Resolved - Pandora Unable to Browse or asking for Authorization Code

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I have the same issue. Only Pandora is not working. Spotify, SiriusXM work fine. Trying to reauthorize Pandora on the SONOS app gives “check your network connection - there was a problem getting started”. Pandora plays fine through the Pandora app on the same phone, and on a laptop.

ALL my other connected services are working, but once again, not Pandora. Seems to be happening more frequently in the past few months. 

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Same problem here.  Was listening to Pandora and it stopped playing abruptly.  I get a network error when attempting to reauthorize Pandora on my Sonos devices.  Playing Pandora from my phone or web browser works just fine.  Pandora status shows green on the Sonos Status page, but that’s clearly not the case.


Yep, same problem here. Was listing just a little while ago and now it gives me the same error you got. And I also can connect to Pandora fine in a web browser. Google music works fine, haven’t tried any other services.

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I should add that i swapped a Port for an older connect the other day, but it’s been working fine (and setup the exact same way)

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Pandora no longer works…. Can’t see favorite stations, etc. Tried to reauth the account, and i get “check your network connection - there was a problem getting started”… etc etc. 

But Spotify still works perfectly. Have tried to reath on both mobile and Windows client, wired and wifi as well. 

I can login Pandora directly and play music from a web browser.. so seems like the connection between Pandora and Sonos is down?

Anyone experience this suddenly?