Google telling me Spotify Premium isn't available

  • 21 December 2022
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I have a Spotify Premium family plan and have multiple Spotify accounts linked to Sonos. I also have Google Assistant linked to each of those accounts and Voice Match set up. It all works fine except for my wife; every time she asks the Sonos speaker to play music, the speaker responds saying something like “got it, playing blah blah blah on Spotify” and then:

Sorry, it looks like Spotify Premium isn’t currently available. Please try again later.


This does NOT occur with Google speakers in the home. When she asks the Sonos speaker “who am I” it tells her her name just fine, so I know Voice Match is working. And I can ask it myself to play music without a problem.

I’ve tried:

  • factory reset speaker
  • unlink and re-link Spotify from Sonos
  • unlink the Sonos speaker from Google and re-link it
  • remove Google and Sonos permissions from Spotify in the web UI and relinking everything
  • doing all of the above but with an Android device instead of iOS
  • checking to make sure there’s only one Google Home
  • checking to make sure there were no old speakers present

Nothing seems to work. I can play using Spotify Connect or by using the Sonos app, both with her account.

37 replies

SOLVED? I had a different premium account linked to sonos and Google assistant 

My partner and I use a spare family premium account for sonos. I had my personal sonos linked on Google assistant and shared account linked on the sonos app


Changed them both to shared account and it works!

I can as well continue this monologue that I started with a progress update since it’s now working for the entire family with Google Assistant, Sonos and Spotify. 


I did nothing special, I spent 1-2 hours trying to get it to work, revoked the permissions from the Spotify webpage at least twice and redid the linking several times in both the Sonos app and in Google Assistant/Home. I continued to have the issues already mentioned, no progress and eventually I took a break. 

When I checked back 30 minutes later all the accounts were working. I can only guess that something is cached or delayed, so that it takes a while for the linking to work again after the permission are revoked on the Spotify webpage.

There is a freely available API that streaming companies can use to incorporate their product into the SONOS controller. SPOTIFY has chosen not to make full use of this API, instead forcing users to launch the SPOTIFY App for most functions. I’m aware of another manufacturer’s product that simply pops up a screen directing users to use the Spotify App. The product’s interaction with SPOTIFY is limited to the basic transport tools (back, stop, play, pause, forward).

One reason why SONOS offers many dozens of music services, compared to other products offering a small handful, is because of this API. It would not be economically feasible for SONOS to individually code for and support each service. If a service wants to be available on SONOS, they just need to have their use of the API implementation tested and approved. This can’t be too difficult because many of these services are small and could not support a large development staff. I know a fellow who is thinking of offering a very small, esoteric music service on SONOS. It’s a one man programming shop. After I steered him to the API, his comment was: “Does not look terrible”.

@Corry P - please take this as yet another example of getting the dreaded “spotify premium is not available”. This is clearly a Sonos issue. I have done all the steps you and others have suggested before with no improvement. 

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The Google Assistant outage has been on-going for approximately 2 weeks.

I hope this helps.

We were having the same problem as well.


My wife had the original subscription to Spotify Premium and we upgraded to Premium Duo. However, every time I tried to link my account in either Sonos or Google Home, it would link, but the voice assistant would not. 

We switched it, so her Spotify account is linked in both Google and Sonos and it works! 

Hm, a quick update after my last post. It appears as if I actually am able to play from Spotify through Google Assistant if I repeat the request multiple times, but the playback is super patchy!

If I get the “Sorry, it looks like Spotify Premium isn’t currently available. Please try again later.” I’m able to get it to play if I repeat the request two, three or four times. When it eventually is able to access Spotify and start the playback it sometimes have issues with the first song in the playlist, it’s mute. I can see in the Sonos app that the playback is started and is progressing but no sound, then after 15-30 seconds it skips to the next song which is played with sound. 

I’ve also not been able to skip to the next song if I’ve initiated it from Google Assistant. When I ask Google Assistant to play the next track it respond with something similar to “That is not available on Sonos One”, and if try to skip to the next track using the Sonos app nothing happens. But if I pause the playback in the app and resumes it there, then I’m able to skip to the previous/next track again. 


Actually, during the 20 minutes I’ve spent on typing this follow-up post playback through Google Assistant have improved. 🤔 At first it didn’t work at all, then I was able get it to play if I repeated the request two or three times but the playback was patchy. Then after a couple of songs the playback started to improve, and now 20 minutes later I’m able to play from Spotify using Google Assistant on the first attempt every time and no issue going to the next or previous song either. 


Perhaps I had a temporary service issue somewhere in the chain between Sonos, Google and Spotify. I’m crossing my fingers that it continues to work. 

No further luck when adding the other three family members accounts to Google Assistant and Sonos.

Google Assistant is jumping between answering “Sorry, it looks like Spotify Premium isn’t currently available. Please try again later.” and  “It looks like you haven’t set up your account with the media service.”

I’ve tried to revoke the access for both apps on and redone the linking for the family members, but still the same issue. My own account that suddenly started to work previously is still working with Google Assistant. 

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Since Google seems to make GA work differently on Sonos  compared to their own devices, this could still be a Google problem…..

This issue started 3 months ago. Combination of Sonos, Spotify, Google worked fine before.

Now, the “.. Spotify Premium..” started.

… and still not been able to fix it.

SOLVED? I had a different premium account linked to sonos and Google assistant 

My partner and I use a spare family premium account for sonos. I had my personal sonos linked on Google assistant and shared account linked on the sonos app


Changed them both to shared account and it works!

Can you elaborate what you did to make this work? Thanks

Same problem here. Very annoying.

This doesn’t ever work when initiating spotify from my Sonos Beam. Would be great if Sonos solved the issue and didn’t point back to Google. My Google devices all play Spotify without issue. I’ve relinked the same account to all of my Google Assistant enabled devices and Sonos is the only one that doesn’t work

Same issue here. Tried everything possible

  • unlink / relink (spotify, google home, sonos app)
  • uninstall / reinstall (spotify, google home, sonos app)
  • delete cache (spotify, google home, sonos app)

Still the message that Spotify Premium isn’t available. It work with all my other products from competitors. Please Sonos look at this problem !

Another to add to the list. 

Mine still failes even after matching the Spotify accounts up. I would say it's Google's fault. But you guys provide the integration to Google home, so really it's up to you too fix the issues. 

We have 3 users, the issues seems to be a mismatch between the voice user Spotify and Sonos. Even though all can be matched up.

And yes this only happens with Sonos speakers. We have Sony and Denon recievers that work correctly

Ditto for this problem. I had set this up successfully for my wife and I - voice match on mapping to individual Spotify account flowing into that account set up in in Sonos. Recently I tried to add my son's accounts the same way - their own Google accounts with voice match mapping to their own Spotify accounts and added those accounts to Sonos. 

Things still work for me and my wife but my kids get the dreaded "Spotify premium is not available"

I launch usually from a Nest Hub screen, which already has the crippled UI. Lack of casting to speaker even though apple ecosystem users have it. Now with this problem I am really starting to questing using Sonos at all. Direct Google to Spotify works so well. 


I know the two companies are at each other's throat but Sonos really needs to look hard at the value of better integration with Google.


Everything was working just fine, and sad to say SAME issue! Me and my wife have duo it used to work just fine till my wife had her account and even I could play my Spotify playlist now everything is broken. Pretty sad for Sonoa to not take this matter seriously. 

I have the same issue. Google Home, Google Assistant and Sonos are all linked to the same Spotify account.

I had the same issue, which was super annoying after purchasing a new set of Sonos speakers. But, it looked like a google issue at the end from what I can tell. I fixed it by creating a new google account.

- Make sure to switch the account in our google home and assistant apps first.
- add sonos as a device to google home. 
- Remove assistant from sonos.

- Test playing from google assistant app to your sonos. Make sure it plays in sonos. In my case it did play. 
- Finally setup google assistant on sonos. If you do not add sonos as a device from google home, this step will not work.


Hi @repress-capita-narcoses 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Voice Match is a Google Assistant feature and doesn’t really have much to do with Sonos - I can only recommend getting in touch with Google directly.

At a guess, I would say make sure that your wife’s Google account has the correct Spotify account associated with it, in her Google settings. This issue is unlikely to be related to any Sonos settings - though please make sure that the Spotify account she is configured to use in GA has also been added to Sonos.

Please desist in factory-resetting Sonos - it will not be of use.

I hope this helps.

@Corry P 

Great to see Sonos has a status page listing google voice services as having a problem. Unfortunately it doesn’t track downtime or when the outage occured.

How long has this been down?

Today I’m having the exact same issue as everyone else in this thread, trying to work out if the integration has been broken for months or if its only happened today.

Please provide some clarification.


I had this problem as well. What I have discovered is that when using Google Assistant, no matter what your Google Home settings are, Sonos will only play from the Spotify account that is linked to Sonos.

Originally I had my Spotify account set up in Sonos. When I asked it to play, it would play fine. When my wife asked it to play, she’d get this error.

Without changing anything else, I removed my Spotify account from Sonos and set hers up. Now it works the other way around. Spotify will play for her, but I get the “premium is not available” error.

It works this way even if I try to start Spotify on one of my Sonos speakers from a Google Speaker or the Google Assistant app (e.g. “Hey Google, play [music] on Living Room Sonos”). I am able to use my account through the Spotify app’s “devices” icon, though. It just won’t work with Google Assistant.

Same problem. De-authorized and reauthorized Google account on both Spotify and Sonos. Many many times.


Always get the "Spotify premium is unavailable" response when attempting to use the audio control via Sonos.

Also having this problem!

Same issue here, "sorry, Spotify premium isn't available" I have the same account on google home, google assistant and the Sonos but still no luck, have there been any fixes to this? It's really annoying