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No audio volume control with Samsung RC K-series

hi, just bought a playbase, however I cannot make use of the Samsung RC that came with the TV to adjust the volume of the audio. When applying the approach described under ' Configure Sonos PLAYBAR or...

Sub attached to more than one group?

I have a Playbase that is it's own group for use with the TV and have attached the sub to that. It's awesome by the way. I also have a group with all of my other Sonos speakers and before the Playb...

more flexible use of speakers

I have a playbar with sub and surrounds in the media room. I have a playbase in the master bedroom. The simplest thing I want to do is occasionally use the subs from the playbar as additional speakers...

Original Kindle Fire app crashes after update

I updated the sonos app on my original Kindle Fire. I leave the app open at all times. Now after the Kindle Fire is woken up the app crashes but works again after a restart. This is annoying. Is...

Will Playbase work with A-Tech HDMI switch w/ optical audio out?

I just ordered my Playbase (should arrive in a few days) and my TV does not have optical audio out, so I have a 4x1 HDMI switch made by A-Technology. I couldn't find this HDMI switch mentioned in oth...

Playbar Sound Quality using Sky Q

I have my Sky Q connected to my Playbar using HDMI in and Optical out through my Samsung Smart TV. The sound quality is poor, very tinny. I find if I set Sky Q to Dolby some channels have no sound at...

Connecting Sonos units to account

Hi I have updated the software and set up an online account. If through service settings and then advanced and then music sources and then link players, I sign in and it finds my bridge, and then loo...

5.1 surround system.

I currently have a Playbar connected directly to my router with Play5 for surround. Would like to add 2 more Playbars, each with surrounds. Do I need to connect the other Playbars to my router? Or...

Spotify troubles

When i try to play spotify through my sonos app, it says Natey J, which is probably an old account of mine, needs to be reauthorized. if i click reauthorize, it skips past a couple pages and says some...

Songs skipping

Play5, some songs stop playing before the end and next song starts. Sent diagnostic 7322721, what do I do next for help

BT Whole Home Wi-Fi

Is the BT Whole Home Wi-Fi router system compatible with SONOS as it uses a 'mesh' technology. Is anyone using this system successfully?

Playbase with Sony KD65ZD9

Hi, First time poster and a bit of a newb with technology, so forgive me if I can find the answer to my questions elsewhere (I have tried the magic of Google but I have been unsuccessful). If anyo...

SONOSNET - can't view it from my android device.

Sonosnet will simply not show up on my android device, I have switched it on, tried every channel - I presently have a boost connected to my router and then five products running on this boost set up....

Apple Music playlist

I created a playlist on AppleMusic with 15 songs. I've downloaded all of them to my phone. When I go to play the playlist in my Sonos App it only shows 4 of the songs. I've powered the phone down a...

Sound bar and tv volume

How do you disconnect the sound bar from controlling my tv volume???

CR200 Controller - 'Music Library' not available for selection

The 'Music Library' function on my touchscreen is no longer working, therefore I cannot use it to select any music - help please!

Best Setup with New TV and Xbox One

Hey guys. I am wondering what is the best setup for my entertainment system. I have a LG OLED B6 TV, a Sonos Playbar with surrounds and a Xbox One. My old setup was running the optical into the Xbox f...

Radio station lost volume

Hi, I have recently started having a problem with a local radio station not playing at a listenable volume after listening to it for a while. You can just hear it when fully turned up and have your ea...

Low Sky HD box audio

Hi I have just set up my new Sonos Playbase using the optical cable connected to my Sony Bravia TV. And the audio from my Sky HD box is significantly lower than when I listen from the TV channels and...

Lyrics on TV for Spotify played through Sonos Speakers

The best I could come up with is Musixmatch with Apple TV mirroring...couldn't figure out how to do via Chromecast or FireTv...Only challenge is to have to switch between screens to switch tracks and...

Reduce max volume, increase fineness of volume control?

Is it possible to reduce the maximum attainable volume, making each increment of movement of the volume slider smaller to allow finer control of the volume?

Stream Audio from smart phone or laptop

Why can't you allow us to stream audio from a smart phone or laptop? It would be nice to listen to conference calls over sonos speakers while listening to the call. I wish i could play youtube and oth...

Volume control problems play1 and play5

Hi. Excited new owner of a play1 and play5 gen2. Having huge problems with volume control. One is that the + and - buttons on side of my iPhone, controls only the volume when I open the sonos app....

Live Feeds

I have a Play3. Is there anyway to play 'live' feeds through it without being first added to the library???

Playlists and Favorites

Despite my best efforts I can't locate "Add to Sonos Playlist/Favorite" under any of the "***" three dots while browsing or playing my music as per the screen instructions- on my brand new iPod touch.


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