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Issue with setting up Pool Amp Connect

Hey all, My first post after enjoying my Sonos since Gen1. My iPhone can't add a Pool amp because out or range. I have a bridge, but not sure if I've set it up properly. HELP!

Pandora skipping to next song half way through song

Pandora is skipping to the beginning of the next song half way through the current song. My router seems to be working fine but it is happening consistently on both my Play 5 and my Sonos connect. H...

Connect:amp dropping connection

My sonos Connect:Amp seems to be unable to hold a room grouping for more than a few minutes. I also have a Connect, and it hasn't dropped a connection yet. I've moved both units farther away from ot...

Sonos cutting out

This is my current setup: 1 Sonos Boost, hardwired to 5 Sonos Connect powered by a Russound D1650 and 1 Play:5 with a line-in cable. I use a few different streaming services (SiriusXM, Spotify, Google...

How do i connect my Sonos play 5 with my tv

I can't figure out how to make my tv controller, control the volume of my sonos speakers. And i can't find a solution on the forums

Software feature request: Playbase to rejoin Group after turn off TV

Dear Sonos Product Management, It's really great that Playbase does (if setting is enabled) automatically disconnect from it's current group when TV is turned on. How ever it is very annoying it d...

Apple Music in Sonos

Hi! Why I can not find some music in Sonos player which I see in apple music?

Sonos sound bar turning on every night at 3am

Every night at 3am, the sound bar below the TV is turning on and playing the TV channel sound I had been watching earlier. I had the system installed for me but the Comcast Xfinty remote has never bee...

how to show by album for imported playlist from iTunes?

I successfully set up the Sonos to read my iTunes library over NAS, including the imported playlist. However, since each playlist may have songs from an entire album, I find it hard to search and orga...

Sonos Soundbar flush too wall?

Is it possible to install the soundbar flush inside a wall something like this? http://s3.amazonaws.com/electronichousesite/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/02181835/1soundchoice_in_wall.jpg Will this co...

Setup help for an office environment.

Hi all. Having issues with the following: Sonos Play3 iMac Ethernet connection Wifi is not an option, so computer and Play3 are connected via ethernet ports. Controller recognizes my Play3 a...

Radio working in 1 room but not others, napster not working at all

Hi, I have been a user for a number of years and currently use a play 1, play 3 and a connect amp. these are located in different rooms and until recently have been working well. now i can play the r...

iTunes artwork

I had my music library on Windows Media Player and all the artwork (eventually) wes visible on my controller and apps. Since switching to an iMac my music is now in iTunes again all artwork is present...

sonos headphones?

I would love to be able to use wireless headphones with Sonos. Is there a way to make this work, or perhaps Sonos is considering developing this?

Sonos Dorm

I'm having a friend of mine who works in my school's IT department set up a network for me in my room. The plan is to simply connect to the network while I'm there and want to control the sonos the th...

Play 3's disappear from iOS devices only. How do I add them back

I have 2 play 3 and a play 1 in different rooms. They have been set up for months but recently the play 3s do not appear on my iOS controllers (iPad, iPhone 6 and iPhone 7). They do show upon and can...

No password link sent

I bought a used Play:3 which is factory reset. I want to add it to my existing system which is just a Play:1. To add this player I need to sign in to my Sonos account, however it doesn't want the acc...

Players drop off line and so does app

My 4 player ones suddenly dropped off line and the app won't respond. What do I do?

Two different Sonos Networks

Is it possible to setup two different Sonos networks within the same house? The reason for this is so my son can only see and control his Play 1 and not my Play5?

Warranty status on Opened player

If I open my Player will Sonos honor the warranty?

Sonos CONNECT AMP, How is volume controlled when hooked to TV

I am thinking of getting a Sonos CONNECT AMP and hooking it to my TV. When hooked to my TV can I still control the volume with my TV remote or do I have to use the Sonos app?

Speakers very slow to respond to controls

I just set up a new Sonos Play5 and the response time via Spotify from controlling song changes and volume on an iphone and computer are extremely delayed... then when the song changes, it plays for a...

Spotify wont play, just skip

When trying to play on my 2 sonos (or 1) from the Spotify app, it just skips straight to the next song, without playing anyghing. Then pauses. When I hit play again it does the same thing. Skips to ne...

How to connect a CD-player to PLAY1 and PLAU5 ?

I've a CD-player (analog line out). How do I connect this to my Sonos speakers play 1 and 5?

BBC Tune in Podcasts/Shows: Access Denied

BBC streaming is working fine. However I tried to listen to an older Sounds of the 60s this morning. It's there, but a message comes up: Access Denied. I've tried a couple of other BBC shows and the...


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