Sonos One dead (cannot power up).

  • 5 October 2020
  • 76 replies

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76 replies

My Play5 failed with no power on.  A few here claim that it is an electronic unit and Sonos is justified in not offering an easy service but instead offer a 30% discount for a refurbished unit.  Their recommended reset solution is useless.  Changing the cable as a solution is total nonsense.  I have a Nakamichi sound bar that has run well for nearly 7years now.  I have a 50” TV with its sound system functioning flawlessly.  I have an old Sony shortwave radio that still pulls in stations from far east.  And for people to accept a two year old sound system to fail within this short time and trash it must be quite happy with mediocrity - what a shame!  And then comment that offering 30% discount on a “new” unit is “something they don’t have to do. If that isn’t backing their device, I’m not sure I understand what is.”  - a Sonos -fanboy?  I fully agree with Stymie222.  Adding a WiFi/BT interface to a speaker amplifier is so common when you look at all the wireless headphones one can buy these days.  Sonos does not want you to see how little electronics they have inside so they have a fully sealed unit.  I am tempted to force open it (since it is dead and not usable anyway) and see it for myself. The mistake most people make is to accept a product and fail to read the fine print warranty statements.  And the products are essentially throw away units like the ones we complain about coming from China.