Sonos Beam and Bose QC headphones in Samsung TV

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Exactly the same problem here with LG OLED C8+Beam+JBL bluethooth headphone, hope the issue will be solved soon
Could someone be so kind as to explain why this is a problem that Sonos is the one to fix? From what I can understand, the issue is with HDMI-CEC, and the fact that a connected device has priority. I am not an engineer, but my understanding of the HDMI-CEC API doesn't have a setup to control two differing audio devices at the same time. And if I'm not understanding it correctly, wouldn't the issue be something that has to be "fixed" on the TV side of things, rather than on Sonos? In this instance, Sonos is only a "client" device, telling the Hub (your TV) what it is, and the hub/TV has to decide where to send the necessary audio signal.

What am I misunderstanding here?
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A small external Bluetooth transmitter fed from the TV's optical output offers more flexibility, better codec quality, and improved lip-sync. Clunky workaround? It's in fact an upgrade.

Why should we have to do this? Stop pushing this as the answer - it is a hack to make an expensive system work and shouldn’t be required. Not to mention that other users have said this doesn’t work for them.

Just get onboard the ‘Sonos Fix It’ bus.

A small external Bluetooth transmitter fed from the TV's optical output offers more flexibility, better codec quality, and improved lip-sync. Clunky workaround? It's in fact an upgrade.Stop pushing this as the answer

I'll post as I wish, thank you very much, within the board codes of conduct. Some posters on this thread have appreciated the advice.

Just get onboard the ‘Sonos Fix It’ bus.
I wasn't aware I was offboard the 'Fix It bus', whatever that may be, but don't you think that if it was such a simple 'fix' Sonos would have implemented it? Clearly the TV software has a key part to play since the complaints have involved relatively few TV manufacturers.

In the meantime there's an inexpensive, better quality, lower latency, more flexible alternative, using an external BT transmitter which can if necessary be tucked behind the TV and USB-powered from it. Feel free to ignore it. In any case those Bose headphones wouldn't be able to benefit from the "better quality, lower latency" aspect.
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No I do not think Sonos would have fixed it just because they can. They have a million different things they are working on no doubt, and so the point of this thread is to continue to raise the issue and show it is a problem for a lot of people, in the hope it will have its priority raised. Thanks for asking though
Also onboard the fix it bus, just wondering tho as anyone identified a TV where this works ok with Sonos?
Hi, I just created a profile to allow me to keep track of this issue. Please count me as another customer that finds this hugely annoying. I just purchased a beam last month, and definitely would not have if i knew that it was designed this way. Having to constantly unplug and replug the HDMI is no doubt going to cause problems down the road.
This is an absolutely ridiculous problem to have. Sonos need to investigate and fix.
Creative workarounds by adding parts to my TV or disabling CEC control are simply not acceptable solutions for a premium brand product. Especially when you can buy any number of cheaper alternatives which function properly.

Why is the Sonos beam adopting a completely different behaviour than any other soundbar on the market? Plenty of which have voice assistants and other features such as being able to turn on/off the TV through the soundbar controls.

I'd be interested to know if this is even the same same behaviour on their own product lines of alternative TV speaker systems which also function through ARC? Any complaints from play base/bar?
Playbase and Playbar do not utilize HDMI-ARC and do not have on board Alexa. The Amp does use HDMI-ARC, but also does not have on board Alexa.
Hi – I'm also creating an account to express my frustration and disappointment with this functionality. I do not want the Sonos Beam to continuously grab back priority from other audio sources unless I explicitly switch back to it. I hope that Sonos can provide an update on this issue soon.
I'd hazard a suggestion that you complain to the governing body of HDMI-CEC, who set up the standard that Sonos is complying with?
Have you actually heard an official statement from Sonos' product team or is that conjecture?
Have you actually heard an official statement from Sonos' product team or is that conjecture?
There was official response here and here.
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Have you actually heard an official statement from Sonos' product team or is that conjecture?

This is what they told me:

“The Beam is designed to always take audio priority when connected to your TV via an HDMI-ARC connection. The workaround of toggling Anynet off and on would likely be the best approach. Alternatively removing the HDMI connection from your Beam while using an alternative audio source should also prevent that behavior.”

It is not an unsolvable issue thrust upon Sonos by HDMI-CEC - plenty of soundbars give up the connection when another device connects
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Hi everyone, this is still something that's being looked at, but there isn't any news to share on if there will be a resolution at this time. Because it's caused by the way that the Beam establishes CEC control for TVs, it's a side effect of the core functionality of a feature. Currently, the best solution if you use your headphones a lot is to either disable CEC in the TV settings, unplug the Beam while using Bluetooth audio output, or use the Optical Adapter to connect the Beam to your TV instead.

Hi Ryan, is Sonos still reviewing this issue or will we be stuck with unplugging the Beam each team we use Bluetooth headphones?
Same problem LG B7 + Beam + Sony Wh-1000xm3.
Wish we could just activate/deactivate the ARC connection in the app.
Thanks for the thread and the many voices for this concern.
All Sonos has to do is simply add a toggle to turn on or off the TV, HDMI port. If you turn off the port from the App, the TV will disconnect the ARC / HDMI Connection and then you can toggle it back on again in the app.

You essentially, most likely can do this my making the Sonos Beam play from a different source, which turns off the TV's sound, and frees up the TV. When its time to play another source, the Sonos sure can avoid the TV, now cant it?

Anywho, make a source that plays nothing at least.... so it jacks it from the TV...

If i were Sonos, i would fix it, its easy, stop annoying your client base with such a silly thing. Customer is always right, period, end of story, fix it or create a work around using code you already have written.