Sonos Arc loud pop then audio loss

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I still get the loud pop (“pop” is really underselling it) multiple times a week when listening to Atmos content. I get it both on Apple TV and Xbox One Series X. I’ve even gotten it on the Apple TV screensaver. Even though it doesn’t have sound, I guess it counts as Atmos.

Sonos has not been helpful in the matter. I didn’t keep up with this thread enough to be in the know, but do I understand it correctly that they are acknowledging the problem now but pointing the finger at other vendors?

Because this has to stop. I can’t even relax during Atmos anymore because in the back of my mind I’m just waiting for the pop! Are there other forums tracking this? YouTube videos? Is there collective action about this anywhere? 

I’ve not seen any official position in it, either recognizing, or deflecting it.

I’m personally of the opinion that the “pop” is being generated up stream, as is the stopping of further signal , and the Sonos is merely playing what it is receiving from the TV. 

But then again, I’ve not had this experience, so my opinion is not very valuable. 

In all honesty, I’ve not seen a lot of data being passed to Sonos after such an event, so I wonder if they’re having difficulty reproducing the issue, so that they can ‘fix’ it at all. If they can. 


I experienced this same issue last night.

Loud “POP” and sudden loss of sound from Arc. Sub and rear speakers functioned normally. 

After unplugging the power, and replugging, the Arc function normally again.

Was watching Netflix on the Xbox Series X with Dolby Atmos. Arc + Sub + SR + SL.

Diagnostic reference number #67513007.

This seems to be a disturbingly common problem with this configuration.

Out of curiosity, when you receive Atmos audio through from the Roku, what format/codec is it in – listed as “Audio in” under the Arc in “About my System”. Should be “Dolby Atmos (TrueHD)”, “Dolby Atmos (DD+)”, or just “Dolby Atmos”.


Audio In for the Arc just shows “Dolby Atmos”.


My Arc has done this several times. It happened 3 times this morning! So frustrating! 

Diagnostic 1667308177

Same issue for me as well.  Loud pop, then no audio until disconnecting and reconnecting. 

Xbox Series X

Sony 900h

Sonos Arc

sonos 1s used for surrounds continue to play audio even though the arc does not.  Those do not pop either.

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Out of curiosity, when you receive Atmos audio through from the Roku, what format/codec is it in – listed as “Audio in” under the Arc in “About my System”. Should be “Dolby Atmos (TrueHD)”, “Dolby Atmos (DD+)”, or just “Dolby Atmos”.


Audio In for the Arc just shows “Dolby Atmos”.


Thanks for confirming — I thought that might be the case.  Just “Dolby Atmos” is that it’s using “Dolby MAT”, the same as Apple TV and Xbox Series X.

There’s definitely been some software upgrade to Arc that has introduced issues when Arc is decoding Dolby MAT with Atmos content.

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I had time to test with Dolby Vision off today. Used the Xbox to mix things up. Sure enough, pop and audio loss. Interestingly audio came back after changing Xbox settings back to 7.1 LCPM, without having to reboot. 

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I've only had the problem with my Xbox Series X so far and I've had it a number of times. Today I was able to reproduce it every time I played Forza 5 and then went to the dashboard. A few seconds later there was a loud bang and the LED on the arc burned orange. So I decided to turn off Dolby Vision because I've also read this here in the chat that it's supposed to help. I couldn't believe it, but in the Xbox settings I just unchecked "allow dolby vision" and "dolby vision for gaming" and since then I haven't been able to reproduce the problem. maybe it's just a coincidence, but when I had Dolby Vision active, the bang came every time in connection with Atmos. But this means doing without Dolby Vision and “only” using HDR10.

This has worked for me without fail.  Remember that there aren’t very many games that natively support DV, so to me most games really dont do much more than HDR does anyway.  Atmos sound is far more valuable to have than DV at this stage

I’m glad it works for you. As I mentioned above it happens with HDR10 without fail every time in my case. 

Sonos needs to fix this nonsense

As I said, I have to test this over a longer period of time, but yesterday evening it banged continuously with Dolby Vision and atmos and after I switched to HDR it didn't anymore. I have tested with HDR for a maximum of 30 minutes so far.

has unfortunately settled again. Just as Forza 5 went into the game, there was a loud bang... Whether it's HDR or Dolby Vision, it doesn't matter.

I’m sorry to hear that. 

Not that I’m willing to disable HDR but has anyone experienced this with SDR?

updated my Apple TV 4K to tvOS 17… so far no popping… let us pray 🙏 

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So I thought this issue was resolved for me but I've continued to running into it. A resolve is to restart the Sonos Arc (which is more cumbersome now the :1400 pages no longer exist) but will return for Atmos content on Apple TV.

I've come across two different versions of the “pop” – one which the centre channel drops out, one where the “pop” is just audible in the audio track.

Drop out can be found under 1272885458.

Popping in audio track is 1786177697.

I think the problem is that it isn’t a Sonos issue, so Sonos can’t really ‘fix’ it. It has to be fixed upstream, before the ‘pop’ is being sent to the Sonos. 

Happened to me for the first time, less than 24 hrs ago. It has since happened 2 more times; both times during the movie Jungle Cruise. My setup is Arc + 2 Sub Gen 3s + 2 One SLs. I've had the full system with One Sub since December 2020 and never experienced this; added the 2nd Sub less than a week ago. Not sure if there is a relationship there.

Since this issue has been reported almost a year ago by others without some answer from Sonos, is very troubling.

I can't recall if the first instance was while streaming from my AppleTV 4K...but for sure the 2nd snd 3rd times were.

The issue is occurring across multiple type of streaming devices and TVs.  The common device between everyone reporting the issue is the Sonos.  Granted this is a Sonos forum, but what would lead you to believe that another device is causing the issue?

Same thing happened to me today playing Xbox. This sucks since I was enjoying the atmos effects playing cod


I believe I just had this issue, I have had my arc for almost a year and regularly used my xbox series x to watch blue rays but tonight I turned my xbox on and it was just sitting on the dashboard when it happened.


However when I contacted sonos support to have a diagnostic ran on my arc just to be safe they advised me they found the below fault

" see. I can see that your Sonos Arc is having an Amp Fault. And for this one, we just need to reboot the Sonos Arc. Just unplug it to the power outlet and plug it back in after 10 seconds. Then observe if the Arc is still producing the loud pop noise so we can further isolate the issue"

Correct me if km wrong but would thag not suggest a hardware fault, I rebooted the arc and re ran the diagnostics and he said the fault has cleared. Has anyone else had sonos say the above when they experienced the pop or should I push for a hardware swap.


Hi all,


To throw my 2¢ in here, as I've read the entire thread after experiencing issues (daily) myself, I'm running a very similar set-up to many of you:

Sony Bravia X90H

Xbox S, Switch, Arc, PS5 (in order of HDMI 1-4 slots)


The popping noise has only come about when playing Xbox, and was happening 2-3 times each evening. I opened a ticket with support during the day, and after getting home power cycled the Arc as well as swapping out the HDMI cable (just in case) before submitting a diagnostic.

Support said things looked good on their end, but I imagine what did the trick more so was disabling Auto HDR on the Xbox. After turning that feature off I had no sound disruption at all last night, even after ~4 hours of gaming. I'll post an edit/update if they come back, but compared to the last few weeks that's already a vast improvement. 

One thing I'd like to note is the rep stated I may want to remove all other HDMI devices plugged in to the TV when using the Arc, which was an... interesting suggestion. Not sure I'm willing to use the Arc only when using streaming services via my TV. 





Again, I’ll share that once Trueplay ran and the Pops began, it was not an occasional thing as described just above and Arc would pop whether watching ATMOS or playing Stereo Music (including Sonos own music stations) or even using the buttons on top of Arc and getting audio feedback from presses. 

It’s easy to redirect to “it’s <other parties> fault” but how do we rationalize such speculation against the  experience of NO ATMOS, no Xbox, no AppleTV, etc? Is there any ATMOS at all in Sonos radio stations? Is there any ATMOS in UI audio feedback sounds from touching Arc buttons?

Similarly blaming cables and other devices is fine but in our case we had pop-free audio from ARC for a few hours BEFORE running Trueplay… then pop-FULL audio after Trueplay (no matter what we threw at it)… and then a return to pop-free audio after factory resetting and NOT running Trueplay again. All same sources tested. All same cables. All same settings. If the cause is cable or settings or TV, how can we have pop-FREE periods before and after applying Trueplay (for coming up on 2 weeks now)?

whippleshuttle’s post is interesting in that apparently the only variable that changed was TV type. Apparently, one TV subbed in for another, presumably re-using the same cable and otherwise all of the same stuff, services, settings. If so, that undermines my (wild) assumption that maybe Trueplay has some bugs to address and adds something to the chorus of some kinds of differences in how ATMOS (and DOLBY MAT, etc) are implemented. I’d be interested in knowing if in replacing the TV, did whippleshuttle change any other variable… particularly did they re-run Trueplay? Or use a new cable? Or replace any other supporting hardware at the same time?

Nevertheless, in my experience, where there is a great diversity of possible causes, a good strategy in finding the actual cause is to narrow in on the common elements. What does all such scenarios have in common? That is probably not one cable or one TV or one setting, etc. My gut says scrutinize the common denominator much harder first before then working out into what would seem to be quite diverse- even unique- variables of specific TV, specific cable, specific ancillary hardware, specific services, etc. 

And, of course, there’s always fair possibilities that it is combinations of things that leads to an answer too. If everyone had the POPs, Sonos would have to stop selling the product because the noise and press would sound far louder about the issue. In my case I have a perfectly fine Arc + Move paired on which Trueplay has been run a few times during it’s many years with me- no pops at any time over those years. This other brand new Arc + twin 300s was popping like crazy after Trueplay was run on it. Is Arc + Move somehow immune vs. Arc + twin 300s? Or if I swapped the Arcs and ran Trueplay on the no-pops-ever one now paired with the 300s, would it suddenly start popping? If it was my job to figure this out, I’d try that. But since I now have both setups sounding fantastic, I don’t feel motivation to stir either pot.

Hi everyone 


just wanted to give an update to my post 8 days back about the issue maybe not being a Dolby atmos issue entirely and could be due to devices / TVs pushing through a Dolby Vision / Dolby Atmos signal together

I disabled the force Dolby vision option in the Xbox Series X and re-enabled Atmos and after a week of playing I have yet to encounter the “pop” that we have described on this thread.  I would usually encounter this at least once a day when quitting games and returning to the home screen

I think there could be merit to this approach, but obviously need the community to try this as well. Also not ruling out that bug fixes from the October Xbox update and Sonos 14.18 could of fixed this issue entirely from their end as they have also been released during this timeframe


Will keep everybody updated!



I just encountered this first time (I hadn’t played much Xbox SX after getting my arc). It is def still there with latest Xbox / Sonos update. You might be right though assuming it happens when enabling high bandwidth options - for me 4K 120hz / Dolby Vision plus atmos. Switching between gears 5 and dashboard produces this loud pop…


Hello. I am experiencing this issue. I previously had the Beam (Gen2) which worked perfectly. Since upgrading to the Arc, when using the XBOX Series X there is a regular loud popping / cracking noise and the LED flashes Amber, followed by loss of sound. If I change the source back to Sky, then back to XBOX the sound returns for a short while then rinse and repeat. I thought it maybe heat related as the XBOX is directly underneath the Arc and emits quite a bit of heat. So moved it, and the problem still persists. Next step, is a new 4K HDMI cable… Just to add, no sound issues exist with Sky Q or any TV apps like Prime or Netflix. Just the XBOX connection. 

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I understand the point you’re making.  I disagree that the end users should be responsible for recording extraneous data in the hopes that it might somehow be helpful in tracking down the root cause of the issue.  If support needs data points like time of day and relative humidity, I would expect that their diagnostic tools would collect that data.

Again, bear in mind the amount of time that Sonos has had to figure out which “end of the dog to bark at.”  They’ve had nearly three years to throw oddball ideas at the wall and see what sticks.  We have no idea what they have and haven’t tried as so far they’ve been pretty tight-lipped about it.


I’ve had an arc for just over a year and it started doing the loud bang today. Using a PC with atmos through LG TV connected to arc

They don’t have to say it is someone else’s fault, but just like when buying computer parts, there is a compatibility list as to what motherboard works with what processors.  AppleTV/Xbox etc are NOT some random Chinese “media box”, they are top tier mainstream products from the highest grossing companies in the world.  If the Arc doesn’t work with them, customers should be notified.  The fact that other companies that are “cheaper” had no issues pushing out a firmware fix to work around the issue tells me that Sonos is simply not trying to deal with the issue.

As a customer that spent thousands on this equipment, it is a slap in the face to be told that your main reason for buying an expensive new product needs to be disabled because they can’t fix it.

Perhaps the partner(s) too, have acknowledged that they plan to investigate/fix the issue with an update from their side, but just haven’t got around to doing that yet?

We can only guess at such issues. I’m pretty sure these big companies do not ever like to wash their dirty-linen in public, plus they likely have their own chosen list of priorities.

Meanwhile Sonos has tried to assist you by suggesting a workaround, for now, at least. Any work/update to be done by a partner is clearly outside of their control.

It’s difficult, as we do not know the full facts here, but as I’ve mentioned before in posts on the forum, this issue appears to happen mostly with Xbox and Apple TV 4K and there are reports online of it happening with other branded soundbars aswell.

I don’t have either of those peripheral products attached to my TV/Arc and have never (ever) experienced the popping or crackling sounds mentioned in this thread.

Maybe the Arc is just playing what it is being sent and that ‘approaches’ perhaps should be being made to those that manufacture the source device instead. If that manufacturer is not being notified of the problem by their own customers, then they are not going to be in any hurry to fix the issue.

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This just happened to me and my brand new era 300 surrounds. Did trueplay tuning and soon as it was done was getting extremely sharp loud electric pops from all 3 speakers and would not stop until I unplugged one. 

please advise on next steps. 

Jkopt, I have had the same issue with a pair of new Era 300’s. Not sure if you are also aware of this thread: 

“Sonos Era 300 Static Pop Sound”

I don’t know the depth of the issue. If licensed software is involved there could be contract details that prevents SONOS from imbedding proper logging code.

I don’t want to be an apologist. Everyone in the chain: hardware, software, SONOS, and users wants to pass the issue up the chain, while the chain wants to push the issue down in order to minimize their support costs. It’s the nature of companies at this point. Maybe all big business managers take the same courses and this is how they are taught to run a “smart” business. It takes weeks and weeks to justify, build, and schedule a team to take on a project. Meanwhile, users need to wait.