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iOS volume

Changing Sonos volume in the iOS app also seems to change volume on my ipad at the same time. iOS 10.3.2 Sonos app 7.2. Is there a way to prevent this happening?

Play 5 Generation 1 Mount

Looking for recommendations on products or tips to mount my Play 5 Generation 1 to the wall/ceiling. Thx

Bluetooth adapter to Speaker out

Hi, has anyone had any experience connecting a bluetooth adapter to the speaker connectors? I have my harmon Karmon speaker connected to a Homespot bluetooth Audio transmitter which in turn is connec...

Sonos App for Two Systems

We installed Sonos in two homes. How do we use the app to navigate both homes?

Preset volume

Is it possible to preset the volume of a speaker? I would like to be able to see the volume of the speaker in my son's room before switching it on so it doesn't blast out but I can't seem to do that...

Factory Reset Duration

Hello, I recently inherited a sonos Play:5 (gen 2) from my dad who recently passed away and I am trying to register the device under my sonos account and I'm having trouble with it. How long does it n...

Can Not connect to Sonos

About two months ago all the sudden my music library would not connect.... i have a MAC It looks for it then says unable to connect to "//MAc blah blah blah/Music" is denied check username and or pa...

Volume issues when swapping between SOURCE on TV

My SONOS volume is perfect for HDMI2 setting which is my PAY TV. But if I switch to other SOURCE options,, normal TV, or other PAY TV or DVD, i have to turn SONOS down too halway, otherwise Volume jum...

Outdoor Speakers?

I know this has been asked many times already, but I'm bumping the topic. I'm a huge Sonos fan, and our family loves the fairly extensive Sonos setup we currently have. We even hired a pro installer t...

Blocking funny friends

Sonos is the greatest system out there. So great that I told my neighbor to get the system. Now the problem is he knows how the system works and tried to take over my system every time he comes over...

Sonos iPad Screen Template

Is there a way to customize the iPad screen template for the Sonos app. We use the iPort Surface Mount (wall mounted iPads) throughout our home. Some of us have a hard time with the layout of the sc...

Can you find out what songs you played with a week?

I was listening to Spotify's Discover Weekly and found the most amazing playlist of my life. I listened to it a bunch and didn't save any of it, then on Monday it changed and I wasn't able to find any...

Sirius "the connection was lost"

Hello, I keep losing connection to Sirius and this message comes up. I saw threads about this form a couple of years ago but non recent. It started on a customer's system about 2 weeks ago. It als...

SiriusXM stream drops out randomly

SiriusXM audio stops playing by itself randomly. I have playbar, sub and connect amp setup for a family room surround system and a connect hooked to a twelve channel amp (house music). Connect, connec...

Speaker cuts out when using echo dot

Hi all! I have a play5 and play3 setup. I recently connected my echo dot to the line in on the play5. All works fine apart from the play3 cuts out intermittently for a few seconds during play, it s...

streaming problems

I have 2 zones in the house, office and kitchen, both are wired directly to the network in the house. Having changed internet provider I can no longer use Tunein in the kitchen whereas it works fine i...

When I add a playlist to the queue, it randomizes it. How do I stop this?

I have a playlist of a certain musical album, and I want the tracks to stay in order. But when I add the playlist to the queue, it's shuffles the order. How can I stop this? I'm using the PC cont...

Playbase doesnt respond

I got my playbase today. Setup went fine, worked with tv for two hrs when suddenly it went off and now theres nothing happening, seems like its dead. Any ideas?

play music direct on my iphone/ipad

why isn't possible to play music direct from my musiclibrary to my iphone, instead of e.g. the livingroom? When I'm somewhere else I cannot play my music....; not in the train, not abroad. At this mom...

Amber Light Flashing

I recently unplugged my Play 1 speakers to move around my living room (they have always been located in that room). When I went to plug back in, the left speaker will not connect to my system. It si...

Sonos components in Hong Kong?

I am moving to Hong Kong from New York City. Will my US Sonos components work in the Hong Kong electrical outlets?

Can I use my Sonos system 24/7 ?

I would like to use my system continuously for background sound. Would this effect or damage my system?

Ad free Absolute Radio

Just called sonos helpline and it is possible that if enough people request support for Absolute Radio App that allows Ad Free music for all their stations and as so many people like it suggest you al...

need help with settings 4x play 1's

Hello, i have 1 soundbar sound bridge and 4x play1's , but i can only connect 2 play 1, with the sound baar in a room not all 4 of them, anyone know what to do or give me advice?

Saving Favorite Group Settings

Is it possible to save your favorite group settings? Similar to Party mode that selects everything, can an individual user create their own favorite gropings? An example would be to select everythin...


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