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Speaker dropping out or showing but not controllable

Since updating Sonos apps and iPhones and iPad and the speaker has become erratic and constantly dropping out or showing device list but unable to control it.

SUB making rattling sound when bass is loud.

During playback of movies the SUB is making a rattling sound almost as though a ping-pong (table tennis) ball is bouncing around inside the SUB when the volume goes over a certain level. Does anyone e...

Use pause button to pause android tv

Is there a way without an external remote? Would be possible with IFTTT?

Sonos and Personal Cloud

Hi there, I have a seagate Personal Cloud and Sonos Playbar and Play 3. On my personal cloud I have 2tb of music. I dont want to add this as a music service due to the 65k limit. But when I am browsin...

Missing/ unplayable radio stations

Several of my "Favorites " radio stations either load to play and then doesn't, or no attempt to load is made with message that files not found. Any suggestions appreciated.

Playbar wall mount under TV VS tabletop

Hello to all, I'm wondering to buy a playbar (truly still haven't decided yet between playbar and playbase). I have a B6V LG OLED TV with a central stand, not wall mounted, so my question are: 1) Shou...

Lost speaker rooms

I changed my router and got one speaker set up via ethernet cable. Confirned wireless settings, but it cant find the other 2 speakers....any ideas

One button groups

My kitchen and family room are adjacent, and I'd like to be able to use a remote control to toggle the kitchen audio between my favorite tunes/radio station and the TV audio. I have a Playbar for the...

Software feature request: Options for fixed group(s), fixed setting(s)

I have 9 Sonos devices now, and my system is still growing... There are areas in my house that I would like to semi-permanently group together, and label that subgroup of devices (master bedroom, mast...

Zp90 drops out when grouped

Hi I am having issues with my zp90. It is hardwired via a Powerline plug to the network and works fine when playing on its own. However if i group it with my other Sonos products it drops out. Any...

Sonos 1 started skipping songs mid-song or stopping randomly

I've had the Sonos 1 for about a year and it has worked flawlessly. This afternoon it started skipping songs after a couple of minutes in. Now I can't get it to play for more than about 3 minutes befo...

All audio output from iPad going through my Play 1

Suddenly, ALL the audio output from my IPad with IOS 11 is being played through my Sonos Play 1. Previously only music streamed from Spotify came through on the Sonos. Anyone know how to revert to the...

Identifying a connect Amp (I have 7)

I am trying to set up Amazon Alexa control of my Sonos connects. Unfortunately I have multiple connect boxes for the different rooms in my house. Is there a way to identify which room is connected to...

Sonos Update made Music Sources are Not Displaying

Ever since my 12October Sonos App update on Android 7.1.1, i no longer have any list of my various music sources like Spotify, Radio Tune In, Line In ... has the placement of those choices moved or do...

Netflix on line in Play 5 sounds like a swarm of bugs with no sound.

First sound would cut in and out for months. Now line in to play 5 doesn't work at all. Seems to only happen with netflix. But it sounds like bugs flapping or like white noise. No other sound comes th...

Using Google Home wifi to connect

I just changed to Google Home wifi so I can get better wifi around the house. How can I setup control on this new wifi? Instructions says to connect via Ethernet to the router but that won't be the wi...

Sonos use with Bluetooth headphones.

Is there any known work around to enable listening to a Sonos speaker via Bluetooth headphones? Thanks

Spotify playlists on Sonos

I have all of my Spotify playlists on my Sonos app. When I open Spotify to play in the car then none of them appear. Is it possible to link the playlists together? Is it possible to access my Sonos...

"unable to browse music"

Since updating to the new controller release (supports Alexa) All my controllers have the same issue and cannot access any iheartradio stations I get spinning wheel then "unable to browse music" error...

Sonos Support Info (track count etc)

Since the Alexa upgrade it does not appear possible to access the Sonos Support Info (track count etc). If there is a new way to get at this info can you please point me in the right direction? Or, if...

Multiple Sonos, Multiple Spotify

I have 3 sonos speakers and 2 different spotify accounts. Is it possible to use the 2 different spotify accounts to play different music on a speaker not being used by the other spotify account?

Changing my linked Spotify Account

I want to link my Sonos to a different Spotify Family Account - I travel a lot and keep getting kicked out when I'm listening to Spotify whilst away because the family are listening to Spotify on the...

Definition of imported playlist

My iTunes Music Library is synced and updated. Playlists that I have created are not appearing. The imported playlists just seem to be album listings, NOT the lists I created with purchased music. SO...

Still have Pops and Clicks after 8.0 Update

Thought being part of the Beta and upgrading to 17.4.1 would of helped and initially it did but only for a few minutes and I'm still having the same issue as before but they are prolonged and more spa...

Power Outage Connection Issues

Hi All, I had two Play:1 connected through the bridge. We had a power outage and it seems to have knocked something out of synch. I could hit play on the Play:1 and it would pick up from the same son...


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