Sonos Play 5 Gen:2 will not connect to WiFi

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I forgot to add the diagnostic information, its #1488866377

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Hi Corry

I seem to have the same problem with my Play 5 as foldback above.

I have various Sonos devices in the house, they all work fine, but the Play 5 lost WiFi a while back. It does works perfectly fine over ethernet. 

Diagnostic ID 2145328600 

What options do I have left atm?


I would perhaps speak with Sonos Support Staff and give them your diagnostic reference etc. Here is their contact link:


Hi Corry, thanks. Yeah I just contacted Sonos Support Netherlands. They were super-friendly. It was a faulty wifi chip and they sent me a shipping label for a return+replacement procedure. 

The info in this thread is very helpful! 

Thanks again. 



Hi @foldbak 

Your speaker has a fault - please call our technical support team. You’ll be happy with the result.

Thank you Cory. That was helpful. A replacement is on the way.

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The issue was resolved by Sono's successfully by sending me a replacement unit as it was a known issue with a defective wireless card. I'm happy again with a working system and Sonos support were very helpful. I hope you also get your issue resolved as I know the frustration of not being able to connect.
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Hi @hendrika 

I would perhaps speak with Sonos Support Staff and give them your diagnostic reference etc. Here is their contact link:

Highly recommended!

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Hi @foldbak 

Your speaker has a fault - please call our technical support team. You’ll be happy with the result.

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@Infinben, I deleted your other post for sake of keeping things all in one place. There is a hardware issue with that Play:5 which will need replacing. For this sort of issue, the best thing to do is to contact our support team directly. However, I've passed along your details to an agent and he will be in touch soon via email.
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Seems I am having the same issue. Is the only way to resolve this by contacting support? Do I need to be beside my speaker when I do so? Diagnostic Report is 1179306788

You'll need to contact support directly:

Not sure if you need to be beside your speaker; I doubt it.
Hi there, I got the same issue, i can only connect my play 5 wired.

Diagnostic Id: 1257969747
Hi I have the same issue

Diagnostic code 1322784620

Connects via EN cable but not WiFi connection... worked fine until a few weeks ago...

Play 5 Gen 2
Same issue here and Sonos support also found a wireless card issue in the diagnostic report I sent. They are replacing the unit. With so many mentions of a similar issue here is seem like there might be premature failure on this component. Great to see Sonos standing behind the product and replacing them even out of warranty. 😃
Thanks for the reply, I have contacted via email as I’m in Cyprus, many thanks.

Dead WiFi card.

Sonos support replaced it for a new unit out of warranty 

I've had issues with my Sonos for 5 years. I've called maybe twice about it because resetting it works. But wow I just saw this. I called to complain, but I was just given some of the worst support. I was on the phone for an hour just to be told nothing is wrong. I was told to hard wire my Sonos to see if that fixes it. 


Why would I pay the extra mark up on a Sonos just to hardwire it? I won't do that. The issue is with Wi-Fi. 


The first 2 calls I had 3 or 4 years ago I was told to reset my Sonos and it will fix it. And it did. But it kept persisting. 


I realized it was a problem when I bought an arc and I had no issues for over 6 months and my Sonos 5 disconnects every 2-4 weeks. 

Do better Sonos. Don't blame my network, it's probably set up better than your corporate network. 

Clearly the diagnostic report in your case showed the speaker hardware/software to be fine, unlike a few of the other posts in this thread …and in some cases here too, it was a local WiFi network issues.

It seems you are somewhat in denial that your network isn’t at fault, but you haven’t stated how you know that, other than your soundbar is okay, but presumably that’s not only set in a different location to your Play:5 - it might also be the case your Play:5 is using the 5Ghz WiFi band, whereas your Arc will definitely be using the 2.4Ghz band.

Perhaps try reducing the wireless channel-width to 20Mhz on the 2.4Ghz band and ensure the speaker uses that and set it to the least used (fixed) ‘non-overlapping’ channel, or even try ALL running on the (built-in) SonosNet signal instead and remove your WiFi credentials from the system completely, setting the internal SonosNet channel, so that it becomes the least-used channel in your locality, but set it at least 5 channels away from your chosen router channel.

If not done already, I would also add all your Sonos product IP addresses to your routers DHCP reservation table for good measure too.

It’s important to review the network settings, as often things can change in the environment, including neighbouring signals and software/firmware updates of routers etc; so I would review the network every 3 months, or so, and perhaps make any necessary changes to keep the potential for interference to a minimum.

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For anyone new to this topic, if you find yourself with a Play:5 gen2 or other Sonos speaker that can't connect to the network when wireless, but it works just fine wired in, there are a number of things to check, but there's a chance that there's something wrong with the wireless on the device. Run a diagnostic in the Sonos app with the speaker connected to the network using an Ethernet cable. This is under Settings > Advanced Settings.

With the diagnostic number handy, the best thing to do is to get in contact with our support team directly. They will help identify if there's a hardware issue or something network related that can be fixed, and will assist with the next steps.


Did you follow Sonos’ recommendations to connect to a new router?

If you contact them directly they'll be able to figure out the issue. I got a replacement sent out super quickly!
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Hi @Nigel Johnson,

Thanks for reaching out to the Sonos community and letting us know about your concern. Upon checking on the diagnostic, no hardware failure was detected on your Sonos Play 5. However, interference has been detected on one or more Sonos components running SonosNet in your household. This may cause audio dropouts or audio problems to one or more players, audio delay, and dropped room from Sonos controller. To help you out with this, let me suggest the next troubleshooting steps.

  • Change the wireless channel on the Sonos app
    • Settings > System > Network > SonosNet Channel > Set to 1
  • Move Sonos products away from the source of interference
    • Relocate your Sonos speaker or move it closer to the router to determine if it is a wireless range issue.
  • Hardwire another Sonos speaker to your router (not your modem).
    • Observe your Sonos system performance.
  • If you have access to your router, please check the following settings. You may reach out to your internet service provider for assistance.
    • The auto channel must be set to Off
    • Choose the best non-overlapping channel (1,6,11)
    • Set channel bandwidth to 20MHz
    • Both 2.4GHz and 5GHz should be enabled
    • 802.11 bands should be set to b/g/n
    • Airtime Fairness should be disabled (if applicable)

If you're still experiencing the issue, I recommend contacting our support team with your full network setup including the make and model of each device, and for more in-depth troubleshooting steps. If you have any further questions or concerns, we'll be glad to assist you.

Dead WiFi card.

Sonos support replaced it for a new unit out of warranty 

Was there a cost to yourself involved in this ?

I have exactly the same problem! Tried already multiple resets etc. nothing worked so far! I want to move the speaker to a place where no WIRE is available 


diagnostic number is 33414422




Same problem. Quick call with Sonos help desk and they figured out is was a hardware issue and have sent a replacement. Great customer service 

@Airgetlam my point was that an additional device is required for the Sonos to work in a wifi network. The Boost doesn’t fix wifi issues, it fixes Sonos issues…

Obviously you can hardwire it to a router via ethernet...which is what I’ve been doing. That’s not why I bought a “wireless” speaker. The Orbi mesh or any other mesh system is the latest home wireless network technology that is designed to homes! With consumer devices, like other point other device has any issue working instantly on my Orbi mesh network without any “tinkering”...from the newest/latest gadgets to the 5 plus year old devices.

Sonos made the same claim that somehow their devices are much more complex or complicated and therefor don’t readily work on any home network...I think that’s BS...and if it is the case, it’s a poorly designed product. The fact that it only works on 2.4ghz for one, is lame. I don’t even have any satellites set up for my mesh network and am in a small apartment…

I’m not sure about your explanation as to why Sonos is different in how it behaves on a network versus any other device. “it talks to all points of installation”  I have one Speaker... “versus a single point outside your network”... I have one wireless access point that is broadcasting on 2.4 and 5...period...A device connects via whatever channel is best… most basic devices can connect to 2.4 or 5...and or a/b/g/’s pretty standard for any network device. If Sonos are indeed designed specifically as network devices, they don’t work very well.

By the way, I was able to get it to work on my Orbi mesh network...but not from what Sonos told me. They were supportive/helpful on their chat support. Phone support was terrible. Neither was able to find a solution.


Yes, same deal as Jack07: used to work fine until recently. Extremely frustrating because the Sonos user experience is top-notch when it works but this has me pulling my hair out…

I’ve tried multiple routers, tried multiple mobile devices (iOS and Android), resets, restarts, and more. My sonos port works fine.

Diagnostic: 1325634915


i have the same problem with my gen 2. It won’t connect to the WiFi or even start its own WiFi when trying to connect. 

Number; 763439185


best regards



My play 5 gen 2 won’t connect to wifi. It works on Ethernet.  I have a play 5 gen 1 that works. I have a sonos amp, a stereo pair play 1 and a boost that all work. Bad wifi card? Help please