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Can't get my playlists when at home

I share the account with my husband. When I'm at home and use the Sonos I cannot find my spotify playlists but my husband's appear. IN my phone I can see all my playlists.

Pc app check box

What is the check box, next to the name of the song, for? PC app

Music keeps cutting out skipping

I have a play 3 in my kitchen a bridge in my lounge connected to my WiFi router and a play 1 in my bedroom. My WiFi is with virgin and giidcstrength. Both speakers keep cutting out, cutting songs shor...

Problem retuning Sonos 1

I have a Sonos 1 which tuned perfectly the first time I used it. My son moved it to another room and when I moved it back and came to retune it in the same positon as before I get the "too much noise...

How to stop notifications on Mac

When listening to a radio via Tune-In Radio, I get a little popup message displayed on the top left of my screen every time the feed changes, as in a new song or even goes back to the presenter in the...

Anyone use Isoacoustics size 130 and 155 for the Sonos 1 and 5?

Isoacoustic stands often provide dramatic improvement for monitors and subs regardless whether they are mid-fi or hi-fi by tightening the bass and mids - increasing the fidelity. Question: 1. Anyon...

Need advice on what set up would be best for my wife's shop

Hello everyone, Let me start out by saying I have almost no audio knowledge. Being deaf in one ear and having hearing loss in the other my whole life. However my wife really appreciates quality sound...

Should I keep my old Bridge?

Have a boost that replaced an old bridge long ago now wondering if makes sense to just give away the bridge (no longer on the network), or is there reason to keep. Have wired Boost & Playbar with a P...

Shuffling Playlist

Can you shuffle Pandora stations in a playlist?

Poor sound quality after update

Just did the latest update - now the audio quality on my stereo pair of Play 3’s is severely degraded. Bottom end gone, sound all upper mids. Sounds like the data rate is severely lowered (sounds like...

Problem with Pandora Premium turning off when played through Sonos!

I have upgraded to Pandora Premium in order to play continuous music without an auto shut off feature. It works fine on the computer, I Pad, I Pod, etc. However, when I play Pandora Premium via SONOS,...

Sonos Randomly Stops and I haven’t Changed Any Equipment Since Installation 3.5 years ago

Have had Sonos for 3.5 years and have not added or touched the system at all. All I have done it updated my sonos controller on my iPhone and over the past 3 months, it will just randomly stop playing...

Changing a Group Using Alexa

I have 7 different Sonos Speakers in my home and I've just added an Amazon Echo. I love the utility of the Echo and I'm able to play music through any or my Sonos speakers without issue. What I would...

Speakers drop from network or wont play, also streaming music is problematic

Hi, This is a question I posted to Technical support just over a year ago and it seems to be happening again to a degree that is becoming increasingly frustrating. I have a Play 5, 2 Play 3s and two...

Sonos 8.2.1 app on iphone

This is a request, not a question! the new iphone Sonos App 8.2.1 is the most frustrating app to use, it used to be simple and intuitive to move around, now I can't find half the things I want to use...

Connect two Play 1 to my current 5.1 wired home theather

I have a polk audio 5.1 wired system running through a sony receiver. Is it possible to remove 2 of the polk wired speakers and use 2 sonos play 1 speakers in replacement? Ultimately I want my system...

bose radio to sonos speakers

I have an older Bose radio with in and out connections which I use to send to wireless speakers. Can I hook the radio to the sonos system speakers? I have a Bridge, a Player 5 and a player 3 in my sys...

Speakers in group disappear

I have several speakers but my Living room speaker group, which includes a Playbar + SUB + Left and Right Play:1 pair, don't always report correctly. In the apps, it shows it as (+SUB+?+RS). I don't s...

PLAYBAR not showing

sound bar not showing on my group list. white light on sound bar is flashing, tried resetting, light continue to flash

Two Stations Simultaneously

I'd like to listen to Pandora music but have local public safety scanner in background - is this possible?

Two SONOs play ones

First my set up: 2 x White Sonos Play ones. The model without Alexa. Internet: BT fibre 70mg download... app controller: iPhone 8 IOS and a macbook One Sonos connected in the living room via e...

Amazon music and Sonos app in the netherlands

Amazon music is now available in the netherlands and works fine via the amazon app. But when i add the services to sonos it tells me it wont work in the nl. Any idea when this will be resolved. I have...

Sonos automatically play when entering the bathroom

I have Sonos in the house and want to put Sonos in the bathroom that will automatically play when entering. The only way I can think of doing this is to have a movement sensor they switches both the...

Sonos home screen

Not sure if this is what has been the subject of the white screen criticism of the new app, so apologies in advance if it is. When I open the Sonos app on my iPad I’m faced with a white screen and a l...

Outdoor Speakers with Sonos Amp

I have a playbar in my living with a Polk sub. I just bought the ConnectAmp. I hooked up my sub and outdoor patio speakers to the connect amp. Everything works great. I have set up a room called Patio...


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