Can't add Apple Music on Android Sonos app

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In the Android app, when I try to add my existing Apple Music subscription.

I hit the :

“I’m already a member” button

And then I get 1 second of spinner. But then I get a white screen forever:


Forever white

And AFAIS I can only add Apple Music via the Sonos app on the phone. I have no iOS device. I own a mac and Android devices.
I’d have plenty of Linux devices.. But I guess those are anyway not being supported by Sonos (which is kinda sucks to be honest).




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Hey all,


This might be old news for some, but I’m happy to confirm that this issue has been resolved. :smile:

You should now be able to add your Apple Music accounts from an Android device to Sonos once again.


If anyone is still experiencing issues, please make sure you’ve fully updated both Sonos and Apple Music apps before attempting to add the account to Sonos.

If you still have issues, please get in touch with our customer care team.

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The last answer here was 12 days ago. Are you able to escalate this. I only use Apple Music, and my expensive Sonos speaker system is now completely unusable (I do not have access to an iOS device)


How is this ok?

Sonos - sort this out - it’s been going on for months now.

I, along with many on this thread have expensive Sonos speakers and an Apple Account that are currently redundant. And all you can say is ‘we’re aware of the problem...and then tell me to use an iPhone’. Why you think I have an Andriod and an IPhone is anyone’s guess!!  


Considering some have downloaded a beta version of Apple Music for Android and successfully loaded it to Sonos without any update to the Sonos app, we can pretty much rule out this being a problem with Sonos.

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Just wanted to let you guys at Sonos know that I’m still frustrated like many others.  

We still can’t use the expensive Sonos speakers with Android device…

You promised in advertising that it will work with Apple Music on Android. It doesn’t. You claimed this to be an issue of high priority.. it isn’t? 

please fix it or let us know that you’re not working on it. 

I just now have been able to re-authorize my Apple Account on Sonos.  :grinning:

Apple has a long and proud tradition of changing things that have impacts on others, with zero consultation and no warning.  Whether the partner (in this case Sonos) can fix it themselves or needs to work with Apple depends on the nature of the change.  Either way, it requires resource to be shifted from other tasks, and so Sonos will have had to prioritise against other developments.

I am confident it will get fixed (but not certain, after ‘on this mobile device’).  But it would surprise me if this were a high priority for Sonos or something they wanted to throw a lot of resource at.  I suspect most Apple Music subscribers use iOS not Android.  Most of the Android users of Apple Music don’t need to add it because it’s already added.  And those who do need to add it just need to borrow a relative or a friend with an iPad or iPhone for 5 minutes.  Obviously that isn’t ideal, or acceptable long-term, but it means that hardly anybody needs to be seriously inconvenienced by this.  Nobody looking objectively could think this should be a high priority for Sonos, even if Sonos can do something about it.

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I contacted apple support and they said it was a Sonos issue, that Sonos needs to fix. Apple would not say why apple hasnt added Sonos connect to the apple music app, like Spotify. 

hi, for the ones that have tried the workaround of reauthorizing from an Apple device, I don’t have one but my daughter has an iPhone. she’s very wary of logging out from her account in the iPhone so I can login (there’s no way to separately login directly in the S2 app without actually log in the iPhone, right?). What will actually happen if I log her out? Will she lose any data/apps? will everything be as it was when she logs back in? Thanks


She won’t lose anything.  Any locally stored music will not be able to play when you log in, but that will go back to normal once she logs back in. 

So I used my daughter's iPhone 8 to get around this. She has Apple Music via my family membership, logged into this on her phone with her Apple ID. I downloaded Sonos S2 on her phone, signed into my Sonos system using my Sonos login, found the existing system. I was able to add Apple Music seamlessly. Great, it works! But I'm still not happy. Why should we have to go through this inconvenient work around, whilst the tech companies we pay good money to for their products, are unable to provide what they say they can (without warnings that some things do not actually work)? Apple possibly have changed something so this problem exists. Sonos possibly should put more priority into resolving. But can we at least get acknowledgement in the app to say that Apple Music cannot be added as a service via Android at the moment, with some sort of fix ETA? Wouldn't hurt. Would grow some confidence at least. There must be a post-it note on a product backlog somewhere within Sonos or Apple offices..surely?

Any update on the fix for this “new” issue? 

Good news, it has worked for me, been checking everyday and have now logged in and everything working, nice one. 

until hopefully it's fixed. 

by Apple.

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Hi @casaper 

 I'm not sure: Is it possible to temporarily set up my Apple Music and Sonos app on someone else's iPhone and activate it from there?
Well, writing it out, makes me realize that it presumably is quite a hassle to do that with iOS, since it will ask me to fully take ownership of the other iPhone. The tremendous restrectionitis is the reason why I banned iOS from my consumerism


Correct - It’s possible, but very probably a pain in the neck.

I’d have a iPhone 4s in the drawer somewhere. It may even still run, but I presume it will not get up to speed with the updates needed for this. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


I doubt it - it would need to run iOS v12 or higher

Well I guess that’s depending on release cycles of the Sonos app then. If your engineers found the problem soon, when could I assume their patch might get through to me via release?

I can’t say - If I knew, I still wouldn’t be allowed to say, in case it takes longer for some reason. All I can say is that we view this issue as a high priority one. When it is fixed, it’s entirely possible we’ll push a special update just to address it.


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Has there been any resolution to this issue that doesn't require an iOS device?

Not unless they’re keeping it secret.

And it’s not just any old iOS device required, it has to be a recent iOS device that can run the current S2 and Apple Music apps that are frequently updated to obsolete older devices.

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Jay, finally it's working again :)


@Doug Ames Even if it sounds like you won't use Apple music anymore from now on: in-case you haven't deleted your apple account, you'll probably be able to delete that iPad from your account with the support.

2fa is sent to me via SMS (I never had an apple device connected to that account)

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Any update on the fix for this “new” issue? 

It’s been reported for almost 3 months now. Don’t hold your breath.

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I contacted customer service this week and they gave absolutely zero assurance that apple music will be supported on  Android anytime soon. Why they keep advertising support is beyond me, and not really ethical - especially if you are buying the product under the expectation it will work.

Since Apple Music has an exclusive license to some labels I really like, Sonos failure to provide android connectivity turns my speakers into bricks. My interim solution is to use headphones for apple and subscribe to a second service for sonos. That is cheaper than upgrading my sonos bricks and still gives me a library to use speakers for most things.  Upgrading or buying additional sonos products is out of the question until this is resolved.

I also contacted apple, and they punted the issue to sonos. 

Does anyone from sonos monitor these forums?  Maybe they could give a target date for resolution? Or at least be honest and flat out deny support for apple music. 


In that case why doesn’t Sonos say that, tell us how they are trying to resolve it, and give a possible time-frame? At least Sonos has recently acknowledged the problem, but It’s the lack of information causing frustration here.


Simple answer?  They aren’t going to throw a partner under the bus.  But if you read between the lines just a little, it’s easy to see what’s going on. As to a time frame?  How is Sonos going to tell you how long it will take Apple to fix something?  

That certainly suggests Apple finally fixed their bug.

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I initiated a chat with sonos today on the status, and it was no help. Sonos blamed it on Apple, while Apple had previously blamed it on Apple. I asked about target date, and was told it was Sonos was waiting for Apple. So I asked if they had a plan to follow up with Apple. My question as to how frequently they check in on Apple wasn’t answered.

As a result, my upgrade credits remain unused and my gift recommendations for andriod users have moved off of sonos. It’s really a shame, as Sonos pleases my ears. But there are two labels that only Apple carries in CD quality, and those labels are the reason I am sticking with Apple Music 

It’s unacceptable that Sonos can not meet the needs of Android based customers subscribing to one of the best streaming services on the planet

Sonos blames Apple.  Apple blames Apple.  Solution?  Boycott Sonos!!!!  :rolling_eyes:

It’s more than likely that no one in CS has an inkling as to not only what the issue is, but which group is changing code to fix the issue. Much less when that code is written, tested, and released. 

Sonos does have forum moderators who pass back information to the development team, and I would feel fairly confident that timelines for perspective fixes are not shared with them, either. 

Any news? This bug is unacceptable. Sonos cannot simply say “Yeah, we know” and at the same time have Apple Music marked “Operational”, at Dishonest and unprofessional. 

We need a compensation for such disservice.

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I’ve been using Apple Music with Sonos on an Android device for years.  If I remember correctly, you need to add the Apple Music app to the device before adding it to Sonos or else the account won’t authenticate. 

Yes, everybody know that. The problem is that it’s now impossible to add a new Apple Music link or re-authorize an existing one if you lose connection somehow.

It’s obviously a low priority for both Sonos and Apple, because the problem has been outstanding for months, and Sonos has only recently acknowledged that it’s a bug after giving out pointless generic advice to people reporting the problem for months.

I just ran into this issue. Luckily my wife has an iPhone so my issue is resolved. But this is tricky. You have a platfrom (Apple Music) not working on a competing device (Android) while using a 3rd Party app (Sonos). There's probably not much incentive for Apple to escalate a fix for competing devices if the issue lies with Apple. They would rather you have an iPhone. Google would rather you use YouTube Music so they may not feel a need to escalate a fix. And Sonos (if the issue is not on their end) gets hurt the most as people blame their software and their reputation gets damaged. I can't see Sonos risking their reputation for the thought of, “maybe they'll switch to Sonos Radio". Sonos relies on their software and agnostic approach to varies sources.

Hi Corey, could you describe step by step how you managed to add your Apple Music Account to your Sonos App on your wife’s iPhone pls? Would be highly appreciated! Martin 

We already had the Sonos S2 app on my wife’s phone so we just added Apple Music using her phone.  Once this was complete I was able to access Apple Music from my android’s Sonos S2 app.