Support Windows 8 RT for Surface Tablet and Windows Phone 8 for Mobile Devices

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I was just reading about the playbar which looks very nice, but until there is a guarantee of Windows Phone 8 support i cannot commit to purchasing any more Sonos products. I expect that is a common scenario for many windows phone/rt users. Also i choose to use Windows Phone, i also have an iPhone (though now gathering dust in a cupboard). So please hurry and release an app so us M$/Sonos users can get back to having a convenient system. Thanks.
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I must say I'm disappointed to see that Sonos is still only "considering" if they should support Windows 8 or not. If they decide on supporting the platform it will propably be a few month to release date (minimum). Windows 8 didn't come as a big surprise, it's been available to Sonos for more than year now. It's a fact that a lot of units will be using Windows 8. I could of course buy an apple device with the sole purpose of using it as remote but that is fairly stupid as the whole point of Sonos is making "every device a remote" (or "anything but microsoft" a remote?). I would love to extend my Sonos system and to recommend it to other people but as it is right now _I'm considering_ my alternatives. I'm not going to invest anything in a product that doesn't support Windows 8.
I asked @sonos about this on Twitter and was directed here to "add my feedback". Windows phone 8 / RT etc would be ideal platforms for a Sonos app I think, and I'm sure would be something Microsoft would support (even assist with - they're really keen to get high profile brands on board). Would really like to see a clearer message than "considering"...
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Millions of people in the World are using Windows Phone and Windows RT for Surface. What are you waiting for? Please add app for these devices. But, if you had to prioritize, it's more important to add XBOX Music / Zune to your services. thank you.
I was just about to preorder my first Sonos product, the Playbar, but I'm glad I checked out the support first. Since you are still only 'considering' WP8 support, I cannot justify a purchase of this product.
We have been looking for a whole home audio solution and Sonos seems to be the product that fits our needs. The only thing holding us back is the lack of support for Windows 8 RT and Windows Phone 7/8. Please support these growing segments in the near future.
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Dear Sonos: 3 Topics -> in Total: 783 Likes and 83 Responses Are you willing to ignore the Windows world and all the people using it ? Whats your answer ??
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I would also like a Windows8 app...but it's such a small market share...
Windows 8 (phone and RT) app. PLEASE!!!
I too have the Surface RT and would love an interface. Now where are those Sonos headphones? My desired features: active noise reduction, flat black in appearance, easily recharged (maybe with either microUSB or integrated charging station (think Sennheiser).
I just started to use Lumia 820 WP8 phone. It would so cool to control also Sonos by using the phone. At the moment I need to use old Anroid phone for it. Also NFC support for playing music from Nokia phone would be cool to have.
Can you please do this asap as my wife is laughing with my windows phone. Can' t bear it any longer!
I would love being to control my Sonos setup from my Surface RT tablet. I even would like to develop or contribute to a Sonos Controller app for the Windows Store! Sincerely, A Windows developer
how much interest needs to be rasied for this to go from under consideration to development? The Windows 8 RT and WP8 market is growing and a fully working app would be awesome to use on these devices. Please start some development on this ASAP.
I will not buy Sonos until it has the Windows 8 app.. Please support Windows ecosystem!
I will not buy Sonos until it has the Windows 8 app.. Please support Windows ecosystem!
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Windows Phone 8 app please!
would it be so hard to just compile an ARM version of the Windows controller as a stopgap for Surface users? That would at least give some headroom for a Modern app to get built and published to the Windows Store.
surface is in fact the sexiest tablet atm. need win rt app, when u have an rt app ill buy the sonos stuff too 😃
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I am considering sonos. Reading this its obvious that sonos is not really putting effort in making it available on the largest supported platform. Does anyone has experience with Phonos apps?
Just bought another play 5 and want to buy a Playbar, but hesitant when not supporting my major devices (Win Phone 8 and Surface Pro). I know market share is low, but what companies are willing to give up 5% of revenue? Waiting for support before more purchases
I just spent several thousand dollars on new Sonos gear and like the system a lot. But: please make controller apps for Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT tablets. Future purchases, and my recommendations to others, are contingent on this support. Thank you for your consideration.
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please add windows support for phone, surface and surface pro!
Dear Sonos The three primary operating systems all need access to Sonos apps! What is the delay? Why aren't you communicating with estimates or at least that Sonos will create an app for Windows 8? This would keep a number of us from looking for other systems for our homes. Ed
Sonos provides a great product that works very reliably. However, it is important to keep up with changes in technology as well. The Windows 8 phone is great and has a rapidly growing market. The lack of a Windows 8 phone app creates a negative impression of the Sonos system. This seems totally incompatible and Sonos should update the application offerings to include the Windows 8 phone app!
Do we have a time frame when the determination will be made to move this from Under Consideration to Under Development?