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I have sonos app installed on my ipad and android phone, i have 2 alarms, 1 that my weekly work alarm and one a once alarm. On the andriod app there no way of switching off the weekly alarm, you switc...

Integrated system

Want to know if it is possible to integrate my computer based Sonos system and play music thru my two Sonos 1 speakers and Playbar as well as use the three speakers as a home theater.

Why would I need to purchase a Boost?

I just purchased my first Sonos products, a pair of Ones. When I went through the setup process, the app told me that I cannot run the speakers standalone on my wireless network without a Sonos Boost...

Browsing through Spotify

Does anyone know how to rearrange spots fly on the Sonos app so artist albums appear first. Searching for an album by an artist is harder as all compilations they appear in now are in release order wh...

Pocketcasts not working through the controller

Both PC and Android controller is saying it cannot connect to PocketCasts when playing from the controller. I can play the podcasts directly from PocketCasts. Is this a regular kind of issue? Will it...

Spotify in South Africa

When will the Sonos have spotify available in South Africa?

Playing different music on different speaker

Hi , we are no longer able to play different music on different speaker, whenever we choose a speaker on our ios device, this choice is reflected on all our ios devices....Help!

Extended warranty for Sonos devices

I was looking on Amazon and they are offering Squaretrade service plans (extended warranties) for a very good price and I wondered why Sonos can't offer the same plans when you buy a device directly f...

Play 1 speaker wall placement

Do a paired set of Play 1 speakers have to be equidistant from the targeted listening area?

Which Speaker to Group on?

Does it matter what speaker I group on? I've got 5 zones and a connect, which is plugged into the router. Very often, I want to play the same thing on all speakers, so when I group I use the same spe...

Projector/Apple TV/Sonos - sound drop out

I am experiencing sound drops (just a split second at a time) when using my projector/apple tv set up through the Sonos Connect amp and Sonos Play one speakers. On a good day, it doesn't happen, or ju...

Security alert

“Security Alert” when trying to add Plex app to Sonos software

All songs listed twice

I normally use a Kindle Fire as my Sonos controller, and play music "On this Mobile Device". A month ago I installed the Sonos app on my Windows laptop and accidentally created a duplicate music libr...

Hello Everybody

Hi just got a new Sonos 5 and ONE, and I am so happy! . I lost all my music in a renovation years ago, and never got a chance to replace it. Joined apple music and have been using my mac, iPad, phone...

Iport xpress low battery

low battery

Recent connection issues

In the past two weeks my system has gone off the rails. Can not connect, music in incorrect format, cannot play queue, speakers disappearing, app showing its playing but then nothing. I submitted...

2 Sonos Systems

Can i have 2 seperate Sonos Systems running in house..OK i know people will think what is the point..but here is my problem. I currently have 5 Sonos Play 1 around the house with a Boost connected di...

BBC iPlayer Radio

Any idea when or if there will be intergration with BBC iPlayer radio app?

SONOS lacks child protection security.

Preventing minors from listening to rated content. Why does SONOS not take security serious? As a parent why is it not possible to have parental control over LAN connected SONOS devices? I have seen e...

Plex app “Security Alert”

What does “Security Alert” when trying to add Plex app to Sonos software signify and how can I re-add Plex to Sonos?

Connection type

Can I connect my system to my mobile internet connection, or does it have to be my landconnected wi-fi?

Can’t play anything - playbar greyed out

This has happened to me three times this week. I go to play something - doesn’t matter if it’s something on my phone (song or podcast) or streaming from Spotify, and the play bar is greyed out and it...

Pocket Casts: how refresh podcast list?

I've added Pocket Casts as a music service to Sonos. In true Sonos style it's a bit clunky but for the most part it works. However, neither the Windows nor the Android app seem to offer an option to r...

Pandora songs jump/skip on wired Connect+Amp System

My network is set up as follows: Sonic fiber >> modem >> Google WiFi (LAN output) >> switch >> Connect Amps (x4) set up in two daisy chained groups of two (ie, using two ports on the switch for the t...

Can the Sonos 1 with Alexa be part of a smart home group?

I would like to make Sonos 1 with Alexa part of a group, so that I can play music through both and Echo and Sonos1 with Alexa at this same time. Amazon tells me this is not possible? Is that true? O...


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