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  • 19 January 2016
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I have a 5.1 setup (playbar, sub, 2 play:1s). Recently, the playbar has a crackling and static like sound coming out of it when I watching cable tv (cox). I have an optical cable running from the playbar directly to the TV. Please help.

Best answer by Daniel H 27 January 2016, 15:16

The only other source I have hooked up is Apple TV and that works great with no audio issues.
We noticed you are working with our Technical Support Team already under reference: 160123-002547
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36 replies

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Im having this same issue for a long time but is intermittent. Audio is through xbox one. I too find that it is mainly when there is talking and little to no background music. My diagnostic # is 2077321760
Hi I'm having a similar issue. My playbar is connected to a Samsung TV and produces a hissing or crackling noise whenever people are talking. I'm connected to the tv through an optical cable. My diagnostic # is 1561179583
If you've submitted a diagnostic, you should either contact Sonos to discuss it, or post the number here. Without context associated with the number, they likely won't look at it.
Also having same problem--just got Playbar tonight, using it with my LG OLED B8, and it's crackling, esp when there is dialogue with little background music. I submitted a diagnostic. We shall see. Sorry to see this has obviously been a long-standing issue!
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So is it Solved. And if yes how?
Yes! 😞
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Any News on this issue? Have the same with lg OLED c8
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I'm also experiencing this problem. My LG B7 TV with a Comcast box connected via HDMI has the SONOS Playbar connected directly via optical. The crackling comes and goes, but only seems to happen on the Comcast input. The AppleTV and BD player both seem fine.

I submitted a diagnostic report within 5 minutes of it happening. Diagnostic #1313994970.
Having the exact same issue with an LG OLED E7P TV. Everything was working just fine and suddenly we get a "pulsing" static only signal from the TV source. Apple TV and Bluray work fine. I'd love to work with support but apparently it's considered appropriate at Sonos to completely shut down support for an entire day!

Same for me! Could be the Cable Box (Contour COX)? Or HDMI cable from Cable Box to TV? The crackling sound never occurs on Sonos music or Apple TV / Blueray but just on TV!
I had the same issue with playbar/sub/surround setup and finally fixed it after 6 months.

Sound was flawless for a few years and then about 6 months ago i started getting static from TV source only, and oddly only on certain channels. I went back and forth with tech support, running diagnostics, swapping out optical cable, connecting to cable box rather than tv, adjusting every audio setting on TV and cable box, and nothing really worked. I was about to give up and a tech suggested doing a factory reset of the playbar (instructions are on this site somewhere). It solved the problem instantly and the sound is back to being perfectly clear.

Tech support was very responsive and helpful, i just with they'd suggested this first - it seems to be a not uncommon issue. Give it a try!
Having the exact same issue with an LG OLED E7P TV. Everything was working just fine and suddenly we get a "pulsing" static only signal from the TV source. Apple TV and Bluray work fine. I'd love to work with support but apparently it's considered appropriate at Sonos to completely shut down support for an entire day!
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nholder79: Thanks for the details. Are you experiencing dropouts or delays? Would you mind submitting a fresh diagnostic report? Does this happen regardless of the audio output (PCM or Dolby Digital)?

Alternatively, if you have a moment, you can give our support technicians a call and they will be able to take a closer look in real time with you.
TV Make: LG

TV Model: 2018 OLED B7P 55 inch

Optical Cable connects directly between Playbar and TV.
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Hello there, nholder79. Thanks for posting and welcome to the Community. Can you tell us the make and model of the TV you have directly connected to the PLAYBAR? Does the optical cable go directly between the PLAYBAR and TV or does it go to another device? The more information we have the better we can assist. Thanks!
Same problem. Diagnostic 669526234 submitted.
Should have said, mine is an LG TV source.
Same problem here. Diagnostic 8461494 submitted.
I ended up replacing the playbar but the new playbar has so far made that sound once. I am keeping my fingers crossed.
We are having the same issue. I'm starting to think that there is compatibility issues between the two. I hope Sonos can come up with a fix. Do you have digital optical from the bar to the tv? Sonos told me to run a optical back to the cable box which in my setup isn't right next to the tv. I already swapped out to a new cable between the tv and bar and that didn't fix it. Let me know what you find out
I bought Sonos 5.1 along with Samsung Q7 QLED TV about a week ago from the Best Buy store. Now the Playbar is making crackling sound randomly while watching TV. I have got nothing else connected besides TV. I may have to replace the Playbar at Best Buy. I rather not deal with Sonos customer service for a brand new product. I hope this issue is related to Playbar itself.
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If you're getting odd audio when playing from the PLAYBAR I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line. The link there should take you right to the phone number and hours for the team in your country.
Random amount of time on the boards, especially around the holidays since they're slammed by all the new purchasers asking for help. And I don't normally see a lot of folks working the boards on the weekends, although it does happen. You may want to try one of their more direct methods of contact. Go to the bottom of this page, click on the link "Contact us", and then on the next page click on the link "Skip to see all options".
How long does it take
I'll look forward to a response from Sonos on this.
I checked everything and everything looks good. It is still continuing to happen. I submitted a diagnostic and my number is 8317917