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playlist & setting alarm

Requesting assistance setting up playlist & setting alarm Have downloaded Sonos app. 1) Playlist problem: screen shown not what I see. 2) Setting Alarm problem: setting AM alarm in PM requires leavi...

Unable to add music folder on Mac

I have read a good deal on this already, but am unable to add my Music folder to the Sonos controller. I have tried the three options: My Music Folder, Another folder or drive..., and Networked Devic...

Playbar sound cuts out

I've had my playbar four a couple of years. It's connected directly to my TV using the optical cable. Recently the sound has started cutting out. I either have to reset the playbar or disconnect a...

Pause and Resume listening to the radio ?

Hi, I can pause and resume playing music that's sitting on my PC or NAS. Is there any way to pause and resume listening to the radio - so you pause the feed if you leave the room and continue wh...

Can you stream to individual speakers once they are grouped?

If I group a Play:1 speaker that is in my family room and living room, it creates a group. Can then play music to ONLY the Play:1 in the family room? I know I can ungroup them, which is what I belie...

Sonos speaker magnets & NON dangerous goods act.

Can you send me a NON Dangerous goods certificate for all Speakers? TNT need it to ship any products that contain magnets.

Volume control speakers separately?

Hi. I just got a playbar and 4 play 1s. I want to control the speakers volume separately but i cant find it in the app. I have my playbar and 2 1s grouped as one room and the other 2 1s as a separ...

Music services missing

please disregard

Any plans for Airplay/Play-Fi or Bluetooth?

I bought a Play 5 and absolutely love the sound quality. Unfortunately the limitation of sources to only those within the Sonos app is extremely inconvenient and I will be returning my speaker. Are th...


Non riesco ad ascoltare da spotify perché mi dice che devo sottoscrivere un abbonamento . Il fatto è che io lo ho già un abbonamento premium e lo ho sempre usato su Sonos !!!

SONOS Problem

Hi, any help much appreciated. I have 5 SONOS 1s around the house (2 as a pair) and a connect powering two other speakers. It all comes from a new BT router wireless. The missis uses it without a...


some of my Tunein stations aren't working. it looks the are but not sound. Can someone help me resolve the problem?

old sonos controller froze

SONOS controller (an old one) froze. I took out the battery and inserted it again. Now the screen is all black. What to do?


I have a Sonos connect equipment and I want to use the alarm to intercalate at a fixed time, in my playlist, a sound announcement. And I wish that after this last my playlist resumes Did anyone have...

Stopped loading all songs

Problem uploading from iTunes. Especially on pre-order albums that release songs at different times I am finding that Sonos isn't uploading all the songs. I can't figure out why.

Sonos drops off line constantly when using Pandora.

Sonos drops off line constantly (every thirty minutes) when using Pandora. Entire reboot required to start it. If that doesn't work at first, then downloading the Mac controller and reinstalling it...

Use of wireless headsets with Sonos

Can you set up wireless headsets like Beats or Bose to be used in wireless mode with the Sonos system

No tv sound

Recently my soundbar and sub will not play audio in from the tv via my optical cable. I have tried a power reset and also checkijg the optical lead for the read light but to no avail. Diagnostics numb...

Connect out of range?

I need to set up some outdoor music for a birthday party. A musician friend has loaned me his keyboard amplifier (Traynor K2) with a 3 way internal speaker system. As well as a Bridge and some Play:1...

MLB Audio

When I click on MLB Audio and select a feed, they're all greyed out. I updated Sonos and verifiied that I paid my MLB audio subscription. Any suggestions for what to do next?

Apple TV remote has no mute button

How to finish setup an Apple TV remote with sonos if in has no mute button?


Is Sonos planning on making headphones available?

MPEG-4 files

My music library includes mpeg-4 files, so that I go from song to hour long tv programme. How can I stop my music library including these?

Archived radio shows

How do you add specific shows from a radio station. Shows that archive all previous weekly editions of the show. How can you listen back to an older show from the radio station in question? For exampl...

Audio-Technica LP120 Sonos

Hello Guys, I have a Audio-Technica LP120 and sonos system 3 play1, 1 play5, sub, sound bar, soundbase and play3. what do i need to connect the Turntable to my sonos system? the Sonos CONNECT:AMP Wire...


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