couple days ago. I then looked at their subscription plans yesterday, and saw the HIFI option for a discounted price of $14.99/mo. I decided lat...

Speaker dropping out or showing but not controllable

Since updating Sonos apps and iPhones and iPad and the speaker has become erratic and constantly dropping out or showing device list but unable to control it.

SUB making rattling sound when bass is loud.

During playback of movies the SUB is making a rattling sound almost as though a ping-pong (table tennis) ball is bouncing around inside the SUB when the volume goes over a certain level. Does anyone e...

Use pause button to pause android tv

Is there a way without an external remote? Would be possible with IFTTT?

Sonos and Personal Cloud

Hi there, I have a seagate Personal Cloud and Sonos Playbar and Play 3. On my personal cloud I have 2tb of music. I dont want to add this as a music service due to the 65k limit. But when I am browsin...

Missing/ unplayable radio stations

Several of my "Favorites " radio stations either load to play and then doesn't, or no attempt to load is made with message that files not found. Any suggestions appreciated.


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