Sonos One dead (cannot power up).

  • 5 October 2020
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76 replies

My Sonos one (gen 2) just suddenly stopped working. There is power going to the unit but it is dead and doesn’t power on. Gutted, it isn’t that old. Loved my sonos but seems a lot of people have experienced this same issue. Come on sonos, you can’t leave us out in the dry with this.

If not done already, it sounds like you may need to contact Sonos, rather than users here in the community, particularly if the speaker is not powering on and you’ve tested the cable etc. Here is the link to contact the Support Staff, though it may perhaps be better to do that after the weekend…

Yep, but unfortunately with the investment in the Port to utilize my main stereo (including mounted Polk outdoor porch speaker) and another One, switching tech at the moment isn’t in the cards.

I was also told the replacement would be a refurbished model! Pretty funny they expect me to pay ~$100 / year “rental” on the first one and then pay another $100+ for the same speaker with the same parts. Yeah I’m good  

Another review will be going on external sites outside the Sonos community. 

Return it to Best Buy, and get a replacement.

What did Sonos say, when you contacted them?

It kind of sad that Sonos does not back the Sonos One. Mine too has failed after a very short period. I have read too many bad reviews.

If you’re within warranty, Sonos will replace it free of charge. If the device is out of warranty, they often do something most companies don’t do, and offer you a discount on a replacement, if you purchase directly through them. 

Of course, Sonos has no way of knowing if there has been any issues in the power supplied to the speaker, which is probably why the warranty isn’t infinite. Any electrical device can fail, unfortunately, and more importantly, the computer components inside a Sonos. If it was ‘just’ a speaker, they could likely extend the warranty without concern. 

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by Sonos not backing the Sonos One. The device is fully covered by the same warranty as all other Sonos devices. If it is under warranty, Sonos replaces it, if it isn’t under warranty, I believe they offer a discount in the purchase of a replacement device, something they don’t have to do. If that isn’t backing their device, I’m not sure I understand what is. 

Well Bruce, How many speakers have you owned in your lifetime that went out in just a couple of years. Most of mine would have lasted a life if I didn't think I needed an upgrade.


I live in a gated community and I handle most of the IT problems here. I sold a lot of Sonos here  with little problems. After hearing how a few of these went bad and Sonos will not replace them. I will not recommend these speakers.

I’ve never owned a speaker that was also a computer and network device before I owned a Sonos. Sure, the old ‘passive’ speakers had much longer lifetimes due to the fact that they had both limited electronics and were not directly plugged in to the wall, instead dealing with only the ‘filtered’ electricity through the amplifier. Nor did they have a built in operating system in them. 

But I’ve owned a Sonos since around the PLAY:5 Gen 1 was released, and am now north of 20 installed devices. While I’ve purchased newer devices, I’ve never needed to ‘upgrade’ a device, and they all continue to function. I have gifted that original PLAY:5 to another home, but at last check, it continues to operate on S1, whereas my home runs on S2. 

Beyond setting them up with reserved IP addresses in my router, something that should really be done with any networked device, I’ve never needed to do much fiddling with them. My WiFi, on the other hand, is a different thing, but that isn’t Sonos’ fault, they’re just a client of that network.

I would heartily recommend them, and in fact I have, to anyone looking for a ‘wireless’ solution. 


What did Sonos say, when you contacted them?


This company is a joke. They sent me a way bill to send the speakers back along with the reply below.


May 31 

“Hello Sammy,
It is good to know, you got the email with the waybill, as soon we get the defective units, we are going to ship the new ones, also you will receive an email with the tracking information.
Best Regards,
Karen P”


I replied back saying thank you and both units are shipped out. 


June 4 I get the following reply.

“Hello Sammy,
Thank you for reaching out to Sonos Customer Experience. We hope this email finds you in good health. Thank you for letting us know. 
In your case, since the returned units are outside of the warranty period, what you will receive once they have been processed is a voucher for a 30% discount credit on for each of the speakers.
These credits are open and can be used on one item each from all available at the store, so you can use them to replace your units directly or you can use them for a different kind of speaker if you prefer. The discount will apply to sets as well as they are qualified as a single item, but please keep in mind that if you use a voucher on a shopping cart that has more than one item listed the discount will be applied to the most expensive one only.  
Best regards”


I replied back with:

“Then why did you ask me to ship the speakers back to you? They already left 3 days ago.

As per the email below from Karen on May 31, 2022, 12:07 PM, she confirmed they are under warranty and I was getting a replacement. What has changed now?

Please see attached email and let me know”


and their reply today was this


Hello Sammy,
We understand that this might be frustrating and take part of your time.
I regret the last email from Ehirin on June 3, is correct, the defective unit warranty expires on June 24, 2021, and we are offering you a 30% discount code for the inconvenience. Once the defective units get to our warehouse the discounts will be released for your use.
Why the defective unit is requested to be sent?
This is part of our improvement process, our technicians have to study what fails and why to avoid this from happening again in future products.
Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you, and we thank you for your understanding on this matter. If you have other concerns, feel free to let us know.
All the best,
Shi Sing Y”


This company is a joke. I understand the speakers are outta of warranty and they could have said that from the second I called and ended this back and forth. I took a day off work just to send these speakers out. 

They wont warranty my speakers but they want them back for a study? I have almost 10 sonos speakers/products at my house and I will never ever buy another one. I will list what I have for sale and never recommend this garbage to anyone else.


Very disappointed.

Sorry for the rant, this is just ridiculous.


STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. My speaker failed in less than two years just like everyone else on here. Sonos cares nothing about taking care of its customers.


Goodbye Sonos

Well Bruce, How many speakers have you owned in your lifetime that went out in just a couple of years. Most of mine would have lasted a life if I didn't think I needed an upgrade.


I live in a gated community and I handle most of the IT problems here. I sold a lot of Sonos here  with little problems. After hearing how a few of these went bad and Sonos will not replace them. I will not recommend these speakers.

As Airgetlam noted these are active speakers (containing electronics), not simple passive speakers. Ask anyone who owned a pair of passive speakers in the 1970’s and 1980’s with foam surrounds and they’ll tell you that “life” was 10 years at most.

In your IT experience, how many funky routers have you encountered?

Potentially some or all of the 48A6B8 units could be from the same batch. A block of MAC addresses is larger than a typical production batch.


Ditto for me too.  I had one One SL go out after ~8mo.  I was able to RMA that one.  I then had the second one go out 5 months later, and the RMAed one died a month after that.  The second one to go out was a month out of warrenty, so no luck there, and the RMAed one was noticed (we don't watch much TV) 2 days before I left on a 6mo vacation.  

Sad to see that these have almost no lifespan, and that Sonos doesn't stand behind thier products.  

Agree buzz not enough data to make a conclusion. Also every unit from a potential bad batch won’t necessarily fail, just a higher probability… at least Sonos is covering them…

I love their ecosystem and the sound quality so hope it was just a bad component source batch…

My Beam Gen 2 did that just a few days after using it 

I’m new to Sonos and am completely disappointed in the quality (assurance) of their products at this point.  When they work … they work and sound great, but they seem to have a VERY short lifespan for when they work.

Same issue as others on this thread, only I’ve purchased two (2) Sonos One devices - one in April 2021 and one in May 2021 - from the local Best Buy.  The one purchased in April stopped working by May and the one purchased in May stopped working in June.  BOTH devices only lasted about one month before they completely failed to power up any longer.

I have a significant amount of tech and A/V experience and lots of both in my homes.  I only decided to try the Sonos One option for my one summer home as it seemed like a nice cheap way to test their tech.  Glad that I did because it failed miserably.

Glad I didn’t invest in the various other options.  Was planning to use Arc/Sub on three TVs in this home and use the architectural series for a bunch of in ceiling and outdoor whole house audio work in a new home.  Sticking with my other vendors who have worked solid for 5-10 years already for me.

Sad that Sonos can make products that sound nice, but can’t make them reliable or with a consistent quality.


I have owned over a dozen Sonos products going back to the original ZP80/ZP100 bundle.  Not one of them has failed.  Matter of fact, my S1 products are humming along just fine at a relative’s home.  

So be careful which anecdotal brush you use to paint so broadly.  

I have the SAME issue, I don’t quite understand how many more people are having the same issue and they aren’t doing something about it...obviously there is a defect. My speaker was never moved nor was it unplugged, it just quit working out of no where. I was about to expand our household with more speakers as well but now I am having second thoughts….I was offered a discount on a new speaker, however I am not quite satisfied when I spent my hard earned money just for it to fail so SOON after a year and 3 months. I understand if it was dropped or damaged, but it was not! This just leaves a bad impression after having spent so much money on various speakers just to be told sorry we can’t fix it however heres a discount please SPEND MORE even though we are refusing to replace your defective Sonos one brick….Beyond frustrated!

STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. My speaker failed in less than two years just like everyone else on here. Sonos cares nothing about taking care of its customers.


Goodbye Sonos

Really, totally garbage. 
clearly it’s a common fail with these speakers and they still won’t do anything about it. 

All electronic devices are susceptible to failure.  Sonos is not an outlier, nor in my perception, a standout in the failure end of things.

But it is possible, just like any TV or computer, that a Sonos speaker can fail. Each Sonos device is, after all, essentially a computer with a speaker attached. If your home has electrical issues, either internal to your home, or delivered to your home by your utility, Sonos can’t fix that, either. Electrical surges are particularly inimical to computer equipment. 

Sonos equally doesn’t have any control over your LAN or Wifi system, the thing that the Sonos relies on to connect to the internet, and any local devices, including your controller.

Some of that can be mitigated by running a “wired” or “SonosNet” system, but at the end of the day, all of these options require that your router be creating a valid network for the Sonos to live on. When there’s a problem with that network, nothing Sonos can do can fix that, it’s up to you as an owner to either figure out yourself, or provide hard data to Sonos, or even anecdotal data here, which the community can use to help diagnose the issues you’re experiencing. 

None of this negates your frustration, and I completely understand it. But not everyone is experiencing the same thing. I’ve got somewhere north of 20 Sonos devices, and not a single one of them has failed. Which doesn’t help you, since one of yours did, but provides a counter to your “obviously there is a defect”. I could easily claim “obviously, there isn’t a defect”. 

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Failed in 16 months? They should not be out of warranty then.

Their warranty is 12 months. 

In Europe it is two years. I did not know the warranty periode differs depending on where you live….

I’m not here crying for them not covering this, Its out of warranty and **** happens

I’m mad for them dicking me around for no reason.

I called them, they took my serial number, at that point say no warranty, sorry bye. Simple as that

Two days later they called me and ask me for a video of the speakers and what they are doing.

Two days after that or so I get an email saying please send the speakers and we will replace them.

I go bought packaging material and a box and I ship them them. When they leave they tell me they are not covered and we want them for research? That’s what ticked me off. 

30% discount for a new pair? yeah take my money again after my $500 speakers failed in 16 months.

I have a JBL Bluetooth speaker for 5 years that works flawlessly still. I will stick to known brands from now on. 


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Failed in 16 months? They should not be out of warranty then.

Just had my Sonos 1 die on me. I have a few others so unplugged them and swapped to see what the issue was and found the cable didn’t work either. Changed the fuse in the plug (this is something we can do in the UK) and the cable works. The unit doesn’t work the repaired cable or any other cables. 

Before you all start saying “surge”, this unit was plugged into a 4 way extension lead/cord. None of the other electronic items on the extension broke, just this one. I’m guessing something went wrong with the Sonos unit which blew the fuse in the cord, saving the rest of the items. The only thing different with this Sonos unit is that it was the one plugged into my router. I’ve had to plug another one for now.

Given my unit is maybe between 5 and 10 years old, do you think they’ll offer me 30% a new one? 😀

You could check your account at which would tell you. It’s hard for us to tell, though, since Sonos has not made a Sonos 1, just a Sonos PLAY:1, which is eligible for the upgrade, and a Sonos One, which is not. 

But calling in to Sonos is always the best bet, they’re the ones who can authorize a discount, not us members on these forums. 

Failed in 16 months? They should not be out of warranty then.

Their warranty is 12 months.