Sonos Move randomly turns on?

  • 15 October 2019
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I only bought my move 3 days ago and while it doesnt randomly play any music it randomly turns itself on after i've turned it off. My only concern is that it will jack up the battery life. Any way to fix this?


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92 replies

Hello everyone,

Following up my initial experience related above, I have made some discovery.

The Sonos Move is waking up automatically when the speaker is on his charging base and electric plug in the wall. If you unplug or move away the Move from is charging base and switch off, then it will never wake up.

Strange is it it? I will open a ticket with support



ok folks I have contacted the support (french) and got an explanation. I’m not sure this is a valid solution but they told me that SONOS engineers are monitoring community chat and our feedback is valuable. So let’s go and here it is, I’m translating

“If your SONOS MOVE is waking up alone even after switching off, this is because it is designed as this to regularly wake up and check network and potential updates. This is not occuring when MOVE is not on his charging docking because it will drain down the battery.”

I agree with this mechanism, but

  • why don’t we have a wake up only once per day and not every 10 or 20 minutes? And by the way, I personally do not like to have automatic updates. Very often you apply a patch that compromise your system and it is better to wait piggy pig experience trouble first. So I would like to have a better control on patch update thru mobile application for example.
  • if MOVE wakes up automatically and do not find something to do (connect to internet) or do not find an update, why it does not go back to sleep automatically? At least it may be switch off when you look at it and you will not worried about…
  • Finally I do not have voice recognition set up on my system, but what is happening if system wake up alone and listen? Does it records what is in the room?

I have asked to provide this feedback to support, they said they will talk to engineers but I really would like to have na RFE opened


FYI my assistance diagnostic code is 27357474


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To be honest, as per most responses from Sonos, that answer is garbage.

Check the Forum for just how many users come to their Moves after being completely powered down and off the base - and it's completely flat after a day or so.

It's been going on for a year plus and I certainly don't believe that the engineers monitor these forums.

At Sonos, the left arm hasn't seemed to know that the right arm is doing for some time sadly.

Even ‘Support' respond to such instances as though it's the first they've heard of it.


I just received my Move and started to notice that move turns itself on while in the dock periodically. I always have my Sonos devices playing so this may be the issue. I just tried holding power button for 5 seconds and heard the chime. I will see if this helps-although from the messages this is only a temporary fix. Diagnostics 396253199


Also, does anyone know the most responsive way to submit diagnostics? I use to send it via twitter but the last couple of times Sonos has not been responding? 

When the Sonos Move is completely turned off (after holding power button 5s), it turns back on when charging. After charging, the Move is on and starts quickly draining again. My problem would be solved if the Move didn’t turn on when charging. Then I could just charge it, and it would always be 100% when I actually need it.


even though the Sonos Move is turned off and not plugged on the charging base when I open Sonos S2 app on my iPhone, it turns on the Sonos Move.

do you guys experience the same behavior?


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Sadly there's a theme where Sonos appear to be ignoring this issue now.

I think the vast majority of Move owners use it as a normal speaker and occasionally ‘move' it from its base for a few hours or so but place it back afterwards so notice no issues..

Forn the users that actually want the Move as a portable speaker and want it to behave as such and want to use it days after last being charged (but unused in the meantime)…  well, prepare for silence.

(if at all relevant, if a device gets an IP address for an hour, a week or or anything else…  if I switch it off completely I don't expect it to wake itself up to check if it still has one or attempt to renew it)

Mine arrived yesterday.  Same issue.  Nothing above helps/works.  Frankly I’m speechless finding comments dating back a year on this issue. I am, I really am speechless.  I mean…..what is the point?

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Hmm, just got my Move, and realised this problem. sonos do you have anything to say? Why aren’t you fixing this problem? 

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Anecdotally, I can confirm that my Move turns on from “soft” power-off when not on the recharge ring, for about an hour, and then turns off again.  (S1, no mic, WiFi mode)  Then about a half-hour later, mine turns on for another 20 minutes, then turns off again.  Seemingly it never turns on again thereafter (but I do not watch it 24/7).  To me, this does not seem to be related to (my 24-hour) DHCP lease duration (but I only watched at sleep+lease time).  It definitely does keep the connection to the Wireless Access Point alive: if you reboot your WAP, the Move wakes up fully, presumably to get its IP address.  When in “hard” (long-press) power-off it apparently does not wake up for a WAP reboot.  (But who knows if you can rely on the LED to tell you truly if it’s partially awake -- at 5% battery drain per day, it must be doing *something* even when “hard” asleep.  Also @Zeek78 , who knows what Sonos engineers care about anymore --  you’re probably too young to remember the Wendy’s commercial where Clara Peller ( shouts, "Where's the Beef?", then for the tag line says, “I don’t think there’s anyone out there...”)

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Edit to add: (No Sonos controllers are running anywhere on the network.)

I had this problem weeks ago when “google assistant” was configured as default assistant.


In my case, I changed to “Alexa voice assistance” and the problem just dissapear :-S

I bought the Move when it first came out.  I have a sonos amp outside for my backyard.  The move started to turn itself on when I came home and when I left the house.  They sent me a new one.  The new one worked perfectly from December until now.  I keep it on the charging base.  This happens when both on the base and off.  I'm not sure what Sonos is doing to fix this issue.  It's obviously a real issue.  I'm very frustrated.  I can ask for a new one, to me that's pointless, it's not a defective unit, as it's happening with many people, and for me with 2 different units, where everything else works fine.  Sonos please do something.  This is bad.


I found this in Sonos Support. I had been just hitting the power button once, and the LEDs went off but no chimes are heard. Keep pressing the button until the chimes are heard and then the LEDs become dark. The next time you turn on MOVE, it has to find the WiFi network, just like when you unplug any other type of Sonos speaker.  I think this is the answer!


Turning off Sonos

To turn off most Sonos products, disconnect the power cable.

The battery-powered Sonos Move is the only product that includes a power button. To turn off Sonos Move, press and hold the power button for about 5 seconds until your Move chimes and the LEDs turn off.

It is the answer, as you say but it’s pants. You should have to power it down fully. Mine switches itself on and connects to the rest of the system without warning. Cr@p really for something that costs £400.00

The Move’s power management is far from optimal. I have mine in the bathroom and thought it would only use power when being used or use minimal power when not. Instead the battery depletes at an alarming rate. Other mobile products I have used don’t work like this. 

One of the issues is when I open the sonos app it automatically ‘wakes’ the move. I was hoping to keep the move in the bathroom for at least a week before charging, instead it lasts about a day. It desperately needs better power management options within the app as wandering around with a 3kg speaker back to charging station all the time is not really how many people use these mobile speakers. my Cambridge Go can last a month without a charge as it doesn’t use at battery when off. 

i think this is a big flaw in this product which desperately needs sorting. 

I’m reading the above post a year after it was written. I have just acquired a Sonos Move and have the *very same problem*. So it seems Sonos have not bothered to fix this issue. The solution could be quite simple: only wake the Move when you make it the active device in the Sonos App, not every time you open the app. I quite often open the app to play music on my other Sonos devices and each time I do that the Move wakes up and stays awake for at least 30 minutes. This is an unnecessary drain on the battery. Sonos please fix this or I will return the Move. 


even though the Sonos Move is turned off and not plugged on the charging base when I open Sonos S2 app on my iPhone, it turns on the Sonos Move.

do you guys experience the same behavior?


Yes with S1 App same issue

I find that if I shut the wifi off on my phone, the move doesn't turn on itself.  It's a bit of a pain, but it works.