System skips songs during playback

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Leslie de Groot wrote:

Diagnostics #7601875

Hi Leslie, I've reviewed your diagnostic. Due to the issue, the best would be to contact us by phone.
We'd like to have a deeper look into your network and setup. PLease, use the ticket number: 170719-000078.
You can find our contact information here

User255090 wrote:

Skipping songs from my iPhone library.. Diagnostic code 7620285

Hi. I see you were in contact with our customer care team by phone. Were you able to resolve the issue?
Manny S wrote:

Hi wassimk, thanks for posting the diagnostic. The report is showing data transmission issues between all rooms and your router. Additionally, the players have instances of disconnecting from the router, likely due to these transmission issues. Start by looking for sources of wireless interference around the system, this link will outline common sources of wireless interference. Additionally, if you're familiar with you router's configuration, you may want to try changing the wireless channel to 1 or 11 (you're currently on 6), and see if the performance changes.

Can you please give me any insight on my diagnostic report #7638399. I am using 2 Sonos PLAY1 with Spotify, and I am experiencing this skipping 30 seconds into a song constantly. thanks
Hi. I have the same problem diagnostics report 7740319
Getting the same thing - worked perfectly up until the last update. I have excellent WIFI, no clashing IP addresses, playing mostly off iPhone SE. Songs skipping constantly - making me hate this thing. Was a daily joy before this, but starting to look into other options now. Seriously - SONOS - look at how many people have this issue!! It is NOT as simple as saying it is a wireless issue. There is a large number of us experiencing exactly the same thing. FIX IT ASAP.:@
Im now having this issue. Sonos sound great but over the years i have discovered the software is rubbish .
I don't get this with the Bluetooth speakers we have around .
Diagnostic 7920782
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Seriously - SONOS - look at how many people have this issue!! It is NOT as simple as saying it is a wireless issue. There is a large number of us experiencing exactly the same thing.

The amount of people experiencing something certainly doesn't preclude wireless problems. I'd note that much of this is confusion because it's a fairly technical issue.

I have excellent WIFI, no clashing IP addresses, playing mostly off iPhone SE.

Case in point. It could be poorly worded, but you're not playing off your iPhone. Your iPhone is little more than a remote control that directs Sonos to stream the next song from whatever service you're using.

If you take the time to submit a diagnostic and contact Sonos support they'll be able to confirm that though.
It's possible that the poster is playing off their iPhone using the "on my device" option for the playlist.

But otherwise I agree with you. And I'm not sure how one can say that they have "no clashing IP addresses". I've not seen any software that can indicate that with certitude. But if there is such a piece of software, I'd love to be educated.

The big issue I've seen with duplicate IP address is the fact that they don't show up on typical router diagnostics. The "list the used addresses" page is a static page, generated at the time it is requested, and doesn't include a "and also tell me what other MACs have been connected to this IP address over the last 24 hours", which would be really helpful.

If I were to guess, I'd definitely suggest duplicate IP addresses. But perhaps the diagnostic submitted will prove me wrong. I hope someone from Sonos gets the opportunity to look at it soon, but I suspect all hands are pretty busy right now, with the new app, the new speaker, and the new voice control all being released this week.
Anyone want to buy a play 5, will play part of your song then skip to the next!
Wow... I was just about to purchase a sonos system (PLAY:5 speakers x6; Sub; and Booster) and thought I'd check the forums for any ongoing issues before I went to check-out. This issue seems to be have been continuing for 2 years.

If I'm dropping c£3,000 on a wireless multi-room system, I would expect it to be absolutely robust without any drops outs. Otherwise, I could just hash together an Apple Airplay setup with Airfoil software on my Mac.

Has anyone taken the 100 day trial of sonos and had customer support iron out any issues?


Hmmm, I was having this problem too with songs skipping midway through and then stop playing at all.

I started half stepping to troubleshooting. I found that if I turned off Bluetooth and Cellular and had only Wifi enabled on my iPhone, the problem went away.

I have an IPhone 6Plus running IOS 11.0.3

Hope this helps, looks like there might be some time slicing between signal types that represents it self as wifi interference
Same problem as most.
Diagostic number- 8011863
Hi guys...this is depressing. I just changed to Sonos after wasting $500 on the Denon Heos system that wasn't stable enough. Buy a Connect plus a Play 5 for the bedroom.I was loving it until today it started skipping songs randomly...sometimes 5 in a row. I google problem and come up with this post that was started 3 years ago with people having the same issue and no's depressing (haven't read all replies admittedly). Is it my phone,my iPad or my Sonos hardware or software? I don't have time to attempt to trouble shoot this myself....what do I do?
Reset controller in advanced settings in ap on iPad and 15 songs from same playlist have now played seamlessly. Sonos can this be addressed? I bought your system as I was told by your rep when I complained about the Heos system playing up after being asleep overnight that i could "Pause the Sonos system...go overseas for two play on return and it'd fire". Clearly that's not the case. If you can't fix at least make it easier to reboot every time it goes to sleep for an extended period.
Same problem re skipping and stopping
Diagnostic number 8052380
Dear Sonos staff,
I have been experiencing the same problem, diagnostic confirmation number is 8077747. Could you help please?


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