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Song skips and Alexa Doesn't find artists in my library

Just got my Sonos One speaker and works pretty well. Fidelity is wonderful but I did have a couple of songs skip in the middle to the next song. The Sonos is accessing my iTunes song library from...

Sonos Gen 1 S5/play5 wall brackets

Hi everyone. I am permanently installing two Gen 1 Play 5's in my room. I want to mount them on the wall. The best wall bracket for my purpose is the Flexson tilt and swivel but they appear to be d...

Cannot connect to iTunes folder on pc

Hello, Brand new user here and I just cannot connect tommy music folder. I get the error saying “Sonos was unable to add music folder”. I have even turned my firewall off. Set up is windows 10 and I...

How to prevent repeat from carrying over from alarm

I have a morning alarm set with a sonos playlist as the source. Somehow this playlist is set in endless repeat. When I add an album to play later in the day, it will also default to endless repeat i...

Music on this device not playing

Setup: Three Sonos play 1's, Google Pixel 2 controller, all on same wifi network (same speed and ssid), one Amazon echo plus. Problem: all sources of music will play except "music on this device", Pan...

Sonos Skipping on Spotify: Tried EVERYTHING!

SO FRUSTRATING! My three Play 1s are all skipping songs mid-way through randomly. This has been going on since the last update. I have been using my system as-is for almost 2 years without issue. We h...

SSD as a NAS

I am using a Netgear Orbi for WIFI and was using a WD mybook that crashed. I am interested in using a Samsung T5 solid state drive to connect to the Robert tee and store my music. Is this feasible or...

2x Play:5s versus Connect+AVR+Good quality stereo speakers

Couldn't find any answer to my following question in the community so far. Has anyone ever compared the sound quality of 2x Play:5s versus 2x good quality stereo speakers connected to a receiver, co...

Centersound on playbar

Hi! Is there a way to turn up the volume on the center speaker? Sometimes when i watch a movie, I would like for the speech to be a little louder. When I had my old 5.1 surround system I could ajust e...

Authorising another user

How do I authorise my wife to use my Sonos ?

Why does everything involve a purchase?

I bought a Sonos thinking I would just be able to play stuff from my phone. Turns out everything I want to play involves a subscription! I feel cheated. It's a great speaker, but really, do I have t...

Playbar no power

Went away for a day and came back to not being able to turn on my playbar, no power light on the unit and i have tried unplugging multiple times

Renaming a Sonos One so Alexa says it right

When I set up my Sonos One, I wasn’t sure where it was going to live so when asked for a name for it, I chose ‘garage.’ I’ve since renamed it in the apps, and it is reflected in all the apps, but when...

Sonos App not finding Sonos since Sky Q Installation

Sonos boost setup with 8 speakers around the house. All was fine. Sky Q 2TB box and two Sky minis installed a couple of weeks ago. Since then my iPhone Sonos app can only connect to my Sonos system...


I have Sonos in my holiday home, the alarm still comes on each day even when I am not there & there is no device that has the app on in the house . How is this?

Sonos Connect left output channel not working

I recently bought a pair of powered/active speakers that I have connected to my Sonos Connect (not Connect:Amp). It appears the left output channel is not working. I have switched cables around and th...

Best Sonos speaker for Hip hop

I have a couple of new Sonos One speakers, and love the sound. The bass is great but not overwhelming even at low volumes. At near peak volume though, the bass gets lost a bit, and the sound overall i...

Playbase Panasonic Viera connectivity

Hi, could I respectfully request assistance with regards to my Panasonic TX-P50GT30B being able to connect with an optical cable as the playbase connector differs from the RCA digital out connector on...

Used Sono Boost connectin issues

I recently bought a used Boost. I am having issues connecting it to my existing system . All goes well until it askes for me to sign into my account . At this stage it askes for a password for the acc...

Line In - No Wifi - Playback keeps stopping

I have a Sonos Play:5 in my office at work. We are out in the country, so Wifi is a bit up and down so we opt to use the Line in Component when we are in the office for playing music. When playing,...

TV Surround Sound

My two play 1's don't ay any surround sound while watching tv. Work fine with music, streaming, or dvd hkwever.

#SonosOne USB Charging Port and "Drop In" Capability

I love my new #SonosOne but it would be even better if it had a USB charging port and if it supported Drop In. I realize the charging port is not a software add, so no upgrade path there. Is there a...

Lost connection to Sonos after recent update

I just updated my sonos system and when it was finished I lost connection to all of my speakers on the sonos app. I have tried to reconnect all my speakers but the app is telling me that it is unable...

Ambient or Full surrounds?

Have two play 3’s,bar, and sub. Have found advantages to both options depending on what I’m listening to. Is this literally just a personal preference option, or am I missing something entirely?

Night sound icon, and audio enhancement Icon not appearing in the sonos app

Idk how to delete this post but I’ve come to my own conclusion that the icons only appear on “tv” mode. Also, instead of making a new thread. Does anyone know how to get the volume of the sonos to dis...


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