Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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Same here. Just started today, and now Pandora is borked on Sonos. And during quarantine no less! I hope Sonos issues some guidance on this soon.

I'm very confident the issue is Pandora.

They're known more for not caring about repercussions to users than Sonos.

I'll listen to Sirius till Sonos gets Pandora to remove their head from their ass.



Hit me up if you want to sell your Gen1 stuff.

Having the same issue here as well just after I had to update the app.  Sonos is going to hell and I’m ready to chuck my Sonos equipment in the trash.

Wait until Pandora fixes the issue. Once the issue is fixed by them, you’ll be able to use Pandora as normal. 

Same same. Just started having issues tonight. So frustrating

Same here.  All of a sudden.

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Thank god, I thought I was the only one… only way I’m making it through Covid 19 is with music. I first thought I needed to upgrade, but I’m already upgraded, so I’ve been tech’ing out for the last 60mins try to figure out where the hell this damn activation code is. Good to see I’m not alone… hope this gets resolved soon.

This is so frustrating.  Same here.  No activation code to be found on my app or my Mac.  After many failed attempts, I removed my pandora account and when I went to add it again, it still was prompting me to activate the account with no activation code.  

I’ve LOVED my sonos system for 6 years now.  And ever since they announced they were phasing out the technology and then they took it back after negative feedback… I’ve been having problems with my system.

Just started happening on my system as well. Saw that someone else asked about this 4 months ago and the thread is now closed to comments. Does that mean there is a solution?

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Seems Sonos has an outage, as for code it would have been authorized once you logged into Pandora, but Sonos isn’t responding. 

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Seems many are having the same problem. Looks like Sonos hit the reset on everyone. Well done Sonos. Of course they are closed now.  What a joke…. I wished there was a better system out there. As Sonos keeps doing stupid stuff like this. 

So now that none of us can not find any activation code for pandora what’s the solution ? 

ahh. Bruce!! - - thanks for posting the link.. been trying to figure this out for a while and found this thread.  thx you all!  hope to get back up and running soon… need that activation code to get back to my routine.

I’ll tell you what.  I’ve spent about a grand on my Sonos system, house-wide, and this is the final straw.  I really don’t care if Sonos broke things or if Pandora did, but combine this with the ‘End of Life’ of the Gen 1 products and I’m >this< close to just selling it all on ebay and finding a new system.

Same issue here…. Anybody have a fix yet?


Same issue immediately following update.  fingers crossed for a wuick patch.

Thanks Bruce. That’s really helpful 

Same with me. Asking for reauth code but no where to get code



Oops… that was from Sonos. Got it. Thanks again!


Thank you so much, Bruce!!! So there is an outage with Pandora… BUT, I am able to play it on my devices, just not via Sonos.


Having the same problem. I tried rebooting all my speakers, router, deleting the app, and reinstalling. Nothing worked. Very frustrating.


The app seems to be unable to take you to the option to login with an existing Pandora account.

Same here, no auth code given.  

Me as well. I click to Authorize and no code. Completely blank. Just happened today. I can’t add it on ANY of my devices. Sucks. 

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Same issue here.   Very frustrating.