Turn down Assistant volume on Sonos One?

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Is it possible to turn down the Assistant volume on the Sonos One independently of the music volume?

I have my Sonos One fairly loud but don't need the Assistant to shout!

Best answer by Ryan S 6 July 2019, 01:57

I'll make sure your voice is heard with the team. It's not the first request for a similar feature from the community. I don't have any details as to if it'll happen, but I'll make sure the team knows people are still asking.
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I'll make sure your voice is heard with the team. It's not the first request for a similar feature from the community. I don't have any details as to if it'll happen, but I'll make sure the team knows people are still asking.
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Also would love to see the option to turn down Google Assistant's voice volume. Quite annoying to be listening music at a reasonably loud volume and then have GA shout responses back at you. Totally agree with OP
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I agree. Ruins the experience. Should be adjustable.
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Yes I would like to +1 being able to turn down the Google Assistance voice volume. It's very jarring. Almost tempted to return my Sonos One now.
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I'd like to add my voice to this request as well. The volume differential isn't too bad if you're listening to pop music on Apple Music or the like, but classical music on IDAGIO tends to be much quieter, and Google Assistant is extremely loud in comparison.

Just a little slider in the SONOS app would be nice (bonus points if GA could pay attention to the noise level in the room and respond accordingly.. but I'll be happy with a simple slider!)
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Same request here. The voice of Assistant is too loud compared to classical music for instance. It’s not pleasant to use. 

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I use google assistant a lot on my Sonos. It is frustrating that I couldn’t find a setting or toggle the sound of the voice or mute it. When I play soft music at night, the assistants voice is so intrusive.

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Absolutely ruining my Sonos experience. Wakes the whole house up when I try to use it.

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Unfortunately, this is a Google Assistant Issue so we should be asking them. They seem to have something coming down the pipeline but who knows how long it will take to actually have it working.
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If there is no solution to this screaming assistant bullsht, these fancy shmancy speakers are going right back to the store. 

I just want to support this request, but for the Move. Assistant volume is often much louder then music.

+1 from me too. Installed Assistant today after waiting months for it to arrive in my country. I’ll be disabling it soon because of this. I have my nest doorbell connected to my google assistant! Scared the hell out of me!

I would very much like this feature as well!
I turned off Alexa for this reason. Hope the team will fix it soon.
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We're in luck.
Just found this at 9to5Google

Can this please be fixed… please. I’m using a bunch of Sonos One speakers and find myself actively avoiding using GA due to how it yells; seemingly randomly.


Evenings looks like:

🥱 “Hey Google, turn off all the lights.” (Sometimes I’ll add a ‘please’)





🤦🏻‍♂️“Hey Google, please remind me to write an apology letter to all neighbours within a 300m radius… again.”

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Strange. There really is no need for this secrecy. I think someone needs to have a word with 'the team' and remind them that they're working on voice control for speakers, not a top secret weapons programme.

Adding to this complaint.

I took for granted there was a way to lower the GA volume but I see from all the other complaints there is none and it’s been an issue for more than 10 months. This can’t be a difficult fix, and is not a luxury experience from what is suppose to be a luxury product.




The assistant volumes are really WAY TOO LOUD.



Yep I'm in on this too, first thing really early in the morning. I've removed it and added it to see if there was a setting there .. nope


Just got a beam to pair with my ones , need to be able to turn down the volume on the GA so it's not as loud as the music/TV 


Come on sonos, please fix this. 

Please, for the love of God, why has this not yet been implemented?

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Another option since Sonos is pinning this issue on Google would be to implement the functionality so Google Assistant doesn't repeat every command back to you. If I turn on the lights, I don't need it yelling at me to confirm "ok turning on the hallway lights". Google products have been able to do this for 6+ months, you get a small audible sound rather than repeating the entire command back to you.


I had a feeling buying Sonos products with Integrated Google Assistant would result in inferior functionality and stagnant updates. It's been a year and I haven't seen any of the Google Assistant issues fixed, and these are things regular Google home minis can do. 

At first, the level was acceptable. But now (a year later) the volume level of my assistant looks like to keep getting harder every day. The buttons on the speaker itself won't react to the volume change.

Now with the Coronavirus times I'm able to work a lot from home, and would like te be updated by my smartspeaker with the latest news updates. Unfortunately, my neighbours get the new for free too now :rofl:

Sonos → Google GET TOGETHER, man up, or do whatever you'd like to do this summer. But please give us the asked changes to freely adjust the volume settings.

yours sincerely,

My neighbours and I.

Please fix this soon... This way it is very uncomfortable and unusable. Especially in the evening. Would not recommend!

I sought out this community forum specifically to make this request; I’m glad someone else made it. I purchased Sonos specifically for the Google Assistant integration, but this annoyance is making me reconsider buying more speakers.