Can't add Apple Music on Android Sonos app

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I hope i will announce you some good news because I Had exactly the same issue with sonos and Apple music and now, it seems to work For me with the 13.4.1 version.

I also reset my mobile for other reason last week, so maybe the issue has been fixed by this reset factory, I don't really know. But surely by one of these operations

Hi @casaper 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

We are aware of this new issue of being unable to add Apple Music to Sonos via an Android device and we are currently investigating it, though we have no estimate for when this will be resolved.

Unfortunately, the only workaround we know of is to use an iOS device to add Apple Music - no help to you, I know.

I will update this topic thread once we have fixed the issue.


What’s the status on this?  I am trying to trial Apple Music and the fact that I can’t add is to my Sonos services is frustrating.  As others have mentioned here, it should be announced if you aren’t going to support Apple Music through the Android app. 

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I finally gave up on waiting for this to be fixed and canceled my Apple Music subscription,

Even that was difficult. When I selected “Manage Subscription” in Apple Music on Android, I got … you guessed it … spinning circle and then blank white screen.

So I fired up Apple Music in my PC web browser, did the same thing, and got “New 2FA required, please select: code texted to your registered mobile number, or code obtained from your trusted Apple device”. Uh, what? I no longer have either the phone or the ancient iPad I had when I created my years-old Apple account. I certainly did not need to do this when I re-started my Apple Music subscription 2 months ago! No solution is offered other than “phone Apple support”. As a last resort I went back to Android and tried the Apple Music app again - and this time the subscription page opened and I was able to cancel.

Needless to say, I won’t be trying Apple Music again soon!

The last answer here was 12 days ago. Are you able to escalate this. I only use Apple Music, and my expensive Sonos speaker system is now completely unusable (I do not have access to an iOS device)


How is this ok?

Agree 100% it used to work and now I'm paying for apple music but nothing to play it on. 

This needs to be fixed.  It used to work.  I'm paying each month for music service i cant play on my sonos. What is the plan?

I'm having the exact same issue as an Android use and it is EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING not to be able to connect to Apple.   


I was also a big fan of Sonos streaming Apple for a couple of years and now this has happened.  Very disappointed that this issue has not been resolved!


You’d need to log out of their account on their phone, in to yours, set up your Apple account on Sonos, then log back out of your account on their phone, and not in Sonos. That would leave your account logged in on your Sonos, and not on their phone.

I just ran into this issue. Luckily my wife has an iPhone so my issue is resolved. But this is tricky. You have a platfrom (Apple Music) not working on a competing device (Android) while using a 3rd Party app (Sonos). There's probably not much incentive for Apple to escalate a fix for competing devices if the issue lies with Apple. They would rather you have an iPhone. Google would rather you use YouTube Music so they may not feel a need to escalate a fix. And Sonos (if the issue is not on their end) gets hurt the most as people blame their software and their reputation gets damaged. I can't see Sonos risking their reputation for the thought of, “maybe they'll switch to Sonos Radio". Sonos relies on their software and agnostic approach to varies sources.

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There was an app update and… you still didn’t fix the glitch. Are you even trying?

I still ‘suspect’ it is not something that Sonos are in a position to fix in their own software - it’s far more likely that Apple needs to fix the matter at their end, with their partners.

In that case why doesn’t Sonos say that, tell us how they are trying to resolve it, and give a possible time-frame? At least Sonos has recently acknowledged the problem, but It’s the lack of information causing frustration here.

Have you asked Apple?

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hi, for the ones that have tried the workaround of reauthorizing from an Apple device, I don’t have one but my daughter has an iPhone. she’s very wary of logging out from her account in the iPhone so I can login (there’s no way to separately login directly in the S2 app without actually log in the iPhone, right?). What will actually happen if I log her out? Will she lose any data/apps? will everything be as it was when she logs back in? Thanks

Hey, I’m in the same boat. The only reason why I have Apple Music is because it works (worked) with Sonos, AND I have 20-years worth of personal music uploaded to iCloud.

Does anyone know of another cloud music storage service that works with Sonos?


This needs to be fixed.  It used to work.  I'm paying each month for music service i cant play on my sonos. What is the plan?


The plan is to wait until Apple fixes their app so it can be used to authenticate the account for use by Sonos.

Was this problem introduced with the S2 app? I always used to be able to add Apple Music using my Android device, but cannot now. The only thing I changed recently was moving from the terrible S1 to the slightly less terrible S2. Or perhaps an update to the product (of which I think I've had a few) has introduced this?

What a pain eh..

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Just in the nick of time … NOT!

I already canceled Apple Music.

And good thing I did, because this “fix” is useless to me. It now adds 2FA requiring a verification code sent to the old iPad that I haven’t had for years. I can still run Apple Music on my Android phone and in a web browser, but I can’t add it to Sonos.

No, it is across both S1 and S2. Apple appears to have made a change, and is slow to fix the change that they made. 

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Just wanted to let you guys at Sonos know that I’m still frustrated like many others.  

We still can’t use the expensive Sonos speakers with Android device…

You promised in advertising that it will work with Apple Music on Android. It doesn’t. You claimed this to be an issue of high priority.. it isn’t? 

please fix it or let us know that you’re not working on it. 


I’ve been using Apple Music with Sonos on an Android device for years.  If I remember correctly, you need to add the Apple Music app to the device before adding it to Sonos or else the account won’t authenticate. 

hi jgatie, thanks for your comment, but it doesn’t help. 
Apple Music is on the Android device installed and works perfect on its own. 
The problem is the same, as described by the TO. We can’t add the existing Apple Music account to the Sonos App. As Android has no Air Play, there is no possibility to play the music via the Sonos speaker. 
br, Marina

I contacted apple support and they said it was a Sonos issue, that Sonos needs to fix. Apple would not say why apple hasnt added Sonos connect to the apple music app, like Spotify. 

Probably because the majority of users will then use the Apple Airplay2 connection to send the audio to Sonos devices instead.

Yup! Got my new Roam today, opened it up, only to find this issue. Sucks! Especially as a first time buyer into this ecosystem.


Only workaround I've found, which isn't going to be a solution for everyone, is to add a smart assistant like Google Voice or Alexa in my case...then go and add the Apple Music service in their app. Then I can just ask Alexa to play songs from Apple Music, using the Sonos device and control playback from either the Sonos App or Alexa app.

Sonos, if you're watching...this STILL isn't an acceptable solution as many have purchased these devices solely for their Apple Music integration and don't actually own iPhones 😒

hi jgatie, thanks for your comment, but it doesn’t help. 
Apple Music is on the Android device installed and works perfect on its own. 
The problem is the same, as described by the TO. We can’t add the existing Apple Music account to the Sonos App. As Android has no Air Play, there is no possibility to play the music via the Sonos speaker. 
br, Marina

Presumably Sonos will have fired off a request to Apple to fix the issue at their end.. I suspect it’s a case of waiting for Apple to fix it.

All indications suggest that the issue is on Apple’s side, not Sonos’. But I feel your pain, for sure. 

Can't believe it, received my first sonos product yesterday, a beam gen 2 and thought today I'd treat myself to a streaming service, after looking around decided to go for apple music as they could offer me 3 months free (would have preferred amazon but no 3 months offer for me).

Set everything up came onto sonos app tried adding my account but was just seeing a white screen??, decided to Google and came across all these issues everyone else is experiencing, I literally cannot believe it, how hard would it have been to put a message in the app saying they are experiencing an issue with setting up on android devices currently?.

I only use android phone and tablet so am stuck with a subscription I can do nothing with, what am I going to do, listen to music through my phone speaker lol.

Please hurry up and fix this, thanks. 

You can perhaps cancel your free Apple Music subscription and switch to this (3-months free) link for Amazon Music HD/UltraHD Unlimited service instead…it appears to be cheaper too in the longer term.

Maybe use both …and decide which service you prefer in 3 months time.

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I suspect most Apple Music subscribers use iOS not Android.  Most of the Android users of Apple Music don’t need to add it because it’s already added.  And those who do need to add it just need to borrow a relative or a friend with an iPad or iPhone for 5 minutes.  Obviously that isn’t ideal, or acceptable long-term, but it means that hardly anybody needs to be seriously inconvenienced by this.  Nobody looking objectively could think this should be a high priority for Sonos, even if Sonos can do something about it.

One should never assume that one’s own limited experience and imagination is sufficient basis to judge what is or is not a problem for the many other people in the world. Read the threads here. It’s a problem for many. If it’s not a problem for you, that’s great for you, but not relevant to the rest of us!

I have had the same issue. After being on the phone with Apple for an hour they said it was on the Sonos end. Meanwhile I am paying a monthly subscription for a service I cannot play on any of my speakers. PLEASE address this or please direct me to a Speaker system that works.

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The sonos android app still dishonestly indicates apple music can be added.  It can’t. I know this has cost them sales, at least to me.