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TP Link Deco 9 problem with 1 sonos play 1 can't get it connected

Hi, I Have a new mesh network TP Link Deco 9. Got it on 2.4 and 5 ghz. Got 1 main and one guest network. I have the playbar connected wired in the network. The surround set is playbar, sub and 2 play...

Removing Sonos Players from my account

There are Sonos players I have installed for clients and to test I used my account. They were to remove and create their own but when I view my account they are still using. Can't I delete?

Playbar outer case - flame retardants and/or PVC

Sales Dept did not have an answer, so I am asking it here: Does any piece of the outer case of the Playbar contain Brominated/Halogenated Flame Retardants and/or PVC?

Amazon Music Tracks no longer has Shuffle option

Until today, I have been able to select Play All and Shuffle All when going into Amazon Music / My Music / Tracks in the Sonos app. Today, neither of those buttons are even visible. If I go in via Art...

Connection to SiriusXM was lost

Can't get Sirius to play today. What's up?

Sharing App Content

Is there a way for the content of my wife's Sonos app to mirror the content of mine? ie: if I add a song it will automatically be added to her app.

Sonos Play not working in South Africa

I purchased my Sonos Play at London Gatwick Airport but cannot get the Alexa software to function here in South Africa. I can play my music via bluetooth through it but had I know the Alexa software w...

Beam volume issue

I have a Beam connected to the TV via optical. During initial setup my Xfinity remote was controlling the volume on the Beam. After turning off the Tv the volume/mute controls on the remote no longer...

UK dapper Sonos one price

Has anyone purchased sonos one's from the online shop UK Dapper? They are currently selling a pair of Sonos one's (with alexa) for £333 inc free shipping.. everywhere else is £398 for the two. Is it...

Sonos One Keeps Dropping the Connection

Reference number for this afternoon: 921764712 Reference number because it continued this evening: 909702846 This morning, I could listen just fine. This is sending music that is located on my iPhon...

Repeat playlist AND Shuffle on each repeat?

I've got a $19 MP3 player hooked to my home audio system continually playing a mix of 80s music -- and it plays randomly. I'd love to be able to do this with my Sonos Connect but I don't think it's a...

Sound output from Samsung UBD-M9500

I'm in the market for a UHD player and was wondering if anyone knows if the Samsung 9500 can output simultaneous audio streams via the optical connector and the hdmi audio connector ? The reason I am...

Home cinema opstelling.

Wij hebben een home cinema opstelling van sonos. Playbar, sub en 2x play 1(rear) Is het mogelijk om hierbij nog voor de front 1xlinker en 1x rechter component toe te voegen om nog meer surround te cr...

Alexa and tune in

Got a problem with Alexa and tune in!! when she has been dormant. It goes like this My- Alexa play classic fm (or any other radio station) Alexa - Playing Classic FM on Tunein. Sorry, that device is...

Beam 5.1 with Sony A8F and youtube

Equipment: * 2018 Sony A8F (https://www.sony.com/electronics/televisions/a8f-series) * Sonos Beam * Sonos sub * 2 Sonos One as rear surround * Connected via HDMI ARC on input 3 of the Sony TV *...

Sky q no surround sound

Hi all I have the bar, woofer and 2 sonus 1’s at the rear of the room. Works great until I put sky q on then the sounds normal ie no bass and the back speakers don’t work. Any advice would be appreci...

Beam leaving groups?

Ok m beam is plugged into the LG Tv via the hdmi arc & I also have a Sonos play in the kitchen, yesterday we did a group while I played the PS4 & my wife did housework we wanted to have 80’s on shuffl...

Cannot connect my laptop with tp link router

I have TP Link wireless router. I can connect my mobile to the tp link router but not a laptop since few days. I am facing a problem since a week, laptop doesn't show up my router in scanned list, by...

Play5 gen1 surround

Hey, I have a sub with a beam and two play5 gen1 speakers. Setting up a surround system does not work because the play5 gen1 does not seem to support. Is this right? A Play 3 seems to be supported and...

Come on man stop the skipping !!

I've spent hours on the phone with my wireless provider (i now have the fastest internet available in the state of CA) my modem (top of the line) as well as my router manufacturer (top of the line mes...

Tv and Sonos Beam audio output

I have a Sony Bravia xbr-55x800e and I connected my beam using HDMI arc. I want to play music on my beam and have the tv sound (from the internal tv speakers) playing at the same time. I can’t figure...

Turntable sound has disappeared

Hi Peeps, I have two Play5 speakers, which I have connected to a Turntable, and they had been working perfectly, up until yesterday! I bought a Playbar yesterday, and added it to my home setup. I fo...

af8 oled from sony how to setup with sonos 5.1 setup

hi, im not sure how i connect correctly the oled tv with my sonos system. can everyone help me. whar should i do on tv menu to force the 5.1 passthtough arriving from my appel tv 4k? thank you very...

Smart TV not working

I am a new sonos owner. Speakers working great. I use my tv remote to get to the smart tv. Netflix hulu etc. Remote not responding.

playbar crackle

My playbar suddenly started Crackling everyone. Anyone know how to fix this?


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