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Connecting Bose Speakers to Sonos AMP

I have in celing bose speakers and want to connect to Sonos AMP. The speaker wires have 'plug ins' ... How do I connect to SONOS AMP

Adding speakers to existing room

Need some help. I have a Beam, 2 play ones and 2 Ones that I want to add all to the one room connected to my TV. I have added the Beam to the room "Living Room", but then when I go to add the Play...

My Virgin SH3 internet crashes when I connect Sonos Connect:Amps to the switch

I have 6 Sonos Connect:Amps which now crash my internet when I connect them to my switch that is connected to a Virgin SH3. I have had the network working with a SH3 for over a year, but this problem...

Sonos with Google Assist or Alexa

I know I've seen several topics on these, but I'll ask anyway. I have Sonos Play: 1,3, and 5. As well as Sonos Amp. I want to be able to walk into a room and say "Hay Alexa/Google, play..." is there...

Beam and Tivo Sync issue

I have a Sonos Team connected to our Panasonic TV through the HDMI arc. I believe it is all working ok with no issues. I also have a virgin Tivo box connected to the TV. Here is my issue. When I switc...

Cant change alarms

Hi, I am a brand new Sonos owner, and so far i like it. I am playing around with it, and wanted to try setting an alarm. That does not work.. I tried rebooting and updating everything, but still noth...

Beam with 2 Play 1 and Samsung TV Quality

Love all the speakers when listening to music. Not so much when watching TV. With Surround sound music his high and voice is low... got to keep the remove in my hand at all times to increase volumn an...

Netflix, Pandora, and the Desktop App

I have two Play Ones, and gaming PC with wifi and Bluetooth. With my desktop app I can play Pandora through the Sonos speakers. I have networked my computer to my ROKU TV and can play Netflix on the T...

searching for APP

Imac 27° 2011 os x 10.10.5

New Sonos AMP and Sonos One pair as 'front' speakers

I currently have a recent Samsung wall mounted TV, with the cables going through the back of the wall to the amp and other devices. As a result I want to avoid adding a Playbar and keep the aesthetics...

Missing desktop controls in Windows 10 for 10.0

Prior to this update, you could hover over the Sonos desktop controller app on the Windows 10 taskbar and it would pop up a little set of controls to stop and skip forward or backward. That set of con...

Sonos disconnecting

On a daily basis our Sonos system disconnects. The messages displayed are either “can’t find Sonos on your wireless system” or Sonos is connected but it “can’t connect to Spotify” . In order to fix th...

Sonos amp default settings - loudness and sub

I've recently setup a new Sonos Amp and noticed that loudness was on by default (as someone has already noted here in a review), and also that the sub was turned on in advanced audio/sub settings desp...

Volume doesn't always return to TV after listening to music with Beam

I have a Beam, with 2 x Play 3 surrounds and a Sub. If we're listening to music and then decide to watch TV, the TV volume doesn't always switch from music to TV. Sometimes it requires us to turn the...

Play:3 stopped working wireless

Play:3 stopped working on wireless out of the blue. After factory reset, was able to connect via wired connection, but won't connect to wireless. Changed network providers a couple of months ago an...

sonos architectural in ceiling speakers around insulation

I just got done installing a pair of in ceiling sonos architectural. My question is that i have blown in insulation and it is all over the place. Can the insulation be touching the speaker? Is it the...

3rd Party Amp Integration

I currently have a 2.1 system in my living room with a setup using a MartinLogan Forte amplifier and MartinLogan speakers. I'm looking to add some Sonos speakers throughout the home to be able to pla...

problems continuely with deezer and internet speed

I have always and continually had problems with Deezer working on my Sonos system. Again there is not a moment goes by that it tells me I don't have enough internet speed. all other service work perfe...

Surround sound not working with Panasonic TV

I have a playbase and added two sonos one speakers but getting very liitle sound from the speakers when watching TV. When playing music the sound is great. The TV is a Panasonic Model is TX-50DX7OOB....

Ceiling speakers, AMP & cables

Hello, I have a few questions..... Soon to have our kitchen/dining room extension. The area is going to be 8m x 4m. How many ceiling speakers would you recommend? Do the ceiling speakers ship with...

Advice - I'm confused!

So... I'm having a house redesign and my new kitchen/dining room/lounge needs a Sonos setup! The room will measure 9m x 5m - I'm investing in a 65" TV - I currently have a Beam, 2 x Play 1's and a pl...

Sonos beam and 2 play 5 to watch TV and music ??

Hi all. I have recently entered into the world of sonos. I have received a Sonos One that I use in my room and I am delighted ... I would like to use sonos to extend the sound of my television. I have...

Connect Amp able to connect 3 pairs on Sonos in ceiling speakers

Hi I am building a new house and I am wanting to put multiple in-ceiling speakers in the house. I just want to clarify that if I were to purchase the Sonos in ceiling speakers, I would be able to powe...

Can you use sonos speakers for more than one purpose in the same room?

Hello, I have two 1’s and a sub in my living room that I listen to music on. I just bought the amp to connect my outdoor speakers. I can hook the amp up to my tv using the ARC port. Is there a way I c...

Playbar with a pair of Play 1

I have a playbar, sub and 2 Play 1 speakers (in rear of room). When listening to a Dolby broadcast all works well. My question is when I am listening to a broadcast that is NOT dolby, is there a way...


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