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Sonos One and Google Home playing together?

I´m about to get a Sonos One and have a question regarding Google Home as I understand is upcoming for Sonos. When Google Home is integrated with Sonos, will it be possible to set up a group of speake...

B&O Compatibility

Can anyone let me know if B&O H8i headphones are compatible with the Sonos Beam system, thanks

No 5.1 audio during video playback on Playstation video? (HD movies bought on PS4)

It says Stereo in the Sonos app, even though it says 5.1 on the PS4. Why?

Beam won't work with Samsung TV - won't go to green light

Been trying for hours to get my new Beam sound bar to work with my Samsung TV via ARC HDMI cable. I seem to be in limbo with this set-up. The Beam shows up in my product profile on line - but not on m...

Hey Sonos, how about a KB article or two on digital audio connectivity?

A day doesn't go by without some customer asking on here how to connect a TV that doesn't have toslink output or ARC, or it does but they can only get Stereo and not DD 5.1. Instead of us customers an...

Does new Sonos Amp allow you to attach spade terminals from your speaker wire?

My Speaker cables are buried in the floor so there is no changing them, they have spade terminals that attach to my current amplifier can I fit these to the new sonos amp? I know you can use bare wi...

Losing connectivity

I have a playbar, subwoofer and gen 1 play 5 with a bridge. The playbar and sub are constantly connected to the tv, however, I’m constantly losing connection when I try to play music through the syste...

Connect playbar with no optical

Hi, want to connect my new playbar to TV but TV only has digital audio out or components/TCA, no optical. Been looking at several converters but wondered what people recommend? Cheers Rich

Setting up blu ray player

Hello, newbie here. I’ve recently bought an LG 55 OLED b8 and connected it successfully to the Sonos Beam. Next up I wanted a 4K blu player as I have a lot of dvds, blu rays. I’ve tried connecting the...

Does everybody knows if there is a TURNTABLE that connects directly (without amp or connect or other stuff) to a Sonos One? Via Sonos System or via Alexa?

Suggestion from the community

Problème sonos play 5

Plus de connexion

Change from Wired to Wireless

I bought 2 x play 3, a play 5, soundbar and sub in 2013, which were all originally connected via the Bridge. The Bridge failed a few years ago and I connected the Sub to the wireless router to create...

Dear Sonos - why won't your software support pausing, resuming and fast-forwarding podcasts/ shows on TuneIn?

This is a question that has been asked numerous times by many different people, but why, after more than 15 years of operation, does the Sonos software still not reliably and consistently support paus...

Static and lag only right before a song starts (airplay2)

Hello, The title says it all. I own two newly purchased (less than one-month old) Sonos Ones, that I pair as stereo speakers. Whenever I start a tune through airplay 2 (iPhone and Macbook pro), I...

Play one et partage de connexion sur android

Bonjour comment connecter une Play one sur le partage de connexion sur Android / GALAXY S5

Volume Control manual function

I'm using a Sonos 5 through MacBook Pro. The issue I have is being unable to control volume using the laptop's keys. Ran a diagnostic and Sonos confirmed there is currently no solution. It seems bizar...

BT HomeHub and Sonos - impossible??

Getting Sonos to work with BT HomeHub and a Mac consistently

New router cant connect play 5 gen 1 and play 3

i recently got a new router and was able to connect my sonos one to my wifi but when i go and try to connect the play 5 (gen 1) and play 3 they go from a solid white light to a flashing amber then to...

is there a way to connect a friend's android phone to my sonos system to play music without download the sonos app?

Sometimes, my friends come to my home and they want to play their songs from their phone, and do not want to download the sonos app, they just want a quick way to connect to the spearkers. I know tha...

Sonos speakers not found on WiFi (using Sonos Boost) while attempting to connect to Harmony Elite remote

I am having a connectivity issue between my Sonos speakers, which is connected to Sonos Boost (then the wireless router) and my Harmony Elite remote (with hub). When I scan for "devices on WiFi"' via...

2,116 kbps ALAC does not play

I have 2,116 Kbs ALAC files, that I downloaded when purchased on BandCamp, loaded into iTunes. These will not play on any of my Sonos devices (Play:1, Play:5 1st gen, Playbar, etc). What is the limit...

Jumping during tracks

My Sonos is repeatedly (but unpredictably) jumping to the next track whilst playing a song. I see that other people have reported this problem over several years. I have updated the software as far as...


Lip sync

Spotify severely buffering on my 6 Sonos speaker set up

Are any other users experiencing this issue in the past few days? My network speed is reading 200 mbps download. Seems to be happening with Amazon music and Sonos playlists as well. I have had my sys...

Sonos one wont play music or radio

sonos one will only play if i action it through the app what am i doing wrong


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