Support Windows 8 RT for Surface Tablet and Windows Phone 8 for Mobile Devices

This is not a full windows 8 platform but will work new surface tablet and Samsung and others plan to use this OS which is not fully windows 8 compatible. It would be very helpful if sonos would support this as the tablet looks promising.

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+1 - i would love to see a Windows Phone and Windows RT Controller for Sonos.
If they did create a WinPhone7 app, it is compatible with WinPhone8, and the skills and code directly applicable to "Metro", so a Win8 application would be easy. That is the problem with not starting sooner. Key part is, with dropping the dedicated remotes, get moving on supporting other modern platforms.
Just to add to the crowd. REALLY would like to see support for Xbox Music. Given that every copy of Windows 8 comes with the Xbox Music app -- not to mention over 70 million Xbox 360s -- it has to be growing at an exponential speed. It seems critical to support this service. And I'd also like to see support for Surface RT control. Creating such an app will also give you one that will run in the metro environment on Windows 8, so you'll get that as a bonus feature.
Best Buy rep told me that a Surface application existed for SONOS. That apparently is not the case and I spent over $1000 on a system with a device that can't control it. Would very much appreciate if you could prioritize an application for Surface and Windows Phone 8. Thanks.
Please make a WinRT app.
Please make a WinRT app.
C'mon People, I love my SONOS - I Love my Surface, they miss each other!
I'm a big fan and promoter of Sonos, but by not offering decent Apps for the new Windows world, which is still the largest overall eco-system, they are clearly losing credit with me. On my Windows Phone 8 I have helped myself by purchasing the Phonos Apps, which does a fine Job at least for all Windows Phones (the Lumia 920 is by the way just awesome!). But there is no Phonos for RT, so we are desperately awaiting an appropriate response from Sonos.
I'm sad. Just ditched my iPad for a surface. Maybe I'll ditch my sonos for a Bluetooth supported solution...
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PLEASE! Don't let us alone. You will pay a hard price, not supporting Windows RT, Windows Phone and Xbox Music. Please implement it asap on SONOS and you will not lose your drive being an innovative company. Don't make the mistake sitting only in the Apple/Android corner.... Thank's to Santa Barbara....
I ddecicded to unsubscribe from the news regardles the Sonos application for Windows Mobile - we are speaking so much about and NO constructive respond from the developer - I am considering that as a kind of disrespect to customers! Unsubscribed from today!
Sonos, with your pricing you should be compelled to produce a Sonos Controller app for Windows phones!!! The HTC 8X Windows Phone just destroys the iPhone.
Sonos should be compelled to develop an app for Windows phones. Hard to believe that "Sonos" (at their price point) prefers to be named "Phonos". Really?
i am an avid sonos user. i would love an sonos app that works with windows 8 rt and my surface. im am getting a windows 8 phone soon as i am sick of apple macs and iphones. the only thing stopping me buying my new phone is the lack of SONOS control. can u please make an app soon. thnx adam pryor
Windows 8 RT tablets are awesome, I'm looking at getting one ASAP, but sonos controller app would be essential for me to make the most of my sonos system, esp, as i'm already thinking of adding more devices to more rooms later in the year.
Please support Windows RT an Win8 phone. My household already has 2 of each and we are getting rid of the ipad. The iPad was great, but it feels like an expensive toy compared to the surface,
Sonos team, I have just bought a complete Sonos Solution for my house... After christmas everyone on my place receive surface and Windows phone 8 devices now Xbox Music with Bluetooth speakers are making my sono's system looks like an old fashioned system... no One can control the all Sonos system... Don't let die the great experience behind SONOS in my place... a simple Windows RT / win 8 controller will keep my SONOS rocking...
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Any idea when there may be a sensible response from Sonos on this? I've not got a lot of history on this forum but 400 requests for this seems to suggest it's one of the more desired updates. I'm not even asking for a date, just confirmation that it's planned and if not a good reason why not. I've had to set up a ridiculous solution at home to remote desktop from our Surface to the media centre PC just to be able to control the Sonos system, it's really not ideal.
I have had my Sonos gear since it first came on the market years ago and have continue to add to my system and been thrilled with the continued evolution of your offerings, the Microsoft install base that will migrate to Windows 8 is the largest target market you are ever likely to see, and all of those users are going to expect a native metro styled app - over the years you have read the trends well and introduced support for Apple and Android products to satisfy the demand, Windows 8 and RT will be big so best get in early to cover all your bases
This is very hard to understand. What is the reason not supporting Windows RT, Windows Phone und Windows 8 with an APP? I am very concerned aboud this. Do not think - start delivering...
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Me too. I'm looking forward to support for Xbox Music streaming in Sonos, and controller apps on Windows Phone and RT. Any idea when this is going to happen?
Wow... Sonos, this is a great way to LOSE CUSTOMERS! Suggest you send out an update to all of us Windows RT folks when you will have an app in place. I too will eventually lose patience (and buy a Bluetooth speaker system instead of upgrading my house with a new Sonos 5). I love my Sonos but hate asking my wife to borrow her IPad to play my music. I just bought an Asus Vivo Tablet with Windows RT on it. Awesome machine which would be much better if I had a Sonos app. on it. Sonos: please advise re. timeline for Beta app. to market please???
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429 people took the time to "like" this. Does SONOS really have that much disregard for people who have already given them money?
I understand that SONOS is not giving any hints as to its plans in this realm which I find extremely disappointing, given the user friendliness of the Surface and the high quality of the XBox Music service. Rather than wait, does anyone know of a workaround to stream XBox Music from the Surface RT to the Sonos speakers (without the use of a cable)?
I have bought a Sonos 5 today and have sadly found no way of syncing with W8 Surface RT (UK). Are you able to let me know when this will be available as otherwise I will have to take the Sonos back
Hello, here in France we surely ALL want a small Windows 8 Ap too ! It would be so great if Sonos could be piloted from the small windows Tiles ! I hope one day........... J-C