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Sonos Boost

Since I installed the router Boost I find that my sound is better. Can someone ear the difference, can it be possible and why ?

Initial Setup Orange Light - Failure

I just acquired a new Play:3 and am attempting to add it to my existing Sonos system (consisting of 2 Play:1, 1 Play:3, 1 Connect. The Connect is hardwired. The new Play:3 comes on and I get the green...

Controller 200

Adding Rooms/zones to controller ? Reset controller by mistake how do I add the rooms again as it only shows one room Thanks

Unable to authorise Deezer account

I recently deleted my deezer account and then resubscribed to deezer elite but now Sonos is unable to verify my account. Ive tried removing deezer from sonos and reinstalling but still no joy. Any sug...

SONOSNet Security

When using the Boost to generate the dedicated SONOSNet can you apply standard network security to this network? I am specifically looking for a MAC address based acces control mechanism to ensure on...

Sonos mutes itself at random times

My Sonos system has started randomly muting itself and I need to manually push the volume on the rear speakers or go into the Sonos application to unmute it. Any help would be nice.

Sonos Dropout

My home wifi is via a BT Smarthub. I have a BT plug in wifibextender that is cloned to the same SSID and password as the Smarthub router. I have set up my Sonos products in booster mode with one of...

AppleMusic & Sonos : big problem ?

Using my iPhone with Sonos.app and AppleMusic Service. When adding a song or a playlist from within Sonos.app on the iPhone, the change is not replicated in Music.app nor in my iTunes library. I see...

Cannot see albums associated with artist in Apple Music

Whenever I do a search for artist, I am unable to see any albums in artist under Apple Music. I get a No Selections are Available message. I can see albums for a particular artist in Spotify and Deeze...

Hissing playbar

Hi, My playbar is hissing (white noise) when not in use, there isn't any kind of interference from other devices as I have turned them off to confirm. I'm really annoyed as this a replacement (at...

Control Sonos with Deezer

Apologies if this has already been asked, but are there plans afoot to allow this functionality like you have done with Spotify? As you seem to be more afiliated with Deezer, I would have thought they...

Using a microphone with Play:5 line-in

Has anyone tried connecting a microphone to the line-in jack on a Play:5. I'm interested in using the Play:5 for small speaking events.

TruePlay better over time?

Just out of interest, when calibrating with TruePlay the app tells you at the end that the sound will improve over time. What does that mean? Is the app continuing to calibrate in the background? And...

App Connected to SONOS Boost Network

Does the app device (iPhone, iPad, etc) need to be on the SONOS network generated by the Boost or can be on another wifi network that is connected to the Boost? I have a home wifi access point and r...

How to find a particular music library file using Sonos

I've been trying to clean up erroneous meta data as I find it in the Sonos music library interface. With a large number of music files it can occasionally be daunting to find the correct match for an...

Set Up

Hi, I have a Sonos Connect (connected to my Record deck and amp and 2 of my own wired in speakers) and a sonos play speaker. When playing my music from my ipad or android phone I can easily conect...

Thumbnails not showing on Sonos Favorites list

Many thumbnail images of Pandora stations and TuneIn stations don't show up in my Sonos Favorites but the thumbnail images must be in there as they show at the bottom of the screen when the stations a...

Sound stops from turntable

Playing records and sound stops for a brief second.

Sonos zone buffering

We have 3 sonos connects in our AV rack connected to a switch which is directly connected to our router. we also have a playbar connected via ethernet, a sub, a play 1, 2 play 3s and a play 5 connect...

Adding another play 1 or sub to existing stereo pair of play 1's

What should I do add a Sub to existing stereo pair of play 1 or just get another play1

Sonos does not work - keeps cutting out

We have a sonos 1 and two sonos 5 currently. we have set them up EXACTLY as per the instructions. We have exceptionally high internet speed. We have connected our spotify. Despite updating the sono...

How to avoid zone change / set default zone on android app

I am using android phones, each as dedicated remote device for a certain room (sonos widget and sonos app). It worked well until about a month ago, that means, the zone on the phone was set once and w...

Amazon Music Playlist Not Complete Through Songs

I am trying to shuffle an Amazon Music playlist through Songs and finding that the same 500 songs end up in the cue and they just seem to reshuffle. I have just over 3000 songs in the playlist but it...

Surround Sound with odd shaped room

I have a Playbar and 2 x 1's as surrounds. My sofa is in front of the TV/Playbar and the rear left Play 1 is behind me in the corner of the room but the rear right is quite some distance away (ie I'm...

Room dropped out

Hi, I just bought a 1 Play and a 5 Play. They were working fine for three days, then the bedroom play 5 dropped out. Steps taken: unplugged-replugged router and player re-installed player (didn't w...


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