Bluetooth connected but no sound - Era 100

  • 1 December 2023
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I just purchased my Era 100 to connect it to a Samsung Monitor. The speaker connected to my iPhone and iPad perfectly but not with the monitor.

The monitor does not have bluetooth so I bought a bluetooth transmitter and it works perfectly with my AirPods and Sony earphones but not with the speaker. The Sonos app indicates that it's connected to the BT transmitter but there is no sound. I also tried to connect the speaker with a 3.5 mm jack and nothing, no sound. do I need to buy a better BT transmitter? I bought a random one from Amazon or do I need the Sonos in-line adapter?


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29 replies

The issue remains. I had a call with Sonos support today (July 16) who informed me that their app (for ios as well as for Andrdoid) is very buggy and has issues with BT connectivity. Lost connectivity over BT with ios is well known it seems. And BT connectivity wirh Android is not supported.

The advise I got: be patient and wait, we'll fix it at some point.

A rather immature product in my view.


I would just like to say this issue should have been resolved by now. Just about every other company on earth can manage to have functional bluetooth in their products. I am very dissapointed Sonos, your customers expect better. 

Too many times, the Era 100 will not connect to Bluetooth. It says connected via IPhone, but no sound. I called customer support, performed factory reset and still unresolved.  We will call customer support again - very frustrating.

This issue is definitely not solved as of April 28th 2024. My Era 100 worked fine until today when this problem occurred. Bluetooth connected, but there was no sound (unless i started playback from the Sonos app). I tried playback from several bluetooth sources, same problem. I spoke with Sonos support and the only way to resolve the problem was to do a factory reset on the Era 100. My Era 100 was up to date.

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Since Sonos thinks the problem is over, I’d check if the software on the speakers has updated and if it has and you’re still experiencing this, call Sonos about it.

Still a problem in March 2024. We bought an Era 100 in autumn 2023 to use as a Bluetooth speaker. Worked fine for a few weeks, then stopped worked for Bluetooth and line in audio. Only way to get sound out of it is to play through the Sonos app, which is not what we want to do. Really disappointed and don't expect to buy any other Sonos products.

This is STILL a problem. I had to disconnect and wipe both Era 100 devices and then totally reinstall them with the Sonos app a week ago to get them to work. They worked for a week again and now the same thing is occurring again. They are showing as connected via bluetooth to my MacBook but no sound. This is extremely frustrating. These speakers are not cheap and I have never had issues like this from much cheaper speakers. Sort it out Sonos! 

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Hi @Yadumath et al,

We are pleased to share that a fix has been deployed regarding the issue of no audio playing when an Era 100 is connected via Bluetooth. Please note that this update was tested with a Sony Bluetooth turntable, but should also resolve issue with other Bluetooth devices.

The update applies to both the Sonos app and Sonos Speakers, please make sure that you update the Sonos app via the App Store or Play Store, then your system by checking for updates in the Sonos app. This update fixes the issue, however if you are still experiencing issues with connecting to your Era 100 we would ask you to reach out to our support team directly.

We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused in regards to using your Sonos system and we thank you all for your patience while we worked to on developing a fix.

Thank you to all users who submitted diagnostics of their systems as well as providing turntable model numbers which helped us re-create this issue on our end and ultimately resolve this issue.

Same issue here. No audio when connected to Bluetooth on Era100 speakers. I have tried multiple devices macbook, phone, projector. Is there any update on when this will be resolved? 

I have the same issue with my Samsung Frame TV. Even when paired, sound may or may not be produced, it is totally haphazard. The other hoprribly annoying thing is the loud beep whenever it pairs/unpairs. I truly hope there is a firmware solution soon becase, now, it is basically an expensive paperweight.

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My Daughter - she has been connecting the Sony turntable, also a PS-LX310BT, to her Era 300 for months with no problem. All of a sudden, yesterday, is having the same issue mentioned above. The devices will connect to each other and register in the app as connected, but no sound.  Nothing has changed in the setup to warrant this. She has been been easily and happily connecting for months. Please fix this Sonos. 

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Bot an ERA 100 and tried to pair a Brand New Sony Turntable PS-LX310BT via Bluetooth.  Connection Confirmed BUT no Sound.   Called Sonos Customer Tech Folks and explanation I get is that the Sonos ERA 100 is looking for a more complex signal from the turntable?   REALLY?   My just as expensive BOSE Revolve connects and plays fine plus 3 other cheap BT Speakers connect and play fine.  Why not SONOS?   Explanation does not cut it and suggestion to get an Adapter from Sonos does not work either in that turntable besides Bluetooth only offers old school RCA cable ( red/white ) output and a PC Recording output.  Don't see an adapter for that so ya just almost sold me an adapter that is wrong for the situation.  C’mon can do better.  

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It has not (yet) been released. Whether it gets applied automatically is up to you and the settings you’ve chosen in your controller. See Settings > System > System Updates. And if it needs a controller update as well, you’ll need to check in the appropriate ‘store’ to see if something is there. 

I have a Bluetooth turntable (Sony PS-LX310BT) connected to an Era 100. They are BT connected but there is no sound. My Sonos 100 speakers work with my phone. I read there was a fix coming. Has it been released? If so, is the update automatically applied or do I need to do something?



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Somewhere I saw they hoped for early 24 but no date was mentioned.

This was bought as a birthday gift last year to connect to a record player via Bluetooth. It worked fine until a few weeks ago, now I have no sound! It’s connected to the record player but nothing come out of the speaker. This is completely useless until Sonos release a fix for it… any idea when this is likely to be?

Having the same issue with my Era 100 pair. Neither will connect to any Bluetooth device: I’ve tried connecting both my phone and my audio-technica Bluetooth turntable. This originally worked for the first month or so, but has since * the bed. After spending hundreds of dollars on this speaker pair, I’m pretty disappointed by what a headache this is presenting. If it’s not resolved in a timely manner, I’ll resort to returning them or contacting customer service. I bought this pair solely for my turntable and until I order the Sonos in-line cable, I’m don’t foresee any other work arounds. Quite frankly, I’m pretty pissed. Been a Sonos customer for over 10 years and I’m not pleased with this purchase so far. 

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Just purchased a Victrola hi Res turntable. I’ve been trying to get it to play through my era100 with no luck. I can play music off of my phone just fine but nothing when connected to the record player. It’s showing that it’s connected via Bluetooth just … no sound, Any help?

any update on this topic? my LG OLED to ERA300 is also not working

bluetooth from iPhone to Sonos or from TV to other wireless headset, both work fine.

Seriously....I bought this to upgrade my existing Bluetooth speaker. It connects to my Crossley Bluetooth record deck but no sound?????? And apparently no idea when there will be a fix?????? Not exactly an upgrade and suggest a refund is in order if it doesn't work

I have the same issue on an LG OLED TV.  I hope this gets resolved shortly.  

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Having the same issue with a LG OLED C8 + Era 100 speaker. I receive audio just fine via bluetooth with my Apple Airpods Pro, however there’s no sound when switching over to Era 100. I’ve unpaired several times and also limited my list to just the Era 100. Still no sound, very disappointed.

Also to be honest if you’re using a single era 100 unless it’s to use or listen to audio when can’t see the TV in say a kitchen you’re better off using the TV audio or get yourself a Sonos ray or even the playbase via Sonos eBay store. It’s probably worth buying a beam on offer though as I’ve found LG to only output 2.0 audio via optical no matter what I did (Samsung and Sony are fine). 

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Having the same issue with a LG OLED C8 + Era 100 speaker. I receive audio just fine via bluetooth with my Apple Airpods Pro, however there’s no sound when switching over to Era 100. I’ve unpaired several times and also limited my list to just the Era 100. Still no sound, very disappointed.

Do you have an Apple TV if you have AirPods Pro? At least with a TV I watch 90% of my content via Apple TV and used to use AirPlay to Sonos. It’s much better than Bluetooth and supports 5.1 Dolby Digital. I use that all the time with my Panasonic plasma TV as that only supports 2.0 optical or hdmi out. 

Having the same issue with a LG OLED C8 + Era 100 speaker. I receive audio just fine via bluetooth with my Apple Airpods Pro, however there’s no sound when switching over to Era 100. I’ve unpaired several times and also limited my list to just the Era 100. Still no sound, very disappointed.

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I’m having the same issue with a Bluetooth CD player I’ve just purchased specifically to use with my Era 100s and 300s. I thought it was faulty but working flawlessly on a DAB system I have. I guess I’ll wait for a fix!