Google telling me Spotify Premium isn't available

  • 21 December 2022
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I have a Spotify Premium family plan and have multiple Spotify accounts linked to Sonos. I also have Google Assistant linked to each of those accounts and Voice Match set up. It all works fine except for my wife; every time she asks the Sonos speaker to play music, the speaker responds saying something like “got it, playing blah blah blah on Spotify” and then:

Sorry, it looks like Spotify Premium isn’t currently available. Please try again later.


This does NOT occur with Google speakers in the home. When she asks the Sonos speaker “who am I” it tells her her name just fine, so I know Voice Match is working. And I can ask it myself to play music without a problem.

I’ve tried:

  • factory reset speaker
  • unlink and re-link Spotify from Sonos
  • unlink the Sonos speaker from Google and re-link it
  • remove Google and Sonos permissions from Spotify in the web UI and relinking everything
  • doing all of the above but with an Android device instead of iOS
  • checking to make sure there’s only one Google Home
  • checking to make sure there were no old speakers present

Nothing seems to work. I can play using Spotify Connect or by using the Sonos app, both with her account.

41 replies

No further luck when adding the other three family members accounts to Google Assistant and Sonos.

Google Assistant is jumping between answering “Sorry, it looks like Spotify Premium isn’t currently available. Please try again later.” and  “It looks like you haven’t set up your account with the media service.”

I’ve tried to revoke the access for both apps on and redone the linking for the family members, but still the same issue. My own account that suddenly started to work previously is still working with Google Assistant. 

I can as well continue this monologue that I started with a progress update since it’s now working for the entire family with Google Assistant, Sonos and Spotify. 


I did nothing special, I spent 1-2 hours trying to get it to work, revoked the permissions from the Spotify webpage at least twice and redid the linking several times in both the Sonos app and in Google Assistant/Home. I continued to have the issues already mentioned, no progress and eventually I took a break. 

When I checked back 30 minutes later all the accounts were working. I can only guess that something is cached or delayed, so that it takes a while for the linking to work again after the permission are revoked on the Spotify webpage.

Hi @repress-capita-narcoses 

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Voice Match is a Google Assistant feature and doesn’t really have much to do with Sonos - I can only recommend getting in touch with Google directly.

At a guess, I would say make sure that your wife’s Google account has the correct Spotify account associated with it, in her Google settings. This issue is unlikely to be related to any Sonos settings - though please make sure that the Spotify account she is configured to use in GA has also been added to Sonos.

Please desist in factory-resetting Sonos - it will not be of use.

I hope this helps.

@Corry P 

Great to see Sonos has a status page listing google voice services as having a problem. Unfortunately it doesn’t track downtime or when the outage occured.

How long has this been down?

Today I’m having the exact same issue as everyone else in this thread, trying to work out if the integration has been broken for months or if its only happened today.

Please provide some clarification.


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The Google Assistant outage has been on-going for approximately 2 weeks.

I hope this helps.

I had the same issue, which was super annoying after purchasing a new set of Sonos speakers. But, it looked like a google issue at the end from what I can tell. I fixed it by creating a new google account.

- Make sure to switch the account in our google home and assistant apps first.
- add sonos as a device to google home. 
- Remove assistant from sonos.

- Test playing from google assistant app to your sonos. Make sure it plays in sonos. In my case it did play. 
- Finally setup google assistant on sonos. If you do not add sonos as a device from google home, this step will not work.


Same problem here. Very annoying.

Same problem. De-authorized and reauthorized Google account on both Spotify and Sonos. Many many times.


Always get the "Spotify premium is unavailable" response when attempting to use the audio control via Sonos.

Same issue here, "sorry, Spotify premium isn't available" I have the same account on google home, google assistant and the Sonos but still no luck, have there been any fixes to this? It's really annoying

Never had a problem with my move or asking my Google nest to play which would then play on my play 1 but since I bought my beam (gen2) can now not get any of them to play Spotify when requested through Google. Why have the Sonos people gone quiet now heaps of people are describing the same problem?

Probably best if you call Sonos Support directly to discuss it.

When you speak directly to the phone folks, they have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

The very few Sonos employees who frequent this forum are moderators, and not technically Support. 

This issue started 3 months ago. Combination of Sonos, Spotify, Google worked fine before.

Now, the “.. Spotify Premium..” started.

… and still not been able to fix it.

Everything was working just fine, and sad to say SAME issue! Me and my wife have duo it used to work just fine till my wife had her account and even I could play my Spotify playlist now everything is broken. Pretty sad for Sonoa to not take this matter seriously. 

Same problem. My husband and I have a Spotify Duo account. All voice match services work _except_ for Spotify. The voice match for Spotify also works on our Google Home devices, so it's definitely a Sonos problem. It will only use my Spotify account for music on the Sonos. It’s incredibly frustrating to pay so much for a product and have it stop integrating with a major music service after a few months of ownership!

I really curious what Sonos support said when you called them?

I had the same issue where it first all worked. I stepped over to a family account from spotify, and wanted a spotify member for the house. 

Apparently Sonos and Google are not working great together with such a "2nd"-line member from Spotify. I had both switched around, and loose from each other it worked great. Nest hub could play the correct spotify, and also sonos from their own app. The issue was the mix of them, so using assistant to tell sonos to play spotify.

After some trouble shooting, it's indeed the main account only, that is working good together. So somewhere between the two big companies, things are goin sideways. Hopefully I could help somebody with this.

SOLVED (for me at least). 


CONTEXT: Same experience as most on the thread.  Spotify Premium (Family Plan) + Google Assistant + Sonos = “Spotify Premium is unavailable...” despite the Spotify/Google Assistant combo working fine on non-Sonos smart speakers.    


ASIDE: Sonos tech support offered no help.  After 90 minutes on the phone, i was referred to the dreaded “Level 2 support” who is supposed to get back to me...agent tried but clearly got desperate (‘try resetting your network to reconnect to the cloud’)


STEPS TO FIX: Key for me was resetting all integrations within the Google HOME app.  I stumbled across the following steps after hanging up with tech support and realizing that they were having me play around in the Google Assistant app but ignored the Google Home app. 

  1. SONOS APP: Remove Google Assistant integration from all Sonos speakers
  2. GOOGLE HOME APP: Remove Sonos integration (Settings → Works with Google → Unlink Sonos)
  3. GOOGLE ASSISTANT APP: Unlinked Spotify (Account → Music)
  4. Close/force exit both Sonos & Google Home & Google Assistant
    1. Probably unnecessary, but my Google Apps sometimes don’t refresh immediately so I force close to make sure setting changes have taken hold
  5. GOOGLE HOME APP: Re-link Sonos (Settings → Works with Google → Link Sonos)
    1. Confirmed Sonos devices show up (Settings → Devices)
    2. Relinked Spotify (Settings → Music); linked a family member account, not the ‘main’ profile/account
  7. SONOS APP: Add Google Assistant individually for each speaker



Setup has been working ever since.  Based on everything I did with the tech, the key appears to be resetting the integration in the Google Home app, as the tech ignored the Google Home app while we were troubleshooting.


Hope this helps; given other things in my home, i was ready to return the Sonos, I was so frustrated.